Friday, February 17, 2012


Apologies for not having posted since Tuesday. Sometimes I really just don’t have anything to say. And hey, I still don’t - but I missed you too much to stay away any longer.

Two weekends ago, I picked up some white tulips from the florist and they’re still doing quite well. I took these photos last weekend when we had that small bit of snow for a few hours.


DSC_2776 copy 2

I actually miss winter.


Wait a minute now.


Did I just hear some of you boo and hiss?


DSC_2777 copy 2

But I honestly find winter beautiful. And spring is always worth the wait.


DSC_2771 copy 2

One of the tulips had a little bit of pink going on. She must think she’s pretty special.


And she is.


DSC_2769 copy 2

Well, it’s Friday and I love Friday evenings. It’s especially nice because we have a three-day weekend from school. Heavenly ~

: : :

Want to play along with a few questions to answer? These questions were taken from an old meme I used to participate in called The Simple Woman’s Daybook. Please fill in the blanks and I’ll meet you in the comment section.

Outside my window _______________________________________ .

I am thinking ____________________________________________ .

I am thankful ____________________________________________ .

I am hearing ____________________________________________ .

One of my favorite things __________________________________ .


Enjoy your weekend, my friends . . .

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Country Girl said...

Outside my window the skies are blue, the branches are bare, and the evening beckons.

I am thinking that I have to get up really early tomorrow for that appointment at the Honda service an hour away.

I am thankful for that car we have.

I am hearing the news on the television and trying not to listen.

One of my favorite things is laughter. Cannot live without it.

~ C.G.

[I am] The One With the Camera said...

My favorite flowers are tulips. I bought three sets of five last night. One white, one purple and one pink. How is the best way to keep them lasting a long time? They're just in vases with water.


Christie - Fine Lines said...

Outside my window it is blue sky and sun -- feels like Spring.
I am thinking about getting a great leg of lamb ready for when my family arrives for dinner tonight.
I am thankful for them and a good friend who is also joining us.
I am hearing the TV in the other room.
One of my favorite things right now is my new Nikon -- plan to spend some time this week-end "playing" with it to see what it will do!!!
ps. Kate - I may be writing you asking for advice!!!

Skogkjerring said...

For whatever reason I couldn´t see your photos. Was just a little blue question mark and no pretty white tulips or a special pink one...but I´ve seen enough of your work to let my imagination run wild...I´m sure the photos are gorgeous as always.

Here are the answers for your questions:

Outside my window it´s pitch black...
I am thinking it´s bedtime...
I am thankful I don´t have to go to work tomorrow morning.
I am hearing my daughter playing with little Cookie...
One of my favourite things is a ring I inherited from my grandmother. I do not have many things that I have inherited and to inherit something from someone so dear and to know she wanted me to have it...makes it very very special to me.

Have a great weekend you too Miss Kate :-) Kiss your black and white for me :-)

Michelle said...

Outside my window it is grey and green and wet; winter in NW Oregon!

I am thinking of all I should be doing instead of sitting here with my laptop.

I am thankful to have a day at home to myself, thanks to my husband taking our boy to work with him.

I am hearing the fan of the woodstove blower - and nothing else. Bliss.

One of my favorite things is having a horse to work with again!

Michelle at Boulderneigh

A New England Life said...

White is so simple and pretty. It accompanies almost any background too, which is wonderful when you want to photograph flowers. Sometimes I don't have anything to say either. So I don't.

Outside my window ... the sun has gone to bed and the blackness of night is wonderful for reflecting my Forsythia back at me in the kitchen.

I am thinking .... that every day I'm gaining more weight. And I went to the gym 4x this week!

I am thankful ... to be getting by even though I don't have a job. But somethings gotta give and soon.

I am hearing ... Winston, our Pug, snoring!

One of my favorite things ... laughing till my stomach hurts. And maybe it would help get rid of some of the fat too!



Kerri Farley said...

Beautiful images my friend!!

Outside my window the sun is setting, it's not quite dark, and all is well in my little world

I am thinking about how happy I am it's FRIDAY!

I am thankful that I can care for my parents and that they can still live on their own.

I am hearing my quaker parrot squawk! She wants to go to bed.

One of my favorite things is a weekend morning full of photography - which I am hoping tomorrow will be :)

alphabet soup said...

Hi Kate
What absolutely beautiful tulips and wonderful photography.

Enough of the grovelling....

Outside my window: I'm at the library right now and there is no window near for me to look out.

I am thinking: how cold it is in here today with the airconditioning on.

I am thankful: for many, many things but this morning when listening to the radio I was thankful I'm not living in Syria.

I am hearing: the noise of said airconditioner

One of my favorite things: my ancient cat.

Ha, ha ha, and you think you lead a boring life Kate!!!
Ms Soup

Snap said...

Outside my window it is raining ... still. I know we need the rain because of the drought, but college baseball season starts tonight! Ack!

I am thinking how disappointed that the baseball game is delayed!

I am thankful for good friends.

I am hearing the news on television and rain falling.

One of my favorite things is rain! (Theme here???)

Country Gal said...
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Country Gal said...

P.S My favorite flowers are Daisy's
Have a good weekend !

Country Gal said...

Lovely post and photos ! I had a good giggle !
Outside my window is a dark clear night sky full of stars.
I am thinking of what I am to do tomorrow.
I am thankful for my family
I am hearing Miggy snore
One of my favorite things is my Nikon D3100 and reading your blog ok thats two !
That was fun . Have a great day !

Rambling said...

Outside my window are some leaves that didn't get raked up.

I am thinking that I'm so glad it's the weekend, and it feels like spring, and my son will be cooking dinner tonight.

I am thankful for my family.

I am hearing both the washer and dryer.

One of my favorite things to do is read.

Anonymous said...

Outside my window are bare forsythia branches that like to brush against the screen in the wind.

I am thinking that I haven't written a post of my own in a couple of weeks .

I am thankful for a son who likes to play board and card games.

I am hearing my father read bedtime books to my son.

One of my favorite things is cuddling and napping with my son.

Anonymous said...

Outside my window my dogs are barking at something.

I am thinking of my daughter who just got off a bus from Boston to go visit my other daughter who lives in Brooklyn.

I am thankful for my husband who makes me homemade pizza every Friday.

I am hearing my dogs barking (better let them in)

One of my favorite things is Friday nights eating homemade pizza with my husband and drinking a Sammuel Adams and knowing I have a long weekend.

Anonymous said...

Outside my window The shutters are closed against the heat of another hot summers day here in Oz.
I am thinking I should go and clean the bathroom.
I am thankful for air conditioning.
I am hearing the sound of construction work being done on the railway lines.
One of my favourite things is my morning coffee.

beth said...

umm, no boo or hiss here at all. but i did snarl :)

outside my window it's black. absolutely black.

i am thinking that a full nights sleep, without being woken by the sophie scratching herself, would be wonderful :)

i am thankful that i get to see my hubby tomorrow.

i am hearing kids way off in the distance....probably in the park running around.

one of my favorite things at the moment is my countertop filled with pieces of driftwood, drying :)

have a great weekend sweets !!

Hilary said...

Outside my window _______________________It is dark, but 36 degrees, too warm for February, and just not right.________________ .

I am thinking that there is a lesson to be learned here, after all. Who knew that a headache could be so illuminating.____________________________________________ .

I am thankful for my life, for everything.____________________________________________ .

I am hearing music. ____________________________________________ .

One of my favorite things is knitting with the evening stretched out before me.__________________________________ .

Deb said...

outside my window the sun is down....the moon is out...

I am thinking about the fun mile walk I'm doing in the morning..

I am thankful I will be celebrating my 29th anniversary with my hubby on Sunday

I am hearing fox wait its Gold wait it's a get the picture hubby has the remote...

One of my favorite things is a hug and a squeeze from my grandson..

Unknown said...

Outside my window, the sky is dark, the yard across the street is softly lit by the street light.
I am thinking how happy I am, that I don't have to work this weekend.
I am thankful for everything God has given me.
I am hearing Chef his thing.
One of my favorite things is stopping at Dunn Bros. for a Skim, Coffee IceCrema, then wandering around Bachman's (a garden center).

(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

Outside my window: the neighbors dog is barking

I am thinking that I'd like to strangle his owners for leaving him in a pen 24/7

I am thankful that my husband and I both agrre that we love having our dogs in the house.

I am hearing (in addition to the barking lab next door) Mr. Biggs toenails on the kitchen floor.
One of my favorite things (besides the dogs) : trail riding.


Cloudia said...

Love your easy companionable thoughts
and YOU have the shots to back them up!

Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

Chrissykat said...

Love the special pink tulip. I tried tulips once, got the green but no flower. I do not have the gardening gene.
1. Outside my window it is a very dark dusk and birds are doing their last minute chirping before turning in for the night.
2. I am thinking that if I don't hit the treadmill soon, I will NOT fit into my shorts this summer.
3. I am thankful to have finally mustered the courage to give my kitty sub-q fluids at home on my own.
4. I am hearing HGTV channel & the gas oven clicking on & off.
5. One of my favorite things is feeling the warmth & weight of my of kitty when she is sleeping on my lap.
Happy long weekend!

Linda said...

Outside my window - the moon is shining on the lake.

I am thinking - how much I love that view.

I am thankful - to be living here.

I am hearing - classical music (unknown artist) from my Mac.

One of my favorite things - hearing about nothing special from Kate :D .

Lili said...

Re: the flower...she must think she is pretty special....and she is. Love that Kate!

Outside my window it's dark.

I am thinking I should go to bed early.

I am thankful for so much.

I am hearing Ghost Hunters on the tv.

One of my favorite things is time spent with my loved ones.


JaneK said...

I agree with you on winter; today felt like spring and it was really nice but too much of a good thing.... a good winter heightens to joy of spring for sure not to mention the joys a good winter brings.... and I would like to ask what the hell a meme is? I am so out of it, I can hardly live with myself at times!

Outside my window is the trash can that needs to be brought back up from the street.

I am thinking that I am far too uncreative and un-crafty to be hanging in the blog circles I do but glad that I can hang without judgement b/c you all are kind as well as creative.

I am thankful that I have much to be thankful for despite the fact that I feel like not being thankful on some days.

I am hearing the Christmas Carols my child likes to listen to year round and her singing them in efforts to NOT go to sleep; and the guinea pig squeaking and eating hay (it's a rockin' Friday night!).

One of my favorite things depends on the moment but I would have to echo you, Kate, and say a good laugh.

Reena said...

Tulips are my favorite winter flower! I love having them around.

Debbie said...

It has felt weird not having a winter here in Ohio. I thought I hated the snow, but kind of miss watching it fall..

Outside my window It is very dark!!!

I am thinking __I sure wish my headache that I have had 3 days, would go away!!!

I am thankful For my husband, my children, grandchildren, my dogs and my Blogging Friends!!

I am hearing ___HGTV. I love that TV channel!!

One of my favorite things CHOCOLATE!!

God Bless~

Unknown said...

The white tulips are gorgeous - every angle of it! I journal almost every day, but they are thoughts to myself, if you know what I mean...

wayne15575 said...

I really love the picture of the Tulips with the snow outside the window...beautiful.

Outside my window _A lovely Lorrel hedge
______________________________________ .
I am thinking _how wonderful my wife is.
___________________________________________ .
I am thankful _that I have been given the ability to see beauty through my lens.__________________________________________ .
I am hearing _the rain softly tapping on the roof.___________________________________________ .
One of my favorite things __The smell of fresh baked bread and new born babies.________________________________ .

Annie said...

Outside my window it's dark, and there's traffic still going past at 7.30pm on Saturday night.
I am thinking ..whether I really want to watch the tv.
I am thankful for lots of things. Tonight that I was able to get some gardening done today as well as a walk, and that I have lost a little bit of weight.
I am hearing the traffic occasionally, and the tv that I am wondering whether I will watch. Also another noise like crickets...but I don't think it is crickets, I think it is my tinnitus.
One of my favorite things...grandchildren..especially baby grandchildren, but any will do.

Annie said...

ps Meant to say...

Absolutely love the tulips Kate, and your photos, very beautiful...

thecatalanway said...

Me too I have been a little absent this week - but I can't resist your little questions.
Outside my window is a small patio with a little dog sleeping after a good walk.
I am thinking that it's time my little finger got better!
I am thankful for friends who helped me with a problem this week.
I am hearing Blue's heavy breathing as she sleeps beside me
One of my favourite things is having a jug of white tulips on the table and watching them slowly and gracefully bend earthwards.

Love the flowers - they are so expensive here that I rarely buy them but promise myself that when we live somewhere with a garden I will grow lots of flowers to fill all my jugs.

love Kate x

Mental P Mama said...

Outside my window, the birds that fledged last year are still fighting in their parents' nest! It goes on every single morning! Talk about failure to launch!

I am thinking about a juicy red grapefruit calling my name.

I am thankful for everything in my life. Even the cancer.

I am hearing the news blathering about Whitney. I'll be glad when this is over.

One of my favorite things is waking up in the morning.

Rosemary said...

I agree with you about the snow, I love it too. Maybe that's what attracted you to the white tulips. Beautiful photos!

jinxxxygirl said...

Outside my window it has been raining for almost two days straight, unheard of here in west Texas. Its heavenly.

I'am thinking how scary/exciting this move of ours is gonna be.

I'am thankful for my knight in shining armor i've had by my side for 22 years

I am hearing the coffee perculating barely discernable over the sound of the above mentioned knight watching Saturday morning

One of my favorite things my usual quiet mornings with a cup of good coffee surfing my favorite blogs. yours. :) PPpssssttt... i like winter too........all 4 seasons in their own time.

Low Tide High Style said...

Your tulip pictures are beautiful, and I love that one of the tulips is a rebel!

Outside my window it is bright and sunny and the tide is high.

I am thinking that I should get going for the day, and probably vacuum too.

I am thankful that all of us are healthy and happy right now.

I am hearing my husband taking a shower.

One of my favorite things is having my kids home and all of us under the same roof I miss the days when they were little sometimes.

Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

Kat :)

Sarah said...

Outside my window is a bright, sunny morning and a Saturday filled with the promise of spring.

I am thinking that I've missed winter too.

I am thankful that we're finally getting settled into our new home.

I am hearing heavy machinery all around, building streets and houses. A sign of better times for our economy.

One of my favorite things on Saturdays is going out to lunch and watching PBS in the afternoon!

I'm enjoying my weekend, and hope you are too!

His Song to Sing said...

Tulips have never been my favorite flower. I'm more of a hydrangea kind of girl but your photos are beautiful as always, CG. I especially liked the one who thinks she is special :)

Outside my window ... it is cloudy and about to rain but my view of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico still makes me happy inside.

I am thinking I wish I could pull off a blog like yours. Love that it's simply about your life the good and the not so good but honest. You are an inspiring photographer also.

I am thankful my husband has Monday off so we could enjoy our long weekend at our condo.

I am hearing the "sound of silence" ... nice!

One of my favorite things is connection you can feel with people you meet through blogs.

Blessings on your weekend too!

Sweetpea said...

cripes, did I need to see those tulips today!

Outside my window it is pissing - no LASHING - with rain.

I am thinking I don't want to go out there. Won't even send the dawgs out.

I am thankful for homey things, like having a big pot of scrumptious chili while it howls from the beyond...

I am hearing the kitchen fan. Hubs burned his toast again.

One of my favorite things...the unabashed contentment of a sleeping dawg by your chair. sigh.

Enjoy your long one, CG!

Bluebird49 said...

I love, love love tulips! Thanks for taking the beautiful pictures.

Outside my window darkness covers the neighborhood and a neighbor's dog in constantly howling to be let inside.
I am thinking I'm glad hubby is going out to get dinner for us!
I am thankful for my family, and that they love me as I am--the way I love them.
I am hearing the constant news on TV about Whitney's death, funeral, and her "problems". I wish they'd let her rest in peace now--we all have things we're not proud of in our lives; most of us just aren't in the spotlight for the world to see them.

One of my favorite things --are you kidding? My grandkids!

Donna S. said...

Outside my window is a peaceful dusk.
I am thinking I need to finish this hat I am knitting for my granddaughter-very close to being done.
I am thankful for weekends & that grandkids can spend the night (2 granddaughters did last night).
I am hearing my little puppy running thru the house.
One of my favorite things is "home time".

I know I'm so exciting you can't stand it. That's why I don't blog!!! LOL

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Outside, it's dark--it's nighttime!

I am thinking that I don't want to make up the bed. The sheets are still in the dryer!

I am thankful that my daughter is doing better. She has had pregnancy complications and is on blood thinners.

I am hearing the dishwasher and a car race my hubby is watching on tv.

One of my favorite things is sitting by the fireplace on a winter night with something hot to drink! I'm heading there now--before I put those sheets on the bed!

Dawning Inspiration said...

Outside it's dark and I hear car engines rumbling by.

I am thinking I should be in bed but am afraid to go there.

I am thankful the Vet was able to get my dog in today for an emergency and that he's sort of okay right now.

I am hearing inspirational music from our local Christian music station on the radio.

One of my favorite things is home.

Deborah said...

Outside my window it's grey and very Sundaylike :-)

I'm thinking of my dad in hospital

I'm thankful that he made it through the operation

I'm hearing myself type

One of my favorite things is Sundays

You enjoy your weekend as well :-)

Daryl said...

Outside my window is a busy street .. people coming going to the park

I am thinking right now that I need to get up and have some of that tea before it gets cold

I am thankful for my husband's health .. and having him here home vs in hospital as he was this time last year

I am hearing yet again the re=playing of Whitney Houston's funeral .. okay media time to move on

One of my favorite things is anticipating seeing my Blisters .. xoxoxo

Gail said...

If not for the starkness of winter, we may not love Spring as much.

Robyn said...

*Outside my window it is a beuatiful day. 46 degrees with not wind. The chickens are out pecking the ground.

*I am thinking about a neighbor from home. I just found out he has Kidney Cancer and will have his kidney removed at the end of the month.

*I am thankful for family, friends, my little dog and the cow dog too.

*I am hearing coffee brewing!

*One of my favorite things is a Sunday afternoon nap!

Mary said...

Outside my window it's dark. And cold. But it was beautiful today.

I am thinking that I have to watch two episodes of Downton Abbey this week.

I am thankful for this wonderfully mild winter.

I am hearing the 500th episode of The Simpsons on TV.

One of my favorite things is sitting under my fleece blanket with the cat snuggling close, while my husband and I watch TV.

Annie said...

Outside my window is a hot summer's day, that's why I'm inside :) I have garden right outside this window and earlier there were birds in the birdbath.

I am thinking I really should do some work rather than catch up on reading blogs.

I am thankful for so many things, I would need a week to list them all.

I am hearing my fan in the background, keeping me cool.

One of my favourite things is enjoying the balmy summer evenings these hot days promise.

Jill of All Trades said...

Oh fun, I love when you do these...

Outside my window I see spring trying to pop out and I'm truly excited and almost giddy!

I am thinking that I need to get out of this chair and hit the bike this morning.

I am thankful for my family and my life.

I am hearing The Hubby watching the news in the other room, interupting my thoughts.

One of my favorite things is visiting my friends blogs!!!!!

Have a good day Kate.

Ruth Andre said...

Outside my window, my three horses are grazing in the pasture.
I am thinking I should be getting to the studio to paint.
I am thankful for everyday and my recent gift to hear once again.
I am hearing my dog, Sadie, at the back door barking to be let outside to sleep in her favorite porch chair.
One of my favorite things is being in love.

The JR said...

I'm late, you already know I don't computer from home and monday was a holiday.

Beautiful flowers. Luv them.

Outside my window...the parking garage and the building's a/c units

i am thinking....about the errands I need to run at lunch

i am thankful....for the day that I met My Man

i am hearing...the techies playing with a language translater program

one of my favorite to be on the back of one of our horses