Saturday, June 29, 2013

Good Morning sunshine

I couldn’t sleep last night but I finally managed to close my eyes and drift away around 3:30 AM. Imagine my surprise when I woke up at 6:15. Oh, good grief. I’m going to warn you at this point that this is kind of a long post, ok?

I’ve had a quiet week off and after attempting on Tuesday to do one day trip with my husband, came to the conclusion that it’s best he stay at home. He agrees.

It is what it is and there are no complaints. Thank heavens that home is a good place.


DSC_1522 copy 2

The coffee was already made when I got up. This is one thing my husband does really well anymore, and he knows how much I appreciate it.

Need coffee ~


DSC_1525 copy 2

I took my cup and my camera and walked around outside in my bare feet. The lawn service came yesterday so I didn’t have to worry about bees in clover.

I’ve been doing chores around the house and the grounds that I hadn’t had time for with working so much. My son helped and we got some bushes trimmed and vines taken care of. When we moved here, the vines were climbing up the house.

Remember when I lost all of my images when my EHD crashed a couple of years ago? Well, here are a couple that I’d saved online at Photobucket. They were taken when I brought my husband to look at the house on October 12, 2008. I had already arranged for us to move in and had been given a tour of the inside. I brought my husband over that weekend to see the outside.



October 2008




And what it looks like today:

DSC_1530 copy 2



DSC_1532 copy 2

My husband always took care of the bushes and the outside of the property. The owners have a lawn service that comes every two weeks in the spring and summer but they don’t trim bushes or keep vines at bay.


DSC_1533 copy 2

I broke down and put together a couple of simple hanging baskets this week.

They make me happy.


DSC_1536 copy 2

This crazy bush thing isn’t a really bush at all. My son helped me cut it back one morning this week because the vines were over the picnic table and hitting the ground. This is an old stump from a cherry tree that fell several years ago, splitting the lilac bush (in foreground) in half. The lilac is recovering; my husband removed the tree himself. Pieces of it are standing up next to the bush and in another photo further down.


DSC_1543 copy 2

Steam rises off the roof in the early morning sun.


DSC_1544 copy 2

This planter was empty and looking lonely, so I filled it with sphagnum moss and plants.



DSC_1547 copy 2

This is where the rest of the cherry tree logs dwell. It’s a contraption that my husband built that serves several purposes. For a long time, I considered it an eyesore, but now every time I see it, I smile.

It fell down in a storm this week and my son helped me put it back together. One branch helps to hold up the wire that stretches from the dogwood to the side of the house (my husband’s ingenious squirrel-defeating system). It also acts as a place for birds to perch so that I can photograph them, and to hang suet from for the woodpeckers.

My husband is not able to fill the feeders anymore, so I’ve been doing it. It’s a pleasure, actually. When he sits at his place in the breakfast nook, he can see the birds that come to visit. At least, I hope he can see them.


DSC_1549 copy 2

I also did a major cleaning job on the kitchen & breakfast nook floor. This is something I haven’t done for a couple of years. Oh, I mop it regularly . . . but to get it this clean, I have a system that involves hours of hard labor but it ends up gleaming.

There is going to come a time when I’ll have to stop working to care for my husband, but so far things have been ok and work is kind of an escape, actually, although I dread going back on Monday. Just too busy . . .

For now, though, it is quiet. It is comfortable. And today I’m going out to look for a sofa for my husband. It’s a long story and one I won’t go into at this point. I just want him to be comfortable.

Hope your weekend is lovely ~

Thanks for coming by today. It’s always good when you’re here.


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Anonymous said...

Loved this post.... and your husband's contraption. xox Hope you find him the perfect sofa. Comfort is a necessity you know. Have a great week-end, Kate!

MrsB said...

THIS post is why I love coming here.

Lots of folks care about you and your family.

Em Parkinson said...

Really enjoyed your little tour. I always say 'East, West, home's best' if my son is complaining about not going away somewhere, which makes him laugh at how old-fashioned I am.

Cindy said...

It is a great post. Loved seeing the house and the contraption. Sending good thoughts your way.

Hilary said...

You always make your readers feel so at home at your place. Your husbands contraption is indeed a smile-evoker. I'm glad your son is around to help you. Hugs to you, Kate.

Willow said...

I like the crazy bush thing, it has charachter. We also have a similar wild wood contraption type multi purpose sculpturess thingie. Lol

Nancy said...

Your hard work has paid off and everything looks great. I hope you find just the tight sofa

Gail said...

If I were closer...

You are a person who knows what love means.

Cloudia said...

You hang in there, you dear, dear girl!


The Weaver of Grass said...

As usual, such an upbeat post in such difficult circumstances - I endorse what Cloudia says dear girl.

JaneK said...

Again, I am now humming "our house is a very very fine house".
It seems as though life is bittersweet for you and the fact that you bring out the sweet despite the bitter is a trait that is inspirational.
Here's to finding the perfect comfy couch! I'm sure it is a labor of love......

Nellie said...

I really do enjoy your blog, Kate, and I hope you are having success finding a more suitable sofa for your husband. Hugs, Nellie

Cait O'Connor said...

You have a beautiful house. Good luck with finding a sofa,make it a really comfy one!

kate i said...

Your home is so lovely Kate. I don't post very blog is with Typepad...but I come and read and enjoy your photo's. You're an inspiration to so many. Sending love.

spindrift,maine said...

Sending love and understanding. Keep on keepin' on, Kate. xoxo

abb said...

Hugs to ya! Hang in there, though it sounds like you're doing a good jog of that. xo

Low Tide High Style said...

I was thinking about you guys today, glad life is moving along, and how lucky that old house is to have you all.

xo Kat

Snap said...

Wonderful post. Life goes on and a good sofa is important ... as is bird watching. I agree with others here ... the old house is lucky to have ya'll. Wishing all well. Hugs--

Kerri Farley said...

Thinking of you Kate! and of your hubby!! Hope that sofa hunt was a success!

Donna S. said... did get some plants out!! Probably cheered you up too. Yes, I am glad your son is there to help, glad you & the old house have each other, and glad you are able to keep it together & keep going forward. Best to you and your husband!!

becky up the hill said...

Dear Kate, I hope and pray that sofa is easy to find. The old manor house has turned into a home since you and yours moved there. Thanks for the tour. I think of you often. I am always relieved when you post.

Marianne said...

There's nothing like walking in the grass barefoot! Little pleasures mean a lot when you're going through a difficult time. I'm glad you realize the importance of taking care of you while you're taking care of him.

ninestafford said...

Dear Kate
I have been where you are now and can’t stress that, if you want to keep going, how important it is for you for you to take care of you first.
Thank you for your blog, some days it is only your photographs of your beautiful surroundings, of the birds, and of George that keep me functioning.
One day at a time.
Best wishes,
Kate in Australia

Kay said...

I think of you a lot, and know the road is not all that kind, but you and hubby seem to be making the most of life.... you certainly have spruced up the place in these years. it is so beautiful. I love that yard.....just stunning. We are having a heat wave out west as you probably have seen on tv....not pleasant, to say the least. at least five more days of it, but the coast is much cooler and nicer than inland. I am off to bed, and I will think good thoughts for you and hubby. Kay

Gayle said...

Good thoughts coming your way.

Nice to see Miss Blackie, too!

BB said...

Hey sweetie... loved this selection of images and to see the love invested in your home. I bet the owners appreciate the care you take too... as always, sending peace and hugs and chadonnay your way. (OK, not sending chardy but DO promise to bring some with me when I come to visit!)


Country Girl said...

Thank you all. I have responded to many of you via e-mail, but some I wasn't able because your e-mail wasn't enabled.

To Kate in Australia ~
Thank you for your kind words. I wish I could reply to you but what I can do is to try and post more.



Michelle said...

So much said, and unsaid, in this post. I love it yet it makes my heart ache. (((HUGS)))

mrs mediocrity said...

It makes me smile that his contraption makes you smile... Yay for sunshine and hanging baskets!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

There is a bittersweetness in this post, and I'm sending good thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

Lee Owenby said...

Love the honesty in your blog. I always feel like I really know you.

I have a kitchen floor just like yours that I mop every week. I'd love to know how you get yours to look that way.

WPgirl said...

I can't begin to imagine what you are going through. Just wanted to let you know you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.
Lynda in Michigan.

sharon said...

will you come and clean my house? although we did get the garage somewhat cleaned. I need to de-clutter bad!
I remember when you wrote about the wire for the bird feeders. The battle between your husband and the have the pictures to prove your husband won.
Hope you had a good weekend and will have a great 4th.

Daryl said...

my kitchen would benefit from a Kate-ing ... hope you found a sofa for A ... this weekend your friend Ray asked about you two .. and sends his best ... you know i think about you all the time .. miss you .. gotta get me a car and come down to visit ...

The JR said...

A beautiful place.

Love looking at it and hearing about that place.

take care, good shopping.


JC said...

Your country home is lovely.

I've always enjoyed your photos of what's going on in your yard.

May your days be filled with memories that remind you of what all of this is about.

Life is not easy. It's the moments in between that make it so special.

And, pet that cute cat (on the table) from me,


beth said...

not too long at all and a post filled with memories and honesty and warmth.....we adore your space and your story !


new mexico mtn girl - CheyAnne Sexton said...

Awesome post. It's wild when we can't sleep and then end up running on next to nothing anyway. Sometimes good and sometimes not so much.
Glad your honey enjoys the birds and hope he loves his new couch.
Your vine cutting cleans up your house into beautiful and how great to have your son help.
Have a super week.
peace n abundance, health n much love,

Mary said...

Some nights are like that for me, too. Four hours sleep is about my lower limit...

Love your early morning shots. The light is always so beautiful then. And omigosh, your kitchen floor is a shiny, squeaky beauty!!!

Unknown said...

love your home.....and covet your dog....and your clean floor!....smiles

thecatalanway said...

Here I am checking in and so glad you had a peaceful weekend and time to potter around in bare feet. Now it is almost the next weekend - where has the time gone? I am getting ready to travel and so I am not so much on the computer as usual. but you are always in my thoughts.
I absolutely LOVE the photos of the determined little bird with her twig. What magic in those images.
lots of love

Kate xxx

GailO said...

The absolute best last birthday gift I bought for my sister was a recliner was actually delivered on the 4th of July...her birthday. She got more comfort from that chair and loved how it looked in her living room...I am so happy that I did that...your post just made me remember that:)

What a wonderful place you have been able to live in for these past few years...a blessing.

Thinking of you Kate