Friday, January 1, 2010

How to lift Honda Element seats in a dirty car

DIRT WARNING. I am disgusting.

1. REMOVE HEADRESTS from both rear seats.

2. FLATTEN SEATS by pulling on these tags below.

DSC_0600 copy

3. ATTACH SEATS TO WALL. See those little yellow tags below? Pull on them. This will disengage them from floor.

DSC_0598 copy 2

See that wall attachment there? There’s a keyring that attaches to this. With right arm, lift flattened seat towards wall. Attach with keyring.

DSC_0601 copy 2

Like this. Then do opposite side.

DSC_0603 copy 2

Totally fun.


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Hilary said...

wow...your car is dirtier than mine, now I don't feel so bad.

Sharon said...

Didn't see any dirt (I have TWO BOYS! I must be able to block it from my mind.)

I would get exciting about doing something like this too. Geek. :)

Julie Harward said... car doesn't do all that! Your're pretty smart to figure that all out...way to go! :D

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Well, I"m totally impressed by the seat thing, but where is the dirty car you reference?

wv: polysts The polysts are a little known tribe who suffer from multiple cysts. They are impressed, however, by the seat configuration of the Honda Element.

JackDaddy said...

You call that dirty? You want to see dirt - come look at Jack's car. :)

Char said...

LOL yeah and then you can just hose it out. a friend of mine had a blue one

Linda said...


Anonymous said...

My cousin bought an Element and thinks it's totally cool that he can remove those seats and hose out the whole car.

My Volvo could use a hosing, but the seats don't do that thing that yours does :-)

One of my least favorite jobs? Cleaning out my car.

Gail said...

Wow! I could haul a lot in that rig.

Michelle said...

That is pretty cool! (Not the dirt, the folding seat design :-)

TSannie said...

Ray and Daryl followed your instructions to a t - except in the zip-car element the headrests can't be removed anymore - and up the seat went! That little-looking car holds a LOT! We're doing the high line and the Columbus St. Flea Market next Sunday. Wanna join us?

Oz Girl said...

My mom has an Element and loves it. She takes the back seats out entirely on her trips between Ohio and AZ, esp if she's transporting some furniture or lots of boxes. :)

My car is probably the filthiest in our family, since I live 3 miles down a gravel road... mom's Element is new-car clean. I almost feel bad when she comes to visit, because I know her poor car is going to get all dusty... and I really hate it when it's been raining, because now her car is going to get muddy! I know she just cringes.... LOL

Country Girl said...


I can't believe people saw this post.

I am so embarrassed! I wrote this and buried it in my blog. it was an instructional post for a friend who had rented an Element zip car for the weekend to haul things. She needed instructions on how to get the seats to do this.

So imagine my surprise when I opened my mail and found all these comments!

Talk about embarrassing!!!!!

~ C.G.

Deb said...

oh that's truck is on the spring cleaning list...

The Japanese Redneck said...

I thought my honda element was the dirtest car on the planet. I think it might not be now!

These Nine Acres said...

yeah, well, try having a daughter who rides every week and climbs in my Daisy with her muddy riding boots. That was cake compared to mine.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Yep, it looks like you used and enjoy that car. :) You don't EVEN want to see mine..well..actually sweet husband just cleaned it up for usually I use mine too. So?
I was expecting one DIRTY car and what do I see? A pretty clean car..

Emom said...

If you don't have dozens of empty or semi-empty coffee cups in your back seat, then it's not dirty...(my rules) smiles.