Thursday, July 26, 2012

Glimpses of my Maine

Can I tell you how much I love it here? Every time I step outside and smell the scent of the sea and the pines, I think how lucky I am to be here right now, today. I think this especially when watching the news around the country with the heat wave because the days here are approximately 75 and in the evening, it’s comfortable in a light sweater.

I bought {this one} especially for myself. And come fall and school, I can wear it to work. But right now, it’s coming in very handy.

It’s late as I write this, and I’ve just come home from an evening with friends who are vacationing in nearby Southwest Harbor with their family. Having dinner with them this evening was so much different than the quiet times at our rental cottage. Their family is fun, their rental place is old-Maine, rambling and quirky, and totally cool. A thick fog rolled in as John was grilling lobsters on the front porch, and driving home wasn’t too bad, but still a little slow-going.

I love it here. Here are some captures from the past couple of days. There will be more on each to come, but for now please accept the following snippets ~

DSC_1203 copy 2
Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain – the first spot in the US to greet the day.

DSC_1269 copy 2

A pair of Northern Spotted Owls –

a delightful find on an early morning walk in the woods outside of Bar Harbor.

DSC_1402 copy 2

My first attempt at a homemade lobster roll. I was so full afterward that I had to take a nap, although my fatigue may have had something to do with getting up at 4 AM to catch the sunrise that morning . . .

Here’s the recipe:

Pearl Oyster Bar Lobster Roll Recipe

Absolutely delicious.

DSC_1406 copy 2

Picturesque Somesville on a sunny summer day.

DSC_1335 copy 2

A different perspective of Bar Harbor, taken from Bar Island which is accessible only during low tide - something I’ve always wanted to do.

DSC_1424 copy 2

A visit to the Thuya Gardens, another something I’ve always wanted to do. My blogging friend, Lili and her husband Henri, picked me up today and took me there.

DSC_1480 copy 2

Henri and Lili.

Hello my friends ~

(they are so mfeo*)

DSC_1589 copy 2

They also took me to lunch at Jordan Pond House, another place I’ve never been but have always wanted to visit. It was fabulous. The food, the atmosphere, just all of it. This was the view from our outdoor table.

DSC_1646 copy 2

Evening fog in Southwest Harbor tonight. If the scent of the sea could be bottled, I would sniff it whenever I felt sad or lonely. The scent of the ocean smells like something so familiar and comforting, almost like home. I grew up on the Jersey shore, so maybe this has something to do with it.

Well, it’s late now as I finish this post and I know I have to be up early tomorrow. We have much planned to enjoy our last day here on the island of Mount Desert, one of my favorite places ever.

Until later, my friends ~

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* mfeo = made for each other


Cloudia said...

How very lovely - esp the final triumphant shot of the atmospheric dock-

Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >

Unknown said...

totally jealous.

except for the most of me that is happier for you.

it's me said...

So much to enjoy!..I just knew it had to smell great--sea and pines. What a great shot of the young owls..the flowers have a special glow..and I have only eaten lobster a few times-it looks yum!...-a very special place.

Devon said...

Wow... I can see why you love vacationing there. That picture of the owls is spectacular! How funny, the shot of the lobster roll made my mouth actually water!

Hope you enjoy the remainder of your vacation! Thanks for sharing with us!

Anonymous said...

Stunning, stunning photos. No wonder you love being there. Last year, I followed the Blog Cabin project in Mathews, VA, and Maria W linked bloggers to CBW'S blog. Through her, I have followed your posts.
As a coincidence, this year's Blog Cabin is in Maine, a renovated home built in the 1890's.
Your photos are great testament to Maine's beauty.

BB said...

Bar Harbour looks divine... that water is SO blue!!! Love that last pic too... sounds like a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

i see why you love it there so much. what a stunning place.

Anonymous said...

I live in Norfolk in the UK and have always been interested in New England, and have several 'picture books' on the area, so was thrilled to find your blog on Cait's blog roll. I will be back for another wallow...thank you.

sallysmom said...

Hopefully enough memories to hold you for a year.

Country Gal said...

Fantastic photos ! Sounds and looks like a wonderful place ! Have a great day !

Hilary said...

I concur with above....jealous, but oh so happy for you. If I can't be there, at least you can, and that's fantastic.

Gone Country said...

OK, so now I want to visit Maine!

Gorgeous photos and interesting places!

Nurse Nancy said...

So lovely. JBM would love to have seen those owls! Enjoy your last day.

Daryl said...

so glad you got to see both Lili/Henri and your friends from home .. and that you are getting to see/go places you have ached to see/do ...

Me? I am off on an adventure today .. walking across the Brooklyn Bridge (just over a mile, so get that foot/knee better and we'll do it sometime) and a visit to Brooklyn Bridge Park .. it aint Maine but its been on the list of 'to do' for a while .. xoxox

Carolynn Anctil said...

So happy you're happy. It looks like a beautiful spot for relaxing and taking it easy. Makes me miss the coast, a bit. I especially love that last foggy shot.

Jeannelle said...

Beautiful scenes! I'm enjoying the Maine photos!

Hilary said...

Oh so gorgeous. I've been to all of those spots, except for Bar Island. I have photos of that Somesville bridge through the flower boxes also. You bring back so many fond memories of Maine. I'm so glad that you're enjoying your trip. Keep on sharing.

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

I have just returned from down East Maine and I felt in love with it, can you believe this New England girl had not been before! I'll be a frequent flyer from here on out! Your photos are lovely, and you really captured a beautiful part of the country! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you capturing those owls early in the morning...looks like you surprised them. :-) Great shot from the Bar Island too! One more thing to cross of your bucket list?

Low Tide High Style said...

Just beautiful, thanks for whisking me away as I sit inside the AC to avoid the heat and humidity outside! And lucky you for having had lunch with Lili and's great to see them looking so happy and mfeo! :)


Kelli said...

Maine is one of my favorite places... I'm very lucky to live in New England!
I'm loving seeing Maine through your eyes.

Chrissykat said...

I am absolutely, positively, undeniably, unbelievably every shade of green with a good way. :)))

Sabrina Steyling said...

Simply beautiful. Jealous. But thanks for sharing! :) <3

Dianne said...

cool and misty
how I love that

the owls are precious


Karen said...

Kate, your images are just breathtakingly beautiful, as is that magical place.

Those OWLS!!! Wow that's an incredible capture.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

What a beautiful place. And what a mouth-watering lobster roll.

Lili said...

Awwww Kate, that was so sweet about the "mfeo". Loved this post and feeling sad because you're leaving. And oh my goodness the capture of those owls is incredible. What a special moment that must have been to see them. Your lobstah roll looks perfect and the vantage point of Bar Island was really really nice! Love those mountains. Missing ya girl! xoxo ~Lili

JaneK said...

oh Kate, those pictures are so lovely I almost want to cry; and to hear about someone having such a wonderful peaceful vacation makes me almost want to cry too! thanks for sharing.... you owe me a box of tissues now :)

mrs mediocrity said...

Gorgeousness! And wow! those owls...
It looks like you are having a wonderful time. So glad.

becky up the hill said...

Those owls..amazed I am. Such beautiful photos Kate.

Kerri Farley said...

Oh Kate ...... your images and words always make me want to make Maine the next place I visit!
Absolutely stunning images!

Jill of All Trades said...

Awww, Bar Harbor. I wish we could have spent more time there last fall. I guess we now need to go back in the summer time. Beautiful and what luck with the owls!

CHummelKornell said...

Awesome photos--makes me want to visit. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely photos and experiences.

DesertHen said...

Beautiful shots! I just love those little owls! The first movie that MFEO was ever used in was Sleepless in Seattle.

Bluebird49 said...

Never seen anything like those owls OR those lobster rolls...I've never had one! They look so yummy!

So---you are back to being the Country Girl again..out of the big city of New York for a visit, and into the beautiful state of Maine.

I know you looked hard to find a place you both liked--looks like you succeeded again! Blessings!

The JR said...

stunning place

GailO said...

I always love your photos...but those owls!! Amazing! What a special capture:)

I never, ever miss going to Thuya Gardens when we go to Maine each year. Every year I see it in August and I always say I would love to see it during the spring sometime...maybe next year:) It is certainly one of those special places.

Love the lobster roll too!