Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wild horses couldn’t drag me away

Oh my gosh, it’s been so long since I’ve posted. And for that, I apologize. I could give you some excuse of my being overly busy, but it wouldn’t be true. No truer than it always is. I just haven’t had much to say. Although this has never stopped me before, right?!

It has been quiet here on the hill. I get up every day and go to work and on the weekends, I open my eyes on Saturday morning and revel in the fact that it is the weekend and I can sleep longer and relax. This morning was lovely when I woke up, because I woke to a very clean house. I do love me a clean house.

It would be nice to have someone to clean it for me, however. Although in reality, it is satisfying to take something messy and turn it into a source of pride by cleaning it well.


Painted in Waterlogue

Enough of domesticity, though. I’m sharing photos (because this is what I do) taken from my cell phone over the past several days. The above is from the west window in the dining room of this old manor house. I cut the pussy willow from a bush outside and brought it in.


Painted in Waterlogue

I pack a lunch and a breakfast every day when I go to work. I have cereal with blueberries. The milk is in the little glass jar. I just hope that the phone doesn’t ring while I am chewing.


IMG_20150304_060244 copy 2

Driving home from somewhere – probably the tax people in nearby Newark, DE.

This is part of University of Delaware, shot through the window in the rain.


IMG_20150319_101143 copy 2

My best buddy.


IMG_20150322_063543 copy 2

The pussy willow branches again.


IMG_20150321_074747 copy 2

This sweet little scamp.

The new kitten (as yet, unnamed) is settling in quite nicely.

My son wants to name him something dreadful, although I didn’t say as much.

It’s his cat. I mean, I acquired the cat for him.


IMG_20150321_075111 copy 2

I think he looks more like a William.

Or Winston.

Wee Willie.

I just call him Kitten.


IMG_20150322_064322 copy 2

He is so very soft.


:   :   :


I am on the 7th book of the Outlander series. I still love it, have always loved historical fiction. We are up to the Revolutionary War, in 1778. I am learning so much. It is a good escape.

In other news, my work is pretty much ready to go to the gallery. I just have to do pricing.

Hope all is well in everyone’s world ~

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Heard this tune by The Sundays today. Very pretty, imho ~


Michelle said...

I am on book #4, (I think) of the Outlander series. I am enjoying it very much. Can't even remember what number book, because as soon as I finish one, I just "click" order on the next one on the Kindle.

Gail said...

Wild horses caught my attention.

Sometimes we should be able to coast and enjoy it.

My niece lives in Newark, insurance and investments.

Have a blessed week.

Cloudia said...

I can bask in the radiance of your life, vision, and friends (fur ones)

ALOHA from Honolulu

mary said...

Nice to see you're back! Do you still have the black kitty?

JaneK said...

Hey friend! Thanks for poking out to say howdy to your fans :)
remind me what app you used for those top pics? If I recall it is only on apple stuff...

good to see your lovely pics on the internet tonight...

Hedy King said...

Good to see you back. Have you watched the Outlander series? I'm a book person, but this TV series is well done. I've escaped the snow for the Gulf Coast with a good friend, my visiting Aussie daughter and my grand daughter. Sun and ocean breeze are remedies for so much. I've been blessed with this trip. I hope we get to see some of your exhibits, Kate. I love your photography. Take care

donna baker said...

Can't remember if I'm on the fourth or fifth one; enjoy the series, but wish there was less sex. Guess the author is young. If you could get in my head you'd hear my terrible Scottish brogue reading. And, I wish I could pronounce the Scottish words.

Sabrina Steyling said...

Kitten looks like a Winston! I'm tossing my vote in for that name. :)

George...looking handsome as always. Give him an extra hug for me!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Kate:
Great to read what you're doing. I admit I'm not familiar with the Outlander books. I'll have to do a little research. Might be fun to read.

I agree. The kitty looks soft and sweet from here!

I think of you every time I see my lilac photograph. It makes me smile.

We have a little black lab puppy (Bella) coming to live with us in about 5 weeks. Tag won't know what hit him! lol

Take care and give George a snuggle for me.

Daryl said...

i like people names for animals .. rude names are never good ... because at some point you grow up and realize its rude and not very nice to call something/someone you love a rude name .. i like the effect you used on the phone pix but the second shot of the pussy willow window oh my that is some lovely light .. xo

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love this very cheerful post Kate.

Country Gal said...

Lovely post and photos ! Yup sometimes there just isn't anything going on here either and not much to tell about lol that's just the way it is lol Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

happyone said...

Lovely photos. Love the pussy willows.
Oh I do like the name Winston for the kitty.

thotlady said...

You should name the cat Reginald, you could call him Reggie. He looks like a Reggie.

Good to hear from you.

Susan said...

Missed you!

sharon said...

Love George's smile. He is such an expressive dog. Kitten looks like he has fit in quite well. love the last pic of him. Such a stately young man. Winston suits him I think, he looks like a Winston. Love your pussy willow branches. Sure sign of spring.

Debbie From Illinois said...

I'm sitting here in sunny Florida on vacation while it is snowing at home. Spring takes so long to finally arrive in northern illinois.

Love that photo app. Sure wish I could paint with watercolors. George looks like one happy dog! I think Winston is a fine name for Mr. Kitty.

Happy Spring to you Kate!

alphabet soup said...

I just love that little kitty. Don't tell Miss Blackie I said that - I don't want to upset her...

Ms Soup

beth said...

so happy to see you here!!

kitty looks very happy and i can't wait to see what your son names him…

and wild horses….love love love that song!!!

Karen said...

Just don't call him "W".

what a charming little face!

Tracey Grumbach said...

I love love love pussy willows. I almost bought a bunch from the store the other day to brighten the house, but we have a new kitten that would destroy them in 10 seconds flat!

R.M. said...

The adventures of Claire and Jamie will keep you busy, surely. And knowing that washing your hands didn't really take hold until after the American Civil War, it is a wonder we've survived at all.

DesertHen said...

I have heard people talking about the Outlander series, now I guess it's time for me to check it out.

Beautiful kitty! I would name him Kit, you know short for Kit Carson or kitty. =)

thecatalanway said...

I love that kitten! Can almost feel his soft fur and does he purr? I love cats that purr.

Pussy willow is lovely isn't it? I don't have it often enough at home as it's a bit expensive here in Spain. All flowers are which is a shame. But when I get back to Cornwall I buy something every week, sometimes from a road side stall, anemones, daffodils, sweet william.

what about Sweet William for your puss?

love Kate X

R.M. said...

The first 'Outlander' book was published in 1991 - the author is getting old! HAHA When the sex is this good, how could there be too much of it?
Have a 'tiger' named Irene. She runs this house, just ask the dog.

thotlady said...


What photo app are you using in the first photos?