Wednesday, December 11, 2013

When all the world is full of snow

I took some photos during my morning walk yesterday, in the hopes of sharing them here in this space. I had my camera in a plastic bag and took it out when I saw something of interest. But I had to cut the walk short because I was getting a little worried over the camera.

Here are a few images I captured yesterday (Tuesday).


DSC_4757 copy 2

The reason I keep the feeders filled. This was shot through my kitchen window before I headed out.


DSC_4781 copy 2

Back in February 2010, I took a similar photo which I’ve posted below. The fence line was still intact back then, as was the big tree limb on the right.



I sell this on my etsy site. It’s entitled ‘George at the Gate’.

I have it framed in my home and printed on a metallic paper.

It looks really cool in its white frame.


DSC_4776 copy 2

I love trees.


DSC_4795 copy 2

Wet snow sure is beautiful to behold, with the way it clings to everything it touches.

Difficult to shovel, though.



DSC_4805 copy 2

White white white.



DSC_4808 copy 2

I shot these using manual mode and they came out really bright. I’m not all that great at shooting in the snow.


DSC_4811 copy 2

When All the World is Full of Snow
I never know
Just where to go,
When all the world
Is full of snow.
I do not want
To make a track,
Not even
To the shed and back.
I only want
To watch and wait,
While snow moths settle
On the gate,
And swarming frost flakes
Fill the trees
With billions
Of albino bees.

I only want
Myself to be
As silent as
A winter tree,
To hear the swirling
Stillness grow,
When all the world
Is full of snow.
~ N.M. Bodecker



DSC_4814 copy 2

The odd thing about this day was that I was able to get out the driveway around 4 PM. The sun had come out and the accumulation wasn’t enough to have a plow in. So I made tracks down the driveway. They are still there, frozen over.

For those who don’t know, our driveway is a third of a mile long, most of it through woods. It is beautiful, but takes some getting used to, especially in the winter. Tomorrow I’ll share a few photos taken while driving up the driveway. A reader had asked if I could document the view. And so I will ~

Until tomorrow then . . .

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Hilary said...

Sure is beautiful out your way. It looked similar here, today. That tree image is a beauty and of course who can resist gorgeous George.

Country Gal said...
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Country Gal said...

Beautiful photos Kate . Looks soo pretty ! I love taking fresh fallen snow photos to , snow can be tricky to photograph a lot of adjusting for it whilst taking the photos , that's why I photograph in raw so they can be adjusted a bit . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good week !

Sheila said...

"George at the Gate" printed on Metallic paper has got to be beautiful. You have gotten a lot more snow than us in Western NY.

Tiggeriffic said...

Oh the weather outside is frightful but it's so delightful.. Let it Snow~! Let it Snow~!
lOVE your pictures..It looks a lot like Iowa..but without George.. Oh what a delightful dog.. I remember when you first got George..reading that he chewed up the couch..
Feeding the birds is so rewarding.. Just makes one feel so good when you see so much color at the feeders.
Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from snowy Iowa:)

Michelle said...

Absolutely beautiful

sonia said...

Gorgeous photos. I love winter.

Sabrina Steyling said...

The snow sure is beautiful, but I still hate driving in it!

Nellie said...

These shots are beautiful, Kate! I love the one titled "George at the Gate." What an appropriate poem you chose! Needless to say, I'd guess you were out of school again, too.:-)


JaneK said...

Sigh..... I love coming here. So pretty and peaceful. (Although in real life I am sure all that snow is hard work.)

jmac said...

wow. as a gal from the deep south, I cannot even comprehend snow like that! we did get a little a few yrs back, which was the first time I'd seen it here in prolly 15-20 yrs. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. And I know exactly what you mean about the quiet of snow. Read my post about it back in 2011 here:

I'm so sorry you're feeling the absence....maybe this is His way of giving you time to heal with the 'quietness' of have your thoughts and feelings be padded by the softness and beauty of the snow.
I HAVE to tell you my story of the cardinal after my mom and and dad passed away.....

Country Girl said...

For some strange reason, jmac, your comment isn't coming into my email box which is why I am replying here. Are you a Google + user? I don't seem to get comments delivered properly from Google +. Will read about your snow and now want to hear about your cardinal.

Anonymous said...

These are stunning! Freshly fallen snow is so soothes the soul and makes me feel so renewed and alive.

I would also love to see the view coming up the driveway.

Hope you are well this beautiful season.♥

Cloudia said...


ALOHA to YOU & Georgio
from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
=^..^= <3
> < } } ( ° >

alphabet soup said...


Winter seems to have arrived suddenly at your place.

The photos are beautiful, especially the tree and the vivid colour contrast of the red cardinals.

Keep warm.

Ms Soup

The Weaver of Grass said...

Absolutely lovely. All the beauty without the shovelling and the cold.

Em Parkinson said...

What a beautiful thing snow is, if a bit inconvenient when you want to get out! We have the same problem and have to dig our third of a mile out sometimes! Mild here in the UK at the moment.......for now....

Lili said...

That poem was so perfect with your captures Kate! It looks so magical there...the trees are majestic. xo

Daryl said...

first you need this

i bought it before i went to Paris and i used it every day because it rained every day ...

gorgeous photos .. i love snow it other people's neighborhoods .. in mine not so much cause its not as pretty in the city after it stops, it gets all city gritty ...

remember that weekend in CT with all the snow? so fun ...

Kerri Farley said...

Beautiful snowy captures!

Anonymous said...

These are breathtaking! Wow...

Connie in Hartwood said...

How brave you are, to risk yourself and your camera to capture the beauty that surrounds your house! You got a WHOLE lot more snow than we did down here.

Karen said...

I love George at the Gate. Your winter cardinal graces our side entrance hall :-)

beth said...

ummmm......sillly you. i think you know how to shoot snow and IN snow perfectly !!!


Jeanne Walker said...

I don't think you're great at shooting in the snow either! I think you're awesome at shooting in the snow....these photos are breathtakingly beautiful. As always, loving the photos of Sir George! Living in South and not having snow to deal with much, I have a does George's little paws and pads fair in the cold snow? On behalf of the birds, "Thank you, Kind Friend!". xo

JC said...

You really are in a Winter Wonderland.

Does George need new toys ?

A New England Life said...

Such a beautiful snowy day. You captured it just fine in manual mode too. At least I think so!
It appears that we have a bit of snow headed here to the northeast. I so wish I still had the urge to get out there like you do, Kate.

Karen said...

What a lovely, magical, beautiful post! Oh - and by the way - TOTALLY get the 'dirt bike people' remark . . .

You must feel a very lucky 'gal' (as my Mom would call you:) every single day - living in such a wonderous place. Thanks SO much for sharing pics! I LOVE snow (not enough in the Pacific Northwest *used to be when we were kids).


GailO said...

You sure got more snow than we did here up in Rhode Island! Gorgeous photos Kate!

Cait O'Connor said...

I LOVE these photos. I long for snow now!

Donna S. said...

Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.

The JR said...

Oh you do an excellent job of shooting in the snow. Great pics.

Bluebird49 said...

There's something about snow that makes everything seem to just freeze in time---in such a lovely way! We haven't had snow yet :(

Georgianna said...

Your photos are beautiful and filled with winter wonder, Kate! Snow is notoriously tricky to photography but you did a great job. Love the tour up the driveway, too.

Thinking of you and sending all the very best for Christmas. xoxo