Thursday, July 25, 2013

Camera phone images and lovely weather

My husband turned 57 today and the weather has been the most pleasant it’s been since May. It feels like Maine weather and I love it. His folks came to visit for a little bit this afternoon and it was quite nice. His mum came bearing a homemade trifle (his favorite) and my husband’s eyes lit up when he saw it. I had told him that for his birthday, I would pick up crab cake sandwiches for dinner and now we could have trifle for dessert. But after they left, he told me he’d rather not have a big dinner, and asked if we could do something small. I know him . . . he wanted to have room for the trifle and if he could have had only that, he probably would have.

The following images were all taken with the camera phone in my Samsung Galaxy S4. I think I opened one or two up in PS to process and the others were edited using Aviary, a free download on the phone.



I took this one coming up the driveway last week when it was hot hot hot. Got the frame at Pave Sigaut on Flickr where there are a number of cool textures and frames – all free.

Pave Sigaut on Flickr



George gets a new toy.

And he hasn’t let up for days with wanting it tossed.

Over and over and . . .


IMG_20130712_104420 copy 2

I had blueberry pie last week that I warmed in the microwave and topped with ice cream.



IMG_20130720_110346 copy 2

The sky one recent evening.



20130724_195803 copy 2

And the new sofa, which arrived yesterday afternoon from Ethan Allen.

I ordered one in their Express line, which took just over three weeks from the date of sale to the arrival date (and it was on sale).

It’s much easier on my husband than what was there before. We won’t even go into that story, but I will say that what was there before was the small part of the old sectional and it was very uncomfortable.

I don’t really have much else so I’ll be back later.

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Michelle said...

What? No photo of the trifle to drool over? No fair!

JaneK said...

Yea, seriously.... No trifle photo?!

Glad the couch made it in time for his birthday!

TGIF (tomorrow).... Have a great weekend...

Sallysmom said...

I love that first pic. It reminds me of the types of pictures that my mom and her sister made in the 50's. I love, love, love it!

becky up the hill said...

I am happy to hear from you.

Nellie said...

Happy Birthday to your husband!

That is a nice new couch! Hopefully it will prove to be comfortable.

Yum! I believe I could enjoy some Trifle!:-)


Sheila said...

Beautiful images as always. Love your new couch, it does look comfy :)

Hilary said...

I am glad to see that I am not the only one who was anticipating the photo of the trifle.
God we're boring.

Low Tide High Style said...

Happy Birthday to your husband!!! And enjoy this beautiful weather, we sure are!

xo Kat

Cait O'Connor said...

Nice to see George again, a beautiful dog. And the first pic in the frame is impressive.

beth said...

his favorite trifle and a new that's a wonderful combination and now of course, my happiest birthday wishes to him !!!


thotlady said...

The sofa is lovely.

andy said...

Love your pictures and that pie looks wonderful !!!!!

Jeanette said...

Nice sofa and I'm glad it's easier on your husband. That pie looks delicions. Pie and ice cream is an incredible combination.

Jeanne Walker said...

Joining those who were salavating at the thought of seeing that trifle! Love all the photos...especially of George. Love it that William and Kate named the prince after George!!! Can we now call him 'Prince George'? Glad that Andrew's birthday was graced by his parents and his favorite sweet, and that he now has a comfy sofa to relax on! Have a wonderfully blessed weekend! xo

The JR said...

Yesterday was my husband's b'day and he turned 55. We had a huge supper and then he ate a piece of 4 layer chocolate cake with chocolate icing as big as my head. Every bite.

Happy b'day to your man. Love the picture of George watching the toy. Great couch.

Unknown said...

I love that sofa, we have such a difficult time finding a sofa and chair that we both like because my husband is tall and I'm short. The last time we got the sofa for him and a big overstuffed chair for me, works well.
How do you like your phone? I'm thinking of getting that one next.

Carolynn Anctil said...

I like the lines of your new sofa. So many are square and *ahem* boring. I'm attached to my old thing because it's curvy.

I think one should have dessert for dinner at least once a year and what better time to do it than on your birthday. Personally, I could sit down to a plate of my Mom's pumpkin pie any day of the week. *smile*

Happy Weekend!
A Glowing Ember

Donna S. said...

Good to hear from you. Nice to hear his eyes lit up for something!! :)

Karen said...

The couch is lovely! And I say give him the trifle for supper - Happy Birthday!

And isn't it marvelous that the royals named their first born after your dog :-)

JC said...

Love the couch.
The toy, if I were a dog, looks great.
The pie, yummy.
The photos, like they always do, look fabulous.
Happy Birthday to your H.
And, how are you doing ?

Kerri Farley said...

Happy Birthday to your Hubby!!!
that PIE looks YUM - and LOVE the sofa.
and of course....I LOVE George :)

Lisa Gordon said...

But where's the trifle???? :-)
A very happy birthday to your husband, Kate.

sharon said...

Honey I love that couch! Seriously love the color and everything. Great taste you have. The blueberry pie looks really good too. I think I want some blackberry cobbler now w/ ice cream. Love the black and white of the house. Great pictures this week. Have a good weekend and Happy Birthday to the Hubs!

Mary said...

Oh gosh, your blueberry pie looks tempting, and that bowl is gorgeous! Happy birthday to your husband. I think eating dessert for dinner is a fabulous idea!

So happy for the cooler weather! xoxo

Devon said...

What wonderful pictures of the happy things in your world! George is hands down the most adorable dog ever!

I have a lab who is afraid of water and cats and won't chase a tennis ball to save his life!

But... I adore him!

Daryl said...

happy belated birthday to A ... enjoy the comfy new lovely sofa .. and i really think having just triffle for dinner on one's birthday (or any other day) is perfect

mrs mediocrity said...

Now I am so hungry for ice cream and blueberry pie.... The couch is lovely, I hope it proves helpful as well.

GailO said...

Please send along a belated Happy Birthday wish to your husband for me...Trifle for dinner sounds ok to me!....and 57 sounds young:)

BB said...

I missed your husband's birthday... my bad! Wish him belated wishes for me - hoping he gets to enjoy the same sweet glimpses you share with us.

Unknown said...
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Lili said...

That sky looked like a painting. The blueberry/ice cream shot has me drooling. I have never tasted trifle...hope your husband enjoyed it and had a good birthday. So glad your weather feels like Maine. It's good here too, but we did have our crazy heat this year several times! xo

A New England Life said...

You bought a new sofa! Yay! Isn't it exciting! I remember when we talked about sofas and you said you wanted a new one. So glad it finally happened.

I didn't know you had the new Galaxy s4. Me too! Don't you just love it! Especially the camera. It takes awesome shots. I agree with your husband ... dessert is the best part of a birthday ; )