Tuesday, April 17, 2012

And all manner of thing shall be well

I’m exhausted. It’s Tuesday night – I got four hours of sleep last night – and it’s really beginning to hit me. You know those nights that you just can’t fall to sleep . . . and then you begin worrying on it, especially when you know the following day is something big. Well that was my night. Luckily they don’t happen too often ~

So I think I’ll share some more photos (if you don’t mind) of my most recent jaunt to CT to visit friends I’ve met blogging. Taking short getaways every now and then keeps me sane.


DSC_5644 copy 2

The park across the road from Lauren’s apartment.


DSC_5839 copy 2

"People are like dirt. They can either nourish you and help you grow as a person or they can stunt your growth and make you wilt and die."



DSC_5861 copy 2




DSC_5874 copy 2

I admit, there was a little of this.


DSC_5882 b&w copy 2

And a lot of this.


I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.  ~Woody Allen


DSC_5787 copy 2

I love her sweater.

And her cool earrings.


DSC_5884 copy 2

And Dora the wonder dog, who can high five. I believe this dog has so much more purpose in her life than say, this cat . . .

. . . have you met Henri yet?



I totally love this video.


DSC_5935 copy 2

Lauren’s church ~ St. Paul’s on the Green, Norwalk.


DSC_5936 copy 2

She does the flowers.


DSC_5727 copy 2

And now, I am going to get my book, and I’m going to read until I fall asleep. And I’m going to hope that it will be soon. Because today has been long and tiring.

: : :

All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.

: : :

It was good of you to come by again, today. Oh, and there’s a Cell Phone Photography Assignment going on at Pioneer Woman’s blog. Fun. Beautiful entries, too.

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Low Tide High Style said...

There must have been something in the air last night. I fell asleep easily enough, but man, staying asleep was another matter! I hope you get a restful night tonight, and thanks for sharing more of the wonderful images from your visit!


A New England Life said...

Hello Kate!

I hate nights like that. They are the worst! The next day I feel like a zombie.

Yes, you should keep taking short getaways. It's good for you and nourishes your mind and soul. Plus you capture great pictures : )

Anonymous said...

I hate the mattress we have and my husband loves it. I wake up a lot, and I am so sore in the morning. Last night I slept like a baby on an inflatable air bed, I slept seven hours straight! What a wonderful feeling.

Hope you have a restful night and sweet dreams!

Debbie from Illinois

Country Gal said...

I have to take sleeping pills and they dont always work I suffer from insomnia I understand how you felt after ! Lovely photos . Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight !

Country Girl said...

Dear Debbie,
Years and years ago, I too hated a mattress that my husband loved. Unfortunately for him, he didn't love that I refused to sleep on it anymore. And then we bought a mattress that I loved.

He eventually learned to love this mattress. I figure we're even.

Good luck!!

~ C.G.

Country Gal said...

Cute video ! Oh yeah Miggy can high five and ten and sits pretty and says please all for a treat ! A Funny girl she is and smart lol ! Have a great day !

beth said...

life makes me tired sometimes. i swear that's all i can really blame it on. so i do...snort.

love the photo walk of friends and laugher and beauty.

i helped mom and dad again on their move across town, so bed is calling me early, too.....xoox

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

OMG. These pictures are incredible. Lauren looks fabulous, and although I'd seen pictures of the outside of her church had never seen the enormity of the inside--nor did I know she did the flowers!

What a fabulous weekend--and you're right. Getaways are absolutely necessary for sanity. As are good friends (who all look fabulous).

JaneK said...

sleep is a constant battle for me and so Prince Ambien is a constant friend :) but there are some nights that even the Prince doesn't cut it....

jealous you have such cool places to go on nearby getaways... not much down here....

got a babysitter and met a couple of friends out for dinner/drinks and that was nice.... meeting up with friends does keep one a little less crazy :)

abb said...

I just love me some good good friends! Thank you for being one of them...

(Oh, and from now on? Photos of moi are verboten! Well, until I am once again 30 years of age. Just sayin'.)

Kacey said...

That no sleeping thing can be brutal, can't it? I'm going through a spell of it right now. Which is why I'm at at 4 in the morning today.

Looks like you had a fabulous CT trip and lots of fun.

thecatalanway said...

I love that video, thank you so much for sharing it. Funny the first one isn't as good, more like a practise run. Perfect and funny and soulfull.

It's so horrible not being able to sleep, it makes you realise what a gift it is to drop into bed and slip into dreams. when it is taken away we are ragged and desperate. Sleep - I love it!

Hope you are now rested and all is now well in your world. I also use that little prayer sometimes, it is so beautiful.

love Kate x

Need A Latte Mom said...

Hey Girl!
Great photos..as always :)

The photo truth..what did process did you use on it? PS actions?

Robyn said...

Glad you had a great trip, Country Girl! Something about Girl Friends sets the world righ agagin.

Lovely photos! My favorite is the second one.

Karen thisoldhouse2.com said...

Two benadryl before bed. Just sayin.

Reena said...

What beautiful photos! The church, the duck, and I especially love that one of Lauren. And I was over the moon with that video of Henri 2 ... awesomeness!

GailO said...

I can't for the life of me remember where I saw that video before but I absolutely adored it too:) The existential cat!
Love your photos...especially the portraits!
May you have sweet dreams tonight Kate!

alphabet soup said...

Henri amused me no end. And the white idiot and the shaving cream. Thanks for posting that ( and everything else that you posted too - of course) it gave me a laugh albeit a stifled one - laughing out loud in the library among certain people who use the computers is something they don't seem to understand!!??

Dawson Cattle Company said...

lovely! a little get away is always good. thank you for sharing..

RURAL said...

All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.

That's beautiful. Wondering if it should be on the wall opposite of the bed, so as a person gets ready to sleep it echos softly through their heads.

And should they wake in the middle of the night, moonlight streaming through the sheers will illuminate the lettering on the wall, and contented they will fall back to sleep. Knowing that all shall be well, and all shall be well.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Mary said...

Oh, I feel your pain! For a whole week, I felt as though I was getting past this insomnia, which I'm assuming is caused by menopause. But this week it has been back in full force. Aaarrgh!

Your beautiful images create a sense of peace and calm. And how nice to see those pretty faces! Oh, and I nearly laughed myself sick at Henri...

Hope you get a good night's sleep soon. I love that quotation -- beautiful! Oh, and a fervent thanks for your lovely comment today. You are too kind!

Anonymous said...

"everything will be okay".....my mantra.....smiles

Carolynn Anctil said...

I'm kind of getting used to living with sleep deprivation. I would like to try a good sleep again one night, just to see what it's like.

I LOVE Henri. His accent and delivery is so...so...French!

mrs mediocrity said...

ugh, hope you got some rest, i think i had the same problem on the same night...
the video is great!

jgrimsley said...

Ah the cat-I have one just like the one in the video.
Beautiful pictures as always!
Hope the weather up there is as beautiful as it is where I live!

Lili said...

Love the Henri cat video! And I always enjoy seeing your mini trips. Gorgeous flower arrangement...what talent! xo ~Lili