Thursday, January 29, 2009

A trying day, in more ways than one

I've been trying out some new textures for my photographs this afternoon. We had a snow day today, our second in a row. As I mentioned on today's post, I found the instructions while visiting Mary on this post at In A Soft Light. She also sent me a link to a wonderful array of textures available in Flickr.

Here are a few photos I've been working on. Please remember that these are only first attempts. I have a long way to go. These aren't going to be up everyone's alley, but it's up mine. So here we go.

DSC_0089 copy2

This is a bloom from an impatiens that I was never crazy about. I am crazy about the groovy texture it's now wearing. Or maybe I'm just crazy.

DSC_0155 copy3

Queen Anne's Lace. I like it.

DSC_0326 copy2

I think I love this one. But I can't remember what I did to it. I hate when that happens. This is a tiny little volunteer from one of my many spider plants. And speaking of my spider plants, I think I killed them all. Sometimes, I am a plant murderer. It's just what I do when I'm depressed. I kill my plants with my indifference to their lives. It's happened twice in my life where I just let all my plants die. It's something that hurts me to even tell you.

Dear spider plants and all you other plants I've killed, I am deeply sorry. Honest I am. Amen.

DSC_0372 copy4

I'm really not sure about this one. I took it this morning. The tree branches are full of ice and there's snow on the ground. And my own personal jury is out on this one for now.

And speaking of trying, these times are trying too.

Oh, why do I listen to the news?

Well, I listen because it's important. The ice storms that have left more than a million people in this country without power and 23 deaths so far, the US Postal Service who is thinking of cutting down mail delivery to five days a week rather than six. And after I listen, and after I get sad about it all, I then thank God for my job, my house, the heat, the food, and I pray for those who don't.

My husband has had a trying day as well. It's the day after his most recent chemo treatment and he's not very well. He has been so glad to have my company these past two days while school has been closed, but I really can't do much for him. I just feel so helpless sometimes.

It's a good thing I don't have any more plants around to kill, isn't it? I am not kidding.

To all of those who are trying to get through this winter, or who have lost their jobs, or their health, I offer you my prayers.

To all those who are reading this and wondering where I got the instructions and the textures, here are the links:

Here's a tutorial on how to add texture.

Here's a link to some textures at Deviant Art.

Here's a link to some more on Flickr.

There's also a comment from Christopher on yesterday's post that tells how to go a little further than just adjusting the opacity like the tutorial tells you. So check into that as well. In fact, you should visit his blog. He has cute pictures of puppies. And they're border collies!!

Until tomorrow, my friends . . .


Kerri Farley said...

I am LOVIN the textures!! I went to the sites and tried this new adventure...WOW....this could be addicting!

I hope your hubby feels better soon :) I've really been enjoying the pics you post that he's taken...I don't always comment but I visit often.

Hilary said...

I love your blog. Not sure how I found it, but I am enjoying your posts. Love your photos,too, and I just bought myself a Nikon D40. I am not nearly as proficient as you, but you certainly inspire me to try harder.
I empathize with what you are going through right now. Sometimes all we can do is love someone, and give the rest up to the heavens.

High Desert Diva said...

I love the addition of the textures...another beautiful element.

Hope your hubby gets to feeling better soon. I've witnessed post chemo...hard.

Deb said...

I love ALL your photos - I couldn't pick a favorite. I'm a real newbie to the photo world other than I see something I like, point and shoot :) So much to learn.
These are trying times for sure....I count my blessing every day.
Sending good thoughts your way - hope your husband feels much better very soon.

Be well,

Shelley said...

I love what you did w/ these photos and now I want to experiment w/ textures!
My prayers and good thoughts for your hubby and you.

Amber said...

How cool are these!!!!!

Amber said...

I couldnt finish my previous comment because my kids started acting up. I hope that your hubby feels much better soon. Im sure that even though you feel like you arent doing much, just being around for him is doing more than you realize.

KathyB. said...

Amen to the heartfelt prayers and remembering we really do have a lot to be thankful for, in spite of the difficulties life inevitably throws at us.

Your pictures are beautiful, such an over used but appropriate word, and I am delighted by what a person can do with the technology available, so easily...I haven't tried this yet.

Hope your husband is feeling a bit better, and didn't the weather work out perfectly for you to be able to be home with him?

Betty said...

All of your pictures are very interesting I would love to learn to do things like that.I hope your husband feels better soon.My sister has gone through chemo and it is hard. MY prayers go out to you.

Woman in a Window said...

I love those textures. I am a big fan. They grant something ethereal to pictures. That first one especially.

(My best thoughts going out to you and your husband through these tough days.)

Train Wreck said...

Oh I always wondered what it was called when there was the pattern in the photo. Your pictures are amazing, made even better with your talent for accesorizing them! Thanks for the information. I have Corel, I don't think it will work. I will still take a peek anyway.

Leenie said...

Saw the news about the weather in your part of the country. Hope it improves SOON. I have discovered it is such a good thing to have blogs to connect with the outside when the weather traps me inside. Not so alone anymore. My best to you, your husband and the surviving plants ;).

Shimmy Mom said...

For first attempts, I think they look pretty darn amazing.
I too am praying for those less fortunate than my family right now and for an quick end to all these trials. I will also say a prayer for your wonderful husband to start feeling better soon. That Chemo is no fun at all.
If it makes you feel any better. I think it's great that you've only killed off all of you plants twice. My mom can kill silk plants and I've never even tried to grow plants indoors.


Jana said...

The textures are lovely! I'll keep both you and your hubby in my prayers. I'm so sorry you're both suffering, but I'm glad you have each other.

Hilary said...

Kate, I hope your husband is feeling better soon. I can't imagine how he must be feeling but I'm glad you've had that time to be with him due to snow days.

I like your textured photos. I've messed with textures in the past for some design work, but never really thought about applying it to my own photos. I probably will now, so thanks for that. :)

Stay strong, my friend.

Egghead said...

Oh Kate. I am knowing what you are feeling. Every day will be a little better for him at least until the next treatment. We found that Kyla's steroids were the worst problem for her. She reacted to them in the worst possible ways, poor lamb. Please know my heart is with you and with your husband. Prayers and faith.

olivia said...

Oh, you are so creative ... it's wonderful. These are lovely -- LOVELY! Never know what we'll find you doing next ... :-)

(I hope Mr gets felling better, and stay safe there w/ the snow.)

Deb said...

I love what you do with the texturing on your photos. If I find the time...I may give it a try. You never cease to amaze what abilities you possess.
I will step up the prayers on my end. :::hug:::

Sue said...

Hi Kate...first I hope your husband will start feeling better soon and it is nice that you were able to be home with him....In the news, I hate to think there will be no mail delivery on brightens my day to get mail, especially magazines...and I spent today with my friend and her daughter..I was disturbed to hear that her daughter's house is still in forclosure, they can't afford to pay for heat so they have 2 small heaters in the house, none in the bedrooms, she's still missing her front tooth and the rest are looking pretty bad but the disturbing part is that her husband spent $110.00 to have "highlights" put in the hair of their 10 year old daughter....that upset me.

Krystina said...

Your textures are looking great!

Im sorry to hear you have had a rather rough day and your husband isn't well. My thoughts are with you both. Happy Wednesday!

Skogkjerring said...

Kate, I'm sorry for what you are going through with your husband. I'm sorry that he has to go through this. No one should. My mother is dying, her sickness is a long drawn out one (not cancer)and she is bound to her bed and can only be moved with help. My dad has taken early retirement to stay home and help her, it's unfair. My mother is a strong woman who always joked about out living my dad. What they are going through I've said a million times, no one should have to go through but it's life, it happens and they are dealing with it the best they can, just as you and your husband are dealing with things the best you can, it's all you can do. Enjoy each other's company, make the most of every day, find the positive and focus on that instead of the negative and keep moving forward.

I hate to admit it my I could so relate to the plant killing segment of your post. I either neglect them during busy times or I love them too much by drowning them...I would love to get it right someday so I keep buying new ones in the spirit of hope and that THIS plant will be the far cactus and gummy plants do ok here...

Have a great day! :-)

Mary said...

Oooo, I think I love the queen anne's lace best, but the landscape is a close second. Isn't is addictive? I went to sleep last night dreaming of textures...

I am SO grateful for all I have been given, especially in these tough times. Hope today is a better day for your husband. Prayers for you both...

Tess Kincaid said...

Glorious textures! I'm thinking of your husband and hope he's feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

oh, dear..the contrarian in me is rearing its wicked little head.

I am picturing lush spider plants all perked up and proud in the WalMart greenhouse, and then Kate walks in.

The is a sudden hush and then the plants leaves start rustling quietly to one another.

"Shh....Shh! Stop showing off. Keep your leaves down. For goodness sake DON'T MAKE EYE CONTACT!!!"

We hope your husband is feeling much better today. I'm looking forward to when he is up and about again and mabe some snow pictures or George pictures from him.

ps, I like the blue landscape. It's cool. And the little white bud makes me think of Taylor Swift's video of Yes/Juliet in the garden. Very mysterious and midieval feeling. Cripes, how do you spell medieval? I think that's it!

- ktr

abb said...

Oh Miss Kate - I always feel better on the days when the night before I've not watched the news....sad but true.

Good thoughts and a prayer or two for your hubby - hope he's feeling better...

cottage farm villa said...

Kate...... I think they are wonderful....I love the first one the best! So pretty. I am going to see if I can do this looks like so much fun.

I am so sorry to hear that your husband is not feeling well. I am happy though, that there have been snow days so that you were able to be home. Just being there.

We had an ice storm in Dallas, my son took some beautiful pics that I have posted. Please stop by when you get a chance.

Kate, I am sending you an email.

~Hugs, Cheryl

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love the queen anne's lace one and the last one of all that you are not sure about is wonderful.
Don't worry about killing spider plants - they are nigh on indestructible - if a few owners did not kill them (usually with too much water) they would take over the world.
Best wishes to your husband. Tell him that Spring is coming and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

Love the Queen Anne's lace! It is bleak in more ways than one this winter, isn't it? My friend's husband just lost his job. She's working but she had congestive heart failure brought on by stress and isn't supposed to have stress. yeah, right. But God provides, and one way He does that is through friends. We'll all help each other through.

vicki archer said...

I love your images and I think the last one is exceptionally beautiful. All my heartfelt wishes for your husband, xv.

Chere said...

Oh Country Girl, You are having a trying day, but you just made mine. I love all the textures. I can not wait to play with them. I have to finish my Valentines day card first.
Just your company is enough for your husband at this time. My stepmother has been battling breast cancer for 5 years. She has gone through 3 rounds of radiation and chemo. She is now taking chemo pills. It breaks my heart not to be able to do something. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband.
I too have murdered a plant or two. Enjoy you snow days and keep playing with your photos. They are wonderful.

Daryl said...

The Queen Anne's Lace photo works best IMO with the new texture(s).

Chocolate Cat said...

Hang in there! Just being there for your husband is enough even though I'm sure you feel you'd like to be doing more. Take one day at a time! and be kind to yourself!!

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Beautiful textures!

(Talking of indoor plants - I'm hopeless with them, whereas in the garden I have green fingers!)

Hope your husband soon feels better. How good that you are with him and he is glad. It is good to feel loved.

Anonymous said...

My heart absolutely goes out to your husband. AND you as well, Kate. It hits him physically and you emotionally.... hugs.

I'll go take a look at the texture sites you posted.. thanks for passing them along to all of us today.

The Blue Ridge Gal

DesertHen said...

Love the textures, they are very cool!

The news is depressing these days....but it makes me very thankful for all that I have right now in this moment!

I hope your husband feels better soon. ((((HGUS)))

Anonymous said...

Love the Queen's Anne Lace pic.

I'm sorry about your husband. It must be so difficult for him and for you. Sometimes it's hard to be the one who just sits by. I hope he is feeling better today. But I know chemo often makes you feel worse. Ugh. I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for what your husband and you are going through right now. (He may take the medicine, but this is a gut-wrenching experience for the both of you.) He may not really need you to do anything except be there. All the chemo in the world won't give him the feelings he gets from your love and support. Don't sell yourself short. You do more than you think you do.

dlyn said...

I love adding textures to photos. And I am sending you some hugs and prayers - wish things could be better for you these days..

Country Girl said...

Thank you all so much. Your kind words and your support are more help than you'll ever know.

~ C.G.

Anonymous said...

Hi! i hope your days get better. You were talking about your husband's chemo tx. All i can add is :always remember for him it is the comfort of being able to reach out and touch you, and the knowledge that you are there just hold on to him. Nothing is worse than being alone, no matter what is happening. Pray, it really does help and give comfort.
i found you just crusin the blogs following links. the snow pic is beautiful, but then i am from Ala were any snow is a rare event.