Sunday, November 16, 2014

New beginnings

It’s early afternoon on a cloudy Sunday in Maryland as I write this. My knee feels much better but is still not good and I want to thank everyone for the advice on the cortisone shot. I leave late this week for Stockholm and I really want to be able to walk around just a bit.

I took these photos early this morning while I was sitting outside having my coffee and tossing a stick to George. I haven’t been able to walk him lately and stick is the next best thing, I guess.

20141116_075221 copy 2

My playlist, as I write this post:

We Never Change – Coldplay

Northern Wind – City and Colour

Wonderlust – The Night VI

Clair de Lune – Lauren Sullivan

St. Patrick’s Day – John Mayer

Lost Stars – Keira Knightley

I love music. And yes, that last one is actually sung by Keira Knightley, the actress. If you haven’t seen Begin Again yet, I recommend you do. I have this thing for Mark Ruffalo and when I saw he was starring in it, and then read that it was about music, I checked out the trailer and promptly went to my local Red Box. Really loved it.


20141116_075734 copy 2

I was surprised to get so many comments regarding an offhand comment I made about my blog having run its course. I am not going to quit writing, ok? I was just saying that I could feel myself pulling back from it all. But it’s good to write. It makes me feel more connected, I guess. And I have a lot of friends and family who keep up with me this way. Which is why I can’t talk about them all and tell you what bitches some of them are.


Gotcha there, didn’t I? You know I am totally kidding on that one, don’t you? I don’t think I have any friends or family who are bitches, come to think of it . . .


20141116_075258 copy 2

I think she hears a wee mousy.

We have had two tiny little ones in the house this fall.



20141116_075210 copy 2

Yesterday morning, I sat in the sunshine while I had my coffee. What a difference a day makes. This morning’s clouds were beautiful, though.


20141116_075329 copy 2

I have always loved bare branches against an interesting sky.

You can tell it’s November.


20141116_075351 copy 2

Bare branches reflected in the storm door.


20141116_090403 copy 2

I have been meaning to paint this door since we moved here and I finally did last month. My husband was against it for some unfathomable reason. I painted it basically the same color that it might have been before it was completely faded to a near pink color and I polished the brass knocker too. I know the wreath is too small but I don’t care.

Here’s the trailer to Begin Again.



Oh, and I have every intention of blogging from Sweden, so keep posted.

Until then ~

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Take it easy

It’s early evening and I’ve just finished dinner. My son brought home a Hawaiian pizza tonight and oh my, was it ever tasty.

I am tossing an old and quite worn toy for a certain border collie who just can’t get enough of his super squirrel. The toy is well over four years old, the slingshot part of it no longer works and it’s missing much of its stuffing, but he still prefers this one item over all the others in his toy box. At least, tonight he does.

I’m also watching the end of a documentary on Netflix that I began last night. It’s called History of the Eagles, a band I’ve always liked and who still performs together. It’s an interesting documentary loaded with photos, videos, and interviews from when the band was just starting out in the 70’s. Totally recommend if you are a fan of the group.


DSC_3848 copy 2

Yesterday I snapped the photos you see in this post. I took the day off to deal with an injury to my knee, had an ortho appointment and got some answers. Last Thursday, I pulled up lame. Sorry – but after having a husband who worked with horses all of his adult life, it’s hard to get away from the horse talk. Just last week, when someone told me their daughter got pregnant again right after having her first baby, I said that it’s common to get pregnant off a foal heat. Good grief.


DSC_3864 copy 2

I am nursing the knee, taking anti-inflammatory meds, doing stretching exercises, and hoping that it all works before I leave for Stockholm late next week. Somebody told me I should just bite the bullet and do a cortisone shot. It may come to that.


DSC_3867 copy 2

We still have a little color on the trees but most of the leaves are down. Today was quite warm here in Maryland but a cold front is coming.


DSC_3868 copy 2

I have been pulling back more and more from my blog and have come to the realization that it may have run its course. Still, it’s good to write from time to time. I know many of my readers have probably given up the ghost, but I write for myself.

And sometimes when I am feeling nostalgic, or missing my husband, it’s kind of nice to go back and read about a good day we had together.


20141111_162554 copy 2

My driveway this afternoon.

It’s kinda purdy ~

(even though it’s a pain in the ass in the wintertime)


DSC_3843 copy 2

Taken from my window seat this past Sunday. We had off Friday from school and I’d planned a quick flight down to Raleigh NC to visit a friend who had moved down there after retiring last June. I probably should have stayed home because of the bum knee, but I really didn’t want to let her down. It was a good visit.

Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit mine.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

You’re like fallen leaves in an autumn night

Hello, my friends. It’s been an absolutely stellar weekend here in Maryland, with mild temperatures and abundant sunshine. The nights have been just cool enough to close all the windows. It’s perfect October weather.

I elected to stay home this weekend and keep the home fires burning. I built a camp fire last night, and invited my son and his friend, L for dinner. I got a good fire going and they both took over tending it for the night. We roasted hot dogs on sticks, and then made s’mores for dessert. We used the ‘cheater’ method this time. (One roasted marshmallow between two Keebler fudge-striped graham cookies). Way yummy, too.


DSC_3742 copy 2

I got lots of chores done, cleaned the yard up some, washed all of the bird feeders, and even carved a jack-o-lantern, and set out pumpkins and gourds for display. It was truly a nice, quiet time.

George has had several good walks this weekend, too, and he’s super glad about that.

Oh, and I heard this nice tune, as well:

Just hit play and keep reading ~

It’s just such a lovely melody. I could let the words make me feel sad, but I’m choosing not to. Sometimes you just have to make a choice.


DSC_3749 copy 2

I went outside with the macro lens this afternoon and took all of the shots in this post.



DSC_3761 copy 2

A glimpse of the old manor house in the early afternoon sunshine.



DSC_3771 copy 2

The days may not be so bright and balmy—yet the quiet and melancholy that linger around them is fraught with glory. Over everything connected with autumn there lingers some golden spell—some unseen influence that penetrates the soul with its mysterious power. ~Northern Advocate



DSC_3777 copy 2

Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons. ~Jim Bishop



DSC_3784 copy 2

I shot everything on F 6.3 in manual mode, adjusting the speed and the ISO for each image. There was a time when I didn’t know how to work the camera, but I’ve finally figured out the basics, I guess.


DSC_3818 copy 2

I sat outside today and this was my view to the front. George napping.



DSC_3816 copy 2

My sitting chair.



DSC_3823 copy 2

Looking up from my chair and hoping that I don’t get hit with a hickory nut.


So how are things in your neck of the woods?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014


It’s been another beautiful weekend and I spent it running errands, doing chores, reading, and cooking. I brought most of the outside plants in today, putting them into the mudroom to acclimate them before bringing them in completely. This week has been warm, but it’s slowly become colder and I believe tonight we may have our first frost.

I’ve spent a lot of time these past two days with George, who misses me much during the week when I’m away all day at work. He’s had several very good walks, many games of fetch, and lots of pets.


DSC_3707 copy 2

I remember telling you in the last post that I would say more about going to Stockholm but then I realized there’s really not much else to say. I told you that my son is working there for a couple of months. H&M is building another new flagship store, this time at the World Trade Center, and he is in Stockholm working on the project with the Swedish team. When I first heard that he was going, all of my friends were telling me that I needed to go visit him, and I just laughed at them. There was no way I was going to get on a plane and go that far. For all that money.

And then I thought, why not? After checking the prices of different flights, I realized it was something I could actually do – and I had the go-ahead from my boss. And so, before I knew it, a big decision had been made. I’ll be gone over the Thanksgiving week and have every intention of writing and blogging while I’m there. It’s all very exciting (and a little scary - the traveling alone). But I’m really looking forward to it.


DSC_3712 copy 2

The wind was strong today and blew many of the leaves off the trees, some which hadn’t even turned color yet. Our trees are just beginning to turn here in Maryland.


DSC_3701 copy 2

He brings me giant branches, wanting me to toss them. I break off sticks and he seems to be content with that. Silly dog.


DSC_3706 copy 2

Blackie, my little Halloween kitty, says hello.


From A Child’s Calendar, written by John Updike and illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman.


Hope your week is a good one, my friends ~

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