Sunday, July 1, 2012

A summer day in Baltimore

This weekend, my husband’s family is getting together to celebrate his parents’ 60th wedding anniversary. My son came down from NYC and yesterday my sister-in-law, Helen, and I met him in Baltimore at Helen’s daughter’s place. Our plan was made several weeks ago because we wanted to get a first-hand look at my niece’s new house in Federal Hill. My niece, Kim, bought her first home this spring and it’s in a beautiful area of Baltimore . . .


2012-06-30_17-00-50_673 copy 2

. . . on a street similar to this.

I purposely didn’t bring my camera due to the incredible heat and the difficulty with the lens acclimating between the air conditioning and the hot, humid air. I think this surprised everyone but just the thought of lugging around my big DSLR through the streets of the city had me a little worried.

So these were all taken with the camera in my phone.



My niece, Kim, with her kitty, Millie.


Camera 360

Kim made the best appetizers. This one was my favorite. She took cherry tomatoes and cut them in half, then put a slice of mozzarella between the halves, added a sprig of basil and inserted a toothpick. They were served with a balsamic vinegar reduction. Oh, so good.


Camera 360

Equally as good was this one – whole wheat bread smeared with a mixture of brie cheese and dill, a sliced cucumber and shrimp to top it all off. Divine.


Camera 360

Also divine – Kim’s bike.

Totally fell in love with this bike.


2012-06-30_13-44-08_477 copy 2

The houses in her district are very narrow and long. Kim’s has a little patio through the kitchen sliding doors. This is where she grows her basil and other herbs. She loves her plants, just like her dad. She also has a deck off the third floor where she has more plants and some lounge chairs set up.


2012-06-30_14-27-06_730 copy 2

Beautiful hardwood floors, a working fireplace, and a spiral staircase that goes all the way up to the third floor where Kim has her master bedroom. If I remember correctly, the house was built in 1859.


Camera 360

Two tiny windows are in the third floor master bedroom and I was pleasantly surprised to find one of my framed prints on the wall. Then I remembered I’d brought it to Christmas one year for the dirty santa game we traditionally play. Kim had won it.


2012-06-30_14-58-04_78 copy 2

We decide to brave the heat and head out into the 103 degree day so we all piled into Kim’s car and she gave us a mini-tour of her neighborhood and where she works, which is over by Fort McHenry. We walked along the waterfront by the fort for a little bit.


2012-06-30_14-45-47_316 copy 2

Kim, Helen, and my son Matt.

Helen is my husband’s sister.



2012-06-30_15-15-35_36 copy 2

We were going to have crabs at this restaurant along the water. It was a little cooler  on the waterfront, but they had just lost power, which explained why the street lights were all out on the way there.


2012-06-30_15-28-12_433 copy 2

So we got back in the car and headed over to Kim’s neighborhood to one of her favorite places – Ryleigh’s.


2012-06-30_15-37-43_223 copy 2

Ryleigh’s on Cross Street in Federal Hill.

I loved this place!



We quenched our thirsts with fresh fruit crushes, one of their specialties. Front to back are the Fairwinds Lemonade Crush, a Raspberry Lemonade Crush, and a Grapefruit Crush. I took the photo with my Retro Camera and am not thrilled with my choice. But oh, well. I can always come back!



We ordered several appetizers, passing around the plates. There was Grilled Calamari, a Pound ‘o Mussels, Sushi Grade Tuna Tartar (my favorite), Panko Encrusted Fried Oysters, and a Cast-Iron Crab Pot.

Oh. My. Gosh. So good. I’m already making plans to go back . . .



Thanks for stopping by today, and to all who left comments on the previous post. I’m still reading all of your wonderful answers, so if you haven’t heard from me yet, you soon will. (Unless your e-mail isn’t enabled – sorry).

Have a beautiful Sunday. And keep cool.

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Love you, Kim!

Congratulations on your new home ~



Sabrina Steyling said...

Wow oh wow I am in love! Such a quaint and charming place (both the town and the house)! I adore the spiral staircase most of all, I think. Those appetizers do look yummy, and I also love black cats, so Millie is awesome in my book.

Thanks for sharing!

Kay said...

What an adorable , beautiful home your niece has. I love it, and seeing the pictures of the neighborhood and all....just so niece got back to DC just after the storm, and luckily all her power and a/c were on at home in Woodbridge, VA...she flies for United.. flight was a rainy day here in Oregon yesterday and today will be half and half, with clearing up for tomorrow thru the week. a mild 64 to 70 which is nice.. Always love your photos......Have a good 4th of July and stay cool. Love, Kay from Oregon

Hilary said...

When I saw your son, I heard my grandmother he's a long drink a water..........which is how she described someone tall and thin........handsome son you have....
and pray tell, 'dirty santa'?????
I must have missed that one.
I get lazy too and leave my camera home......spoiled byt a cell phone.

Carolynn Anctil said...

lovely, lovely, lovely.

Congratulations to your in-laws too! I made it to 7 years in my first marriage and I'm in year 2 with my second. 60 years is no small thing!

beth said...

what a fun post....i loved the visit !!
those floors...that yummy !

and honestly, with photos this good from your phone, one of these days {or at least during this heat wave} all of us will be leaving our "heavy cameras" at home !!

and you look "MAHVELUS" my dear !!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

What a lovely trip! I love your niece's home, and congrats to her for being able to buy a home by herself at such a young age!

Candylei said...

The pictures are darling. Glad you are having fun even though it's toasty out. I will spend most of the day carrying around a hose.

Daryl said...

love the updo .. so cool looking .. and all those yummy hors' d'ouevre ... I would kill to have a house like her's... so next visit can we go to that restaurant????

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day despite the crazy heat wave. Her house is just so sweet and I am in love with her floors! GAH... really neat.

Do you know what the make is on the bicycle, or is it vintage... it's just adorable and the color is exactly what I would choose were in mine. :-))

Gail said...

Even with the pitfalls a wonderful day. Your pictures are still beautiful so it must be the artist's eye and not the tool.

wayne15575 said...

What a fantastic little trip. I rather enjoyed it. I can see that space is a commodity in those big cities.

I would feel so cramped.
I favor that last picture you posted. It makes it all so ...personal and friendly. Thanks Kate.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Your niece is lovely and I love her historic home! Someday I'm coming east to visit for myself all those wonderful amazing historic places! Baltimore, Philadelphia and Boston top my bucket list! Can you believe I've never traveled north of Tennessee?! I have been to the Pacific Northwest and Mexico, but I want to see it all!
Love this post--thanks for sharing!

Dawning Inspiration said...

What a beautiful place! You did fabulous with your camera phone! Love her staircase... wow!!

GailO said...

Thanks for taking us on your trip with you! It was fun starting the trip with your Instagram photos:)

I am so in love with your niece's new home! Beautiful! My husband and I have been watching the show "The Wire" and are now on season does not show this nice side of Baltimore at all!:)

Stay cool!

Jill of All Trades said...

What a wonderful visit. Her home is lovely and those recipes...yummy...gonna try the tomato one for sure. I would go back too.

BB said...

Really enjoyed this post Kate... nice visiting with you (even if your gorgeous big camera did have a day off!). Amazed at those stairs - for someone with crook knees that looks a little like torture. All I can think is: she must have great knees!

Mental P Mama said...

Kim can hang with us! LOVE that pic of you! Love it!!

Em Parkinson said...

What a gorgeous house, and really interesting from a British point of view as we're led to believe that all Americans live in HUGE places. It looks quite a normal size to me! Beautiful part of town too; like Gail O, I only have 'The Wire' to go on and wasn't 'Homicide, Life on the Streets' based there too? Great shows but not a great advert for Baltimore which obviously has a lot more to offer.

Reena said...

I loved this post and seeing your family! Keep cool my friend.

Karen said...

ooh, it all looks wonderful.. and I use my iphone more now too, in places where I know the conditions won't be great for the Canon. They take amazing pics! your post shows.

Your son looks SO much like your husband!

Fun post, thanks for sharing.

Andi said...

We were just coming home from Baltimore on Sunday! We were cruisin'! Spent the night last weekend in the Harbor. I thought of you as we drove home through York. :D Sounds like you had a lovely day.

Alli said...

By the time I got to the end of this post I had so many things to say I forgot them all!

First of all, I need to learn how to find a home like THAT! Noah and I are moving to Maryland to teach this fall and I couldn't be more excited. We're over the Hagerstown/Frederick way though.

The mural on the side of the restaurant is beautiful! I love the details of the water.

Nothing is better than being near water when relaxing. Seeing the waves crash against the shore or a dock... perfection. Watching boats in the harbor... Whew!

I love Kim's bike and basket! The color is perfect and it looks great for riding the city streets.

Glad you got time to see your family! Hope the summer is treating you well.

Alli said...

I knew I forgot something! How sweet is it to see your photo on her wall? What a lovely picture and it's so nice that it clearly means something to her. I think relationships like this are what make life so worthwhile!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Loved the tour but am especially enamored with those appetizers, the cherry tomato ones in particular. Such a clever idea.

Dawn Gross said...

Baltimore is a beautiful city! Fells Point is a favorite!

Bluebird49 said...

What a lovely and Very fortunate young woman to have bought her own house--and such a lovely home it is, too. I can't even imagine! AND the food! She does great food, and then you got to go out to eat, as well!
Whew--you deserve every minute of it. Go again! Soon!

My husband and I just celebrated 46 years of marriage on June 30th.

Nice to see a picture of your son again--and of you! Love the "cool" up-sweep you had that day. I'll bet it was so hot--you didn't know what else to do with it! Another lovely post, Kate.

mrs mediocrity said...

What a lovely place...
60 years, wow!

Hope you are staying cool, and that you get to relax in your kiddie pool tomorrow!

JaneK said...

You really do have such a lovely way of telling a story with your pictures! And as far as the previous post, yes.... Don't try so hard.... Everything you share is a joy to read no matter how often you wish to post.... It is always appreciated but never expected!

Kerri Farley said...

What a beautiful post! I think your phone pics are just as AWESOME as your "big camera" pics! While at the Beach I did the same thing - bought a waterproof covers for the iPhone to keep sand and sea spray out of it - and clicked away!
PS - my sissy lives at the Inner Harbor - such a beautiful area!!

Dianne said...

Kim's home is lovely
and in a wonderful area too

she's a beautiful young woman
Millie the cat is quite cute too

other than being way too hot it sounds like a fantastic day

sharon said...

looks like a nice time with family. Love the food pics. I'll have to try the tomato dish. Keep cool, Me thinks it's hot EVERYWHERE!!

Lili said...

That was fun Kate! You'll have to elaborate on that dirty Santa game...sounds intriguing. xo ~Lili