Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The secret of life, and more answers

The beloved Element is now fixed and the problem has been solved. It was the starter, as we suspected. Today I got some things done around the house, did a small grocery shop and then settled down to watch more of season 1 of Fringe on Netflix. I am so into this show right now it’s not funny. I should be reading great literature . . .

Wait a minute. I should be doing whatever makes me happy is what I should be doing. Bring on the Fringe.

Later in the afternoon, I looked outside and saw the wind picking up and the sky darkening. Good, I thought, maybe it will cool things down.


DSC_1481 copy 2

The animals were scurrying about, and suddenly I saw a deer in the front yard.


DSC_1479 copy 2

Shot this through the glass in the front foyer which is why it’s a bit blurry.


DSC_1486 copy 2

I went outside to see if I could get a better photo of the deer, but she had bolted. Got a bluebird instead, which made me smile. Shortly after this, it began to rain steadily. We’ve had more rain in the month of June than I ever remember having. The earth is lush and green. And it’s beautiful, really.

On Tuesday, I’m going to take my husband on a small road trip to visit some old friends. It should be nice.

And now to answer your questions from today’s post.

:   :   :


Haven't heard much about the Ninja Squirrels. Did your husband finally find a way to keep them away from the bird feeders? ~ Carolyn, A Glowing Ember

In the winter of 2011, my husband strung up a wire from the edge of the house to the dogwood tree. The wire is super strong and holds a half dozen bird feeders. All of the feeders we use are strung on the wire and none are hanging from any of the trees anymore. The wire has cut down on the squirrel problem immensely although a few brave souls will actually traverse the wire and get to the feeders. I give his plan high marks in my book.


DSC_1474 copy 2

I always wonder what George is looking at when he poses like that - something vaguely worrying for a collie? ~ Kate, The Catalanway

Sometimes he doesn’t know what I want when I have the camera. Or maybe he was worried that I’d make a Warhol pop art wall hanging out of his photo. So I did. Got it at Big Huge Labs. Thanks to my friend, Mary, for the tip.



What is your absolute favorite part of the old manor house? ~ Kat, Low Tide High Style

I love this question and the real answer is that my favorite place is outside. I love the property here. But it’s the manor house itself you’re referring to, so I would have to say that it’s the living room. It’s not the prettiest room, however, and it’s a bit dark but it’s where we spend most of our time. All of my family photos are here and some of my favorite things. A couple of photos of the manor house living room are {here} but we’ve changed the furniture around since 2009 when I posted it.


What's your favorite lipstick color/brand ? ~ Beth

Fun, Beth! Right now I’m loving Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in Warm Caramel. It’s very natural-looking and is also really good for your lips. When I go out, which is rare these days, I use Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine in #51 (Unique). And then I put the Neutrogena over it because that’s how I roll.


Cool! You're fielding questions? I have two.
1. What is the secret of life?
2. What is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything?
:-) there's always a smartass in the group, isn't there! But if you can name the referenced song in #1 and book in #2, your cool factor will shoot on out the roof. It's already pretty high in my book. ~ JaneK

Thanks, Jane. You always crack me up. But I actually think I know the answers that you seek. (Snort)

According to James Taylor, the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.  And the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything is 42. Learned that in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Doug Adams.

That was fun. I’ll have to do this again ~

Enjoy your Tuesday, all.

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Cloudia said...

What a tour Deforce of fun post! Loved George as a Campbell soup can!

You do roll, Baby :-)


Em Parkinson said...

Love the Andy Warhole! Enjoy the trip and appreciate that lack of packing. x

The Weaver of Grass said...

The secret of life when you get to my age is never to dwell on the fact that you may not have much time left on this earth, concentrate on filling each day with good things and really appreciating ones friends.

Sharon said...

I love Fringe. It does get weird in later seasons but does wrap up nicely. Enjoy and savor the earlier episodes.

JaneK said...

Almost spewed my coffee when I saw your blog post title today! You are too much fun. And your super cool points are off the charts now. Thanks for the smiles this morning :-)

The JR said...

I enjoyed this! Glad the Element is back road ready.

Have fun on your trip.

Devon said...

Fun post... Loved the Warhol George!

JC said...

I always figured that George was looking at the cat do something. As cats are quite entertaining to my dogs. lol

The bluebird in flight was cool. We don't get them here in rainyville.

We were muggy for days and now the wets have arrived and it feels a bit better. Would like some sun though .. without the mugs.

Hope things are semi ok at your place. I'd love to walk your property and just look around. Seems like a good place to be.

Fringe .. I loved it. Watched every episode. Ask me any question you have about it.

I turned things around on you didn't I ...


Carolynn Anctil said...

Ah, excellent solution for the squirrels. I'm not surprise to hear some of the Ninja Masters are still getting through the Mr.'s defenses.

I also concur with your philosophy that one should follow one's bliss, however that may look.


GailO said...

Loved your answers to questions...especially to those difficult last two:) I agree with them both. I also like Leonard Cohen's answer to the mystery of lift...."do dum dum dum de do dum dum" Hear it here http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=leonard+cohen+tower+of+song&mid=DBB4AF3560EA447EE270DBB4AF3560EA447EE270&view=detail&FORM=VIRE5

GailO said...

Oh and enjoy your trip today!

Low Tide High Style said...

The clouds were so cool last night, but I was too lazy to get out of the hammock and grab my camera before the rain came...glad you did! And I love your living room too...weird that I can't really say that I have seen it before, such a soothing shade of green in there. Good questions, great answers! Enjoy your outing today!


Jeanne Walker said...

What do you want to be when you grow up and where do you want to live to do it?

Mary said...

Aw, I'm loving rock star George and his Warhol portrait! Hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!

Daryl said...

we were Fringe fanatics ... one of Toonman's clients, Lance Reddick, plays Broyles .. he is as nice as your boyfriend Daniel Sunjata

beth said...

i tell ya, that jane is a keeper !!!

mrs mediocrity said...

You ARE the coolest! And I am on a Mad Men binge this week... who knew?

The weather has been crazy and rainy here, too, but the garden is loving it, everything is huge.


Lisa Gordon said...

Hmmmm, going to have to consider that wire thing, as I've not found a way to keep the squirrels away from the feeders. Thank you for the tip!

Happy day to you!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

That pretty much is the definition of our life and existence, the passage of time. We have to choose to enjoy it and make the most of it. Any expectations outside of the present are not guaranteed. All we have is now.

This philosophical moment brought to you by exhaustion and a deep appreciation for your posts.

Hope the week has been good.

Jan's camera said...

LOL, love the pop art photo of George. It is awesome. I have that book "Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe" but have never read it. It is on my list of books to read. Believe it or not I am just starting to watch the old TV show "Alias" with Jennifer Garner. I never watched it when it was on primtime so I am watching it now on XFinity Streaming and I love that show.

Jan's camera said...

Those photos of the deer and the bluebird are lovely.