Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Awake, thou wintry earth ~

Sitting in the living room this evening and, as I write this post, I’m tossing toys for George to fetch. He chooses them from his toy box, and when he grows tired of one, he’ll get a different one. He’s already had sixteen walks today, and four rousing games of frisbee fetch, so it’s not like he’s not getting enough exercise.

And I’m only exaggerating a small amount about the number of walks.

The only problem with the toy tossing is that he often brings them back after he’s gummed them all up. This makes it difficult to type. Ok, maybe that’s a little bit TMI.

I am including a link to Urban Dictionary for TMI, just in case some people don’t know what I mean. I often use the online dictionary at school when I don’t understand what the high school kids are saying.

DSC_0265 copy 2

I took these photos on Sunday afternoon from my bedroom window. It was beautiful in the sun, but chilly under the passing clouds. From this vantage point, you can see that my husband has a good start on the garden. The white rows that you see are actually water jugs that have the bottoms cut off. They make great mini-greenhouses.

Pretty soon, we’re going to have lettuce out the whazoo.

DSC_0277 copy 2

I moved to a different window for this one.

DSC_0270 copy 2

And I was using the macro lens. I love seeing the tiny little buds of the dogwood tree as they begin to slowly burst forth.

DSC_0267 copy 2

Awake, thou wintry earth -
Fling off thy sadness!
Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth
Your ancient gladness!

~Thomas Blackburn, "An Easter Hymn"

DSC_0280 copy 2

I used the pillows to cushion myself while I was hanging out the window taking photos.

DSC_0284 copy 2

I spied a kitty cat out there by the picnic table.

DSC_0286 copy 2

She’s really not that annoying, I’ll have you know.

: : :

Your comments on the squirrel capers from yesterday’s post left me laughing out loud. You never cease to amaze me with your cleverness and I’m so glad that you take the time out of your busy day to stop by and visit here.

Congratulations to Bhamgal, a blogging friend who has made the finalist cut in PW’s ‘Horses’ Photography Assignment. I was so excited to see that she made the finalists! Her photo is beautiful, and remains one of my favorites of the group.

Have a great day, all ~
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Elizabeth said...

Loving the dogwood photos, Kate. My dogwood blossoms really came out yesterday in the warmth...I think today they're hiding a bit with this return to coolness. Hoping to get a few shots of the blossoms tomorrow.

JacksDad said...

Wintry earth just wants 15 more minutes and then it will get up.


Country Girl said...

JackDaddy - LOL!

~ C.G.

TexWisGirl said...

lovely dogwood buds. (hi george!)

Hilary said...

I am jealous. Can't even think of planting anything here yet.
But it will come, eventually.

spindrift,maine said...

Thanks Kate for this view of what is to come here in a few weeks. The colors are so muted and tender. Pretty soon you will have a million shades of green....We will too--one day....;o)

JacksDad said...

Thank you for YOUR comment about MY comment. I needed a good laugh this afternoon!

beth said...

this bud's for you :)
hee hee

actually that one bud looks like a tiny bird's beak opening up......

Tess Kincaid said...

Thanks for the TMI definition. I am so not hip. Love your beautiful pics and the lovely spring hymn.

Deb said...

my schnauzer Nolan feels the need to follow me around with toys when I'm vaccuming....and tossing them in front of the vacuum cleaner....lovely photos...

Donalyn said...

I love coming over to see what I have to look forward a couple weeks from now. Not that we have dogwood like that here - too cold I'm afraid.

Concerning squirrels - we use baffles on our nyger seed feeders. The feeders hang on tall shepherd's crooks in the back garden. we have tons of squirrels - red and grey and none of them can ever seem to get to those feeders.

Low Tide High Style said...

I love these shots, just what a weary me needed before heading to bed. And OMG, WTH?...who doesn't know what TMI means! TMI FTW! hehe

Kat :)

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

I'm liking that gallon jug idea as a mini green house! Going to have to try that one:)

deborah said...

Love the dogwood and kitty pictures!

Jeanne Walker said...

There's an 'online dictionary'? Now that beats all!!

My puppy (10 year old schnauzer) will go get all of her toys, mostly balls, and encircle herself with 'em. Then she will 'whine' to get our attention. One of us will get up and throw a ball...she doesn't move. Then we throw another ball...she doesn't move. And on it goes. All the while, she just looks at us!! Then we go and sit down. I guess that is Gracie's idea of playing with us...we throw and we fetch!! We are so stupid!!

BTW, love dogwoods too!!

Karen said...

Is there anyone out there who actually doesn't know what TMI means? ROTF...

Anonymous said...

*hanging out the window* Anything to get the shot, right? Well, almost anything.

Those darn Maryland squirrels must be a lot smarter then our Virginia squirrels are! I say "nuts to them".


Suzanne said...

That's my favorite photo too. Hope it wins.

Country Gal said...

Just love your photos. As for the dog slober on the toys I hear ya Miggy does the same thing to us. for some it may be TMI ( To much information)lol wonderful post as ususual. Have a great day !

The JR said...

The pictures are beautiful. Luv the look on kitty's face.

Daryl said...

Blackie says 'you lookin' at me?'

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

You have a God gifted photographer's eye for all he created, I am in awe of your talent... truly amazing and so peaceful here. I don't know what back roads I took to get to your humble abode, I hope you do not mind if I sit-a-spell and soak in all the beauty.

I have taken many a photo hangin' out the up stairs window and even added a few more gray to my hubby's already graying scalp not to mention my own as well. He comes home unexpected to find me hanging by my fingertips with one hand and trying to capture the shot with the other hand,all-the-while standing on tiptoes on the windowsill. He screams, I freak and we all end up in the bathroom changin' clothes.

You seem to posses the same talent and you are lucky to have a quiet peanut gallery, one that cant spook you.

Mary said...

I love your view of the dogwood blossoms -- they are truly beautiful!

I just spent the day taking my daughter to the DMV because her wallet (with license) was stolen last weekend. You probably remember NJ DMV -- otherwise known as the third circle of hell?

So anyway, your dogwood blossoms were just what I needed to see tonight -- thank you!

Mary Lou said...

Great "hanging out the window" photos. Lettuce have a good week!

mrs mediocrity said...

So nice to see that Spring actually does exist, in real life, somewhere. Rumor has it that on Sunday it will be sunny and 70. Yay!

Lili said...

Loving that mini-greenhouse jug idea! What loveliness you look out on from your windows. I had to laugh at the TMI reference. My fav acronym has always been VPL of which no one ever says anymore, or perhaps doesn't remember before the advent of thongs. ummmm TMI! xo ~Lili