Thursday, January 15, 2015

Waterlogue love

I am loving the new app that I downloaded for the iPhone. It changes your photos into watercolors and I’ve been playing with it all week. I’m sure my love will die down soon and I’ll get back to my true love (my real camera) soon. But for now, here’s a few photos I’ve taken.



Coming up the driveway after work today.



I love coming home to the old manor house on the hill.



Scenes from the school where I work. The cupola on the top of the building and the old bell from the school’s former site which is now housed in one of the courtyards.



Portraits are a little more tricky. Here are a few of my co-workers. Left to right: Priscilla being the car line diva that she is. (That’s our Head of School, Christine, in the background in her red slacks). Rich, our business manager in the center. And Amy, our middle-school head. Makin’ some copies. I bet they’re mid-term exams.



The view from my desk.

The blue sign on the top of the mailboxes says, “Keep Calm and Stay Awesome”.



And speaking of awesome . . . my George.

:   :   :

The Waterlogue app is 2.99 and is available for iPhone only. And it’s super fun.

:   :   :

In other news, I am still not done with the painting in the bathroom. It’s the trim that’s taking so long. (That and the fact that my son doesn’t get as excited to paint as his mother does). But my goal is to have everything finished by the end of the weekend.  This includes cleaning out the linen closet which is attached to the bathroom. It’s covered in dust from the construction. And it’s a huge job. But hey – I have a bathroom that works!

Until next time ~

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Penny Ormsbee said...

I love you new app too! And I love following your blog. Happy New Year!

Sabrina Steyling said...

That is a pretty neat app. I love the way the photos came out, especially the ones of the cupola, the bell...and George. :D

Michelle said...

I had to buy that app after your first post on it. Haven't had a chance to play with it much (partly because I don't think to use my iPhone for photography), but your gorgeous photos sold me!

Cloudia said...

Fills me with joy to bubble about with you like this. And George, of course

ALOHA from Honolulu

The Furry Gnome said...

Those are really neat!

Nellie said...

That app does make for some neat pictures! It must be cold there. Keep warm!

Gail said...

Looks like a fun program. Oh, that I could paint as well.

Linda said...

Very cool App!!! I might have to buy that too :)

Blondie's Journal said...

So fun! I love the one of George the best!

I did a few of my kid's homes. I downloaded them to Walgreens and had 5X7's made, framed them and gave them to them for Christmas. They were so touched and for easy!! :)

Jane x

Daryl said...

so thats the man who thought i might be an axe murderer .. ha … and fyi .. i have waterlogue on my iPad too … xo

Linda Kay said...

Glad your bathroom is back in order. The watercolors are interesting.

sharon said...

I'm still working with the different techniques. Haven't quite got the portraits down yet. Great Pictures!

Jan's camera said...

These photos/paintings are beautiful. Sadly even though I have an iphone my old version does not support this app and I like my old version so I will just have to enjoy your photos. Thanks.

alphabet soup said...

That app is a lot of fun - I like the bell and the last one of George.

Ms Soup

Unknown said...

Very cool app!

Enjoy your "new" bathroom.

A Glowing Ember

JaneK said...

very fun! I wonder how they would look printed on canvas? hmmmmm...

thought you had a Samsung Galaxy?

happyone said...

Interesting what you can do with the photos.
I'm not that crazy about painting but when I do I like to get it done right away because I like the results. : )

Filonico said...

Beautiful your house on the hill! I too love Viverein hill and stay in the country to enjoy nature.

beth said...

can you believe i have a ton of apps and have never tried that one?

maybe it's time :/

can't wait to see the finished bathroom :)

Bluebird49 said...

Wow--that app is really neat! Loved that second from the top of the top, the cupola (the folks--all!), and of course, our boy, George--stars as always!

Hope his meds are working, by the way!