Wednesday, April 4, 2012

in time of daffodils

I picked some flowers for you.

DSC_4805 copy 2

And I placed them in this post of very few words.

DSC_4808 copy 2

I hope you like them.

DSC_4810 copy 2

O wind, where have you been,
That you blow so sweet?
Among the violets
Which blossom at your feet.
The honeysuckle waits
For Summer and for heat
But violets in the chilly Spring
Make the turf so sweet.
~ From Sing Song, a Nursery Rhyme Book (circa 1870)

DSC_5089 copy 2

DSC_5084 copy 2

in time of daffodils
in time of daffodils (who know
the goal of living is to grow)
forgetting why, remember how
in time of lilacs who proclaim
the aim of waking is to dream,
remember so (forgetting seem)
in time of roses (who amaze
our now and here with paradise)
forgetting if, remember yes
in time of all sweet things beyond
whatever mind may comprehend,
remember seek (forgetting find)
and in a mystery to be
(when time from time shall set us free)
forgetting me, remember me
~ e.e. cummings

DSC_5044 copy 2
grape hyacinths
in blue modesty
do not speak
~ Giselle Maya

DSC_5049 copy 2

And, on that note, I’ll say farewell. Hope all is well in your lives ~ all is well here.

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Mental P Mama said...

Always. Love.

Unknown said...

It is now. Thank you! : )

Ellen said...

Beauty in it's simplest form.

Country Gal said...

Beautiful photos! Have a good day !

A New England Life said...

Oh Kate, these are simply splendid! I hope you don't mind if I pin that first image. I love it!

Jan's camera said...

Lovely. Thank you.

Annette W. said...

Incredibly beautiful!

abb said...

Much as I love daffodils, violets hold my heart. My favorite are the "Confederate" violets - such beauties!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Absolutely gorgeous. If I'm not mistaken those grape hyacinths are one of my mother's favorites. Of course I'm partial to the daffodils but love all the purple colors here. Magnificent.

Low Tide High Style said...

Beautiful words made more beautiful by gorgeous images! I picked some violets and took pictures of them too...they are so pretty!


bv said...

you are killing me with e.e. cumming....doesn't he speak right to our heart? so beautiful

beth said...

thank you for these....but selfish me would really like you to show up at my front door with them....

AND i promise to make you a great cup of tea and give you a wonderful spot where we can sit and chat for hours if you do....oh and of course i'd bring out something chocolatey, too.....xoxo

Lee Owenby said...


mrs mediocrity said...

oh, sigh... thank you, i loved them.

Hilary said...

So lovely.. the flowers, their holders and the accompanying quotes.

Devon said...

Absolutly beautiful.. thanks so much for sharing!

JaneK said...

awwwww..... thanks for the lovely shots to end my day;

and unlike my Monday it was a good day: work which was whatever then a friend of mine (who moved out of town but was back for a visit) met me and we went to PW's book signing :) rock on! I've never been to a book signing so it was fun..... and now to close my day with your lovely photos....

alphabet soup said...

Why thank you very much, you are too kind. Such beautiful violets and lovely grape hyacinths.

Ms Soup

Kerri Farley said...

~ Beauty ~

Skogkjerring said...

Breathtaking as always my friend but that first photo was my favourite...I felt enormous peace looking at it....thank you so much for sharing your gift with us....have a great day!!!

Karen said...

absolutely beautiful images, just what I needed this morning...and a reminder that I haven't planted grape hyacinth here at This Old House yet. A reminder, then, this fall?...

Jamie said...

Violets are such sweet shy flowers. Thanks for the photos and the poetry (none of which I had read before).

Jeanette said...

Beautiful flowers...beautiful words. Thank you. Glad all is well with you.

The JR said...

all very lovely

Unknown said...

You are so loved .

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for these flowers you picked! I so so so needed them!

Caroline said...

Oh em geeeeeee! Gorgeous photos Kate! Love the crop on the daffodils!

Anonymous said...


Debbie from Illinois

Lili said... beautiful Kate. All is well here visiting this week with our kids/grandkids and just popped in to get my Kate fix. xo ~Lili

Dawning Inspiration said...

Stunning images Kate.
Truly hope all is well.

Unknown said...

such fantastic images, only thing that could make them better is ... I was the one that had them in her yard and got to photograph them. They make be happy just looking at them.

A Scattering said...

Bliss and joy - lovely blooms, Kate. Cheers!

Mary said...

Love, love, love, LOVE!!! Thank you for the beauty. Hope your Easter is wonderful! xoxo

BB said...

You are SO clever - all printworthy!
PS Some action at my place today.

Mary Lou said...

Thank you. Beautiful!

GailO said...

Why thank you so much for these! Amazing and stunning photos!

thecatalanway said...

thank you for flowers and poetry and all your love which shines through
So glad all is well with you
K x