Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Images from my phone

We had more snow yesterday and schools were closed yet again. We found out the night before, and I was glad because I could watch all of the Oscars. One of our former students was a finalist in Channing Tatum’s Team Oscar competition and he was on stage handing the statues to the presenters so that they, in turn, could give them to the winners. It was so exciting to see someone I knew on stage!

I was very productive Monday morning, getting laundry done, taking the dog for a walk, making soup. I took pictures of birds in the snow and made a video. (It’s below this post). In the afternoon, I took a very long nap and this isn’t something I usually do. But I felt like it. And then, of course, had trouble falling asleep last night. You’d think I would live and learn.

Tonight as I write this post, I have a spaghetti squash roasting in the oven. I’ve made homemade pasta sauce and am going to have it over the pulled squash. It really is yummy and I’ll have leftovers to go in my lunchbox this week.



Took this photo last week along the front driveway of our school. The outdoor amphitheater is behind that row of cedar trees that you can see in the background. The Canada goose couple was picking through the bare patches of snow, looking for sustenance I suppose.



Another from the school driveway.




And this was shot through my windshield. It’s the town that lies at the bottom of the hill where I live.




Miss Blackie yesterday morning looking out my bedroom window at all the birds at the feeders.




We had a beautiful sunset last night.




And all seemed right in the world.


In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.

~ Aristotle


Thanks for coming by. Until tomorrow, then ~

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Here’s the little video I made ~


Alli Lizer said...

Those sunset photos are gorgeous! I'm getting pretty tired of the snow here in Virginia and am ready for spring, but you have a knack for making it look good!

Country Gal said...

I love you photos and that video was awesome ! Yup still snowing on and of here but no accumulation thanks goodness as soon as the snow it's the road and driveway it melts that's a sign that the earth is warming up as well as the critters and birds getting frisky all signs of spring here ! March is always like this for us a big teaser month lol ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

JaneK said...

I love the striped sky!!

Candace said...

Beautiful, as always.

Cloudia said...

That last shot of orange through the trees is soul touching!

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

=^..^= <3

Dawning Inspiration said...

I've always loved sunrise and sunset photos....those colors, the waves of light....they just always grab and inspire me. Yours just reminded me of that (it's been a while since I've witnessed one!) ♥

BB said...

God woman... how do you make it look that amazing on your PHONE? So beautiful, so different to here at the moment!


Gail said...

I love the ghostly images of the geese.

You sneak up on the ordinary things and make them absolutely beautiful.

Winters End Rambler said...

Kate...sorry for calling you by first name but having read your blog for so long feel as if you're a friend of mine! That's some school you work at! Here in SW England the most white stuff we've had this winter is hail so it's lovely to see your photos. A girl can dream! I work in part of an old manor house looking after adults with mental disabilities so it's good therapy reading your as ever amazing blog...Thank you.

Barbara said...

You've captured the beauty of winter and conveyed the cold, too!! Except for not being able to sleep, that sounds like an awesome day!

Daryl said...

so lovely .. i would like to take a nap right now .. and i think i need to try to make spaghetti squash to add to the foods i am eating since i went totally vegan .. yup its been over a month and i do not miss any of the foods i gave up xo

Kerri Farley said...

LOVE your pics - and Great Viddy!!
I've never had spaghetti squash..... but I'm sure it would be yummy! I LOVE Squash!

The JR said...

We had a dusting of snow again in Mississippi on Monday.

Weird weather.

I like the pictures.

p.s., I changed my google+ id

mudmaven said...

We had more snow last night too - not nearly as pretty to look at as yours though. Love the sunset pictures and the video is amazing. Great music choice and if we had as many birds here as you do there, winter would not be nearly as glum. Thanks for sharing. ~chris

thewiildmagnola said...

Delightful photos. About the best phone pics I've seen.

The countryside is lovely. The Canada geese are charming. I love the big white house.

Do you mind sharing? What phone do you use, what photo app?

Thank you for sharing. Happy to have found you!

Country Girl said...

Sandra, I wasn't able to reply because your e-mail isn't enabled. I use the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the app I used for several of the photos is Aviary. The sunset pics are straight out of the phone. Thanks!

~ C.G.

Low Tide High Style said...

Love the video, and I see you had lots of red winged black birds taking over your feeders during the storm too! And that first image...magical, you should print and frame that one!

xo Kat

JC said...

That was really nice. I'd never heard that song.

Love the photo of Ms. Blackie looking out the window.

Stay warm,

JC and Meredith Ann
(she is purring and her tail is helping me type)

Bluebird49 said...

Such beauties out of a phone! wow.
Isn't spaghetti squash the best! I can just eat it with a little better, salt and cracked pepper.
You come up with the sweetest songs to go with the birds. A friend about 4 miles from me had 38 cardials in one of her small trees (or large shrubs?) last time it snowed last week! We call her "The Bird Lady"---of course, sometimes she's not so MUCH a lady that she's not fun! ;)
Have you caught " Call the Midwife!" on Netflix? It's British and set in the '50s---I love it, so I thought I'd tell you, too. Blessing, Trudy/Sybil

M.E. Masterson said...

love the photos especially of the ol school....love buildings.

Lisa Gordon said...

These are wonderful, Kate.
I especially love the one of Miss Blackie.
She looks so conetnt just sitting there.

Karen thisoldhouse2.com said...

your images capture the somber mood of this blasted weather perfectly. I love the effect in the street scene. Have not accomplished that yet.

beth said...

snow days are EVEN better when you find out the night before…at least in my book they are :)

Debbie From Illinois said...

Gosh, Kate the photos and video are wonderful. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing with us.

mrs mediocrity said...

Wow, that geese shot is just gorgeous!
We actually had sunshine two days in a row this week, it was a beautiful thing!