Sunday, March 1, 2015

Of sleet and a new kitty

As I write this, it’s raining ice. It’s been sleeting all day and everything is covered. The TV dish is thick with it, so only a few channels are coming through. I’m sure you must be shocked to see that I’ve published two posts so closely together. Yes, lately I’ve only been posting once a week or less. I still don’t have internet service but things seem to be getting a little better with my son and when he is gainfully employed again, then I will think about turning it back on. I hope I haven’t said too much.

I’m listening to the dripping of the roof into a bucket upstairs. We have two leaks that I discovered today and called the roofer and e-mailed the owner. It is depressing, frankly.

I have recovered from my fall on Friday afternoon. My arm and my hip still hurt, but thankfully nothing but a bottle of wine got broken!


DSC_7216 copy 2

I bought this squirrel baffle over a month ago. The squirrels do not seem baffled by it at all. But it does help keep the birds dry when the weather is bad.


DSC_7173 copy 2

This is pretty.

I took it this afternoon.


DSC_7109 copy 2

I sat outside in the sunshine yesterday and it felt so good. Had to wear my gloves because my hands were cold, but that’s ok. It was a good day.


DSC_7095 copy 2

The dang squirrels are varmints who raid my feeders, but they are still cute.

If you like varmints, that is.


DSC_7141 copy 2

Mrs. Cardinal is all fluffed up, keeping warm.


DSC_7158 copy 2

And someone was caught in an embarrassing pose.

:  :   :

As for the new kitty, he arrived yesterday afternoon. We haven’t named him yet and his current name is rather ridiculous. So we call him Kitty for now. Yes, we still have Miss Blackie. The kitty we took in was slated for a shelter and belonged to a friend. At first I said no, absolutely not. But when they could not find a home for it, I relented, thinking it could make a good friend for George (who loves cats) but more so for my son.


DSC_7164 copy 2

He is a tiny little thing and his vet said that he won’t get much bigger. He is six months old with fur as soft as silk. And unlike Blackie, he loves being pet. He is full of energy when he’s awake and has mainly been living in my son’s room but this morning he went exploring in the house, and by this afternoon, he seems fairly comfortable.


DSC_7166 copy 2

George watches as kitty explores my bedroom.


DSC_7170 copy 2

So far, we’ve had some hissing. Kitty has never seen a dog before. He was interested in Miss Blackie but she made it clear in no uncertain terms that this is HER house and she was not going to tolerate a newcomer so easily. And it IS her house. The newcomer is just going to have to get used to that fact. George would like to sniff kitty, but can’t get near him for fear of being swatted. So we’ll see how things go. But so far, I like the little cat. And my son really likes him.

Oh – I can hear him coming now. I like that he wears a little bell.

Hope your week is a good one.

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Country Gal said...

Glad your feeling better from from fall ! Lovely photos . WOW ! lots of ice there , Such a handsome George and that new kitty is cute to what remarkable strips like a tiger oh maybe Tiger or Tiggy would suit him . I do hope the roof gets fixed soon for you . Sorry to hear of your sons employment that sucks . Thanks for sharing , take it easy enjoy the week and be safe.

Lili said...

Oh Kate you are so sweet to relent and rescue that pretty kitty with a bell. She is darling and the shot of George watching her from afar is cool. And you fell?? Oh no! I wish I could serve you some tea and we could just sit and chat! I will take the snow over that ice...brutal stuff. Your birdie shots are so lovely. xo

Sabrina Steyling said...

Ohmygoodness, Mr. George with that tongue action going, too cute! I personally love it when my sister's dogs get their photos taken with their tongues sticking out. :P

Now, Mr. Kitty, well he is just one totally handsome bugger - just like Mr. George! Too bad they're not going to be buddies. I feel bad for Miss Blackie, too; I understand why she felt invaded. But maybe with time though they'll learn to get along?

Debbie From Illinois said...

Oh so many wonderful photos, my favorite is Mrs. Cardinal. I tried a baffle this year to and the squirrels still eat their share of bird food.

Glad you are feeling better and that kitty is making himself at home.

RURAL said...

I'm so glad that Ms. Blackie is still around...I was reading this and going...oh no.

Say hi to George, and new kitty, what a gorgeous set of triplets they make.


Hilary said...

What a little cutie. Let's hope Miss Blackie doesn't get ideas about retaliating with her bladder.

Your photos are all sigh worthy. They always are.

alphabet soup said...

Glad you've recovered from the fall and the kitty is divine.

Ms Soup

Mersad said...

First off, I glad to read that you are feeling better. I hope the bruises will heal quickly. The sounds you describe sound tranquil and I love the winter imagery you showed us, but I also know that you are probably ready for spring to return. Stay safe!

Mersad Donko Photography

Daryl said...

again very glad it was only the wine that broke and that you got two bottles .. kitty is adorable .. enjoy the funhouse that is a home with three animals .. i speak from experience .. xoxo

Karen said...

He is and adorable little guy. Doesn't it feel wonderful to give him a home? And he might just give your son encouragement in the way animals do...

Sometimes names just come to us, and sometimes it seems like such a difficult choice. Henry, Atticus, Napolean, Shane. Ragnar. (I might be a little addicted to VIKINGS).

thotlady said...

Beautiful cardinal and of course always wonderful to see George.

Good luck with the new Kitty.

Linda Kay said...

A new pet in the house puts all the animals in chaos, but good for you for rescuing the pretty kitty. You do need to give the kitty a name, however. Hmmm. Gray kitty. Nothing comes to mind.

happyone said...

Your snow pictures are so pretty.
Kitty is a cute little thing. Maybe Kitty will end up being his name. : )

sharon said...

Love Kitty! He is a cute, Handsome little guy. Yeah, we received 4 inches of snow this past weekend. Loved watching it come down.
Dang Squirrels! Right now they are not welcomed around our house. keep getting into things that they shouldn't.
Have fun with your new addition!

Ellen said...

Glad that your fall was not too serious and that you are feeling okay.

George is so George. Can a boy dog be any more handsome? Hope he and the new kitty will become good friends and Blackie will come to accept the new addition.

Wishing you a wonderful March. Be safe.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I like him too. I adore tabby cats. Do hope he settles in well and that all three animals get on well in the end.

beth said...

i love that there is the sound of new little pitter pattering going on in your house…and that your son loves him and vice versa :)

DesertHen said...

Sorry to hear about your fall. Glad you are okay. Your photos are beautiful as always! Little kitty is adorable! Our little Zelda wears a collar with a bell and I like knowing where she is and when she's moving around. Have a lovely week!

Jan's camera said...

Hi Kate, such a pretty kitty. I think it is great that you took her in. I hope George is not too afraid. Love the birds.

Gayle said...

Loooooove the new kitty.

thecatalanway said...

Lovely photos as always - I love your birds! How wonderful to have a new kitten cat - ones that snuggle up to be stroked are always a comfort. Tell George that soon she'll come round! My dogs and cats always got on well after initial suspicions. Glad that things seem better.
I can't imagine having all that snow - it is something totally alien now I am in Spain and I feel spoilt to be sitting in the sunshine. but everywhere has pros and cons and sunshine isn't everything.

You fell? I haven't read that one yet but am going there now. Take good care of yourself and dream of spring!

Kate xxx

Kay said...

Love your new kitty.......hope all have made peace by now with each other. I hope your snow is over with by now. I know all has melted own in Woodbrdige, VA where niece lives. The kids back there missing so much school, do they have to make up for it later ? I would think so. Have a great week.......Love, Kay