Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A winter’s night

It was a good day. I’m sitting here under my warm quilt, the one that some of the parents at school made for me last fall. I’m having a cup of peppermint chocolate tea for dessert and hey, it actually tastes good without adding sweetener.

It’s been nearly three weeks since I went off sugar. I’ve had no cookies, candy, jarred pasta sauce, ketchup . . . you get the picture. I also cut way back on bread although I do have some every now and then.

I didn’t have any photos planned for this post, so I took these with my cell phone using the Retro Camera app.



My tea.



My cereal cabinet.

Please try to control your laughter. I mean, who takes pictures of their cereal cabinet?




Or their cupboard filled with plates and bowls.

You would think I had a family of ten living in this house with all these plates and bowls, wouldn’t you? It’s just me. And my son.

I was just looking for images to share. And for the record, that box of frosted mini wheats you saw up there needs to go. It used to be my favorite and then I switched to Weetabix, a cereal from the UK that my husband used to like. It’s really good, although it does tend to get mushy in milk pretty quickly. Oh, and those potato chips are my son’s. I don’t even buy them anymore.

Today I found a top hanging in my closet that I didn’t know was there. Then I remembered buying it last October before I went back to work. It was on sale at Ann Taylor for a great price and I remember trying it on when it came in the mail but I couldn’t get it to lay right because of my hips so I set it aside, hoping to fit into it one day. Amazingly, today was the day. Win!

It’s still bitter cold here but I have good winter gear and am really not feeling it. I hope that wherever you are, you are safe and warm. Unless you live in Australia where it’s summertime! Then I hope you’re nice and cool ~


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What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness. ~Author Unknown

Winter is not a season, it's an occupation. ~Sinclair Lewis


Anonymous said...

I love random posts like this where we get to see some real life stuff. :)
Peppermint chocolate tea...I never knew there was such a flavor. Does it taste like a candy cane and a Hersheys bar...because that combination sounds divine!

Stay warm and enjoy all the mid-winter beauty. xo

Deb said...

You can show me pics of your dishes andytime, Kate. I love seeing inside kitchen cupboards. Glad your efforts are paying off. I have a heck of time giving up chips. Stay warm. It is -12 here in Ontario, Canada. Deb

Nellie said...

Oh! I need some of that tea! I've never heard of it before. I rather enjoy looking at cabinets with dishes. I must - there are enough of them around here.:-) We had our first "real" snow here yesterday afternoon - four inches! That is the most we've had in nine years! Today's sun melted some of it, so it won't be around very long. Hugs.

jinxxxygirl said...

The sun is going down and we are under a threat of rain...... the first rain in 10 months! Sshhh.. i say that softly as i do not want to scare it away...... They say this front is going to help bust us out of our dry weather pattern.... i so hope its true... So cross everything! fingers, toes, eyeball... you get the idea.... :)

Loved your photos! You are doing so good stay away from sugar!! I wish i could do half that good woman!! And i'm glad you are reaping the rewards!! Hugs! deb

Beth @ E. Lizard Breath Speaks said...

the mint tea looks delicious! ( :

Gone Country said...

That tea sounds delicious and your mug is so pretty!

Congrats on fitting into and feeling comfortable in your new top. That's totally awesome!

Jeanne Walker said...

You're always introducing me to things I know not the tea! I love the peak inside your cabinets...loving the different pieces...not matchy matchy! Cold down here after another artic blast moved through. Didn't get snow, but it temps dropped dramatically. Okay, ready for winter to be over with! Hope you have a great weekend! Tell George hello!

Jeanne Walker said...

PS: Awesome that you are able to wear that new top! That's very exciting and rewarding!

JaneK said...

I actually like looking in other people's cupboards (but would never do so if they were unaware). Tells a little more about life in general. We usually have a box of mini wheats around. When I was doing a "walk about" in Australia, they had wheat-bix. I loved it. But the "wheat a bix" they sell here in the states has a different texture and I found it to get too mushy as well. Our cupboard often looks like Seinfeld's as we have up to 8 different types of cereals :-) I know, try to contain your excitement.

Nancy said...

Isn't it a wonderful feeling when you can wear something that was snug before....Way to go girl......

Debbie From Illinois said...

That tea sounds wonderful. I spent two hours at the dentist today and a cup of tea is just what I need.

Good for you for eating healthier! I am hoping to get back to a better diet since my son is back at college. I cooked and baked a lot when he was home.

Debbie From Illinois said...

That tea sounds wonderful. I spent two hours at the dentist today and a cup of tea is just what I need.

Good for you for eating healthier! I am hoping to get back to a better diet since my son is back at college. I cooked and baked a lot when he was home.

Low Tide High Style said...

Good for you! I'm on month 3 of no sugar and still going strong! Keep up the good work and stay warm!:)

xo Kat

Cloudia said...

I just love connecting with you

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
> < } } ( ° >
=^..^= <3

wayne15575 said...

Kate, only YOU would find a tea like that. Where in the world did you get it? I would love to order some for the wife and I.
Stay warm sweet lady.

Kerri Farley said...

-2F here as I read this Brrrrr....... Happy Happy about your new top :)
I wish my cupboards looked as nice and organized as yours :)

Country Gal said...

I liked this random post . Nice photos . We get Weetabix here in Canada I have had them for years . My dad loved them for breakfast with jam on and eat them like ya would a piece of toast . Oh that's an awesome feeling when a piece of clothing finally fits to how you want it to good going ! Cold but sunny here today winds are calm . Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

Hilary said...

I just recently bought that tea.......and my mother, being from England, was a fan of Weetabix.

And so right, winter IS an occupation, not a season.
Glad I am missing most of it.

Bonnie said...

You always inspire!

Up here in Quebec there is a saying: "Mon pays c'est l'hiver". Translation: My country is winter. This has been a bitter one, but we are used to it. I feel bad for those who have been blasted with cold and snow where they are not equipped to deal with it.

Be well.

Marianne said...

Peppermint chocolate tea? It may be delicious, but it sounds very odd! As I sit here drinking my morning mug of plain old Lipton's, I envy your decision to give up sugar. (There are three heaping teaspoons in my tea.) I'm glad it's working for you. I'll bet you felt great when that top finally fit! I start chemo for lung cancer next week, but when the the treatments are over I'll stop indulging myself and join you on the live healthier path. I always find your posts inspiring.

Jeanette said...

That tea sounds really delicious! I recently lost weight too and so I know the wonderful feeling of being able to wear something you couldn't before! Congratulations!

Em Parkinson said...

We used to have great adverts for Weetabix here but I haven't seen one in years. Loved poking around your cupboard!

Cait O'Connor said...

Peppermint chocolate tea I have never heard of and shall have to seek it out! I am just about to make my afternoon Earl Grey which I have with chocolate buttons. Congratulations on your weight loss.

jo said...

What is the brand of the tea and where can I find it? It sounds delish and I want to start drinking tea. I love my one and only morning cup of coffee but during the day, during this horrid winter of the polar vortex here in MN, I would like a cup or two of something warm. I also eat almost no sweets but this could help satisfy that yen. I love the randomness of this blog and your cupboards look great. Now show us your closets!!! :)

Andi said...

NO sugar!? God bless you. I have gone low carb/high fiber carb...but just can not go the no sugar at all route. I have cut wayyyyy back, and make my own bread so I know there is no sugar in it and use organic flour, but it is still a "treat"...I feel so much better, but I still miss my carbs!

Daryl said...

that is such a Jerry Seinfeld image .. the cereal boxes

if we re-do the kitchen cabinets i want to go doorless

woot a woot a toot ... how sweet to have a 'new' top!!!!!!!

it's me said...

simple joys presented in such a colorful way
peppermint chocolate tea--yum--tho all mine has to be decaffeinated now--

cereal is off my menu , too--can't handle some grains

umm--wonder what I must cut out to make my tops fit?--

Annie said...

Well, that tea sounds interesting Kate, especially if you are in the middle of a cold winter.

Good on you for your staying off sugar..I am hoping it might inspire me to do the same, I sure need to lose some weight!

Yes, it is nice and cool in my little corner of Australia..such a change from some of the hot weather of late. Not that I have had it all that hot here apart from a couple of bad days. Some places have had some terrible bush fire weather. Not nice. And now a cyclone in North Queensland. Whew. We never know what is going to happen here!!

Love the retro photography! Fun to do something different on weather bound days!

Take care!

Lisa Gordon said...

Congratulations on the new top, Kate!
I'll take the Mini Wheats. Love those things.
Not as much as my Lucky Charms though!!! :-)

Lili said...

Call me weird, but I like getting peeks of 'behind the scenes' stuff like that. Oh and I so love the feel of clothes beginning to fit looser...congrats to you for all your hard work and discipline! I did start drinking my coffee black again after several years of taking cream/sugar. Baby steps for me. xo

~Pam~ said...

Hi Kate!
I am new to your blog and I am enjoying it very much. I will be back. :) We are cold and snowy here in Michigan. blessings!

Country Girl said...

To those of you who don't have their e-mail linked to their comments:

I got the tea here:

They also sell it as different flavors of chocolate:

~ C.G.

beth said...

congrats to you on the absence of sugar!! when we started paleo we were sugar free 21 days and it's not easy.

now, i have one rolo almost everyday. just a little treat for myself because dammit, i love chocolate and caramel and well, menopause makes me do wild and crazy things :)

Karen said...

ooooh, it is NOT EASY going sugar free. I am trying and so far I have not done an awesome job, although I'm getting there. I think.

GailO said...

I do love a random post too:)

First I do hope to see a selfie of that new top! Way to go!

second, I beg to disagree with you on cereal preferences. I have a box of Wheetabix in my closet that I would surely exchange for those mini-wheats! Way too soggy for me...but I don't eat the frosted kind of mini-wheats either... oh well:)

third, that tea sounds delicious! I adore the republic of tea!

Sabrina said...

From a girl who takes pictures of food just because she can, the photo of your cereal is just fine! But I do need to ask, where do you buy Weetabix? Where is that even available in the States? I'm a huge Doctor Who fan and am somewhat obsessed with all things UK, so I need to know LOL! :)

Farmchick said...

Yum...that tea sounds soooo good!

DesertHen said...

I like your tea mug! And peppermint chocolate tea sounds lovely!

Ramona JapaneseRedneck said...

I had a bowl of cereal on Saturday. 1st one in months, wish I could say I didn't add sugar to it.

and chips....don't get me started.....we buy way too many of them.