Saturday, April 19, 2008

Winner announced early for WGG #12

JOSIE from Vancouver has won the Weekend Guessing Game with her correct guess of, guess what -- a ladybug! You all knew it was a ladybug, right?
Sometimes I just want to have fun, and why should I make the guessing game so difficult that it taxes your brains?
Josie was right on it this week and guessed shortly after the post had been published. So congratulations to you, Josie. I am sure you've been swooning in sheer delight up there in Vancouver since you found out the good news that you had won this game!
Thanks to all who played this weekend, and hope to see you back here next Friday, not only to try to win this game, but to see if I will actually remember to post it. You never know with me. And I have no idea why anyone would think I am devious. Why, I've never heard such nonsense! I am shocked!
Stop by and give a visit to Josie's blog. There's always something interesting going on. Have a wonderful evening, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Josie!

And who in the WORLD would have suggested you were DEVIOUS, Kate?? That is just so wrong... ;-)

Here, have some wine. I'm enjoying some wine and chocolate. I'll share...

(why does your word verification have like 12 letters tonight? Does it hate me? Does it know I've been drinking??)

abb said...

I MISSED it AGAIN!!! Must be more vigilent!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Josie! I feel good just that I could figure it out for once in my life! LOL

Kacey, you just come on over to my blog and "wine" will be your word waiting for ya. ;-)


Country Girl said...

Annoying word verification. I turned it off once and had this awful spam come in and try to infect my computer and everyone else's that would have clicked on it. So I put it back on.

~ C.G.

Shimmy Mom said...

I thought it was a fun game, even if I was the -teenth person to guess. I'll definitely check back next Friday.