Monday, July 1, 2013


I sat outside yesterday morning and observed a pair of house wrens who were chattering about at one of the bluebird boxes along the fence line. They seemed excited and happy and as I watched, I noticed that they were moving in.

Want to listen to them? Here’s what they sound like.

I watched as one of them, in a most determined fashion, managed to get a very long twig into a very small entryway. I was sitting rather far away, which is why the images aren’t as clear as they could have been.

What? You don’t find this kind of thing interesting?


DSC_1572 copy 2

You try doing this upside down and without hands.



DSC_1573 copy 2

Almost got it . . . almost.



DSC_1574 copy 2

No. Backing up . . . slowly . . . slowly.



DSC_1575 copy 2

Trying from the other end of the twig now.



DSC_1577 copy 2




DSC_1578 copy 2

Now holding closer to one end.

This seems like it could be the ticket.



DSC_1581 copy 2

And . . . success!



DSC_1568 copy 2

And resting before the next twig.

I find it amazing at how much energy, determination and hard work it takes our feathered friends to build a nest.

:   :   :

Back to work after a long week off. Super busy, but it’s ok. Plus, I missed my co-workers. Found a sofa, though! I ordered one from Ethan Allen’s Express line and it should be here (fingers crossed) by the end of the month.

On another note, if you know anyone who would like to rent the cottage in Maine that I have for next June (any week), please e-mail me or leave a comment. It’s located just outside of Bar Harbor, Maine and close to Acadia National Park. More info here ~ {Summerwood Cottage}.

Until tomorrow, my friends . . .

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Sheila said...

Great images Kate! Thanks for sharing.

Country Gal said...

Lovely photos ! I get a kick out of watching our Wrens I call Mr & Mrs Molly , they have been nesting here for three years every summer , as well as lots of other wonderful birds in our other bird houses and trees . The Wrens are nesting in one of the houses we have in our back garden and every time I go to do the weeding or watering they do their nut and tell me off . Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

Karen said...

Amazing, what they accomplish, isn't it? And then, how very fast those eggs become baby birds become fledglings and off they go.

Sabrina Steyling said...

I love the play-by-play and your commentary going along with it. How cute :)

Nellie said...

What a great collection of photos of that wren! Can you imagine a sense of satisfaction when he was finally successful?

Sending wishes for a pleasant week back to work.

I truly wish a trip to Maine would be in our plans, but alas! It cannot be for next summer.:-(

Take care, kate!

Low Tide High Style said...

I love watching the birds as they work so hard building their nests, it truly is fascinating. And I'm glad you found a sofa! Wait?! You already rented a cottage for next year?


Country Girl said...

I couldn't get my money back from the week I had to forfeit. So I asked them if I could use it for next year and they agreed. I would rather go with my sisters though, and we would need a slightly bigger place. My hope is to use the money from the cottage (provided I can rent it) toward something a little bigger.

becky up the hill said...

Had our first House Wrens this year. I went to this same web site and also recorded them on my phone. They nested in a birdhouse gourd hanging from the Lilac tree. Twiggy nest! Now Mr. House Wren is with a Juvenile and he has been upset and screeching at him, all the while getting him worms. ha. teenagers.

DesertHen said...

Whew! That was a lot of hard work for that little wren! Nice photo story!

donna baker said...

I think I love the wren the most. They are just too cute and sweet. If you get time, you'll have to look at the nest I just posted.

JaneK said...

Awwwwww.... What a great lesson in determination.... Thanks for yours in posting it :-) it is something I lack; I would make a terrible bird and would be nestless!
You, on the other hand, would make a great bird and not only have a nest but it would be decorated so prettily :-)

Cloudia said...

Wren - ching post! LOL

But seriously, sweet little Summer friends always delight. (As do you)

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
~ > < } } ( ° > <3
> < } } ( ° >

Carolynn Anctil said...

Nest building, in general, impresses me to no end. Birds are magnificent architects and decorators, all.

A Glowing Ember

Lady Di said...

This was so beautiful. Thank you for your patience to capture it. I'm from Maryland too. Is this where it was taken?

PS - if you're watching Graceland, don't you adore the MD references??

Lady Di said...

Have a wonderful day!!

Connie in Hartwood said...

I am fascinated by most things that birds do. All by instinct, for the most part, and done perfectly. I have a Carolina Wren nest in a pot in my greenhouse with five babies in it. They are a week old now ... eyes open, resting their chins on the edge of the nest waiting for the next meal to fly in.

Gail said...

Our type of wren has the male building several nests and then the female must chose her favorite, then and only then do they mate and set up house.

The JR said...

I have a nesting wren on the porch of all places in a cabinet. Talk about being in danger. Porch cats, yard cats.....

We put a screen over the cabinet opening and shield across the top to keep the main bad cat from getting the babies.

beth said...

surprisingly, i find that kind of thing very interesting and used to watch our birds at the cottage do the same thing :)

Country Girl said...

Taken in Cecil County MD. Haven't seen Graceland since the pilot.

Country Girl said...

Taken in Cecil County MD. Haven't seen Graceland since the pilot.

new mexico mtn girl - CheyAnne Sexton said...

love listening to their little songs. I had one of these go through our part of New Mexico last fall and I loved it's sounds. Thanks for sharing the photos tho. what amazing little critters birds are.
We are finally getting some much, much needed rain here and very thankful for that.
peace n abundance,
ps I posted so super cute baby ducklings on my newest blog post too.
( your site won't let me include my wordpress blog any more)

Tammy said...

For such small little creatures they are determined and dedicated to building a nest. I always enjoy your bird photos. Sorry to hear you are so busy, but in a way it's better to be busy than bored. Hugs!!

Em Parkinson said...

What very sweet birds and what a great job they did!

Lisa Gordon said...

Kate, this series of photos is adorable.
Such determined little creatures, aren't they???

Mary said...

Omigosh, what a wonderful series of images! I would have been leaving a little pile of broken twigs nearby for that poor bird.... :)

I hope you are staying cool. It's been awful here in Jersey.

Cait O'Connor said...

Amazing pics of amazing feats.

Cathy said...

well this was so fun to. great shots. and i would love to rent a cottage in Maine... but it is not to be. Dang.

Unknown said...

Kate!....I too am fascinated by birds....lately, their antics while bathing in my various birdbaths have left me snickering....smiles!

JC said...

Love your bird house photos.

I currently have someone who has been sitting for what seems like weeks. It's on my deck here at the beach.

Not sure what kind of bird I have though.

Kerri Farley said...

We had our first House Wren couple this year .... did you know he builds up to 12 nests and then takes the "lady" by to choose which one she wants?? What a nice guy!!
And very determined as your pics show.

Happy 4th of July!!

Georgianna said...

Incredible sequence, Kate, and loved the captions, which add just the right touch of humor. I actually do find this kind of thing interesting. I never imagined myself a bird person until we bought this property. Now they are an important part of our days. :)

But I still can't take a decent photo of them. My hat is off to you.


GailO said...

I am so glad you took the time to take this great series! I do find birds fascinating and you take the best of pictures of them!

Hope you find someone for the is certainly in a beautiful spot!

Jan's camera said...

Great shots. They do work their little butts off and they make such tight little nests. Amazing creatures.

Bluebird49 said...

Wish I had that determination! I'll bet you do, Kate!