Sunday, July 5, 2015

Long weekend

It’s been a quiet weekend here at the old manor house on the hill. I was invited to a couple of 4th of July parties but I really just wanted to stay home, although I made a couple of salads to take just in case I changed my mind. Now I have plenty to pack for lunches this week.

I did attend one gathering last Thursday, though. It was a going away party for Beth, a long-time friend and co-worker. She and I became friends when I moved to Maryland in 1996 and our sons met in the 4th grade. She was a substitute teacher at the time and ended up coming to work at our school full-time about 15 years ago. The party was held along Pembrey Beach on the Elk River. I walked out onto the dock at sunset to capture a few photos.

20150702_203546 copy 2

20150702_203445 copy 2

I tried to photomerge this one and the one below but my program was having nothing to do with it. So I gave up rather than become frustrated. It really was not that important.


20150702_203406 copy 2

The party was nice and it was a good way to say goodbye. Lately I’ve been saying goodbye to some of my favorite co-workers but I have to remember that life is about change. Nothing can stay the same.

:   :   :

I had the day off on Friday and spent it doing some much-needed chores.

I also had a visitor to the property on Friday evening.


DSC_8978 copy 2

I was walking through the dining room on my way to the kitchen and saw a shape out of the corner of my eye which made me stop. It was a little doe with her nose to the ground. I went back to get my camera and she looked up as I ever-so-quietly opened the door.


DSC_8983 copy 2

And then she bounded away.

:   :   :

No big plans for the weekend other than getting some chores done, some of which I’m not finished and I keep putting off because I don’t want to do them. I need to get over it, though. They’re outside chores and they involve cutting back masses of vines, a chore that my husband did quite ably. I also have to attack the patio weeds because they are voracious with all the rain we’ve had. I almost want to weed it with my hands but the last time I did that, I had pain for weeks. So this is what getting old feels like!

I bought the ingredients for a spray to combat the weeds (thank you everyone for your suggestions) and plan on using it today if it doesn’t rain again.


DSC_8988 copy 2

This morning, I set up my camp chair and table under the old hickory tree on the front lawn and enjoyed my coffee accompanied by bird song and cool breezes. I had my camera and a pair of binoculars and eventually began to wake up. Sometimes it takes me awhile . . .

George wanted some stick throwing and the cats were exploring as I sipped the delicious brew that began to make me feel more alive. “Thank God for coffee”, I thought, as I reflected on just how lucky I am to be here in this place, watching the bluebirds darting to and fro looking for their breakfast in the tall grass.


DSC_9008 copy 2

Miss Blackie sticks close to home but the younger cat was out and about. He still doesn’t have a name but then, he’s not my cat. He’s my son’s.

My son is the one who should be clearing away the vines. Let’s not even begin that discussion.


DSC_8997 copy 2

I downloaded a book on my Kindle yesterday that’s full of dog tricks, one of which is teaching your pet to put all the toys away into their toybox. When I saw that trick mentioned, I thought “this is the book for me”. George can go and get a toy that he knows by name, but I’ve never been able to figure out how to get him to put all the damn things back into the box and each night before I head up to bed, I’m always putting away his toys. I’ll keep you posted on this trick, as it should be interesting.

Thanks for your kind comments and your visits here. I hope you all are having a nice weekend ~

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eileeninmd said...

Hello, pretty shots of the Elk River! I love the pretty deer and your sweet George! happy Sunday!

Angie said...

I miss you when you're away...just sayin' :) Lovely post, and I always feel so at home here---wonder where that comes from...

Unknown said...

This is such a beautiful portrait of George, Kate!
He has such a sweet face.

Cloudia said...

Such a wonderful visit with you, Dear. Fine shots, words, and of course George. Sweet little doe. Glad you still pop in to see us. I know we all love you and love your visits.



Journey said...

Beautiful photos as always!!! Getting older does have it's drawbacks. And I'd be interested in the name of that book........getting my two to put their toys back would by a miracle!!!

Annie said...

Always nice to find a new post with your beautiful pictures. Sounds like a peaceful weekend with all your furry friends. Hope your weed mixture works. If so, please post the info. Have a good week ahead.

beth said...

hi you….
it's been quiet here this weekend, our choice and perfect in so many ways. your statement about life changing…it's so true…and it's constantly chaining. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING stays the same! i bet your salads are amazing….miss you!!!….xo

Sheila said...

Lovely photos as always. Can't wait to hear how George's training goes. Have a good week.

The Weaver of Grass said...

If George ever learns how to put his toys away then please let me know how you did it. Tess leaves her toys in places where it is convenient for other folk to fall over them.

thotlady said...

Always love me some George.

Debbie From Illinois said...

Ugh, I totally get the frustration with yard work. I make sure to take a couple ibuprofen before I go to bed after a day working in the yard. :-)

Michelle said...

You mean getting them (sons) to take responsibility doesn't get any easier when they are adults? ARGH. I have a loooooooong battle ahead of me.

Michelle said...

You mean getting them (sons) to take responsibility doesn't get any easier when they are adults? ARGH. I have a loooooooong battle ahead of me.

Daryl said...

all in all a lovely weekend ...

happyone said...

Good luck with the dog trick. I'm sure he'll learn. They are a lot smarter than we think. : )
Beautiful photos.

Sabrina Steyling said...

Beautiful photos!

Carolynn Anctil said...

I'm glad to hear you're doing well. Your trip to Maine sounds divine!

JaneK said...

I don't like change anymore. Used to. But now, I don't. Guess that sucks for me b/c life is change as you said!
When you learn how to train George to put toys up, share your method with those of us with kids! *snort*
I think your little visitor is a good omen :-)

Bluebird49 said...

Your shots here--and f Maine, (so, so happy you got to go!), are scandalously beautiful, Kate.
Miss hearing more about you and life...and yes, lots of things change, but sometimes, not all we wish would! Argh.
xxx Trudy,or Sybil, if you prefer. ;)

Mersad said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have included your blog in my "Top 10 Wildlife Blogs You Need to Follow" List. The post is on my blog now.

Mersad Donko Photography

Pamela Gordon said...

HI, I'm visiting via Lorrie at Fabric, Paper, Thread who recommended we check out Mersad's list of must see wildlife blogs. I'm glad I stopped by. Your photos are beautiful. I enjoyed the post about your trip to Maine as we were there a couple years ago to that same area - a favourite to visit along the coast. Good luck with training George to put his toys away! :)

Country Gal said...

Lovely photos , Only twice did Miggs put her toy back into her toy box all by herself and that hasn't happened again since lol . Glad to hear you are doping well and just taking each day as it comes . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

thecatalanway said...

Hello Kate
I came in to visit and was so glad to hear that things sound peaceful at the Manor. I too am having a quite weekend but I think you were writing about the last one and now it is July 12th.

I am back in Cornwall and the past few months have been so busy I didn't, until now, have a good moment to come and see what you were doing. but I don't forget you!

I laughed to think of George learning to put away his toys. Good luck with that one!

Take care of yourself and of your hands - mind those vines and don't let them get to you

love Kate

sharon said...

Ok, so I haven't been on the computer for a while. I get tired of seeing it when I have to look all day at the dang thing at work. Love the picture of the Doe, a deer, a female deer. yeah, okay then. As usual Miss Blackie and George are looking rather dapper. It's hotter than hell outside and it's going to be worse this weekend. Dang I love living in Oklahoma! Stay cool, will ya!