Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Neither wealth nor splendor

Hello my friends. I hope your week has started off on a good foot. I spent my weekend taking it easy because of the darn knee, and until I know exactly what’s going on, I’m trying not to overdo it. On Saturday, I thought I could do a quick trip to the grocery store so I went to the big WalMart down the road. Everything was copasetic at first, but it quickly went downhill and I found myself using the cart as a walker, and I left limping badly, after buying only three items.

I have an appointment with my orthopedist this week, so enough complaining for now.

Later that day, I took a very small walk around the yard, and sat outside with my knee up, capturing lots of bird images. If you know me at all, you know that this is one of the things in this world that I simply love doing.

DSC_7217 copy 2

The entrance to my husband’s garden. This made me smile.

As did these images of birds caught in mid-flight . . .

DSC_7190 copy 2

DSC_7191 copy 2

DSC_7194 copy 2

* sigh *

From my seat on the patio, I could see that the black locust trees had their blooms, so I put on the macro lens and walked out to them.

DSC_7232 copy 2

They smell quite nice.

DSC_7234 copy 2

And they are so elegant-looking.

DSC_7239 copy 2

The black locust is native in the United States from Pennsylvania to northern Georgia and westward as far as Arkansas and Oklahoma, but has been widely spread. The tree reaches a height of seventy feet, with a trunk three or four feet in diameter and brittle branches that form an oblong narrow head. It spreads by underground shoots. The leaflets fold together in wet weather and at night; some change of position at night is a habit of the entire leguminous family. ~from Wikipedia

We have several black locust on the property, and they are the tallest among all of the trees here. In early May, their fragrant flowers grace the edges of the yard, and later as the flowers dry and begin to fall in the gentle breeze, they look like snow. It’s absolutely beautiful and something I look forward to every spring.

DSC_7261 copy 2

The old grapevine marks the edge of my husband’s vegetable garden. We’ve been enjoying fresh lettuce for the past couple of weeks, and there’s tomato plants galore. Why he plants so many tomatoes is beyond me, but I take the excess to work where they’re greatly appreciated every summer.

And I get to live on caprese salad here.

DSC_7213 copy 2

"It is neither wealth nor splendor, but tranquility and occupation which give happiness." ~Thomas Jefferson

: : :

And on that note, I bid you farewell for now. Thanks for coming by. It’s always a pleasure to have you here ~
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UPDATE: I had originally written this post identifying the black locust trees as black WALNUT trees. I do this all the time with my mixing up of species and I apologize for it. They are black locust trees. Sorry about that, folks.


DesertHen said...

I have never seen black walnut blooms. They are simply beautiful!

Reena said...

The black walnut trees do look so lovely ... I can almost smell them! Hope that knee gets better soon ... but sounds like it's going to take a while. Bummer!
Love that feather!

Yvonne said...

and it's always a pleasure to stop by.....

Low Tide High Style said...

Sorry your knee is not cooperating, I hope the doctor has a remedy.

Our black walnut trees are done blooming, and last weekend we enjoyed the snow shower of their white blossoms.

Love the bird shots, and that last shot is simply beautiful!!!


Mental P Mama said...

I hate it about your knee being so bad. But everything else? Spectacular...from the birds in flight to the garden to the trees to Mr. Jefferson. Spectacular.

Kerri Farley said...

It's always a pleasure to visit and see the delights you provide for us! Love love love the birdies in flight!

Country Gal said...

Sorry to hear your knee is acting up hope it feels better soon and the Dr can help . Beautiful photos . The way you discribed the trees sounds lovely . I do the same thing and feel the same as you do about just sitting with camera in hand taking photos theres nothing like it ! Have a good day !

Anonymous said...

Love all your shots!...especially the black walnut blooms! Hope the knee feels better soon. At least you still had the enthusiasm to pick up your camera. I've had a head cold since last Thursday and don't wan to do anything. All this will pass! Better days to you!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Your photos are beautiful! Hope the MD can help you out soon! In the meantime, take it easy!

Anonymous said...

How nice that you mentioned Thomas Jefferson on a post about the garden. He too had a huge garden at Monticello, and when I toured it a couple of years ago they said that the vegetables grown in the garden now are given to the employees to take home. Very appropriate since you too will be giving tomatoes away. :-)

Caroline said...

And it's always a pleasure to drop in and visit. Hope you are having a nice week too! xo

Michelle said...

I obviously didn't know black walnut trees as well as I thought, because I didn't know they bloom! Hope your knee just needs more rest, and not something more invasive.

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures as always. The walnut trees are so beautiful!

I was wondering, do you still have the picture of George by the gate in front of the house with the snow? I always meant to buy a copy, but then you lost all of your pictures.

Thanks, Devon.
P.S. I can't seem to sign in my google acct. on this site.

beth said...

that feather to mark an entrance....swoon !

i had no idea the walnut trees had blossoms....we have some of those trees at the cottage, well some version of a walnut tree, but have never seen anything but the walnuts all over the ground.

funny, i just edited photos for a blog post later this week and i have a bird in flight photo and a singing bird, too....now if we had posted those at the same time, well that would have just been freaky !!

i'm anxious to hear what the doctor says about your knee....maybe he'll say a trip to wisconsin to see me will fix you right up :)

JaneK said...

in that second bird shot, the bird on the R is giving the one in flight an earful; I guess she doesn't want to share her perch :)

beautiful shots as always!

Country Girl said...

Dear Anon,
George at the Gate is available on my etsy site. The photographs I have for sale were saved because I uploaded them to my online lab ~ (thank heavens).

~ C.G.

Jill of All Trades said...

Awww, thanks for the short journey. Love the shots. So sorry about the knee. I've got issues with mine too but not to your extreme...here's to knocking on wood for that and for you to get in to the doc and see what's up. Have a great day Kay.

Hilary said...

ah, yes, knee pain...has been my companion for a long time.....sorry you have to go through that, hope it goes away, and gets better.
Tranquility and Occupation....love that quote. That is so the truth.

Nurse Nancy said...

Great shots as always. Hope the knee is not a big deal. We are enjoying many birds at our feeders as well and this weekend is planting time in the garden.

Connie in Hartwood said...

You poor thing ... I'm really sorry your knee is giving you such fits. Hopefully the orthopedist will have an answer and a plan for fixing it.

Your beautiful photos are the flowers of black locust, not walnut ... and they are stunning.

Cindy said...

I'm sorry to hear your knee is still being a pain. I can relate somewhat to the pain part. I went out on the boat yesterday with family. I'm fair skinned so I know to wear sunscreen. My spf30 was no match for the Florida sun, especially coming off the water. I'm sunburned every where I wasn't covered up. My hands, face and lips are swollen. I look rather funny. I also tripped on some fishing rods and pulled something in my right chest area. Ouch! Lol. I do hope you feel better soon. The photos are beautiful as always and I love the one of the house. Oh, and the Black Walnut blooms are gorgeous.


Daryl said...

I love the birds at the feeder shots, the guy on the right is telling the guy on left to flap off

You have got to get that knee working .. or Reena and I will have to carry you .. you are not missing our next get-together!!!

I am always happy for garden free toe-mot-toes


Anonymous said...

Hope you get your knee back in shape soon.

Love the birds!

Debbie from Illinois

thecatalanway said...

Here I am again, so enjoying my visit to you. Two to read as I can't get a hang of this new Blogger dashboard and the links don't always work to my favourite blogs:(

I hope your knee is slowly getting better. These things always take more time than expected. Don't you have a good acupuncturist thereabouts? Shall I pop over with some needles?
I send you some energy anyway over the airwaves and perhaps one of your little birds will carry it close to home and let it fall like a walnut blossom near to your feet!
Poetic today? No idea why..

love the prints and the photos and of course especially the little bird singing alone, happy and peaceful and tranquil.

love Kate x

Woman Seeking Center said...

Stunning images, beautiful quotes and 'life-shared' (your husbands' garden feather).

Another upliftingly perfect post...

Thank you!

Woman Seeking Center said...

PS Best of luck with your knee ~ hoping it mends well and soon!

abb said...

Sorry about that bum knee. My foot is giving me fits - MRI this afternoon.
Has A. planted his tomatoes yet? I know you're a zone or two ahead of me. I was thinking of planting them this weekend.

The JR said...

I can feel for you with that knee. Have problems with mine from time to time.

Those walnut tree blooms are amazing. I had no idea.

mrs mediocrity said...

what lovely trees, i don't think we have them here, though we have lots of black walnuts...

i love that last photo! is it a mockingbird?

and your knee, boo! i hope you get good news soon, i know that it is not fun at all.

RURAL said...

And always a pleasure to see things through your lens.

Really hope that you knee gets better soon...not good.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Skogkjerring said...

I missed the knee problem post...sorry to read your having problems...getting old are we? hahaha..no, just kidding...
Seriously when I saw the title of this post I thought you were writing about me- neither wealth nor splendor...yep...sounds about right ;-)
And I meant to get back to you about the salmon wrap- have you never heard of a wrap? It´s like a tortilla and you put whatever you want in it. We used salmon filets and veggies and some greek dressing..yum...super easy and super good! Now ya know!
Have a super day my friend and thanks for sharing your beautiful yard and bird neighbours with us ;-)

Mary Lou said...

My pleasure to bet here! I pray for your knee!!!!

Dawning Inspiration said...

Just said a prayer for your knee to be healed. Cool captures of the birds in flight!

Carolynn Anctil said...

I love the quote - it's absolutely up my alley. Those locust blossoms are so beautiful. I'm not familiar with it, but would love to have one.
I do hope your knee problems sort out soon!

GailO said...

That Thomas Jefferson was a smart man!:)

I am glad that you can find some bit of good while resting your knee...the bird and tree blossom photos are spectacular!

Lili said...

Oh I forgot to comment about your knee diagnosis in your previous post. So glad at least you know what's up with that. Hope you've found a regimen to help the pain by now. I didn't even know black locust trees bloomed so pretty. They are the ones with those wicked thorns aren't they? xo ~Lili