Wednesday, October 8, 2014

And so it goes

I have been so absent online lately. There are a number of blogs, some who I consider good friends, that I always visited on a daily basis. I need to visit them more . . .

I used to write in this space on an almost-daily basis, too. But things change. And my blogging habits have become quite lax, just like my visiting habits.

I am still here, though. Mostly I seem to be doing pretty well, but I will admit that there are still days that grief washes over me in waves and all I want to do is curl up under my covers and not come out. It always surprises me when this happens. And it never seems to happen when there’s an opportune time to hide under covers.

But let’s not dwell on that. I’ve been keeping busy since I last wrote.

DSC_3491 copy 2

I went to my first ball game ever. It amazes me that I am 57 years old and had never been to a ball game. So when I was offered tickets to see the Phillies play their last game of the season and those tickets were to a posh suite, I emphatically agreed to use them.


20140928_143608 copy 2

I took my Phillie Phanatic sister, Char, with me. And I wore the cap that she bought for my husband several years ago. The suite was fantastic, the food (all free) equally so, and a fun time was had all day. Char’s daughter and family live just a short subway ride away from the stadium, so I parked at their place and we rode in with tons of other fans.


:   :   :


DSC_3629 copy 2

This sky-full-of-clouds made me smile one day.

I have been very lax in the picture-taking department but am including a few here that I’ve taken over the past couple of weeks. We’ve had some beautiful weather lately in Maryland and the leaves have begun to turn.



DSC_3642 copy 2

George is waiting for me to come back to where I was sitting with my book. I miss my friend, Nancy, who gifted me this pair of chairs before she moved to North Carolina this June. I am planning a quick trip down there in a month, though. Should be fun!


DSC_3624 copy 2

This dog.

He is a light in my life, in my heart. He is always waiting at the upstairs window when I pull up in the driveway from work. He cries out with such joy when I get out of the car and then bounds down the stairs to greet me when I get inside. I’ve been taking him for walks which is one of the things he loves the most. It takes so little to make him happy.

I’ve also been cooking and am sharing a couple of dishes here that I tried and liked.


Photo credit: Yunhee Kim

This one I tweaked just a little bit, and really liked it. I added some thyme and some garlic salt. I was also lazy and bought mushrooms that were already cut.

Cottage Pie with Vegetable Mash


Mushroom-Soup copy

I loved loved loved this soup. But don’t do what I did if you make it. I rarely ever cook with barley and had forgotten how a little bit of it goes a long way. So I added a little extra. Still excellent, however.

Creamy Mushroom Vegetable Soup

On another note, my eldest son is leaving the country for two months on a work-related trip. I am thrilled for him but at the same time am going to miss him so much – especially over Thanksgiving. He leaves Saturday ~

Hope all is well in your world. Thank you for continuing to visit me in mine.

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Low Tide High Style said...

Grief is a journey, and you have walked it with so much grace, but I'm sure it will take time to sort our your new normal! It sounds like you had a great time at your first ball game, I used to attend the pre-season Orioles' games when I lived in B'more. I LOVE that sweet BC face, give him a hug from me. And you SHOULD go visit your son wherever he is headed. Safe travels to him!

xo Kat

Nellie said...

I send hugs, Kate. Do what you need to do for your healing journey! xo

JaneK said...

Love the shot of George! That face would make me smile daily, too. Glad he is there. Thanks for popping out to say howdy.... Always good to see you.

donna baker said...

Glad to read your post and the soup looks so good. When people stop posting, it is usually because they are doing instagram and facebook more than usual. I'm glad this isn't the case. I refuse to do the other things out there as there simply isn't enough time. I do miss posts though.

Candace said...

That George is so adorable that I'm sure he is a joy to come home to everyday.

liz love said...

Hi Kate, nice seeing your blog again. I've been waiting for it because I love it everytime I read your articles. I actually put you on my blog as one of my favorite. Hope you have a great day. Thanks for inspiring us.

Debbie From Illinois said...

Big hugs to you Kate. Did you watch 60 Minutes Sunday night? There was a report on a special Border Collie.

Hilary said...

You look so cute in the baseball cap.

Worry not about blogging and visiting.. it's there when you need it to be. As are we. Hugs to you.

Annie said...

Thank you for the update. What fun to attend your first ballgame and get pampered at the same time. Love that George. What a sweetheart.

Sabrina Steyling said...

I went to my first (and only) baseball game when I was in my mid-20s; I know so little about baseball that I wasn't even aware when the game had actually ended! But it was an experience - especially when we came out to the parking lot and found our van had a flat tire! We had to wait for AAA to get there to help us, which made for even more adventure. ^_^

Oh George...such a handsome bugger. Give him extra hugs and kisses for me!

Last but not least, I'll keep your son in my thoughts as he embarks on this trip. I bet he'll have lots of stories to tell when he returns!

jinxxxygirl said...

I always wonder how your doing and what you and George are up to. So glad to see you post. Hugs!deb

Mersad said...

Good to see you back again. Missed your posts and visits. All the best!! George is the most adorable dog ever!

Mersad Donko Photography

Rain said...

Think of you often Kate......... I'm glad you have good times w family....... And George!! I too have fallen way behind in blogging- but do miss it..... we really get to know people and care about their lives don't we..... It's a very therapeutic thing!

jo said...

You will have days like that. My husband has been gone 3.5 years and Sunday was a day I couldn't stop crying. But it gets better the next day and thus is the journey of grief.

While I hated it whenever one of my daughters moved away, I looked at it as a great place to visit. Go visit him while he's gone. You will not regret it!!!

Always good to hear from you Kate.

Here's something I found:

"Grief is like a stream running through our life, and it's important to understand that it doesn't go away. Our grief lasts a lifetime, but our relationship to it changes. Moving on is the period in which the knot of our grief is untied. It's the time of renewal. Not a return to life as it was before the death you experienced-you can't go back, you're a different person now, changed by the journey through grief. But you can begin to embrace life again, feel alive again. The intensity of emotions has subsided some. You can remember the loss without being caught in the clutches of terrible pain. The armoring around our hearts begins to melt, and in this period of moving on, the energy that had been consumed by resistance is now available for living. Now we move forward, but we're not abandoning the one we loved. We understand that even when someone dies, the relationship continues. It's that the person is no longer located outside of us. We are developing what we could call an internal relationship with this person, and that allows us to reinvest in our life. If we follow the path through grief to wholeness, we may discover an undying love."
~Frank Ostaseski

Daryl said...

lovely to see you .. always and may i point out that NYC is a lot closer than NC .. just sayin'

Child@Heart said...

While I am only in my mid twenties I have never been to an official MLB game either, just smaller league games. Glad you had such a good time there.

Country Gal said...

I went to a few games here years ago it is fun but now s days it is pricey to go to them . I ma soo glad you and your sister had a good time at the game love the photos of you both ! I often think of you and how and what your doing and up to , I always check to see if you have had time for a post . I hear you on the grief all of a sudden hitting . I am sure George will keep you company whilst your son is away . Yummy foods you made ! Thanks for sharing , take care my friend and have a good weekend !

The Weaver of Grass said...

Soon there will be more 'on' days that 'off' days, I promise you.

How I love George;s amber eyes - there is such a sparkle in them.

Lisa Gordon said...

I just love that George!
The down times are to be expected Kate, although I know that knowing that probably does not make them any easier. It looks like you are "getting out there" though, and that is what's important.

Wishing you son the very best in his travels.

Karen said...

Oh, that beautiful George! Thanks for sharing these delicious recipes.. yum, right up my alley. I haven't been blogging quite so often either... life and the outdoors are more important and so I do it when the mood strikes or a thought needs expanding.

Safe travels to your son - and enjoy your upcoming trip! It so good to see that you are living your life, accepting the grief but not letting it keep you down.

JC said...

You mean life got in the way of blogging. How can that be ... lol

Love the photos of George and the chairs.

Just keep on going. Life will never be the same but it's still so good. George loves you. That's a start.


Carolynn Anctil said...

Life this past summer has been Busy. I'm lagging behind on my blog and visits, too. I'm hoping to get back into some semblance of a rythmn soon.

A Glowing Ember

Unknown said...

I've just discovered your site and wish I'd found it sooner. You write so beautifully and your photography is spectacular. I share so many of your interests, it's been a joy reading your blog. I lost my border collie mix last year so seeing George brings back wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to digging deeper into your blog. - Mary in Kentucky

mrs mediocrity said...

Me too, lately, it feels like there is so little time to do the fun things like reading and visiting blogs. I've missed your place, I always love your photos and the little glimpses into your world.

Baseball is the only sport I like, we go to Boston every so often (my husband loves the Red Sox, and I always enjoy it.

I think that you have to take the time you need, however you need it. There are no rules for grief, no schedules. xoxo

beth said...

i've never been to a big game either…oh no, maybe i should add this to my list of things to do.

they always seems so long though…and a bit boring. but maybe in real life, better???

now i'm thinking…..