Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A carriage ride

My adventures continue during my vacation to Maine with my three sisters. I’m writing this post from the comfortable living room of our cottage on an overcast and windy morning. We’ve just enjoyed a wonderful breakfast made by Charlotte and are planning our day. Yesterday we took a carriage ride on the carriage roads at Acadia National Park. I know it’s a touristy thing to do, but I’ve always wanted to do it. And . . . dogs are permitted on the ride. I really don’t like leaving George out of things.

I do have one piece of advice if you are planning on taking photos during a carriage ride, though. And that advice is to sit up front. Unfortunately, my seat was in the middle and I didn’t get many good shots. But it was a wonderful ride, nonetheless.

Carriages of Acadia


DSC_0374 copy 2

I took this with one hand, raising it as high above my head as I could. For safety purposes, you are not permitted to stand during a carriage ride.


DSC_0386 copy 2

I chose the “Mr. Rockefeller’s Bridges” tour, which is a two-hour jaunt on both park and privately-owned land where we were treated to a history of the bridges and carriage roads. I’d already read up a little about it over the years and have hiked some of the carriages roads with my husband in the past.

In the middle of the tour, the ride pauses and passengers are welcomed to get off to take photos of one of the bridges.


DSC_0422 copy 2

I snapped a photo of our trusty pair of Belgian Drafts. That’s Toby on the left and Rex on the right.


image copy 2

My sister, Char, descended the trail to snap a photo for me because I’m lame. No, seriously. I am lame because I sprained my ankle on Sunday. I can’t believe I came all the way up here with all these beautiful hiking trails and am not able to do any of it. But I’m not crying into my clam chowder. The ankle is doing much better now but I really need to stay off of it as much as I can. Stupid me . . . I had just stepped off the porch to head to the fire pit on Sunday evening and the next thing I knew I was down on the ground and in a lot of pain.

Sisters to the rescue, though.


DSC_0402 copy 2

This is Ginny. I hope she doesn’t kick my ass for posting this photo.

I figure I’m safe, though. She rarely reads this blog. Ha!!



DSC_0431 copy 2

Here we are heading to the gate at Jordan Gate House.



DSC_0437 copy 2

I asked our driver’s permission to stand in order to get this photo.



DSC_0483 copy 2

Toby and Rex ~ perfect together.


After the ride, we had planned to head over to Jordan Pond House for lunch but it was so incredibly crowded that we left after driving around in vain looking for a parking spot. They have tons of seating indoors and out (and they take pets) but they were working on a road that leads to another parking area so there were cars lined up for about a half mile down the park loop road.



DSC_0490 copy 2

So we came back to the cottage and enjoyed a lovely lunch of Spinach & Tomato Quesadillas, a recipe that I’d gotten from blogging friend, Hilary.

Aw, heck. They’re all waiting on me again. So I’d better get a move on. And . . . the sun just came out!

More photos to come ~ thanks for stopping by today.


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Linda Kay said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! The horses are beautiful, and it looks like you are having a fabulous time!

jinxxxygirl said...

So fun you taking us on your trip to Maine! I love all the photos! Hope your ankle gets better soon!! Hugs! deb

donna baker said...

Sounds like a ball.

Gail said...

How wonderfully amazing except for the ankle part.

Love the rock work, the horses, the scenery and the peace in your voice.


Cloudia said...

Oh I can smell the Maine Summer! And a bit of horse. Your sis favors black pearls! ♥

Thanks, Hon

Mersad said...

Love everything in this post, from your activity to the sights along the way. Simply beautiful.

JaneK said...

cool! they are "touristy" things for a reason... they are fun. what a lovely way to spend the day.

bummer on the ankle. I sprained mine severely in the first few hours of a 3 day hike in the New Zealand wilderness. no choice but to keep going. it sucked. but, like you said, you can't let it ruin the fun. And really, you should make sure you milk it for all it's worth from your sisters :) I hope it feels better soon.
thanks for taking the time to share the beauty of your trip. glad you are enjoying!!

The JR said...

A gorgeous pair of fellows.

I'm sorry you hurt yourself. My hubby is recuperating from an accident on Sunday too. Was bad enough, but could have been so much worse.

Love the stones on that bridge. What a wonderful thing to do on your vacation.

Sabrina Steyling said...

Sorry about your ankle, but it looks and sounds like a beautiful time! Such handsome horses, and the carriage ride sounds awesome. I'd love to do something like that. Enjoy the rest of your time together with your sisters!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Glad you did that drive - shame about the ankle, but I enjoyed the journey. Super horses - the farmer couldn't identify the breed.

Nellie said...

What great fun! I love carriage rides! I'm sorry to hear about your ankle. Hopefully all will heal quickly. Hugs!

shirley said...

Just lovely! I visited Bar Harbor last year and next time we'll go on one of those carriage rides on the carriage trails. Your post brought back all sorts of great memories.

Michelle said...

I love seeing and reading about how much you are enjoying this favorite area, now with your sisters. Glorious photos as always!

JC said...

An area that I have never been. Love that bridge and the horses.

Hilary said...

Are you getting as clumsy as me, throwing yourself on the ground???? tsk tsk. It looks lovely.......but it's so crowded this time of year.......did you like the quesadillas???

Annie said...

I'm seeing Maine for the first time via your blog. Lovely pictures and so glad George is having a vacation too. Enjoy every moment with your sisters.

Daryl said...

you know i am a rule scoffer and i bet that carriage was moving slowly .. just sayin' i would have stood up but with a sprained ankle it was wise to stay seated

Tracey Grumbach said...

Heaven! And why would she kill you for that picture...she is beautiful! xo

Gayle said...

Sooooo enjoying your travelogue thank you for taking us with you. I have been to main several times and am thoroughly enjoying this jaunt with you. Beautiful photos!! Love your cottage.

GailO said...

I can't believe they allow dogs on the carriage rides! How nice! That is something we have never done....I wonder if the grandchildren would enjoy doing it...what do you think?

Jordan Pond House is just too crazy now....

Rain said...

Wow I can't believe you're up here!! I haven't been keeping up with my bloggie friends for awhile-so didn't even know!! Have fun-enjoy your visit!! The weather is crazy!!
Rain :)

Carolynn Anctil said...

I'm completely smitten with this place. What a lovely day you must have enjoyed. And, Ginny looks gorgeous!

A Glowing Ember