Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Tale of Two Ornaments

I love buying Christmas ornaments. I enjoy giving them as gifts to friends and I often buy two of the same kind, keeping one and giving the other away. This is my favorite ornament on my tree right now. I have other acorns because I like them, but for me, this one just takes the cake. When I found it, I bought one right away and wrapped and boxed it and mailed it to a friend whose birthday is just before Christmas. She also collects acorns and when she received this gift, she called me to say how much she loved it. I was pleased. Well, I had only bought one. And I realized that as silly as it seems, I was going to miss that pretty acorn. But when I returned to the store I purchased it from, all the acorns were gone. Oh, they had other acorn ornaments to show me, but none like this one. But I perservered and finally, in a little corner, on a little tree display, I found them. And there were only a few left. And it makes a perfect subject for my new camera lens.


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful ornament and the picture clarity is great!!

By the way, George is ADORABLE :)

Country Girl said...

Thank you for your kind words. The picture looks good because I took it with my new macro lens (I'm in love with it).
Thanks for visiting!

Junebug said...

Man, that is a cool ornament. Where do you get such neat ones as that?