Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nice long weekend

It was a long and good weekend. I had the day off Friday and my husband and I went to nearby Amish country to get some clothes for him.

Not Amish clothes.

He wears Carhartt, and the biggest selection is at a store in East Earl, PA – one where we’ve shopped for over 30 years. Actually, figuring the amount of years just now sort of blew my mind a little bit. Regardless, it’s Good’s Store and when we went inside we were surprised to find that it’s been completely remodeled. As we walked the aisles, we both remembered our first visit to this store in 1979. All the floors were wood and they creaked when you walked.

It’s quite different now . . . and their selection of Carhartt clothing and outdoor wear has been vastly expanded. And that made my husband glad.


DSC_5423 copy 2

Pennsylvania is beautiful. We lived there for many years before moving to Virginia, and then to Maryland where we live now. In the photo above, we’re heading north toward the Welsh Mountain and East Earl lies on the other side.


DSC_5460 copy 2

There’s a hitching post outside the store for buggies to park. I was heartened to see that this horse had been covered with a blanket. It was chilly and he looked a little lathered up. Sometimes it’s hard to see the work horses but this one looked pretty fit if not a little tired.


DSC_5476 copy 2

The view coming up the driveway to home.

My husband drove the entire way there and back marking the first time he’s driven the new car that far. Another milestone.

:   :   :


I had errands to run Saturday and it clouded over by mid-morning and stayed that way for pretty much the entire day. At one point, my friend (and co-worker), Christine, texted me saying “look outside!!”

I didn’t get the text immediately, and when I looked at it, I dashed outside only to see a hot air balloon to the west of the house. I ran inside to get the camera but by the time I got back outside, it was hidden in the trees. She wrote later to say that it was right above our house. Bummer that I missed it.


DSC_5502 copy 2

On Sunday afternoon, I sat in the sunshine for a couple of hours.



DSC_5509 copy 2

It felt so darn good.



DSC_5527 copy 2

My husband came outside and sat with me for awhile.


And then he held my hand.



DSC_5586 copy 2

It’s the little things in life that matter.


:   :   :


Hope your weekend was a fine one.

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bv said...

'and then he held my hand'. i can not tell you the emotion i felt in that. i know just how lovely that was for you. and him. a lovely week end!

Sheila said...

What a beautiful weekend, thanks so much for sharing!

tainterturtles said...

Isn't it nice to have a 3-day weekend? I have Monday off from work (Veteran's Day) and will spend time with my own personal Vet!!!

abb said...

So very sweet.

Low Tide High Style said...

So glad your husband was able to drive a long distance again. And your images are beautiful as always. It truly is the little things in life that matter, and I'm happy you had some time together to share a moment!


becky up the hill said... are right. Its the little things, nothing else matters.

Sabrina Steyling said...

"And then he held my hand." So simple of a statement yet so poetic...

Love your photos of the adorable birds. I think I'm just going to have to move to Maryland because I don't see birds like that around here in NJ! ;)

Georgianna said...

Hi Kate, Ii think it's wonderful that you have 30 years of memories to share. (It will be a long time until D and I have that many years!)

The photo of the house is so lovely and a little moody, framed as it is by the bare branches. Black and white is the perfect presentation.

And your bird photos are always a delight. Especially like the composition of the cardinal image.

Hope your week is filled with happy moments and beauty. And some more sunshine would be nice, wouldn't it?


– g

Annie said...

Love your posts Kate. You are so real. I love your honesty!

And your photos are always out of this world. Thanks for sharing them. They always make me homesick for the US and the N East. I always enjoy your trips to PA. I am so glad to hear that your husband was able to drive all the way! Good on him. From someone who isn't allowed to drive for another month...changing epilepsy medication is a pain sometimes, especially when the epilepsy happens only in my sleep! However I have developed a love of walking and public transport. I have been very lucky to have good transport here, some good friends etc. So I must not complain. But it will be nice to be allowed to drive again, and have a little more independence.

So glad you escaped the hurricane.
was glad my little family are safely back in Australia, not that it couldn't happen here with a bad cyclone anytime!

Mary said...

"And then he held my hand...". Can you hear all the sighs that are almost certainly coming along with the reading of that line? You have such a beautiful, honest voice. Your writing is as lovely as your photos, which are very lovely indeed! It was a beautiful Sunday, wasn't it? xoxo

Karen said...

...and in those moments we realize... definitely good.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

That is so sweet. It is the little things.

Kerri Farley said...

Beautiful birdies my friend!
Those little things ..... you are so right about those!!

Snap said...

.." and then he held my hand". Hang on to that. It is one of the things I miss the most.

Beautiful post.

mrs mediocrity said...

Those little things are really the biggest things. xo

Daryl said...

oh nice .. hand holding is a wonderful thing .. xo

beth said...

it is the little things in life isn't it ? well, and a few birds and a road trip every now and then, aren't too bad either :)


Anonymous said...

Oh the sun did feel good didn't it? glad that you had FUN!.....smiles

Nellie said...

What a special post, Kate! We need to hold on to moments such as those you experienced this week-end!


Mr. Black said...

I'm sorry you missed the hot air balloon right over your house.
That's a case where a phone call is more practical than a text.
(eh, who am I to say; I don't have a cell phone...never have.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you...this made me smile. Sigh...I can't remember the last time someone held my hand. My ex-s.o. was not a hand-holder nor was he very affectionate...that is why he is an ex...LOL And I love stores with creeky floors!

DesertHen said...

The smallest of gestures provide the greatest moments and memories!

My husband loves his Carhartt farm jackets and coveralls. They keep him nice and warm on those brisk winter days on the farm!

Reena said...

It's the small moments that hold us together. Sounds like a delightful day for you both.

GailO said...

The perfect ending of a very nice weekend:)

Em Parkinson said...

What a lovely and moving post. I have a tear welling! So pleased your husband did that drive. Achievements like that are Psychologically so important I think. The sight of your house as you come up the drive must lift both of your spirits too - it's absolutely beautiful. So pleased you had such a lovely weekend Kate. x

Mental P Mama said...

Sigh. xoxo

The JR said...

One of these days.....I want to go to Amish country.

Hilary said...

Ah yes. Those little things are the big things. Fine pics. Too bad you missed the balloon but them birds shore are lovely.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a milestone to be driving again. Virginia always reminds me of The Waltons; such a beautiful place and your photos of course show it off, too.

CJ x

Hilary said...

Kind of like my hug in the tuna aisle......yes, Kate, it is those little things that make us real.

sharon said...

You live in a beautiful part of the country! It's the little things in life that make this world a better place. :)

thecatalanway said...

These moments - so fleeting and so lovely and yet impossible to freeze in time. I love the way you shared this and spread the happy feeling to all of us reading your blog. It is almost like a reminder to savour these small things which make life so precious. I will now give someone here a hug and pass on the love.

'he who kisses the joy as it flies. Lives in eternity's sun rise.' Blake

Lili said...

This was so sweet Kate...the birds and the holding hands. xo