Friday, February 27, 2015

Current events

Hello my friends. It’s been a long week, culminating this evening when I arrived home, flush wish joy because it was the weekend . . . and sunny. I reached to open my back door, and in doing so, slipped on the ice that had accumulated there and fell, shocking myself, ramming my elbow into the concrete walk, and subsequently bursting into tears. I tried to get up, but kept sliding on the ice – so I laid there. Crying.

Good grief.

I am not a crybaby, but damnit – it hurt. I had an armful of things including the mail, my lunchbox and another bag I take to work. I eventually made it to a standing position after seeing a puddle of what I thought was blood. OMG – I’m bleeding!! (this was my first thought). On closer inspection, however, I saw that I’d broken the bottle of wine I had just bought. And I was now lying in the puddle that it had caused.

Oh, good grief.

But despite that unfortunate turn of events, things have actually begun to take a positive turn – or so it seems. It’s maybe too soon to celebrate over, but a lot of little things have been conspiring into something akin to joy. Yes, it’s true. And while I’m at it, I think I’ll share with you now some photos I’ve taken during the past week. Just because, you know?


DSC_6801 copy 2

Cold and ice can be beautiful, you know.


DSC_6626 copy 2

I keep the feeders filled because I can’t have my bird friends hungry.


DSC_6655 copy 2

This was the view out my kitchen window at one point this week.


DSC_6673 copy 2

I buy myself flowers because they make me happy.

And a bunch of tulips are currently $4.87 at the local WalMart.

Win. Win.


DSC_6756 copy 2

Crazy blur.

Took this last weekend sitting in the sunshine in the freezing temps.

As long as you’re dressed properly, it ain’t so cold. And the warmth of the sun is the nectar of the gods.


DSC_6898 copy 2

The tufted titmouse is one of the loudest visitors to my feeders.


Shut up already.

(good thing they’re cute)


DSC_6978 copy 2

Wing action on a nuthatch.

Say that three times real fast.


DSC_6933 copy 2

In other news . . . things seem better with my son.

We are getting a new kitty tomorrow.

I have been selected by a juried committee to have my work shown in a local gallery.

I love hawaiian pizza.

I bought two bottles of wine today (and only one was destroyed).

And spring is coming.

So how are things in your neck of the woods?

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joeh said...

Great pictures.

A fall on the ice is the nastiest of all falls. Nothing to cushion the fall, no time to even put out an arm or hand to ease the fall. You are lucky you didn't break anything!

Well you did break a bottle of wine, and you probably needed some after that.

Hilary said...

Oh Kate.. I'm glad it was only the bottle that was broken.. and only one at that. Keep your bones and spirit intact!

Joy.. yay! I'm happy for you. So cool that your work will be shown in a gallery.. how cool is that! You deserve that recognition.

And each of these photos are so beautiful. I especially love the diagonal branch with four birds. And each of the images before it. And each of the ones which follow.

Unknown said... is so good you didn't break a wrist cuz they are very easy bones to break in that kind of fall. It would've sucked WORSE! LOVE the 4 birds. And I'm missing my sisters...just sayin!

Gail said...

If they had asked me, I would have chosen your art for the gallery years ago...but they didn't ask me. Teasing a little.

What great fortune nothing was broken except one bottle of wine. You are not alone...I have crawled on ice before, sprawling like a slap stick cartoon.

I wish you sunshine and relaxation.

Linda said...

It's been a few years since I last fell - knock on wood. Very scary. And you are going to be sore in the morning. I'm so glad you weren't seriously hurt.
Your photos deserve to be seen in a gallery! So excited for you! Enjoy your wine :)

Nellie said...

Oh, dear! What a rude beginning to your week-end! Hopefully your elbow will not bother you as you recover from that fall! Congratulations on having your work displayed! Great accomplishment! Sending hugs! xo Nellie

The Furry Gnome said...

You're right, it isn't that cold if you dress right, even at -20. Hope the joy continues to grow for you.

Tracey Grumbach said...

Ach, Kate! So glad you seem to be ok after that fall. Sorry about the wine, but that is much better than blood! So excited for you to show in a gallery! Love to come support you...let me know! Beautiful pics of our feathered friends, as always. Much love to you, my bloggy friend!

Christie - Fine Lines said...

So glad it was only the wine bottle that was broken!!!
The nuthatch photo is truly amazing!!!:))

happyone said...

Sorry about your mishap. Snow is nice, ice not so much.
Your pictures are delightful. : )
Cold, and snowy here in my neck of the woods.
Though the sun is supposed to shine tomorrow.

Sabrina Steyling said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Kate!!!! I'm so glad you weren't seriously hurt. Stupid ice. :( But I'm loving your photos of course! They're gorgeous. As I've said, your bird friends are the cutest! Love that little tufted titmouse...

(the teeny tiny icicles on that first photo are way too cute for words, by the way...)

Best of luck with the new kitty! Can't wait to see pictures of him/her. I hope George is okay with this...

Happy, happy weekend!

jinxxxygirl said...

Well things seem pretty good in your neck of the woods.... considering... lol I'm so sorry you fell Kate. Geez!

If you have a minute would you pop over to my blog and see the picture of a hummer i managed to get. I'm hoping maybe you can help me identify it....??? Stay warm and SAFE!! Hugs!deb

Sweetpea said...

CG ~ I've been following along with you here for a long time and enjoy all my visits, no matter what is happening ...


but I think today rather than saying anything more, I'd like to share with you something a dear friend of mine shared earlier that sorta hit *home* ... it's about first aid - it's one of those Ted Talks, and it's for all of us:

all best, as always,

alphabet soup said...

A new kitty!! A new kitty! What happened to the old one is what I want to know.

Yes, I'm tough I can stand the truth.

The tufted titmouse is such a beautiful bird.

Ms Soup

Cloudia said...

I hope you wake up limber and un-hurt. NICE nuthatch [and friends]

Spring is coming in my heart

ALOHA from Honolulu

Susan said...

I love each and every photo - they are surely joy bringers!!

I am hoping your elbow is okay, and very glad you had a 2nd bottle of wine!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Don't feel silly about crying when you fell - I would have done too - it is a kind of release. Glad you weren't actually badly hurt.
I am so pleased to hear that your life is taking a few turns for the better.

Rain said...

OMGoodness Kate be careful....... always keep your cell phone on you....... lesson learned from living alone! Two days ago I fell for the third time this winter- am just achy all over- so far no bones broken..... Love the photos--- think spring!!! -fondly,Rain

Lee Owenby said...

An acquaintance of my died last week from exposure after falling right outside her door. Yes - keep your phone on and in a pocket in weather like this.

I love everyone of these photos and am so excited to hear about your gallery show. Congratulations! I've always wondered why you didn't do more with your photos.

Linda Kay said...

Icy and rainy here in the Hill Country Texas. Hope you don't have too much trouble from your fall. Love the bird photos today. Always so pretty in the snow, and I love your ceramic bird feeder.

Angie said...

I was holding my breath waiting for you to say you had broken your elbow. So so glad it was the wine instead. :) that blue feeder is gorgeous. well as your birds. The picture of the nut hatch is stunning! Huge congrats on being chosen to show your work, girl!

JaneK said...

Sometimes we need a really good cry and a hard painful fall breaks it out of us. And I am just saying I would have cried even harder when I saw my wine spilled everywhere!
so glad to hear things are moving in a positive direction :)

Daryl said...

okay .. so first i am so glad you didnt break more than a bottle of wine .. flowers no matter the cost do not need justifying (shut up) ... photos as always are perfection SO excited about the gallery .. and a new kitty .. i am mixed about this ... is it a very young kitty, cause adorable as they are, they are destructive .. and i wonder how George and Miss Blacky/Blackie will feel ... i hope he or she is as adorable sweet as our little Annie .. i am over the moon about Shaun (keeping things crossed it stays positive)


Debbie From Illinois said...

Happy weekend Kate! I'm so glad you are ok after your fall. Tears are just what we need once in awhile along with wine and tulips.

Congratulations on showing your wonderful photography at a gallery! That is impressive stuff lady. :-)

Can't wait to see the new kitty!

mudmaven said...

So happy that all that broke was the wine! Be careful - ice is so treacherous. I too am curious about the new kitty. Lovely bird photos - thank you for sharing. Take care and watch out for that nasty ice! ~chris

Low Tide High Style said... wow! So glad you weren't hurt! Glad you are getting a new kitty and that things are better with your son! And SO excited about your work being shown in a's about time! :)

xo Kat

Latane Barton said...

I am so glad that you did not fall on that broken bottle of wine. Then there would have been blood!! Be careful on that ice, girl.

beth said...


falling is not allowed after the age of twenty…i decided that a long time ago when i slipped on the ice, too….because dammit, it hurts like hell!!!

when you're a kid, whatever. but adults should simply not be able to fall.

and whaaaattttt?????

a kitty?????

ohhhhhhhh… me show me show me!!!

Karen said...

Sorry for the fall.. happy for all your good news!! And please post story and pics of your new family member :-)

Lili said...

Oh awful to read about your fall but then yay to read of you being selected to be part of a juried show!! Your birdie compositions and wing actions are wonderful! Congrats Kate, you must know it was only a matter of time that you would finally have your work shown off in a show. xo

thotlady said...

Congratulations on the gallery showing.

Maybe you could email me the gallery, if I am in the area I would love to come see your work.

Jan's camera said...

Hi Kate, sorry to hear about your fall. Thank goodness it wasn't too serious. These photos are truly lovely. I just keep looking at them. It is so exciting about your exhibit. I wish I could attend. Congrats, that is just wonderful.

Bluebird49 said...

Oh goodness-I was just catching up myself, and found you'd fallen! Darn it! I'm so sorry. Glad it was "just wine" that was red--and not you bleeding from the fall. You know, that "Big Girls Don't Cry" thing is just a bunch of hooey, don't you? We cry when we fall and when we don't, too.

Hoping from what little you said, that things are getting a bit better all around. Since I won't comment on each post--I'll say here that Kitty is SO cute! Oh--I know he's making everyone but Miss Blackie smile a bit more.

Hoping for good things ahead, even though you're getting a lot of snow there, still!
xx Trudy

thecatalanway said...

What a shock! No wonder you cried it is the most natural way to release that shock and fear. I remember doing the same when I fell years ago climbing over a wall and hurt my shoulder, hearing a crunch. first response - crying - it gave me a moment of peace before I started to look for damage.

I love your photos in this one - I wonder can you imagine the deep joy you share with these pictures. I sit and ooohh and ahhhh and my heart feels happy.

So glad things are looking up...even tentatively .... but in the right direction K xx