Thursday, December 29, 2011

In the city at Christmastime

I returned today from a trip to New York City to visit my friend, Daryl, and meet up with a few fellow blogging friends. And I took a train this time, which is a first for me. Seriously. I’ve never been on a train before.

I just got home and haven’t had a chance to edit very many photos but here are a few that I’ll share with you because there’s a border collie who is super excited to have me home and I must tend to his every need. This mostly consists of fetch-related games and lots of pets.


DSC_1126 copy 2

It’s not New Yawk without the taxi cabs and during this trip, I rode in several of them. In one – and I kid you not – three of us were in the back and I was sitting in front and I actually had to tell the driver where to go. I think you should be very proud of me.

I told him he was a disgrace to taxi drivers everywhere and he told me it was his first day and could I please go easy on him. I’m kidding. I didn’t say anything about his geographic impediment and he told us all to ‘Have a Nice Day’.


DSC_1070 copy 2

The ToonMan and his babies. That’s Jack on his lap and Rosie on the desk. ToonMan is Daryl’s husband and one of the coolest guys you’ll meet. And he loved the potholder I made for him with my own little hands and my Hip to Be Square Looper Loom.

: : :

It was raining cats and dogs when we arrived Tuesday evening at Penn Station and after we got settled and dry, we headed out for a late dinner. On Wednesday, the rain had cleared but it was quite chilly and windy. It was great weather for walking, as far as I was concerned.

And walk we did.


DSC_1085 copy 2

Daryl took us on a mini-tour and I love being in the city, going out in the morning and not getting back until mid-afternoon. I felt like I did so much. And saw so much.


DSC_1107 copy 2

I have lens envy. Seriously – Daryl’s lens is cool and I’m going to save my pennies.

Nikon AF-s NIKKOR 28-300mm VR



DSC_1151 copy 2

Across the street from Lincoln Center is a very cool timepiece.


DSC_1174 copy 2

And I have a thing about sconces.


DSC_1196 copy 2

Daryl and Janice in the Apple Store.


DSC_1205 copy 2

Now ~ Of all the wonderful food that I enjoyed in the city, you may be wondering why this is the only shot I’m sharing today but I’m telling you – these fries were scrumptious. Served at Atlantic Grill, they’re gently seasoned with Old Bay, and the ketchup is delicately laced with wasabi. OMG.


DSC_1211 copy 2

My day was ever so much better than this, thank you.


DSC_1220 copy 2

The reason for my hat hair later that evening.


DSC_1230 copy 2

That’s Maria in the background there. She joined us from Atlantic City, NJ.

Hi, Maria.


DSC_1300 copy 2

And finally, the view from our table at Robert, a restaurant on the 9th floor of the Museum of Arts & Design on Columbus Circle.

Oh, be still, my heart.


DSC_1263 copy 2

Straight ahead is Broadway and to the right is Central Park West. The elegant atmosphere, gorgeous food, and the incredible view put me on a dining experience high – something I rarely experience in my neck of the woods.

And speaking of rare experiences . . . there I was, sitting at one of the ultra cool cocktail tables and looking oh-so-terribly chic (not really) when someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if my name was Kate. It turned out to be one of my friends from the blogosphere, someone who wrote me and told me she’d be in the city this week. But the window of time when we’d be there together was so slim that we didn’t even make plans to meet. What a twist of fate that had us at the same place at the same time. She and her husband had been visiting the museum and had come up to the restaurant for cocktails and were just about to leave. Hi, Gail and Robert! It was so nice to meet you.


DSC_1298 copy 2

My son met us for cocktails and ending up staying for dinner. Probably because the company was so darn interesting. And fun. And please do not note my hat hair. Oh, shit – made you look.

As great a time I had, it’s so good to be home in my comfort zone again. But oh, what fun to be in New York at Christmastime! More to come tomorrow ~

Until then, my friends . . .

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Cloudia said...

thrilling! Great pics of Daryl & toonMAN and EVERYTHING!!!!!!

Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


< ° ) } } > <

Lili said...

The whole thing was so cool. I could just feel the city vibe again. You look so great, not at all like a Mom to your handsome son. Loved seeing that view overlooking Columbus Circle. Looking forward to more. xo ~Lili

Steph said...

Sounds so lovely Kate. Can't wait to see more.

Michelle said...

You curly-haired woman, you; you have no idea how bad "hat hair" can be! I envy you your fun times with blogpals, but am tickled for you, too.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Total awesomeness.

Reena said...

Damn, I knew I would miss a good time! Love your photos ... especially the last one with your son!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Your adorable hat AND your hair were perfect, just like the rest of that wonderful Wednesday.

Don't forget, you've not only ridden a train but you've sipped wine seated at a table in the dining car as the big city approached--with a wannabe Jon Bon Jovi-ish character lurking in our midst.

Thanks for a great time. Let's do it again soon.

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

I've only been in NYC once during the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays but it's definitely an unforgettable memory! :)

Anonymous said...

Sooooooooo cool! Didn't you just love the train?! When I go in, I pick it up right across from the office (so convenient) and absolutely love the ride into Penn - even when there is a delay. So glad for you that you got into NYC. Looks like you had one fabulous time! And that lens - I have it and it's oh so heavy but it's a killer lens. Love all these photos!!!

Hilary said...

You made him a POTHOLDER!!! Oh, my, that made me giggle.
Thanks for the shout out.
Your son is so handsome, you must be so proud.....and that view from the restaurant.....marvelous.
You looked like you were having so much fun....good, good, good.

Nellie said...

It would definitely be speaking the truth if I said that you had a wonderful time in the city! I haven't ridden a train in many years - I don't want to think about how many - but truly enjoyed the experience. Now New York is an experience I have not had. Looking forward to more pictures.

Deb said...

what a fun the photos...

becky up the hill said...

I'm glad you had fun, ate good food, saw beautiful things and are home sweet home. Lovely.

spindrift,maine said...

Wimmin loose in the city! SO glad you had fun. I am in love with your photo from the top of the restaurant. Welcome home, Kate!

forgetmenot said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip--love the view of Columbus Circle. I'd say you are ready for a new year to begin with more wonderful and exciting "adventures". Happy New Year. Mickie :)

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

What a fun time! The views from the restaurant are amazing! And how about that surprise visit!

Oops, I'll bet George is looking for more fun!

Devon said...

Oh, what fun... it felt like a mini vacation just reading your post today! Great pictures!

MaggieGem said...

Great shots... looks like you had a great time! I find it quite amusing that I was in the city that day too, shame I missed the real party!

Maria_NJ said...

Hi Kate...

Yes it was fun meeting you too, I had a wonderful time...the pictures are lovely...

Karen said...

Oooh, those pictures!!!! WOW, Kate... been many times, never quite get shots like that.

I'm still not seeing the hat hair.. curly girls can get away with that you know... so shush.

About those awesome lenses.. they're great, except for the carrying around part. Ugh.

Meg McCormick said...

Oh, SIGH, I'm so glad you all got to meet up and had a great time! I was *this close* to hopping on the MegaBus myself but alas, the week's schedule was a little too complicated for me to make it work. Did you LOVE the train? My mom used to take me on the train from Harrisburg to Philly. I'm a big fan.

Daryl said...

I am missing you this morning, I keep waiting to hear that delicate tap tap tap at the door .. Coffee is waiting .. cookies (O M G , as Janice says, those oatmeal cookies are to die for!) ... that lens is heavy but honestly I am used to it (HA!) because the weight is forgiven when you take a photo .. however its too bulky to have come along to Robert .. Toonman said he knew you'd do something nice after he told you he loves his potholder (thank you too Hilary!!!) .. having handsome Matt join us for dinner was an extra treat .. and excuse me but your hair looked fabulous .. curls bounce back vs us with stick straight hair .. and that hat is so fun

Hurry back!!!!!!!!!!! xoxox

Ellen said...

Looks like your trip was a rousing success - beautiful photos and even more beautiful friends.

Jeannelle said...

I love seeing the city scenes! And, your hair looks just fine.

abb said...

I want a redo! :(

Tammy said...

Love all your pictures. You just have such an awesome eye for things that make the best photos. Love your friends gorgeous silver hair. And the pic of you and your son - beautiful. Looks like such a fun trip. I haven't been to New York for about 8 years and I miss the city, it's so alive and fun and people watching is just the best!! Happy New Year!

beth said...

i totally have east coast envy :(

{that's the saddest face i can make with keys. my real face is sadder}

wow....what a trip !!

Marcie said...

What a wonderful time in the city! Wishing you a happy and creative new year!!!

JC said...

Way Cool that you got to do that !!!

Chrissykat said...

What a GREAT trip!!! I have trip envy to go along with your lens envy. Glad you had such a wonderful time and saw your son & met new friends & on and on!!!! The pic of Toonman and his babies melted my heart.

Kerri Farley said...

Oh my goodness...... you make it sound so FUN!!! I've only been to NY once - when I was 18 ....many years ago ...... you almost make me want to go back .... but i'll just sit here in my cozy comfort zone and visit it thru your pics!

A New England Life said...

I don't know Kate, you look like a city girl to me ; )

Such great photos of you and the ladies! And the dinner photos, talk about a view! Not a cheap view for sure. Glad your son could join you as well. The trip looks like it was a good one!

Chocolate Cat said...

Looking forward to tomorrows tales...

Low Tide High Style said...

So let's see, you got to shop, tour the city, ride a train, eat at a museum, hang out with your son AND friends, meet someone by chance, and munch on yummy fries...yep, that sounds like perfection to me!

Happy New Year!

Kat :)

Jan's camera said...

Hi Kate. Your trip sounds so great. I am jealous. You got to go to NYC during Christmas (I have only done that once). I only made it to NY once this year and it was just for the afternoon in the summer. I went to see a photo exhibit and couldn't afford to spend the night. Also, you got to spend time with your son. And, best of all, you have some photo friends. I wish so much I had someone I could share my photography with. Glad you got to have some fun on your vacation. Welcome home.

sharon said...

Looks like you had a pretty good time. I've never had a desire to go to NYC, but you might have convinced me otherwise through your pictures. Love the restaurant shots. Good pic of you and your son, can't wait to see mine in March.

Mary Lou said...

What's wrong with me? I'm so envious I cried! Must be the New Year coming! I've never been to NYC and want to go.
Can't wait to see more!

LL Cool Joe said...

What a fantastic set of photos, I love the time piece.

Looks like you all had a wonderful time! So, no snow!

Skogkjerring said...

Hey Kate, little late in getting to this post but glad to have finally found it! When I look at your photos from the city I think of the two major cities I´ve been too lately, Paris and Rome. I see elements of these cities in New York. No wonder New York is by some considered the capital of the world! ;-)

Fun to see photos of you as well. You make fun of yourself but I just don´t see it. You´re a lovely lady :-) I´ve only ever seen the angles of your husband, never a straight on photo, so when I saw your son I imagine your husband looks like him?

Glad you had such a lovely time in such a lovely city with lovely friends!!

A Scattering said...

Love the photos - what a view from the restaurant, wow.

Did you like the train ride? I LOVE taking the train.

Happy New Year, Kate (and family and critters - xoxox to George).

Debbie said...

Daryl asked me if I'd seen your photos. I'm here dreaming of my first ever NYC visit (and I've never rode a train) that hopefully one day I'll get to go!!

I'm so darn envious!!

GailO said...

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to read this...between a wonky computer and a wonky right shoulder I have been MIA.

I can't tell you how surprised and thrilled to have recognized you at Robert....You are even more beautiful and warm in person! I only regret not stopping long enough to introduce myself to the others better but I didn't want to intrude. What wonderful photos and what a wonderful experience!

Unknown said...

I cannot tell you enough how much of an honour it is to see the world through your eyes.
And I have a sweet spot for birds, and NYC,
and and and .