Saturday, March 8, 2014

Is it so small a thing?

The weather today was incredible. I was outside with just a sweater to keep me warm and the warmth of the sun was a joy. Unfortunately, I am fighting off a cold which is sucking the life out of me. This didn’t stop me from being outside, though. I can’t remember the last time that I caught a cold but this one has me feeling like I could sleep for days and still wake up tired.

So instead of doing chores, I spent some much-needed time in the sunshine with my camera.


DSC_7597 copy 2

I went to see my niece in a play at a high school in New Jersey last night and I had every intention of staying over, but I wanted to be home for George.

Does that sound silly?


DSC_7600 copy 2

I don’t care if it does because he misses me all week when I’m at work so I try to be here for him on the weekends.


DSC_7643 copy 2

I cleaned up two little birdbaths and put out special seed for my bird friends, then sat outside to capture them with my lens.


DSC_7635 copy 2

I head the hawk before I saw him. But he was turned the other way and not interested in what was going on way over where I was sitting by the feeders.



DSC_7615 copy 2

Tufted titmouse taking off with his prize.


DSC_7664 copy 2

And posing on a perch for me.



DSC_7656 copy 2

It was thrilling to see the tiny buds on the tops of the trees along the property line.

Spring is coming and I can feel it in my heart.

Can you?


:   :   :


Tonight I’m planning on watching Blue Jasmine which came today from Netflix. Then I’m going to bed early and trying to sleep off this awful cold.

Hope your Sunday is beautiful. Better turn the clocks forward

before we go to sleep tonight.

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"Is it so small a thing / To have enjoyed the sun, / To have lived light in the spring, / To have loved, to have thought, to have done?"
-Matthew Arnold


Sarah said...

Lovely's amazing to see how much further along your spring is than ours in the White Mountains of NH! We had temps in the 40s and 50s today, but overnight everything freezes over again, and we the ground is still completely covered with snow.

Hope you feel better soon!


RURAL said...

Feel better soon, love your bird shots.


jinxxxygirl said...

I can think of no better remedy for a cold .......sunshine.... rest and George! Hugs! deb

Rambling said...

Lovely to see spring coming.

Deb said...

Beautiful bird photos, Kate. Today I watched ten blue-jays at the feeder. I would be home with George, too. Our dogs love to be with us and are happiest with their pack. It is hard on them to be alone for too long. Enjoy your time with him. Deb

Anonymous said...

It was lovely here today also. I love the early spring chill in the air, it's so refreshing after a long winter.
I can't believe you have so many are definitely the best bird photographer.

Hope you feel better soon - get lots of rest and fresh air. ♥

Blondie's Journal said...

Aw, Kate, I'm sorry about your cold...I guess we all catch a bug sometime over the winter. I really believe in getting outdoors and breathing in fresh air, it's revitalizing. I understand how you wanted to be with George,too, you surely missed each other. :)

Beautiful pictures...I love seeing the silhouettes very much!


P.S. Would love for you to stop by when you are feeling up to it. Feel better soon.

Sabrina Steyling said...

Such beautiful photos! Gotta love George, and no it's not silly to want to be home for him. I wouldn't want to leave him either! <3

Did you enjoy Blue Jasmine? I haven't seen it yet.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

It's not crazy, and to George, it's no small thing. We do the same for Tag. I would never want to win a vacation get-away to a far-away place because I'd have to leave him behind. They rely on us and I need to have him around. It's a win/win.
Loving your bird photos always, too, Kate.

Winters End Rambler said...

Forward...really? We have to wait untill the end of the month...strange cos our days begin before yours...ah well fits with this crazy world we live in!

Winters End Rambler said...

PS. Yep I'd come home too to our Newfie. The non argumentative...loads of love giving sloppy kisser of the family! X

The Weaver of Grass said...

I hope you manage to fight off that cold. Yes, I would wish to be home for George at the weekends - he is obviously such a faithful friend.
Lovely bird photos, as usual.

Jill of All Trades said...

Gosh, knock on wood, I have have not had a cold in several years!!! Hope it passes fast.

Lovely pictures as usual. I know what you mean about being home for the little guy. I feel guilty while I'm at the office all day and then have to go out at night. It's those eyes that get ya!

Anonymous said...

So, how was Blue Jasmine? I've been considering watching on Netflix but not sure... hmmmmm.

I think it's wonderful that you are there for George. I mean, why have a dog if you aren't going to spend some time with him, right? xox

Connie in Hartwood said...

I'm also dealing with the tail end of a cold ... not a bad one, thank goodness. Just bad enough to keep me tethered to a tissue box and moving a bit less. Perhaps it was a viral message to me to slow down a bit. I hope you feel better this morning. It's Daylight Saving Time!!

Cindi said...

Beautiful photos as always, and it is not silly to be home for George. I feel the same about Trooper. Hoping that the sunshine will chase away your cold soon. Spring is on the way...

Cloudia said...

Tufted treasure......George the Gem.....You, the key ♥


tj said...

...That photo of the tufted titmouse taking off with his prize IS a prize! Lovely capture! :o)

...Hope you get to feeling better soon dear and enjoy your Sunday.

...Peace & blessings.

Daryl said...

feel better soon .. Ray swears by alkaseltzer plus.. and you know he is a kvetch so it must be good

hope you like blue jasmine ... i was on the fence about it .. thought all the performance except sally hawkins as the sister were excellent ... but i was never a huge fan of street car named desire which this is a variation of .. so ...

we went walking in the park it was a glorious day, today is a lot chillier but there's still that feeling of spring in the air/sun

Jeanne Walker said...

Dogs are emotional animals and they, too, get lonely! Love your heart for God's creatures. George is one blessed puppy!

Kerri Farley said... no small thing at all! I LOVE it - AND - I LOVE your pics - especially that "Titmouse Take-off" Woo Hoo!!

donna baker said...

Beautiful pics. I can not leave my winkies. My daughter and grandchildren want me to go on a spring break trip, but I don't want to leave my girls. I am taking the family to Disney World in December, but I know I'll be thinking about my girls the whole time. I wish I didn't love them so. They are constantly by my side day and night. They love me too. I found out recently that Sister howls when I leave the house. Never heard her do that before. Only when I leave it seems.

Carolynn Anctil said...

It sounds like you're at peace. It's no small thing at all to enjoy all that life has for us, the birds, the sunshine and the company of our four legged companions. I'm the same way with our dog. Blessed beings they are to be with us. :o)

Tammy said...

Hope you feel better soon! I totally understand wanting to get home to your boy George. We are like that with our dog and 2 cats. They're family and we love them. Love the bird pictures as always. Glad spring is on the way. Hugs!!

Country Gal said...

I have been doing the same thing this week with the mild temps and sunshine . It doesn't sound crazy about wanting to be home for George, we are them with our Miggs don't like to be away from her for long at all . We are pretty much homebodies anyways besides with the comfort of home wonderful nature and pets around us is our cuppa tea lol ! Thanks for sharing , Hope you feel better soon and get rid of that nasty cold ! Have a good week !

Kay said...

I hope you enjoyed the movie. I really liked it. we had a lovely warm day on Friday after five days of rain......Will be fairly nice all week, if weather predicted right. Think Spring...
Hope your cold is leaving ...oh, not the cold weather but your sick cold. Ha. Ha. Love from Oregon

Barbara said...

Not silly at all to come home for George! Love the capture of the tufted titmouse. Mine won't sit still for me!

beth said...

not a small thing at all to be out enjoying the warmth as that's what we did all winter and i know exactly what you're mean!!!

i hope you feel better soon….as colds suck and suck the life out of you.

and george…sweet george…he's such a lucky dog!!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

no, it does not sound silly. Sam, my basset spaniel mix and Sadie, my Ridgeback and I are all joined at the heart.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Love the photo of the bird in flight. I also love the sight of the buds on the trees. Spring is definitely coming.

Hope you feel better.

thewiildmagnola said...

lovely lovely lovely. the titmouse are glorious, spring peeking out, regal silhouette of the hawk, and the wonderful George, a country visit!

thank you.

GailO said...

What a wonderful quote and wonderful day!
I do hope you are feeling better....take care my friend and give George a kiss for me!

Bluebird49 said...

Ah! Sunshine! Fun.
Ah! A yucky cold! Not fun. I'm sorry, Kate---feel better soon.
Ah! George...silly? No. He would never leave his mom! (Oh, the guilt we feel when we're away from our fur-kids! Though my super-witch cat would probably start eating me if I couldn't feed her somehow, then she'd neatly lick her paws and whiskers, flick her tail in the air, and call 911 so someone would come adopt her!) Cats are not dogs.
Blessings, Sweetie!
Sybil or whoever...

Karen said...

Snow here today... sigh. But, we had a sunny weekend.

I had a cold last week too!..and I don't usually get them either! It think it's the prolonged winter yuck that has prevailed that weakens our immunity. Or something.

I totally understand your need to be with George. When you love a dog and have a relationship with them, you come to realize they really do see us as their family, they do love and depend on and need us. It's in their eyes when we walk in the door. Not just anyone walking in the door who is capable of feeding them... but the ones they have come to -love-. It's that simple.

The JR said...

I don't think it's silly. He loves you heart and soul. You love him back.

Take care of that cold,


it's me said...

I used to feel that way about my dog, Ginger, often rushing home to let out for a run instead of opting to do other things.

She was such a sweet animal, so patient and faithful.

JC said...

Sorry you got that nasty cold thing that's been going around. When I got it, it took about three weeks to feel better.

I do the same thing. Plan how long I'll be gone and if the girls can do without me.

My girls are spoiled and come first when I plan things.

Does George have a go in and out door ? Mine don't so that's why I plan around them.

Love the bird photos. I always do.

Jan's camera said...

Hi Kate, lovely quote. No, it is not silly at all to want to get home to George. I used to do the same thing with my kitty. I knew he was alone all day so I would want to get home so he could have a little bit of company before I went to sleep. We are enjoying every warm minute in the sun because more snow is on the way. Have a good week.

thotlady said...

I feel the same way about my puppies. I am at work all week so I want to make sure I spend as much time as possible with my sweet Cody on the weekends and in the evening. They bring such joy, I want to return the favor.

Lovely photos as always.

Donna Boucher said...

Looking forward to your comments on Blue Jasmine. Did you see the Streetcar Named Desire parallel?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images as always.

I couldn't leave my collies for too long. Think the longest I've left them is 4 hours and I couldn't wait to get back.

CJ x

sharon said...

Sometimes I would miss my cat buddy, when I was gone. I still do. I loved his kisses and snuggling. He was a one of a kind cat, that's for sure. I imagine George misses you when your gone. Spring is definitely in the air here! yesterday was 80 and beautiful, today is 50 but hey, we'll rebound. have a good week and hope you feel better.

mrs mediocrity said...

Yes, I can feel it in the light...

We had that beautiful day last Tuesday, and even though I had tons of work to do, I just had to sneak outside to be enjoy the sun for a while.