Saturday, February 15, 2014

Blow, blow, thou Winter Wind

So sorry for the lengthy absence. I opened the laptop to write several times since last Tuesday but just didn’t feel like it. This is the first time as far back as I can remember that I have actually felt that I have had enough of the winter. Those of you who know me will be surprised by this statement. I don’t know . . . maybe I’ll change my mind, and maybe it’s because my husband isn’t here to enjoy it, and maybe I will stop being angry at what has become my nemesis of late: The Damn Driveway.

Our driveway is horrible. Even after having it plowed. However, I am thankful to be able to live here. It’s a double-edged sword, I tellya.

It snowed some more on Wednesday night into Thursday – a big, wet, heavy snow that left our area blanketed with about 14 inches. The next day it snowed another 3 inches. George was actually finding it difficult to maneuver in and I gave up trying to walk around the property after several tries. Just too deep for comfort and I was afraid I’d twist one of my knees. Some of the drifts were to my hips.


DSC_6677 copy 2

It sure was pretty for awhile, though ~



DSC_6709 copy 2

These were taken from the windows as the sun was rising on Friday morning.



DSC_6702 copy 2

The glow is from the sun on the trees at the edge of the property.



DSC_6719 copy 2

I’ve filled the feeders several times in the past couple of days for my bird friends.



DSC_6757 copy 2

When I ventured out to take some photos I thought it was interesting how the snow had formed all these little bumps.


20140214_131748 copy 2

I sat outside for a bit yesterday. The sun was shining and it felt good.



20140213_095834 copy 2

Took this one Thursday. My son was scheduled to go to work at 5 am but there was no way anyone was getting out of here at that time. Plus, it was still snowing.


20140213_102134 copy 2

My son and I took turns shoveling. This was my section.



DSC_6443 copy 2

Then it began to rain and sleet.



DSC_6460 copy 2

We who have rejoiced in Spring, and luxuriated in the summer sun, we who have wandered in autumn's rich colors and gathered in her bountiful harvests, we should not feel cheated when Winter at long last takes its turn...

A friend wrote this on my FB page yesterday. I thought it was appropriate.


DSC_6465 copy 2

You just have to find the beauty.

Because it’s there.

And so are you.

Thanks for being here ~

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Blow, blow, thou Winter Wind,
Thou art not so unkind, as Man's Ingratitude...
~William Shakespeare, As You Like It


Country Gal said...

Beautiful photos as always Kate . I am a bit fed up with winter to but it helps the BLAH'S with me now that we are getting more sun shining and nicer days to . You are right , there is beauty in every season . Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend and week !

Blondie's Journal said...

Kate...I love the quote but I feel your pain. This has been one mighty winter. Kudos for all of the shoveling, I hope you took a good long soak after that!

We are alternating between heavy snowstorms and frigid temps here in the Midwest. Our weather people are telling us that this last freeze is the end for the winter. I hope so. We have layers upon layers of snow that are frozen and can't be shoveled. You know, I may just copy that quote and frame it!

Take care.


Hedy King said...

Kate, I understand your feeling about this winter, I wonder if it seems so much worse because they are not here with us to enjoy the beauty and help shovel!
I love the shots of the bird on the wing you are posting, amazing that you can catch just that moment of flight.
Praying this one big beautiful snow is the last for this season. Take care, Hedy

The Weaver of Grass said...

Your friend's words are beautiful Kate.
As for being thoroughly fed up with Winter and desperate for Spring everyone here is saying the same - we just feel that we can't stand much more of this awful weather. Hopefully, when Spring comes, we will soon forget about how awful it has been.

thecatalanway said...

Yes I can imagine that it does get to be too much! (English? sorry my brain is like that today)
We are lucky here - I don't like to shout it as many of my friends in the UK are suffering storms, rain, floods and there is lots of damage. Poor Cornwall is very knocked about. But here in the Barcelona area we have had a great winter. Sunny and warm. Blue skies. It's the summer that may get us - it gets too hot and already yesterday it was the hottest temperature ever recorded in February. Climate change is happening - it is the people change that is slow!

thank you for getting out there for the birds - what a haven your garden must be for them. Love the orange bird on the wing. And George - hi there! that snow looks totally impassable for you.
Spring will come - If winter comes can Spring be far behind?

Love it when you post - take breaks when you need to - we will be here when you come back!

love Kate

leahtbug said...

Beautiful pics of the snow at sunrise and the birds. I feel for you and all others in the thick of it. Bless you.

JaneK said...

Holy smokes that is a lot of snow. George does not look too thrilled for sure. LOVE that shot of the cardinal at the feeder with the sunrise. Love all the contrasting colors. The orange makes me think of that old song "There's a fire on the mountain tonight."
Thanks for having us to your neck of the woods.

Sabrina Steyling said...

Such beautiful photos Kate! I cannot believe how much snow we got; it's snowing again today but it's only supposed to be 2-4" which I hope is going to end up being true because I'm so sore from shoveling yesterday that I can barely move.

Nellie said...

Winter is really giving you a wallop this time around! Spring's arrival will be all the sweeter because of it! Take care, and stay safe and warm! Hugs, Nellie

tj said...

...Love this. Love winter. Love you.

...Peace & blessings. :o)

Michelle said...

Beauty really is in every situation. You just have to look. Great photos.

forgetmenot said...

Lots of snow!!!!! I haven't been blogging much lately because I have been taking care of a grandchild for several weeks-you don't get much else done! Hope all is well with you--I have missed reading your lovely blog and seeing your amazing photos. Take care. Mickie

Devon said...

I can't imagine how you all are coping in the path of these unrelenting storms.

Just made of 'strong stuff' as my sweet grandma would say.

I love your photos of the glowing sky... there is beauty everywhere! I love the cardinal, such a beautiful shot. And George, naturally.

jmac said...

WHAT A SHOT!!!! The cardinal in flight is absolutely amazing!! I can only imagine how long you must have to wait to get it. Wow.
And sorry about your winter. This ol' southern brain can't even fathom such cold.
Our Mardi Gras parades have started...which means soon it will be Fat Tuesday...which turns into Lent...which takes us to Easter. AND SPRING!!!!!
It will be here before you know it!

alphabet soup said...


That's some serious snow in those photos - better you shovelling than me, I can tell ya.

Ms Soup

jo said...

I know what you mean about your driveway. Mine is circular and to get into the garage I need to go up and around. I got stuck the other day. I tried backing down so I could start again and backed smack dab into the snow bank. I was in there tight. I shoveled for 2 hr. During that time, I did manage to drive forward and again, tried backing up, and went right into the bank again. By the time the 2 hr was up I had absolutely no strength left. I had the car free, ashes under each tire (ashes work great when you are stuck in the snow!) and I got in and said a silent little prayer to please let me get the car in the garage. It worked. I sure was tired tho. The guy came to plow last night and had to use the bobcat because there is no more room to push the snow. I love winter, but I'm very tired of it. Hang in there, Kate. It's almost over!!!

Country Girl said...

Jo, I wish I could write you but your e-mail is not enabled and there are no links on your profile.
I always worry that I will get stuck halfway up the driveway and have to back down. There is a creek that runs alongside of it for quite a ways, so that worries me too. Kitty litter works too, under the tires, if you have no ash. I hadn't known about the ash. I hear you on the prayer thing - I pray all the way up sometimes!

~ CG

mkd said...

Simply love the bird photo with his big (little) nervous black eyes. Looks like he has had enough of winter too - enjoy the moments you can grab in the sun...

karen said...

I live on the North Shore of Boston….and I say ENOUGH!!!!!
My poor 62 yo husband can not pull any more all nighters plowing….and since we lost our sweet 14 yo weim 2 weeks ago, I have no one to keep me company in those 16 hour absences.

All that being said I LOVE the cardinal picture…actually all of your pictures…

You are in my prayers….I feel your loss…having had several over the past 2 years….{{{{{{hugs}}}} Kate!!!

Carolynn Anctil said...

I'm beginning to feel that these days of quiet on our blogs are all part of the winter season and I'm allowing myself to just ride the wave as long as I feel the urge to, without remorse.

I feel your pain with regard to snow and shovelling. It's exhausting work!

Your FB friend is a melodious poet. Love that quote!

A Glowing Ember

Kerri Farley said...

You've stolen my heart yet again with these beautiful images......
I am SO READY for spring!

Hilary said...

It's been a challenging winter, for sure. And particularly tough for you. Spring will arrive.. eventually. I love your orange sunrise image.. just beautiful.

Jan's camera said...

Hi Kate, I think that the winter blues are getting to everyone now. I know you are snowed in but at least you have some pretty scenery. The snow photos are lovely and as usual you have a wonderful way with words. I will have to visit your FB page. I have a page also but very rarely post anything. We are pretty much have a snowstorm weekly up here Massachusetts but it sounds similar to what you are experiencing. Hang in there. 6weeks to go. We're getting there.

Daryl said...

at least it stays pretty after the sleet .. here its jut ugly and last night's snow on top of the ugly was like putting make up on a blemish .. it hid nothing

Donna S. said...

Come on spring!! I think we will all enjoy our other seasons this year!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...
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Bluebird49 said...

I've missed a few posts here, which isn't like me! Boy--you've really had it going on. Although the ice on the limbs of the trees is just heartbreakingly beautiful, it wasn't worth the electricity leaving for even a minute, was it! That's always my worse fear when we have this kind of weather, which we seldom do, since I'm further south than you. I'm so glad your son is there to help you shovel, and uh, mop up, and then line the walkway with your R.L. towels! My husband has a very bad habit of bringing his tea glas AND the whole pitcher into our old living room...and I cannot tell you the number of times he has knocked the whole gallon onto the rug, then both of us running to the linen closet for any and all towels. Although they are all old, nameless and in bad shape already, I just am screaming inside. While I am running with him to mop up all the gunk that will be there for eternity--I just want to SHOUT "NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO MORE!" And then, I think--"I still have him, he's sill here with me after 48 years, and with each and every darn fault like tea pitchers and no help, I still want him to be here with me a long time.", and I...just sigh and wipe, mop and clean this old carpet as best I can. After all, how can it get much worse? How can the towels get much worse, even with Tide! Sometimes, a shake of the head, a sigh, and then a silent, good cry in the bathtub is the best we can hope for, (if there's one dry towel in the house!), and the best we can do. Life goes on....
Blessings, Kate!

Karen said...

...oh, the delicate strength of that wing, the rose hue..

And yeah.. THE DAMN DRIVEWAY. Ours is about to get more snow.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

That sure is a lot of snow. Ours is all gone now.

That last shot is absolutely stunning.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

We've had the bitter cold down here, but just a little snow - thank heavens! It makes my arthritis really act up --winter can be painful! But I must say your photos make me yearn for the beauty of snow--that blanket of white that covers all imperfections. Spring is around the corner --I could feel it today because it got up to 71 today!

The JR said...

That's a lot of snow. I would be so ready for it to be gone.

Reena said...

Love the morning sun glow, my friend!!!

GailO said...

That glow on the trees is magical!

I think we are all getting a bit weary of winter...I made a promise to myself that I would not complain about it until March 1 though so I am not saying a thing lol!

Meanwhile, today was like a spring day except for the foot of snow that still has to melt!

Steph said...

Tired of winter here too Kate. It's still pretty (and your images are beautiful as always)but I can't take much more. Spring is my least favorite season but I am praying for it now. xo

Bluebird49 said...

Oh, my! The sun ablaze through the branches frozen with the snow and ice is just spectacular, isn't it! And the bird on the wing--the cardinal, I guess?--it was a really fortuitous shot, kiddo! Well, no---you know HOW to get those awesome shots; had it been ME, then it would have been fortuitous! haha
Hope you're not overly tired of snow--there may be more "a comin'", 'cause they love to throw around the words "POLAR VORTEX" with as much glee as possible on the weather channel! (Which is now Weather NATION instead of Weather CHANNEL--which sticks in our craw a bit. DTV--Crazy as loons, aren't they.smh

Lili said...

You really have gotten hit hard on the weather front this year Kate. That snow reminded me of a tufted ottoman. Love the FB quote your friend posted, just when I was ready to complain about the Winter, that would set me in my place. Miss you Kate! xo