Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another Giveway because I luvya

It has come to my attention that I have reached another milestone in my followers widget and for those who have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that this means it’s giveaway time.

Without your support, I may have gone a little cuckoo with all the things that have transpired in my life since I began blogging in late 2007. And without your support, I would have never begun to sell my work. Oh, I meant to tell you that I have two pieces for sale in a local art gallery as well as an assortment of my greeting cards. Yay!

To thank you, my followers, I’m offering a set of greeting cards to 3 winners PLUS an 8 x 10 or 8 x 12 print of your choice from my etsy shop.

This giveaway is for followers only. If you’ve been reading along but have yet to become a follower, well now is your time to do so. And if you’re thinking of coming on board just to enter this contest, that’s ok too. I just won’t love you as much.

I’m kidding.

When I took these photos this morning, the clouds were closing in, changing the colors in the room back and forth. As a result, the pictures below aren’t the best representation of the cards themselves. In fact, they’re quite bad. But what the hey.

DSC_0287 copy 2


For a better example of one of the photographs, click {here}.

DSC_0293 copy 2


To view one of them, visit {here}.

DSC_0295 copy 2


A better photo of one of the prints is {here}.


1. Visit my etsy site and choose the print you would like to receive.

2. Then choose the set of greeting cards you’d like from either this post or the etsy site.

3. Enter your choices in the comment section and make sure I can get in touch with you if you win. This means I need your e-mail address.

4. For followers only. Because I love you.

The random integer generator at will be used to choose the 3 winners. Contest will run until Monday (Feb. 14), 6 PM Eastern Standard Time. Winners will be announced Monday evening. Anyone - anywhere can enter, as long as they follow this blog.  Good luck ~

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TexWisGirl said...

Oooh. Oooh. Pick me, pick me! :)

If I won I'd choose the print "Fallen" (gorgeous!!!) and the "Cardinals" notecard set.

Thank you for the opportunity!!!

TexWisGirl said...

And a BIG congrats on 800!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Mary said...

Love the paperwhites print! And the Cardinals cards are calling my name. :) Congrats on your milestone -- there is a reason why we all visit here, and that is YOU!

Oh, and George, too. lol

mrs mediocrity said...

Yay! for you. It was a tough decision, but I love the female cardinal in snow. And I love your paperwhite shots on the note cards.

Kate@CatchupwithKate said...

Definitely the paperwhites.
{fingers crossed}

I honestly have to say I appreciate your thoughts about the blogging world and how it has gotten you through and to do many things... same said here.

Anywho - just wanted to put my 2 cents in! (as always)

Peggy said...

What fun! My choices are the Paperwhite print and the Cardinal notecards. Love your postings ~ you are one of my favorite reads every day. I am very happy for your good news about your husband. Thanks for the beautiful photos and inspiration.

RURAL said...

Breathtaking shots, always beautiful.

I love them all, who can choose one?

Your blog has always been a source of joy, and I love your posts.

Best of luck with your giveaway.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Annette W. said...

Trees in the midst is my favorite!

For the notecards, I love the paperwhites!

derekannette at gmail dot com

Hilary said...

I would like the Truth about Cats and Dogs......
and the cardinals...
and aren't giveaways fun!!!

Christie - Fine Lines said...

It is always so hard when you have us choose!!! I sit here deliberating for the longest time!
Today I'm loving "Heading Home" - something very moving about this shot and the Paperwhite cards.
Happy Valentine's Day.

Skogkjerring said...

Hey, I thought I was following you already but when I looked it said, follow this blog, I clicked on it and it said, you're now following this blog!!!?? I don't understand, but I swear, I'm not just following you for the you are free to love me as if I have been following all along, which I thought I had been....huff...
Hmm, checked out your etsy page and have to say the first photo that caught my eye was Heading Home..I have a few other amish prints around here and I loved the title..but then I saw George at the gate and there was something great about that photo too, the snow, the old home, the great dog...I liked all of that....but then I scrolled down even more and I made a big AWWWW sound when I saw George and the farm cat in the Truth about Dogs and Cats...that would fit in nicely around here too..maybe my gang of dogs and cats would learn something from that photo ;-))
Of the greeting cards, I think I've landed on the paperwhites...although any of those sets would be lovely- you're extremely talented Kate!
Tomorrow is Mother's Day in Norway, hope you have a great day, I think we mothers are worth celebrating I'll take tomorrow and in May ;-))hahaha...
Have a great evening my friend..

WhiskerKat said...

Congratulations Kate!!!
That said.... I love ALL of your photos, bit I'm leaning toward the Cardinals for both the note cards or a print. And if I'm chosen, YOU pick because they're all spectacular.

Liz said...

How lovely Kate, well my all time favourite print is still the Daisy in Texture and I love the Muted Tones cards, fingers crossed...

GloryBabies3 said...

Hmmm...not sure if I'm considered a follower. I'm not very computer savvy when it comes to stuff like that. I found you from PW site well over a year ago. I have you bookmarked in my favorites and check your site every day..does that count? If not, I'll understand! If it does...I love Love me tender...and the cardinal note cards. Your bird shots are some of my very favorites.
Beth in Michigan

Kat said...

It's so hard to make up my mind!

I choose the Singular print and the random photo greeting cards.


Kathryn Dyche said...

What a fantastic giveaway. My favorite print is Fallen and I love the muted tone greeting cards.

Gail Dixon said...

I'd love to win the female Cardinal in snow. It's a favorite of mine. :) Thank you for running this great contest!

deborah said...

I follow you..wherever and whatever you photograph:) I'm still in love with the Trees in the Mist, and love all of the cards. Its a toss up between the Muted Tones, the Cardinals and the Paperwhites:) I'll let you pick if I were fortunate enough to win!

Tammy said...

oh I'd love to have a print of George at the gate - I LOVE that picture and the bird cards - they are so beautiful as well.

sandyandcosmo said...

I love the Singular print, can't believe you took that from a moving car! I would also choose the bird cards. Thanks for the giveaway! I follow you through GFC. said...

Female cardinal snow bokeh

Cardinal note cards

Thanks, Kate!

JaneK said...

well, this is the first visit to your site... not b/c of the giveaway (I don't know how people search for those) but b/c I just found you through another site I am relatively new to. If you don't want to include me in the contest, I totally understand. And I wasn't even going to enter. But I was moved by the striking cardinal in the snow print. So if you enter me... my choice is cardinal in the snow and cards would be muted tone.
your stuff is amazing and I'm glad I found you.

Cloudia said...

visiting here

that's winning enough to me.

Thanks for making me feel like your friend

Comfort Spiral

RottenMom said...

Conrats on your 800!

I love the "Yellow Boat" print!

I would choose the Paperwhite for the cards since I already have the Cardinal cards that I purchased from your Etsy shop! Have I mentioned how much I love them!

And I am a long time follower, so I'm loving the love!

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

You know I like all your photos...especially any flower photo. As for the notecards, I love the paper whites....but I wouldn't use them, I'd frame them also:)

A Scattering said...

Hi Kate, congratulations on the new milestone. My favorite print of the moment is "Female Cardinal in snow" and I would choose the Paperwhites for the cards. They're such a pretty flower but I positively hate the smell of them. Anyone else with me on this?
We have tons of snow but we're expecting milder temperatures later in the week, fingers crossed for some melting! Elaine

Gail said...

I love them all, why do you make me choose? I have to worry and look and love them all and painfully choose just one?

I love the muted tones in the cards.

My absolute favorite, at this moment, and that may change as I type, they are all so amazing, is...Heading Home.

Congratulations on your milestone. I'll still follow even if I don't win.

Michelle said...

I'm "All cardinals, all the time!" The cardinal notecards, the Female Cardinal in the Snow.

Ellen said...

Hi Kate,
Of course, I'd love to win the "Cardinal in Snowstorm" and the Cardinal cards. I love Cardinal!!!!

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

How generous. I don't comment but I am a daily and signed-up follower. Love Muted Tones and Yellow Boat. Thank you!

Country Gal said...

800 Followers WOOHOO ! Your photos are beautiful. We seem to photograph things alike, I dont use photo shop or any type of program I just let my eye and the camera take what is seen!
Some times its good and some times its not lol oh well for me . Have a great day ! I love your blog. Miggy says a big HI!! to George ! pssst I think she thinks hes cute hehehe !

imjustmk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
imjustmk said...

First off, I love, love, LOVE your photography!

Secondly, it's soooo hard to choose just ONE thing from your work. I love the cardinal, but I so love George! And the rest, I would cherish any of them.

So, #1 - I would choose the cardinal notecards and frame them. Then, #2 - I would choose Heading Home as my print because my husband would love it and I so love him!

Keep doin' whatya do! We love it!

OOPS! Forgot

mudmaven said...

I have been in love with your cardinals ever since I saw the Female Cardinal in the Snow on PW's blog (it should have beat out that dog picture for sure). I'd love to own it and also the cardinal cards - so very gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us - I look forward to your posts so much. ~chris

Devon said...

Gosh, it is so hard to choose... but I just love George at the gate. For the cards, The Bird!

So glad to see how many followers you have!

Dawning Inspiration said...

oooooh - so GLAD I didn't miss entering this! Congratulations on hitting another milestone (just love it when you do that - and have a giveaway!!)

I would choose the Female Cardinal 1 or the Hummingbird silhouette....hope I can save my choice for if I win!! And I'd love those paper white cards - those are so "happy!"

Chrissykat said...

Yay on the tally! Way to go Kate! And thank you, again, for another chance to win your FAB stuff! My choices are Havre de Grace for the notecards & Trees in the Mist for the print. Woo Hoo...good luck to me!

Colleen said...

Congratulations on yet another milestone. I visit every day because I so love your photography, and wish that I had one one hundredth of your talent.

So hard to choose a print - but it has to be the White Beach Rose and the Paper White Cards.

Hey Kate if I win I'll pay the postage - its a long way to New Zealand

JaneK said...

PS: it was cardinal during a snowstorm (with the red male cardinal) that struck me so much. (all of them are striking but that one really stood out)

Ashley Sisk said...

Another wonderful giveaway - I loev your singular print!

Ashley Sisk said...

As for your greeting cards - is it paper whites? Love that.

Gayle said...

I suppose it is because I never seen them in real life, but the cardinals are always my fave.
They are so beautiful.

Andrea said...

LOVE your photography! If I were chosen I would choose the Female Cardinal in the Snow and the Cardinal set of notecards!

tea4too0 said...

Hey Kate, thank you for the chance to win some awesome prints. I love your tree in silhoutte, and the random cards. T

GailO said...

800 followers! Wow! Congratulations! They come here for a reason Kate...Beacause are so sweet:)

I would love the female cardinal photo and the bird card set...maybe just reading about your bird feeders has me thinking aout birds:)

Debbie said...

Oh such beautiful photos.

I would choose the paperwhite print and the paperwhite note cards and frame them all!!!

Thanks for the opportunity!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

maillady said...

congrats. kate.
well here i go again, only this time i'm changing my pick of pictures. i seam to really like yellow boat. and i would always want the random pick of cards. love the bird feeders too. heading to biloxi thurs. can't wait. will keep you posted.

Unknown said...

I'm not going to miss this chance... even though I'm supposed to be packing ..

the cardinals , female in the snow,
the cardinals... swoon.

and above? mountain biking. wow. that speaks to an amazing spirit.

and I love your stems, and ... must go.


Unknown said...

I'm still in love with George at the Gate and the muted tones..the Bell Tower is another favourite.

Looking forward to seeing how the hillbilly nillywilly design works.
: )


Anonymous said...

Hey cool. I love your work, but when I saw Amy's post I sprinted back up to the top of the page to make sure I'm still following (because I've had that happen with Blogger posts as well). I definitely wiped my brow when it showed that I am still following, because I really want all your love, not the kind reserved for the 'new' followers, hehe, just kidding.
To all new followers of this love you will absolutely love reading Kate's writings. Her words and pictures are both amazing and uplifting. this blog comes with lots of smiles
Now on the the jist of why I really follow, to get some FREEbies...yeehaw.
just kidding....

I've always loved your Female Cardinal in the Snow and as for the set, it would still be the birds with a close second for the paperwhites.
Thank you for all you give us out here and I truly searched you out on my reader this morning for something uplifting and here you are.
peace n abundance,

Andi said...

Some day I will have that bell tower pic! And why don't I just buy the darn thing?? I may just do that if I don't win! :) So I think I would like to win, Heading home, and LOVE the Muted tones cards. I am so glad I found your site and became a follower. I enjoy our visits so much!

Karen said...

My favourite photo is female cardinal in the snow and I would pick the cardinal notecards too. We don't have cardinls in Newfoundland but I wish we did! They are beautiful birds and I love your photos of them. By the way I've been following your blog for ages but rarely comment, sorry!
P.S.....I follow through my google reader, not through blogger, so I'm not sure if you can tell I am a follower or not.

Donna S. said...

I've been sick all weekend, glad I didn't miss this giveaway!!

Turkey Point Lighthouse
Cardinal Notecards

I looove all of your "stuff" :)

Lili said...

Wow 807 followers as of now! Congrats for another milestone Kate.

I'm loving the Seagull print and the Cardinal Notecards.

Thanks for the chance for another giveaway. We luvya too! xo ~Lili

michelle said...

I love all your photos! If I won I would choose:

Female Cardinal in the Snow
The cards I would choose would be the random ones with Queen Anne's Lace.

Good Luck everyone!

Marilyn said...

Kate, it was very difficult to pick a favourite but I finally decided on Turkey Point Light as we love lighthouses. I also love the cardinal cards as we are unable to see them in the part of Canada where I live. It is always such a pleasure to see cardinals while we winter in South Carolina. Happy blogging and thank you for sharing. Marilyn

Jessica White said...

I've been following your blog through my google reader.
I love the paperwhites.

Dawn Gross said...

Love Me Tender is my favorite print ... only because I'm so over winter and SO ready for spring!

Favorite note cards have to be the cardinals.

Love visiting your blog every day and looking at the pictures.

Thanks for the chance to win - Dawn

sharon said...

this is really a hard decision because I love them all, but I think I will go with Paperwhites cards and the bell tower picture. have a great day and enjoy the "warm" weather, todays high, 60 degrees. Whoo Hooo!!!

The JR said...

Beautiful pictures.

p.s., I got my CSN product from the gift cert. on Friday. We ended up with a panini press. We LUV it.

I know I said I wanted a french fry cutter or head start of a video camera. But, my last Dr. report nixed french fries and their video cameras were too much.


Unknown said...

I truly adore the Paperwhites print. From the card sets, I love the Random set. Your work is beautiful!

Thank you!

Diane said...

George at the gate!
And the muted tones!

Love your work sweetie. Hope the squirrel wire works!

Carolynn Anctil said...

I love them all. Good luck to the winner(s) and congratulations on reaching another amazing milestone.