Monday, December 27, 2010

Little birds and a little secret

It’s Monday morning as I write this and it’s been snowing off and on since Christmas night. And then the wind came.

Our plans were to have left this morning at 3 am to visit friends who live along the Gulf Coast. We were to stay until New Year’s day and now it’s not going to happen. I had a post with a little video for you, explaining that I’d be taking the week off from blogging but the weather got in the way.

DSC_0445 copy 2

Yesterday I stayed in my pajamas until lunchtime and took photos of the birds at the feeders.
I think this little house finch is lovely.

DSC_0390 copy 2

I posted this on Flickr and titled it '”Got Snow?” I was thinking of the Got Milk ads and it made me smile. I’ve been posting some shots on Flickr lately and have been liking the community of photographers there.

My Flickr

DSC_0381 copy 2

The juncos usually feed on the ground, but this little one was high up on the feeder outside the breakfast nook window.

The trick to capturing birds is having feeders and keeping them full, clean windows, and at least a 200mm lens. I’m using a Nikon 70-300mm lens.

One more thing you need is a lot of patience.

DSC_0346 copy 2

I’ve been blogging for three entire years as of yesterday. Three years! In that time, we’ve moved twice and a whole lot of other things came into play like my husband’s disability after his second brain surgery. But we are here. We are still together. And today, I think the big highlight will be working on a puzzle that I got him for Christmas.

: : ~ : :

If you’ve read this far, I will tell you now that I’m holding a SECRET GIVEAWAY to celebrate three years of doing this crazy thing called blogging.

My very first post – Dec. 26, 2007

This contest is open to my followers only. (You’re welcome to sign up to follow and enter the contest, but this is not a blatant attempt to gain more followers). I’ll be giving away THIS PRINT to three winners. It’s entered right now at Pioneer Woman’s Holiday Bokeh contest and was featured in Group 2.

DSC_0371 copy 0 copy 2

The competition is fierce, and I’m hoping it at least gets chosen as a finalist. But it’s yours for free if you win!


Answer this question: What are you doing today? Are you back at work? Going grocery shopping? Snowed in? Returning gifts?

Make sure I can get in touch with you if you win.

Contest will stay up for 48 hours and I will announce the winner at 9 AM on Wednesday, December 29th.

Good luck!
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Deb said...

What are you doing today?
Fending the roads to return some shoes.

Are you back at work?
Gratefully no, I am still off!

Going grocery shopping?
don't think we need anything..

Snowed in?
Not snowed in, but have snow...and that says a lot for Atlanta!

Returning gifts?
Yep...gotta get more shoes!

Happy New Year, Kate!!!

Linda said...

Yes, I'm back to work today and I'm hoping the husband goes to the grocery today. We got about an inch of snow in in Northwest South Carolina. Just enough to be pretty to this former Yankee but not enough to keep me indoors:)

Sorry your mini vacation got busted. Stay in your jammies, have a cup o tea and finish that puzzle!

beth said...

happy blog anniversary to youuuuuu.......and now i'm holding a cupcake with a candle in it waiting for you to make a wish and blow it out :)

i'm so sorry your travel plans got would have been a nice getaway....

my in-laws just barely got out of annapolis yesterday after being there for christmas....whew.

and YES....patience for those bird shots....lots and lots of patience.

Laura~peach~ said...

lets see what am i doing today...
I should be cleaning... will post pone that for a few hours... might be going shopping with Mj then later today she has dr appt... and with a little luck and drs compassion she will be heading in the hospital to birth this baby... so Perhaps we will be having a baby girl later today or tomorrow.
my sister is driving from missouri to georgia today so anticipating her arrival tonight... and will have bradley later on if MJ is NOT in the hospital. ...
so nothing much in the grand scheme of things LOL
Lovely pics and so hate that your trip is notgonna happen... someday it woudl be awesome to have you stop by here on your way to the coast.
love hugs and snow!

Unknown said...

Ha! I don't really know what I am going to do sweetie and I are thinking of going to the lacal IKEA store, to find something to spend our Christmas gift card on.....and then, once we have found it, we will go up to the cafeteria and have a cheap lunch....Cannot think of anything better than that! HOpe your day is good....and I love the print! smiles...

Connie in Hartwood said...

I just realized that your blog isn't on my list of those I follow. I read you every day from my blog roll, but I guess I never actually made it official by push the 'follow' button. I have taken care of this now.

Questions? I'm home today. I work from home tending the roses and working on house renovations, so I can set my own schedule. This has its advantages, and distinct disadvantages ... since I'm not really a schedule-oriented person. If the sun warms the greenhouse enough, and it looks like that may happen, I plan to spend a couple of hours out there tending the cuttings that will be next year's crop of roses in the nursery.

Nancy said...

I'm a stay-at-home farm wife, so I'm getting myself motivated to brave the cold and wind to start the outdoor chores.

Lovely photographs. I love my Nikon 70-300mm lens as well. :)

Yvonne said...

We have lots of snow so I'll be spending the day in my sewing room. I love your photos especially the cardinal. Have fun making your puzzle. :)

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

What a lovely photograph!!! Today I am sorting photos in my archives, dipping in to peek at all the wonderful books I received for xmas and choosing which one I want to read first, listing new year's resolutions in a new leather journal, and perhaps being demolished by my husband in a friendly game of Scrabble. Lovely, lazy day!

deborah said...

Love your photos and I hope you win!
I have some errands to run which includes a stop at the grocery store. The rest of the day I'm going to clean so that I can sew the rest of the week. I don't have to return anything - can you believe it?
So sorry your plans were changed, I do hope you have a good week relaxing.

Andi said...

Thanks for reminding me I need to fill the feeders! I am doing as little as possible today, but do have to return to work this afternoon. The wind is blowing like crazy here as well, I keep expecting to see a cow fly past, or the neighbors roof in our front yard. So until I go to work this afternoon, we are hunkered down, hoping the wind blows all the snow off the front sidewalk, and try to enjoy the teenagers grouchy morning faces. :)

Michelle said...

Love the picture of the finch. I have feeders but never have them filled, so maybe that will be a goal of mine this year.

I have to work today....but I'd rather be sitting at home watching it snow. I was watching the news last night and it sounds like the entire East coast is getting walloped with snow...we on the other hand are getting rain and LOTS OF WIND.


Char said...

sorry about your travel plans - a lot of folks visiting here are having problems getting home. Half of the state had a white christmas for the first time ever!

as for me: What are you doing today? reading blogs when I should be working.
Are you back at work? Yep - and it is quiet as a tomb around here.
Going grocery shopping? No, I'm good right now.
Snowed in? No, we only saw flurries but it is bonechilling cold for us.
Returning gifts? yes, I have two that I need to return. I gave my niece a camera for christmas - so did her parents and her other aunt.

the wild magnolia said...

Beautiful photos of the little feathered ones seeking nourishment against the winter cold.

No snow living in south central Florida. Raging wind gusts to thirty-five miles an hour, and thirty-eight degrees this morning. Cold for us. :)

Happily, no grocery shopping and no returning gifts.

Happily again, being retired, there is no returning to work.

The secret giveaway is wonderful. Should I be a winner you may reach me on my blog, or, my e-mail is on my blog profile.

Blessings and Happy New Year!

Sarah said...

Congratulations on 3 years of blogging! I'm looking forward to many, many more.

What am I doing today? Totally back to normal. Just finished writing a keyboard shortcuts tutorial. I will be going to the grocery store, as normal. And I'll be going to my regular Monday afternoon French group lesson.

I'm sorry about your changed plans, but we're glad you're here! And blogging!

Deb said...

I'm thinking about taking down some of the Christmas decorations. I saw that photo on PW's site and so far it's my favorite! I hope you win.

Mental P Mama said...

I am snowed in with my babies! Well, I will be when the baby Bird gets backs from her father's...where she happens to be snowed in...I am so sorry your plans have changed. Very. Sorry. But I would very much like Mrs. Cardinal to go with the Mister in my new office;) xoxo, Lauren

Michelle said...

Oh, that lady cardinal photo is an all-time favorite of mine! Hope it wins; hope I win! ;-)

What are you doing today? Are you back at work? Going grocery shopping? Snowed in? Returning gifts?

My husband is back at work so Brian and I are back to homeschooling and violin practice. We don't follow the typical American school schedule, as long breaks seem to make it that much harder to "get back at it." Don't plan to leave the property today at all. (But tomorrow I have a dressage lesson; WOOHOO!)

Christie - Fine Lines said...

Sorry your vacation plans fizzled, but I'm sure you'll find fun ways to fill the time. I've had you on my blog list for months, but just realized I have not been an official Follower until now -- I just corrected my error!
Love your photo -- I wish you well in the competition.

I have plans to meet some friends for our annual post-Christmas lunch get together today. Fortunately the weather will be good here today in California. Our week of rain has obviously moved east in the form of snow to snarl everyone's travel plans!!

I don't go back to work for another week, so I plan to enjoy the free time -- finish the book I'm reading (Shantarum, by Gregory Roberts), throw a casual dinner party for friends and maybe finish a quilt that has been sitting here quite awhile.

Enjoy your day!!

Mary Ann said...

I still have to mail my Christmas cards and return some other things at the post office. There's always laundry to be done also.

TexWisGirl said...

I love your bird shots. I do the full feeders, clean (screenless) window, but I lack the great camera and lens. My Nikon is still a point-and-shoot type. :)

I am catching up on blog reading. Relishing the last month or so of unemployment before I must force myself back into the working world. Enjoying the time with birdies outside my window, doggies sleeping indoors, my space heater purring off to the side. While Husband takes my car in for an oil change. Yay for me!

Roberta Warshaw said...

Well, I cleaned my windows, I wait patiently for the birds. I keep the feeders full.

But I live in the city and pretty much only get sparrows.

Today I did have a female cardinal but she kept hiding behind the planter.

I keep trying though.

Love your birds! They are such a pleasure.

Kay said...

I hit the grocery store first thing this morning!

Gail Dixon said...

I loved that photo the minute I saw it and was so glad to see it in Group 2.

Today I am working (hardly), but only half a day. My boss is letting me off early to spend the rest of the day with my daughter who is visiting from Portland. She leaves in the morning and I will be sad.

Sorry your plans got hijacked by the weather.

Tiggeriffic said...

Today I'm relaxing and drinking my coffee and reading my blogs and looking at my birds outside my window here in my computer room. I must have 100 birds out there waiting to get on the feeders that hang in the lilac Mr. Squirrel.
Going to town later today to get registered to go to the World's Ploughing Matches that will be held in Sweden this May.. This will be our 6th world ploughing matches to attend.. I can hardly wait.
No working for me..I'm retired..
Have a great day~! ta ta for now from Iowa.. lots of snow 10+ inches, and it's 13 degrees.

Tiffany said...

Aww, I love how the birdies floof out in the snow! Unfortunately, I'm back to work today and plowing through my PILE of e-mails. Sometimes the return from vacation makes it hard to ever want to go on vacation again, the fallout is always so bad. Stay warm!!!

Anonymous said...

I am hanging out at my house with my son...may go grocery shopping, but not much else.

kate i said...

Hi Kate...

What am I doing today?...I'm still in bed...with my on the west coast of Canada and so far I'm enjoying my cup of plans yet!

And no, there's no sign of snow here but it rained like crazy last night! I'm so sorry your holiday plans didn't work out. It's Boxing Day in Canada which is another holiday but there'll be lots of stores open...and I'll be staying as far away from them as possible!

Your bird and snow photo's are so gorgeous...good luck on the bokeh contest and congrats on your three years of blogging! Woo Hoo!

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

What are you doing today?
{sigh} I'm at work. It is quiet here with almost everyone on vacation. But I have payroll to complete so we can all get paid.

Are you back at work?
See answer above.

Going grocery shopping?
No. I think I've eaten my fill for the next year or more.

Snowed in?
No. But we did have a white Christmas which is quite odd for Atlanta. It hasn't snowed on Christmas since the 1800's.

Returning gifts?
No. The adults didn't exchange gifts this year. It was all about the grandchildren.

Happy New Year, Kate!!!

Carolyn said...

I love that beautiful picture!!!
As for what I am doing today-being a bit lazy and then visiting my Mom for awhile and later babysitting for my daughter as it is her birthday so she and her hubby can go out for dinner.
Congrats on 3 years blogging and i hope your pic wins.


Ellen said...

Happy third anniversary of your blog. I don't remember how I got directed to your blog, but I'm glad I was.

What are you doing today? Hanging around the house. Just got finished helping my husband clear the snow.

Are you back at work? Go back to work - a homemaker never gets the day off!!!

Going grocery shopping? Not today.

Snowed in? I can get out of the house, but not out of the driveway!

Returning gifts? Nope. Didn't get much - going on a cruise this spring, so we didn't do gifts.

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

What a gorgeous photograph!
What am I doing today? Well, I made it to my Boot Camp class at 5:30 a.m. {to try and burn all those calories I've consumed over the weekend} and I think we'll take down our Christmas decorations today. I DO need to go to the grocery store, but not sure I'll make it:)

Unknown said...

I'm using up the turkey leftovers, turkey soup, turkey pot pies and turkey into the freezer for future use.

I've been meaning to thank you for the free download of the other cardinal photo you had a few weeks ago. I have had it as my desktop photo on my laptop and have really enjoyed it. My husband noticed it the other day and asked me if I took it. As if! If I took a photo that nice, he'd be the first to know. Sometimes it amazes me how clueless men can be. : )


Sarah said...

Oh, the top photo on your post today is spectacular! I love the treatment/scroll frame. Today I am at home with a feverish six year old. The snow is glorious in VT and begging for sledding. Good luck with the PW Contest!

Steph said...

Actually I'm doing what you did yesterday. Staying in my pj's and shooting the birds on the feeders outside my window. And putting my house back together after the holiday gatherings we had here, but that is happening very slowly. Just stopped snowing here but I'm not going out. Yay. Hope you are at least a finalist on PW too! I love love love that shot! Good luck Kate!

DesertHen said...

Happy Blogging Anniversary to you! Wow, three years! Goes by fast these days!

Sorry your plans changed. I see on the news where the east coast is really getting hit with a doozy of a storm! Stay safe and warm!

What am I doing today...took the week off work, so today I plan to catch up on reading blogs, watch a few movies and relax. Baked cookies yesterday so will enjoy a few of those with a nice cup of tea later on. Will plan a grocery list for a trip to the store later in the week. Supposed to get rain later today, but right now the sun is out and shinning. It is cold with no snow in the valley, only on the mountains around us.

Enjoy your day!

Kay said...

Nursing a sinus headache, and if goes away will read.. a little rainy (sprinkles) here on coast of Oregon, not bad. Happy New Year Kate.

Mary Lou said...

Hi Kate, I saw the photo on PW and loved it already.
We had about a foot of snow yesterday but did get out for my physical therapy appt. They had pizza delivered while we were there so after smelling it, we made our way to Pizza Hut for lunch. No shopping or returning today. Enjoying blog reading and flag I read yours, as always.

Barb T. said...

Making Turkey soup and knitting!!! It is cold in Florida.

Eileen said...

What are you doing today?
Recovering from the shingles which I got the day before Christmas Eve. Ouch!

Are you back at work? Going grocery shopping? Snowed in? Returning gifts?
Resting! Trying to get better sooner than later. :0)

Annie said...

Kate, sorry to hear your plans are changed. Lots of snow by the sound of it. Here we are battling floods in Queensland and further south as well.

Love the first and last photos. Just beautiful. Oh, and of course, as well as the one you are giving away.

Hope the week gets better as in not too much snow, or more disruptions.

Beth said...

Lucky for me I don't have to do any of those things. And no snow here in OKC. We got plenty last Christmas.

I will be winter cleaning though. So maybe I'd rather have the other stuff.:O

cottage farm villa said...

Kate, yes, I am back at work!! UGH!!!! Only one day off :-(

I would love to enter your your bird pics ALWAYS!!!

Sweetpea said...

Hehhhhhhh, CONGRATS, they say, you've certainly come a long way, baby!!!!

I don't often play along for giveaways (dunno why) but I about fell off my chair when I saw your image over at the Pioneer Woman's place - it's utterly MAGNIFICENT - so of course, I've got to play along for my own chance of winning in your 'secret giveaway' :>]]

What am I doing today? Well, guess what - I adopted another dog from a can call me's ok! So today (and the past five days) is all about spending time with her, making sure she's comfy & happy & thoroughly exercised & calmly making friends with my #1 dog. HA! Almost wish I had an office to go to!. Not really...this dog REALLY deserves a forever home...she is worth the challenge.

Sorry about your travel plans but being one who adores working on puzzles, that sounds like a pretty fine alternative to me ;>}

Liz said...

Hmm, wish I was snowed in, it's summer here of course but you wouldn't know it...cold, cold, cold..! Having a lazy day catching up with blog posts, playing with some photo's in PSE and generally just watching the world go by. Our youngest daughter is in Minneapolis having her first ever white Christmas and loving it...

Oh yes, love those bird photo's Kate, just gorgeous as usual...

Kirsten said...

We just got home from a few hours at the barn working the horse in the rain. Kids are home from school this week, so maximum horse time! Now we are washing muddy clothes and warming up! I love this photo!


sharon said...

I'm doing some winter cleaning. Off for the week so I figured I had better get some cleaning done. already went through the cookbooks. Now it's time to hit my closet. not looking forward to that one. absolutely LOVE your bird photos. Thanks Kate.
Stay warm,
sending you some warmth from Oklahoma!

tammie said...

I loved that picture when I saw it on P.W.. Just beautiful. I have been following for some time and so look forward to your blog, but today I made it official. Cause I just love that print!
Wish I were snowed in, but am not. I'm blessed with a fridge stuffed with leftovers so no grocery. I'm stewing down the turkey to make soup or broth or something.
The birds are fed, horses are in the pasture and my dog Claire went home with my daughter for a few days. I'm getting bedrooms ready for the next wave of visitors. Our three oldest granddaughters are coming tomorrow. Have a great puzzle day. They are so hard for me to do. My brain just doesn't think that way.

SouthernSass said...

I am working today, but luckily I work from home so I can stay in my PJs all day if I choose.

Grocery shopping is done and there are no gifts to return. AND - we did get snow, but it was less than 1 inch. I'll take it though! :)

Unknown said...

I am finding new blogs and looking at beautiful photos!

Oh, and travelling, and meeting MORE friends for celebrations! and still not back to work!

Nice to see your blog!

Unknown said...

I am finding new blogs and looking at beautiful photos!

Oh, and travelling, and meeting MORE friends for celebrations! and still not back to work!

Nice to see your blog!

My name is Riet said...

Hi. Haven't been visiting for a while . Life was busy. Gorgeous photo's here again today.
Happy New Year

Samantha said...

I was raised on the gulf coast, and still am only 4 hours away from home - I wish I were snowed in today. I still haven't seen a proper snow. Work started again today, but thankfully New Years is right around the corner. ;)

Cindy said...

Today I getting ready for our family Christmas! Grocery shopping, last minute gifts, cleaning house...

A Scattering said...

Today we were driving back to home in Woodstock, Ontario after visiting Niagara Falls, ON and then Buffalo, NY on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We had breakfast this morning at a Cracker Barrel restaurant, stopped at a Borders Bookstore, Wegman's grocery store for a few food items and then at Chapters bookstore when we got back on this side of the border.

I'm not back to work until Wednesday so I'm still enjoying a nice break. Hope where every YOU are that you're safe, warm and well fed. Wishing everyone Christmas blessings and a Happy New Year.

Kate, you can reach me via my blog or at my email address:

BB said...

What are you doing today?
Fending the roads to return some shoes.

Are you back at work?
It never stops being work, but we simply CANNOT get to it with the floods at the moment.

Going grocery shopping?
Did a massive shop on CHristmas Eve as we had an idea we'd be stranded for a while!

Snowed in?
Ha! Flooded in - does that count? Warm snow has really stranded us here!!

Returning gifts?
Never. Not my style.. plus its just too darned far to the shops!

Sorry I have been MIA - you can see why at my place!

PatchworkRose said...

I am going to sew, Pull my Garlic up from out of the garden (nothing like fresh garlic) and do some food shopping. Happy Blog Birthday and New Year. Just so love your little bird photos.

BB said...

Whoops - I am not fending roads. The person I copy and pasted the questions from did! A wee bit flustered this end obviously!!!

Jen at Cabin Fever said...

Today, I am shoveling out of a foot and a half of snow! The weird thing is that my mom gave me a shovel for Christmas as a joke, but it has been the best gift I've received! Ha.

And if you aren't chosen as a finalist then I'll be convinced the contest is rigged. Haha

Gayle said...

Love the sweet finch! I noticed this was the first year ever that our juncos came to the feeder, like you say, they almost always feed on the ground.

I have been losing wt., intentionally, readying myself for knee surgery......a couple of weeks ago I gave away almost all of my clothes. Today I bought 5 tops and tw pair of pants. Woohoo, great sales!

I love your photos and your work. You blog is so comfy!

Jan said...

Sorry about your trip! I went back to work today, but had to get rides both ways as my car is still snowed in. I'm snuggled in right now with my animals. Your photos are beautiful as always and I wish you luck in the bokeh contest! Happy New Year and Happy Blogging Anniversary!

Jeanne Walker said...

We are cruising in the Mediterranean Sea aboard the most beautiful ship in the world. It's privately-owned and my husband and I are the only passengers along with a crew of 18 people. It's been wonderful...a gorgeous day, turqoise-colored water, a seagull or two lands on the rail from time to time. We slept late, but had brunch around 10:30am, lunch at 3:00pm and we are now waiting for dinner by candle-light for two!!! Oh what a life!!!

Has anyone ever else had this same dream? What does it mean?

Happy New Year, Kate, and to all of those, who like me, love her blog!!!

Anonymous said...

It's cold and extremely windy here today so all I wanted to do was snuggle in for the day,BUT, a trip to the orthodontist was necessary since one of my braces popped off.... Sigh.


Gail said...

This moment, I'm thinking, my odds aren't so good.

I returned to work today and the spirit still seems to be hanging on to people so that was enjoyable.

We had flurries Christmas day but thank goodness, none stayed. It was seventeen degrees when I went to work this morning.

Your pictures are wonderful and although you missed your trip, I am glad you are relaxing.

Happy Blogiversary and Happy New Year!

Donna S. said...

I'm a little behind because my 2 granddaughters came down yesterday about 4 pm & ended up not going home until about 1 pm today!! :)
So I have been playing with 2 sweet little girls,but did go to the gym today. Go back to work tomorrow but am only working 2 days this week. My son & his family are coming in Thursday for our Christmas.

Unknown said...

We're pretty snowed in, but back to work tuesday,, sigh.

Jill of All Trades said...

First, congratulations! I love the print, really love it. Today I had to go to the office. I gave B the day off to hang out with her sis and shop to spend the gift certificates we gave them. It was not easy as I have a horrible head cold. We also met with the accountant to assess the year end of the business...yeah, that was fun...LOL. Thanks Kate, I hope I win! Carla

mrs mediocrity said...

I am in complete and utter bum mode. Yesterday and today, I got up, did my blog post, took a shower, put clean jammies on, and sat in front of the fire with a book all day. It was heaven. I take this week off every year, and I don't go anywhere, I just relax and read. That is one gorgeous photo, congrats on being a finalist at PW's place!

Deb said...

congratulations on three years....I really enjoy your blog...we had our family christmas on Monday back to work....

jmpratt said...

I am working today. LOVE this photo. Im sure Ree will pick you!

GailO said...

Sounds like you have had a lovely comfy, quiet day...just the kind of day I love...and yesterday and today I had days like that too. Yesterday we were snowed in ...and today the only exercise I got was helping mr O shovel out our driveway...then friends over for supper to help us finish up our Christmas leftovers:)

congratulations on reaching your third blogging anniversary...and just getting better and better!


Jaime said...

Well, I just joined and am just getting started at reading things. I love following other photographer's blogs...inspiration. Your photograph is definitely a winner! As to the questions:

1. Today we took down our Christmas things. A bit early for us, but we needed to get the tree outside.

2. No. Well, yes...depends on your point of view. I am SAHM of three little boys. ;)

3. Hope so in the next few days...desperately need some things.

4. No...not even here in Colorado. Definitely not the norm for us.

5. I had to return a few things that did not fit.

Lori said...

Would love to win your beautiful "finalist" picture! Thanks for a chance.

I spent my last day of our Christmas vacation here in TN with my husband's family. We enjoyed family time at the house in the morning (that included introducing my sister-in-law to a few of my favorite blogs, yours included, of course!). We hit Target and Books-A-Million for some afternoon shopping and then went to my in-laws for leftovers.

So sorry your trip to the Gulf Coast got canceled due to the weather. That's where we live so we're headed that way in the morning. We saw a little bit of snow here ... wouldn't mind being snowed in tho!

Silverspoon said...

Spent the day cooking & packing for a week away, first to my brother's family & then to the mountains with 2 other couples for rest, reading, conversation & good food!

I so love all your bird photos!

Karen said...

I'm late, but you know I love answering your questions anyway, so... YESTERDAY... I went around taking snow pictures for, a new news website by aol that I will be freelancing for in our area.

THEN, we visited cousins from Florida, and THEN.. they came home with me and are sleeping over. Teens. That's why I'm leaving this comment at 12:41AM. *sigh*

abb said...

Until 4pm today, we were completely and totally snowed in! And now that we're not, I'm doing the very same thing. Nothing! Got up at 11am and now at 1am on the next day am going to my pajamas...that I never got out of...BAD! xoabb

Sally said...

I love your blog, your photos are absolutely beautiful!
What am I doing today? I am having a very lazy day playing around with my new camera I got for Christmas, I love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate
Am a regular follower but don't have a blog. Do love the photos The one of the trees and sunset colors is stunning. Today I mailed my Christmas cards. (Yes they are late but it's still the holiday season til New Years right? Not back at work because no longer go there Yay!!! Am doing grocery shopping as I didn't cook so don't have leftovers. Did have a wonderful Christmas with friends. So sorry you can't get away. Blessings and Happy New Year Mary

Linda said...

Well, it's pretty much back to bizz as usual for a couple of days. Office, grocery shopping, laundry, then the fun of a New Year full of anticipation, resolution, light, and love.
I love your blog, your photography, and George!!
Happy new year! And thank you!

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love how puffed up and fat cardinals look on a cold day? I look that way every day so maybe that's why I adore their look so much... HA!

Snap said...

I am recovering from yesterday (doc appointment for Mr. Dragon). I'm going out today to pick up an old clock that we had fixed (it didn't chime anymore) ... a present for Mr. Dragon. Love your bird images ... stunning!

Anonymous said...

I am back at work! :(

Love the picture and congratulations on being picked as a finalist.

Suzanne said...

I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and I am just about snowed in. So I will be in the house sewing.

This is my favorite photo on PW. I hope you get first place.

I have followed your blog for at least a year, but am now a official follower.. want to win this print.

The JR said...

Sorry you didn't get to go on your trip.

Congrats on three years. Good luck on winning the contest.

Unknown said...

Today, I'm back to work. Actually yesterday I was back to work, but only for a half day after which I went home and caught up on the cleaning I'd neglected with all the festivities last weekend. Today it's back to real life.

Dawn Gross said...

Happy Anniversary! What am I doing today? A bunch of this n that! I took off work this week to hang with the kiddos. So, we're just enjoying a slow pace.

Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck with Pioneer Woman's contest.


texassky said...

I saw this on PW's site. Good luck with the Bokeh contest. This one was my favorite by the way. Well, I am back at work. It's cloudy and we are anticipating heavy rain tonight. I know this. I am a meteorologist so I should know this. Anyhow, there's a hawk flying around outside my office window. I am onthe 6th floor so he's flyin low. Hawks are bad luck. Yep, I'm in trouble.

imjustmk said...

What are you doing today?
Getting ready to have "Christmas" dinner with my in-laws, have baked 3 doz. yeast rolls, some green beans and a pie. One of my sisters-in-law lives in TN, so we are celebrating with them tonight and the kids are doing their gift exchange. Then, dropping my K off for a sleepover.

Are you back at work?
I am a SAHM and work never ends here. So, technically, yes and no.

Going grocery shopping?
Picked up a few things yesterday for today's baking.

Snowed in?
No, we live in central VA and despite the "big storm" we braced ourselves for over the weekend, we only saw flurries. Funny, huh? Sorry to hear your plans were canceled, God has a plan.

Returning gifts? filters for 2 lenses - wrong size, but luckily, I don't have to leave the house for that.

Love, love, love, love, LOVE your photos of George. He's a looker, he is! Take care and Happy New Year! MK

Patty said...

Sorry about your trip. I slept late. I did finally get out and go grocery shopping yesterday, and to the bank. Our van is acting up so I made my husband drive. It was nice getting out of the house with him. We were kind of snowed in for a few days, but we both had 3 days off, so it was really nice. I work in the evenings and did start back to work last night, but I felt refreshed and didn't dread it like normal.
I remember seeing your photo on the PW's site and thought how striking it was. I didn't even realize it was you! And now you're a finalist!! HOORAY! Good luck!!

Di said...

Finally getting out to return a couple items and taking the dog to the vet. Then a work out at the "Y" and I should be ready to head back to work tomorrow.

Tina said...

I'm taking a break right now from cleaning. I was so busy over the holidays that a lot of chores were neglected. You can only dust around things and sweep dirt under the rug for so long! :-)
I've enjoyed your photos very much. You have a new follower..with or without the contest! God Bless!

Mary said...

What am I doing today? Sitting on the sofa, recovering from all the snow shoveling yesterday! Oh, and running some errands, doing some laundry, trying not to eat all the goodies in the house and playing with my new 14-24mm f1:2.8 lens. :)

linda said...
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linda said...

What are you doing today? a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y nothing. After six straight weeks of working two jobs full tilt, AND working the Christmas weekend, I was a veggie.

Are you back at work? Heck to the no. One glorius and lazy day off on Monday.

Going grocery shopping? *snicker* see above

Snowed in? Not yet!

Returning gifts? nope!

Deanne Fitzptrick said...

Today I'm staying quiet
walking, crunching the snow under my feet,
carrying in wood from the woodpile
lighting a fire
making a stew
letting winter settle in
keeping a house
for a family
who can come in from the cold
and feel all the warmth around them

Country Girl said...

I seriously LOVE reading these.

~ C.G.

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

What are you doing today?
{sigh} I'm at work. It is quiet here with almost everyone on vacation. But I have payroll to complete so we can all get paid.

Are you back at work?
See answer above.

Going grocery shopping?
No. I think I've eaten my fill for the next year or more.

Snowed in?
No. But we did have a white Christmas which is quite odd for Atlanta. It hasn't snowed on Christmas since the 1800's.

Returning gifts?
No. The adults didn't exchange gifts this year. It was all about the grandchildren.

Happy New Year, Kate!!!

Niteowl Nancy said...

Saw this photo on PW's site and just thought it was breathtaking! Glad I clicked on the photo, which eventually brought me to your site. Gorgeous bird pics, just gorgeous!

Alisa said...

Kate, I'm not sure if my post is going through...I've tried twice and it hasn't shown up, perhaps I just can't see it?? Anyway. I'm enjoying time with the kids. We've shopped and visted with family and friends. I'm working on photoshop too.

Kristy ( said...

What are you doing today? Are you back at work? Going grocery shopping? Snowed in? Returning gifts?

I stayed home all day because I have strept throat and I'm feeling pretty miserable! Not snowed in but we have LOTS of snow in WI! I don't have any gifts to return...yay!!


mudmaven said...

Today? Well, today I went to work at the office and came home feeling very glad that the snow and cold has not arrived yet. Tonight I am blurfing and I have been following the current photo contest on PW's blog. I totally fell in love with your photo, helplessly and irrefutably in love. One of the things I miss most about moving from the east coast to Colorado is that there are no cardinals here. I knew that PW would be suckered in by the damn dog, I think you should have won! ~chris

DAnna said...

What am I doing today? My daughter is visiting from Denver and we had a lovely trip to the coast - lunch out on the patio at Ragged Point and a hike down to the beach! No work to go back to as I'm retired! (yea!) No shopping or returning gifts, and no snow....we did have some rain before Christmas but it was sunny today! Love your birdie photos, especially the cardinals (we don't have them out here in California).

Egghead said...

Today? Spending time with my son who is here from Buffalo for a couple of weeks as well as making some fun crafts with my granddaughters who are spending this week with me. No work for me this week! Yippee!

Unknown said...

I'm late and missed this.

Congratulations on the years of blogging, you gift many people, that is very apparent. I am so so glad to have "found" you .

The bird photos make me swoon. The cardinal one is exquisite and a winner. Fingers and toes crossed for you.

Too bad your travel plans didn't work out , but at least you weren't caught out in it...

I have been enjoying my family, cleaning the kitchen over and over and today I'm catching up on blogs.