Wednesday, December 26, 2007

These Photocubes are fun to make

I found these instructions to make photo cubes and gave one to my neice, Colleen, for Christmas and she really seemed to like it a lot. It's fun and easy, but it takes much less time if you make your photo files smaller before uploading them. The cubes have 5 sides, so there is no bottom. You can visit this site:

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Anonymous said...

I know that I am posting really late on this, but maybe you check your blog because you are new to this? I came over here because I saw your site on PW's and I saw this ad for the photo cubes on her site and I thought "they would be fun to do". And here they are in real life! Now I'm definitely going to try them. My pictures aren't as nice as yours, though.

By the way, I love your pictures and your little stories. I am making you a regular stop in my daily internet visits! Keep up the good work, Country Girl!