Thursday, April 3, 2008

Vote for the Photo of the Month

Visit Kacey over at Wine on the Keyboard and vote for one of the photos in her Photo of the Month contest. I don't even care whether you vote for mine or not. It's just always more fun when there's more people voting. So head on over. I'll be here when you get back.


Aunt Jo said...

I love your photo and it got my vote!

How are you doing with your knee?

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you this morning. How are you feeling?

Jo said...

I just went over to vote, and when I did, I could see that your photo of the crocus is in first place, by a country mile. *heh*

I still plan to do a watercolor painting of that.

How are you?

Anonymous said...

Girl, you know I voted for crocus.

Tracey ;)

Anonymous said...

ok, I meant "the crocus". Jeez, it must be the after work drink(s).

Tracey ;)