Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My world is tilting and shifting

Not really. I’m just fooling around on Photoshop tonight. Earlier, during a visit to a fellow blogger (hi, Olivia) I was directed to a free action over on the Coffee Shop blog. It’s called Teeny Tiny World and is a fake tilt-shift action. Olivia used it on one of her photos from Paris. You must see it there to appreciate this action. Her photographs are sublime.

DSC_0201 copy1

If you scroll down further on Coffee Shop, you’ll see their free Golden Vintage action. I used both on the photo above.

Hi, Mary Ellen. Hope you don’t mind being in my blog again.

DSC_0301 copy 2

I only used Teeny Tiny World on this one. I like how it blurs out the bottom and top of the photo. The Coffee Shop is a treasure trove of free actions, tutorials and interesting articles. Check it out if you’re into that sort of thing.

We’re watching the singing Survivor show tonight. Well, I’m not really watching it. But I like that little Allison.


Fill in the blanks:

When I was young, I could _______________ .

In 1996, I was ________________________ .

I can ___________________ in two minutes flat.

_______________ makes me smile every time.

Until tomorrow, my friends . . .

It’s good to have you stop by.


Country Girl said...

When I was young, I could run really fast.
In 1996? I was the best mom ever.
I can get dressed in two minutes flat.
Smelling lilacs always makes me smile.

Love ya.
~ C.G.

Ellen said...

When I was young, I could play tennis for hours in the summer. In 1996, I was a room mom at my son's school. I can eat a candy bar in two minutes flat. Seeing my dog Maxie always makes me smile.

Love the photo action.

Country Girl said...

This is fun.

LouDuk said...

Awesome photos. I'm gonna have to try that site out for sure.

When I was young, wait I am young. In 1996, I was three. I can take nice pictures. Watching House always makes me smile

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Hmmm...When I was young I could wear a bikini. In 1996, I'd had 3 kids and didn't look so hot in a bikini anymore! I can drink half of a Lite beer with lime in two minutes flat. Margaritas with my book club friends always makes me smile!

Char said...

love coffee shop actions....I haven't been in a while - I need to check them out.

When I was young, I could do backbends and bend my fingers at the top knuckle.

In 1996, I was graduating from college this month.

I can fall asleep in two minutes flat.

My nieces and nephews make me smile every time.

Hilary said...

When I was young, I could balance on my hands (they called it a tip up), for 15 minutes.
In 1996, I had a Country Christmas in my barn, and sold homemade pickles, among other things.
I can take a shower in two minutes flat.
Everybody Loves Raymond makes me smile every time.

Woman in a Window said...

Those photos are kick-arse, in the best of ways!
When I was young I was a smaller me. In 1996 I was 26. I can eat a pound of fudge in two minutes flat. (Really, I can.) Farting always makes me smile. (Ya, I know.)

Leenie said...

Fun photoshop effects! I will check out the sites you mentioned. When I was young I could swim underwater across the city pool. In 1996 I was grandmother for the second time. I can forget the plot to a movie I just watched in two minutes flat. Dancing babies make me smile every time.

Mango Girl said...

When I was young...I could go away for a weekend in a cave and I was safe...literally, there was a cave not far from our house; I would ride my horse and spend the weekend. It was safe to do that back then; my parents always knew where I was.

In 1996: I lived in a 3rd world country and wanted to adopt every street urchin...

2 minutes flat: I can find something wonderful about the most jerk of a person.

Life makes me smile...the good, the bad and the ugly...I always look for the good even through the bad and ugly.

Donalyn said...

When I was young, I could read for hours at a stretch - drove my parents nuts.

In 1996, I was contemplating that our older daughter would soon be leaving to join the Air Force.

I can dream up something good for dinner in two minutes flat.

My grandkids make me smile every time.

Good one Kate!

The Blue Ridge Gal said...

When I was young I could charm the wallet out of any man's pocket... (jk).
In 1996 I had not yet met my husband.
I can eat a peanut butter sandwich in two minutes flat.
Country Girl's blog always makes me smile.

Enjoy your evening!
The Blue Ridge Gal

Country Girl said...

I found something else that makes me smile.
I swear, I am smiling so big just reading these all these. In just 4 simple sentences, you can find out so much about a person.

~ C.G.

bv said...

when i was young i could dance all night.
1996 i was taking care of jv.
2 minutes...breakfast on the table.
old rock '60's makes me smile while dancing with izabell, my new rocker.
luv everyones answers.

Frances said...

When I was young,I could jump off the shed roof and not hurt myself .

In 1996, I was doing a IT Diploma. course

I can beat my son to the remote in two minutes flat.

Greeting my elderly clients makes me smile every time.(The old Darlings)

Tee said...

When I was young, I could do the splits and a decent cartwheel. In 1996, I was adjusting to life as a stay at home mom of a 4 yr old and a newborn. I can solve a Wheel of Fortune puzzle in two minutes flat. Visiting Chronicles of a Country Girl makes me smile every time.

Love the pics!

Mary said...

When I was young, I could climb trees like a monkey. In 1996, I was still skinny. I can eat half a pint of Chunky Monkey in two minutes flat. (That might have something to do with the fact that I'm no longer skinny?) Hearing spring peepers always makes me smile. :)

And while we're on the subject of monkeys... extra fun fact: When I was little, my uncle called me "Monkeyshiner."

Daryl said...

I am young ... I am Peter Pan!

In 1996 I was working in PR, it was insane

I can drink a small bottle of water in under 2 minutes flat

And my Husband and his 'isms' always makes me smile and grimace ..

Nice shot .. where were they taken .. uptown or down?

Country Girl said...

Still smiling! You guys are great.

~ C.G.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

when i was young i could climb trees FAST.
in 1996 I graduated from nursing school
i can make a peanutbutter applebutter sandwich for MJ in two minutes flat.
reading blogs makes me smile every time.

Kacey said...

When I was young I'd spend hours sitting out in the sun...
In 1996 I spend a trillion hours dragging my boys to and from a zillion sports practices and games.
I can't even think of anything I can do in two minutes...
Hearing boy noise makes me smile.

noble pig said...

When I was young, I could do three simultaneous backflips. In 1996 I was excited for life to begin. I can make kids lunches in two minutes flat. Watching my children play always makes me smile.

Love the pictures too.

Egghead said...

When I was young, I could win arm wrestling with all the boys in my class.
In 1996 I was attending my oldest daughters high school graduation.
I can make my bed in two minutes flat.
Babies make me smile every time.

Kathie Truitt said...

When I was young, I could really sing!!
In 1996 I was Mrs. Missouri!!
I can do absolutely nothing in 2 minutes flat.
Jay Truitt always makes me smile.

♥~♥ Tracey ♥~♥ said...

When I was young, I could beat up boys.

In 1996 I was pregnant with my first child.

I can brush my teeth in two minutes.

Cuddling in the space between my husbands chest and arm always makes me smile.


Amy said...

Very cute idea Kate!! First of all- great photos!! I'm going to leave all the photo pimping to you, I'm proud of myself if I can get a good shot and enhance the colours on my photo programs...hahaha...
When I was young my grandmother would give me cold coffee with sugar and milk...I thought I was so cool and such a grown up!!
In 1996 I was a mother of two and feeling a bit overwhelmed in a new country and with a husband at sea.
I can fall asleep in two minutes flat. My children's laughter always makes me smile.
Have a great day!!

Jo said...

When I was young, I could figure skate circles around all my friends.

In 1996, I was presented with my first Munchkin.

I can get to work in two minutes flat. (Well... almost)

Russell makes me smile every time.

Suzanne said...

This is Fun!!!

When I was young, I could dance for hours, ride a bike 20 miles a day and eat anything I wanted.

In 1996, I was living in a rent free bungalow and working at my most favorite job ever.

I can roll outta bed for a yard sale in two minutes flat.

My Nolli-dog when he sticks his tongue out, makes me smile every time.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
Suzanne @

Flea said...

When I was young, I could pogo stick for 30 minutes at a time.

In 1996, I was pregnant with my last child/filing bankruptcy.

I can consume a dozen cookies in two minutes flat.

Monty Python makes me smile every time.

TSannie said...

I'm sad Allison went home. BUT - she had a HUGE career ahead of her.

When I was young, I could - hoist myself out of a swim pool quite gracefully, thank you. In 1996 I was - doing God know what. I can - fall asleep in two minutes flat. Stella-dog - makes me smile every time.

And it's always good to stop by here, Kate.

TSannie said...

That should be Allison haS a huge career ahead of her!

Jill of All Trades said...

When I was young, I could walk all over our little town barefoot and not have my parents worry. I can eat a can of black olives in two minutes flat. Laying in my hammock at the cabin makes me smile every time.

Staci said...

When I was young, I could play by myself for hours at a time. In 1996, I was much more ambitious than I am now! I can fall asleep in two minutes flat. Austin (my great-nephew) always makes me smile.

Deb said...

When I was young, I could do 55 sit ups in a minute.
In 1996, I was in my best shape ever.
I guess I could do 110 sit ups in two minutes!
Squeezing my grandson makes me smile.

Oliag said...

when I was young I could jump rope, play jacks, and hopscotch all day long...

in 1996 I was a full time nurse with one daughter in college and one daughter in middle school..

I can put on my make-up in two minutes flat...if I wear any at all...

My grandchildren singing and laughing will make me smile every time:)

I'm sorry Allison was booted:(

disa said...