Friday, March 5, 2010

The poetry of giving

I like sharing finds with you, and first saw these wonderful candles over at Pioneer Woman’s site. They’re from Jimmy Belasco, whose company goal is “to make the most fragrant candles on the planet, using the finest ingredients on the planet”. But Jimmy’s goal in life, he says, is to give away far more than he ever takes. So from the online store orders, he donates $5 to a charity of your choice for every candle purchased. There are eleven different charities from which to choose.

You also get to choose your own sleeve-packaging, which is pretty fun because the designs are very interesting. The candles aren’t cheap, but right now a few of them are on sale. The sale items include Love, Sexe and Pom Passion. Sexe is apparently their biggest seller. So of course I had to try that one, especially after I saw the description (below).

DSC_0538 copy 2

Spelled the way of the French, this love potion created from the notes of amber, cocoa bean, myrrh, blood orange, plumeria, sandalwood and ylang ylang will get the blood boiling and create the perfect background for a night (and or day) of absolute passion!

Sounds fun to me. It’s a beautiful scent with its combination of all those ingredients. It’s very difficult to describe it, however. I also purchased Pom Passion, which I like but not nearly as much as the first one I mentioned.

DSC_0547 copy 2 

And speaking of donating to charities, Glassbaby is another wonderful place to visit. The one that I own, pictured below, was given to me by a friend. I’d never heard of the company before this and was pleased to know that part of the proceeds go towards cancer patients.

DSC_0574 copy 2

Owner Lee Rhodes began to blow glass in 2001 and today her collection includes 70 different colors of the same beautifully simple shape. Check out this description of her product, as written by her 12 year old son, who gave her his words as a present early one Christmas morning:

A glassbaby is physically a small, colored, glass cup, candleholder, or vase. But the light of a candle coming through a glassbaby generates more; it gives warmth to a cold day, a calm token of peace in the busy world.

Over the holidays alone last year, more than $70,000 was used to benefit cancer patients and other community causes.

Oh, and just so you know, I make no profit from any of the companies I mention here on my blog. I simply enjoy the products and love sharing them with you.

DSC_0529 copy 2 DSC_0534 copy 2

I would also like you to know that I watered the plants today. After yesterday’s post, I didn’t want you to think I was a monster.

As always, all of the photos here were taken with a Nikon D80 camera. And for all of these photos, I used my 60mm macro lens.

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And because it’s Friday and I love Q&A’s, here are a few simple questions for you:

1. Do you use candles at home?

2. Do you have houseplants?

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone?

4. Coffee or Tea?

5. Any plans for the weekend?

Thanks for coming by. See you in the comments, my friends . . .


Country Girl said...

1. Do you use candles at home? I love candles but they have to smell very good. I find some of them cloying in their fragrance.

2. Do you have houseplants? Yes. I used to have more.

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone? A date with my husband . . . I cannot remember the last time we did that. Sounds like a plan, though.

4. Coffee or Tea? Both. Love them both. Hot and cold.

5. Any plans for the weekend? I want to go on a small photo trek on Saturday. I won't say any more about it right now. And then Saturday night I have dinner plans with some school friends!

~ C.G.

Cheryl said...

1. Do you use candles at home?
Yes love them !

2. Do you have houseplants?
Oh yes, 3 huge Peace Lilies, 2violets, 2 ivy's

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone?
Don't remember but hubby and I go out about 4 nights a week.

4. Coffee or Tea? Tea !!

5. Any plans for the weekend?
Cleaning house and some shopping.

Hilary said...

I love your questions. Always gets me thinking.
1. Yes, I do use candles, but they have to be enclosed, I never use them otherwise.....mostly because I have nightmares about forgetting them at the studio. My favorite scent is clove, and they are hard to find.
2.I do have houseplants...but only a choice few that I can't part with. My cats apparently have decided to dig them up. I have a sea onion that I split and give is my favorite plant of all, and then a burgundy oxalis, which I also love.
3.My husband.....the night before my a Mexican restaurant...where we had to sit at the bar....but it turned out to be very intimate, and I loved it.
Think I will ask to sit at the bar next time we go. :)
4.Tea, tea, tea. I'm a good English girl.
5. I am thinking about dinner and a movie......there's a local place that does both.....and Sunday is my granddaughter's 6th birthday.
Party time!

Ann On and On... said...

I am always burning candles. I LOVE them. Those candles look amazing! Are they expensive?

I have houseplants every once in a while...which means I kill them and try again.

My husband and I went "out" last weekend. It was nice...we went to the public library and for a doughnut. :D

No plans for the weekend, but I do need to clean the house. sigh.

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

1. Do you use candles at home?
Yes, usually when we have company over.

2. Do you have houseplants?
We are down to three at the moment...

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone?
A couple of weeks ago with my husband. We normally try to have a date without kids once a month.

4. Coffee or Tea? Decaf coffee and sleepy time tea at night.

5. Any plans for the weekend?
Leaving for Lake Tahoe/Truckee in the morning!

Mental P Mama said...

1. I have many candles here. As you know...;)
2. I have houseplants. Some of them look a little verklempt these days.
3. We went out on a date last night!
4. Both. Iced and hot.
5. I have a St. Paul's retreat. And a big dinner at Annie's. And the Baby Bird is coming home. Happiness everywhere here!

Char said...

1. Daily. I usually love something rather plain and not real smelly as my allergies can kick in quickly with anything floral.

2. No - but I usually have cut flowers.

3. It's been a couple years actually. And I'm okay with that. I'm very picky.

4. Depends - I like both.

5. Cleaning Saturday - Sunday - something outside I hope.

Ellen said...

1. Do you use candles at home? Yes, lots. I just don't always remember to burn them until late in the evening.

2. Do you have houseplants? A few. You can't kill them if you don't have them. I'm much more of an outside gardener.

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone? Last Saturday night - dinner with the hub.

4. Coffee or Tea? Depends. I like both, but I definitely drink more tea.

5. Any plans for the weekend? Hoping to get at least one more old car moved to the garage - then I can get my car in the garage.

Chrissykat said...

Yay questions! :)

1. Do you use candles at home? I used to but one of my kitties developed asthma & candles make it much worse so I gladly stopped.

2. Do you have houseplants? Yes, two healthy African violets & one orchid which I am slowly killing somehow.

3. When was the last time you went out on a "date" with someone? With the husband, last month.

4. Coffee or tea? Both! Iced & hot & both w/plenty of sugar-n-milk

5. Any plans for the weekend? Sushi & "Alice in Wonderland" with the husband. Yippee!

Ann Marie said...

1. Do you use candles at home? Yup have them all over.. love them.

2. Do you have houseplants? yes.. but they are pitiful souls.. actually soul the other one bit the dust.. I have no green digits at all.

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone? Last Friday night the Waterman took me on a date. It was our third.

4. Coffee or Tea? COFFEE... ALL COFFEE LOT AND LOTS AND LOTS OF COFFEE! Maybe I should switch to decaf?

5. Any plans for the weekend? Not sure yet... photo taking that is for sure!

July needs to get here so you can teach me some tips and tricks...

Cloudia said...

I AM a houseplant!


Aloha, my Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Kathleen Stoltzfus said...

1. Candles. I have many but seldom use them for some reason.
2. Houseplants. Only two.
3. Date. Been so long I cannot even remember.
4. Coffee or Tea. Both for me also. Hot, cold, black, with cream and/or sugar, depending on the season and mood.
5. Weekend. No plans at all yet.

Deb said...

1. I love candles...vanilla is my favorite
2. not anymore, used to have ivy
3. we have a lot of dates now that the kids are grown
4. tea..iced tea..decaf
5. do some gardening...and ride the motorcycle if it doesn't rain

msdewberry said...

1) I have some stone votive holders for candles that I use in my living room. I have a soy candle upstairs in my quiet room.
2) No houseplants, my two cats will not let them live. I have to be content with outdoor plants!
3)My hubby and I have a regular date day every Saturday, all day. We are very busy the rest of the week, and reserve Saturday completely for each other.
4) Coffee!! I like tea but love coffee!
5) Date Day! It's always spontaneous, we just pick a direction, such as which way is the wind blowing and head that way. We have made some nice discoveries that way.

becky up the hill said...

Yes, currently I am enjoying Tyler Candles, that I can find in the dinky town I live in.

No house plants, avid gardener, all plants outside.

A few weeks ago, my husband took 'us' to Filoli, in Woodside, Ca. Swoon!

Coffee baby, with half and half

We were going back to Filoli, but the weather is iffy and my back threw a fit this week.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Wait a minute. Ylang ylang? French sexe?

I'm placing my order as we speak.

Oh, and yes, yes (except they're half-dead), can't remember, hot coffee/iced tea (sweet), and none--other than placing the order for some ylang ylang.

Maybe I ought to schedule a date first, though, we don't want to put the cart before the horse.

Julie Harward said...

Lovely items with a great story behind each one..thanks!
1. Yes
2. No (I don't like being a murderer!) LOL
3. This past weekend, with the hub.
4. Neither
5. Going to SLC to see some of our kids.
Have a great weekend my friend, come say hi :D

Michelle said...

1. I use candles and love them.

2. I only have a few right now. I tend to "forget" to water them.

3. My daughter and I had a dinner date, this afternon, after her orthodontist appt. Does that count?

4. Coffe, but I do love tea w/honey and lemon.

Deb said...

1. Do you use candles at home? Yes - but only soy candles.

2. Do you have houseplants? Yes.

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone? Dinner wtih Hubby & my youngest son last after karate last week :)

4. Coffee or Tea? Coffee

5. Any plans for the weekend? Hubby will be home Friday evening...I'll open my Farm shop on saturday and maybe a sunday ride to the White Mtns. of NH on sunday,

Have a great weekend :)

Anonymous said...

1. Do you use candles at home? them.

2. Do you have houseplants? Ferns, mostly.

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone?Valentine's day!

4. Coffee or Tea?YES!

5. Any plans for the weekend?We are going to a small garden, "Wing Haven" to shoot some photos...smiles.

Low Tide High Style said...

1. Do you use candles at home? No, sadly I did marketing for a major fire/water damage restoration company and they took all the fun out of burning candles. :(

2. Do you have houseplants? I did but then one of the dogs knocked them over and killed them all. Oh wait, I do have 2 Kalanchoes at the moment!

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone? Does going to Panera while shopping on a Saturday qualify as a date?!

4. Coffee or Tea? Tea please!

5. Any plans for the weekend? Picture taking for work, visiting a local garden center to pick up some pansies, and maybe bridesmaid dress shopping with my daughter.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the links!

Kat :)

Reddirt Woman said...

I rarely use candles at home simply because a lot of the fragrances give me a headache. When I do use candles the scents have to be light but not flowerly.

Yes I have houseplants but they are still at my old house until I finish my room and the shelves I have planned for the west and south windows for them. I hope to have them home with me soon.

I haven't been on a "date" in years.

Iced tea always... no coffee ever and don't care for hot drinks.

My weekend plans depend on the weather with the exception of possibly going to the OU (Okla. University) women's last basketball game of the season... against arch rival OSU (Okla. State University), commonly referred to the Bedlam Series, no matter what sport or whether it's men or womens games.

Good questions. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

1. Do you use candles at home? Only if they smell good. And usually when my husband is home.

2. Do you have houseplants? I used to. Not anymore.

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone? The last time my husband was home.

4. Coffee or Tea? Tea. Always (am sipping one right now).

5. Any plans for the weekend? Starting anew craft project with my daughter.

sandy said...

Love your write up on the candles. I enjoy your blog also.

As for the questions....

1. Do you use candles at home? Yes, sometimes.

2. Do you have houseplants? Only a few that have lived.

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone? My husband, we have a date to walk/hike every day.

4. Coffee or Tea? Coffee.

5. Any plans for the weekend? Rain is coming, but if it dries out I will walk. If it rains, I will clean, draw or paint a little and hopefully eat out at a good restaurant.

M and M said...

1. Yes! Jimmy Belasco's are my favorites, and his absolute best scent by far is the blackberry/currant, I smell it in my dreams!
2. Houseplants yes, orchids. Got an Australian scented one last year that is wonderful. They thrive on kind of plant. Most people overwater orchids.
3. Bookstore date with my husband, we hung out for hours!
4. Both, but I'm really a tea fiend.
5. This weekend after nearly three weeks with bronchitis, it's finally time to play with the dogs and horse–can't wait!

maryelizabethroche said...

1.There's always a soy candle lit somewhere in my house...and I'm not good at blowing them out.
2. Many...some are very old friends.
3. I really cannot remember :(
4. Mostly coffee, tea every now and then.
5. It's Spring Break for my "baby"...I'm taking her for a belated birthday shopping trip!

bv said...

candles..many, every room. winter demands candle light.

front porch and back porch house all the plants. They visit in as needed.

once a week with my 'boyfriend' of many years.


the week end will be rainy so that means some eating in town and maybe friends for dinner and most likely some 'dating'.....

Annie said...

1. Candles. Only when the power goees out.

2. Houseplants. No. I cant even look after the ones outside!

3.A date? What's that? A very very long time!

4. Tea or coffee? mmm...usually tea, or chai, or coffee if weak. But I seem to have gone off them all at the moment.

5. Plans for the weekend? None. Probably rest, doctors orders. After the basics, perhaps some cleaning/tidying, sorting photos from my trip, or visiting some older friends.

BB said...

1. Do you use candles at home? Ummm...not really, except during blackouts. I have small children who would probably set the place on fire!

2. Do you have houseplants? No - grew out of them in my early 20s. I'm a survival of the fittest kind of gardener!

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone? Er... does going to a meeting when someone is babysitting for you count? Tomorrow.

4. Coffee or Tea? Coffee. I drink WAY too much of it. But yum!

5. Any plans for the weekend? Meetings and parties. No rest for the wicked!

Jayne said...

1. I used to use them more than I do recently... hmmm... need to change that!

2. I have two African Violets, one Cylamen, and one Nobby's Amy Orchid that I refuse to give up on even though it hasn't bloomed in two years!

3. Uh... 1989?

4. Coffee, coffee, coffee!

5. To get out in the yard with the garden gloves on and start sprucing up for spring! Supposed to be in the low 60's here! Yea!!!!

Anonymous said...

1. Do you use candles at home? Yes, love them. Favorite scents - honeysuckle, warm apple pie, and Yankee candles new exotic - Canary Island Bananas...mmmmm.

2. Do you have houseplants? I actually have two peaceplants that were given to my great grandmother for an engagement gift. They are 100 years old. It's alittle nervewracking being in charge of keeping them alive! But I have for the past 20 years.

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone? My husband complains that we don't go out on dates anymore...maybe it's time to change that.

4. Coffee or Tea? both, hot and cold! no sugar.

5. Any plans for the weekend?
If the weather holds up, a trail ride on Sunday.

J.L.S. said...

1. Do you use candles at home? Yes, I love candles!

2. Do you have houseplants? No, but hopefully one day.

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone? The last date has been a couple of weeks now. But, that might change tonight!

4. Coffee or Tea? Love both, but coffee is my drug of choice every morning!

5. Any plans for the weekend? Might be moving to the apartment next door, might be going to see a comedy show with my husband tonight, definitely will be sleeping in and sending a care package to a friend in Afghanistan!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sharon said...

1. Candles... I go in phases. Burning everyday then nothing for months. Favorite candle is Yankee Candle Sage & Citrus.

2. No houseplants. We used to go up north for a few weeks in the summer and no one to care for them.

3. Date? Maybe 1995? It's all very hazy...

4. Tea. Black with milk & sugar. Or sweet tea. Yum.

5. Two photowalks today but nothing on Saturday & Sunday.

RoseMary King said...

Dear Kate,
1. Yes, use candles all the time. Love the romance of candles even if no one else appreciates that fact.

2. Yes, I few but most of my energy goes to my gardens.

3. Can't remember the last time I went out on a date. I don't count running errands and grabbing some dinner a date.

4. I love coffee and tea, both hot or cold.

6. Saturday is Market Days in Wimberely TX. It's not as good as Canton, but you can find some pretty good things. Sunday is going to be outside in the garden day if it doesn't rain. We are looking at some rain over the weekend, so I may have to adjust my plans a wee bit.

Have a great weekend Kate. How much snow is left on the ground there? Hugs and Kisses

The JR said...

Great photo's.

1. Do you use candles at home? yes, but only use them when the power is out (too many cats)

2. Do you have houseplants? No, I torture them and they die (not on purpose, and also for the reason above - too many cats)

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone? a real date - hum, hubby and I dressed up (that means shaved, clean shirt and no jeans for him) and we went to eat at our favorite Mexican place for an after the day celebration of our anniversary - #11

4. Coffee or Tea? tea, luv it sweet but can't have it on my diet so have to go unsweet with the pink junk in it

5. Any plans for the weekend? yes, meeting a friend and a horse trainer tomorrow am to get with ol Star (aka my favorite ahem nice word is rear-end) at the equine center in Jackson

Sunday plan to ride the horses with hubby at an arena near our house and we have to go pickup same hay that's in our hay guy's barn

Have a great weekend. Luv your photos and seeing all the products.

beth said...

1. of course, but nothing scented !
2. yes, and love them !
3. hubby and I have date night once a week...pretty much without's the only time I get dressed up
4. tea tea tea tea oh, did i mention i love tea :)
5. a photo outing and a little drive up north to see some friends

happy weekend !

Daryl said...

I was in the midst of commenting when I had to call ToonMan about something and he sidetracked me completely. GAH. I will tell you about it later ...

1. I do. I love candles. I have lots of them. Votivo is another favorite of mine, their Red Currant is a fav ... tho they do not donate to charity ...

2. I thought this said do you have hot pants ... no, I did have a pair in the late 6os .. houseplants .. I have one .. it survives due to benign neglect ...

3. A 'date' as in man/woman or a 'date' as in lets go to CT this weekend and see MPM/Annie?

4. Coffee 99% of the time BUT when I want comfort I drink Republic of Tea's Ginger Peach

5. No plans ... other than beautification™

Oh we gave up Jeopardy to watch The Daily Show on DVR from the night before ...

Anonymous said...

1. Do you use candles at home? always!

2. Do you have houseplants? a few, more so in the winter when I bring in some asparagus ferns.

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone? last week with my hubby!

4. Coffee or Tea? Tea, but unfortunately I can't drink too much of it because I have a tendency to produce kidney stones. Ugh.

5. Any plans for the weekend? Nothing special, just relaxing at our lake getaway.

Talia said...

1. Do you use candles at home?

* Yes, but I am funny in that my house must be clean before I light a candle. Strange, I know!

2. Do you have houseplants?

* Yes.

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone?

* Last Saturday evening with my delicious husband!

4. Coffee or Tea?

* Coffee but only one cup in the morning. Otherwise, water...

5. Any plans for the weekend?

* Dinner guests/Entertaining

Treasia Stepp said...

I'll have to check out the sites you mentioned.

1. Do you use candles at home? almost every single day. However they have to have a long lasting scent for me to purchase them again.

2. Do you have houseplants? Only one right now. Looking forward to purchasing more soon.

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone? The weekend after Valentine's Day hubby and I had a very nice weekend date together.

4. Coffee or Tea? Both of course, hot and cold.

5. Any plans for the weekend? Sad to say nothing to special. Striping furniture and repainting it all.

Kate, you need to stop in and visit my blog and enter the fabulous giveaway I'm having. It's for a Moss Rose perfume bottle (vintage of course) to celebrate the grand opening of my new Etsy store: T's Treasures

Unknown said...

1. Do you use candles at home? Yep, I love candles, but I'm pretty particular about the scents I have my favorites.

2. Do you have houseplants? Right now they are all houseplants, but most are waiting to go back outside.

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone? I think it's been a while, I'd like to get to a movie or something.

4. Coffee or Tea? mmmm tea for sure.

5. Any plans for the weekend? Yep, we getting out on the river this weekend. Yay for sunshine!

Carolynn Anctil said...

1. Oh yes. Especially during the winter months. The warm glow is so cozy. I love candles, but prefer unscented or beeswax.

2. I have one spider plant & two Christmas cacti. I read somewhere in an interior design magazine that live plants are equal to fridge magnets and shouldn't be done. (I have those too). Since then, I've noticed that the photos in home design magazines will often show bouquets of cut flowers but never house plants.

3. The last time I went out on a "date" was with The Pirate and it was....hmmm...February 5th...! Wait a second, we're still in the beginnings of a relationship here. I should still be getting wooed...That was a Friday, and he DID take the day off to spend it with me, so I'll cut him some slack.

4. I like my coffee black in the morning, mocha frapps with whipped cream in the afternoon, and peppermint tea after dinner before bed.

5. The Pirate and I have talked about going to see a movie tonite, if we're not too tired. Gawd...that sounds OLD. Saturday, I'm balancing my bank books, paying bills, & cleaning my fish tank (blech). Sunday morning is church, followed by a quick visit to the stables, and I'm ending the weekend in front of the tube watching The Oscars.

Have a great one yourself!

Unknown said...

Always have a candle burning every day! I use the plate with the bulb on top so it melts the candle from the top.

Houseplants....LOL uh no, they hate me.

Date every week with the hubby, movie or ride or just hanging out together or dinner out!


Ummm nope, just take it moment by moment, maybe a movie, or bike ride, just relaxing for sure!

LOVE THAT PIONEER WOMAN! I made her meatballs the other night! They were delicious! Even had enough (because there is on the two of us) to freeze some!

altar ego said...

1. Do you use candles at home?
We do! Especially when the house is smelling mightily like dog(s).

2. Do you have houseplants?
I'm embarrassed to say "maybe." For a reason beyond my comprehension I have stopped watering my plants. Even as I stare at the result of their neglect I don't manage to get to the watering can. What gives?

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone?
A couple of weeks ago with my hubby.

4. Coffee or Tea?
Both! In the morning, coffee--in the afternoon, tea.

5. Any plans for the weekend?
In just over an hour I'm headed out the door to an evangelism conference hosted by our diocese. It's tonight and tomorrow. I've spent the last 36 hours (except for some sleep) updating materials for the church. The conference got me off my you-know-what to tackle some items on the "to do" list better than any other motivator!

Have a good weekend!

Donalyn said...

1. I am very picky about scents, preferring ones like ginger/lime and sage/cedar, to anything flowery or perfumey. Most of them make Larry cough after they have been lit for awhile though, so I don'tt burn them a lot.

2. Yes, but not as many I used to to. I once had hundreds, but now I am down to 15 or 20 most of the time.

3. You know, Larry is very picky about things like this and he is oddly opposed to my going on dates. Really - We had date nights when the kids were still home, though not as often we would have liked. We go out now, but I am not sure you can call them dates when all of the people who live in a house go someplace and then come home again.

4. Coffee in the morning, Tea in the afternoon.

5. Nothing specific so far - we may go out to eat Sunday night at a place we like that has good live blues music. Or we may be sensible and remember that we are going to Arizona next month and we should save our pennies for that.

Mary said...

1. I'm a little leery about fire, so I don't use candles very often.
2. Not too many. I kill them even when I'm happy.
3. A couple of weeks ago, went to the diner with my husband.
4. Tea. Celestial Seasonings Cranberry Apple Zinger. Lots of sugar.
5. No. I am incredibly boring. Maybe grill on Sunday because it's supposed to be warm. :)

I've missed so many of your posts this week, Kate. It's been good to be away from the computer, but I feel like I'm somehow out of the loop. Crazy, huh?

Andi said...

Happy Friday Kate!

1. Do you use candles at home?
Much to my husband's dismay. he hates the soot. Nothing too flower-y though. Only flowers should smell like flowers.
2. Do you have houseplants?
The only ones indoors I have are african violets of my mom's that I saved after she died. Anything else that is not on the kitchen window sill staring me in the face every day will get terribly neglected. Outside - no problem...inside, not so much

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone?
Just two weeks ago, hubbie and I went to dinner with some grown up friends.
4. Coffee or Tea?
Coffee - preferably an expresso. :)although I do enjoy a Tazo calm tea at night .
5. Any plans for the weekend?
We are going to pretend it is spring! Hitting 50 - so we are grilling without the coat, and making a bon fire, and possibly going on the hot tub with some friends. Wanna come?

mrs mediocrity said...

Yes, I love candles but have bad allergies, no food scents or really strong ones, cinnamon based seems to work best for me...
I have houseplants...they usually don't get watered until after they wilt. Sad...but true.
My husband and I had date night about a month ago.
Tea. Exclusively. I have never liked coffee. Or beer. I am a freak.
My plan for the weekend is to catch up on work and life and paperwork. And of course, read other people's blogs...

Donna S. said...

1. Used to all the time...then I had my walls painted & they said something @ the soot & hubby said no more candles. Now I have a light that shines down on jar candles.
2. No. Unfortunately I don't have many good places to put them...not many windows...heat vents by the ones I have?? Excuses, excuses.
3. Feb 19 to a nice supper to celebrate our 40th anniversary (the next day).
4. Both. Usually coffee hot & tea cold.
5. NOTHING!! Yea. Hit the gym & maybe get outside some!!

GailO said...

1. I don't use candles often enough...I find them calming...Love the Glassbaby votives!

2. I have a few houseplants that thrive on neglect...succulents, begonias, cacti, and two unidentified beauties....

3. Last Sunday Mr O and I went out to dinner then to the theater with friends...getting seasons tickets to the theater insures a few dates!

4. Coffee in the morning and tea at night:)

5. My weekend plans fell now I am free to do anything I want! It is supposed to be beautiful weather here in

Jill of All Trades said...

1. Do you use candles at home?
Yes, but I'm very paranoid about where they are and scared if they might cause a fire so I usually use them in the kitchen on the counter and more often on the stove.

2. Do you have houseplants? Well, yes but the poor things are terrible neglected most of the time and I usually kill then during the winter from not watering.

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone? Usually with The Hubby, on Wednesday nights before the dreaded dance class.

4. Coffee or Tea?
Coffee!!! Love my coffee. Tea in the afternoon occasionally.

5. Any plans for the weekend? Yes, enjoying having Daddy home after 5 months away.

Deb said...

Candles...all of the time!

Plants, no...I used to have as many as 30-40.

Date? Cannot remember.

I love both and like you, hot or cold.

Going with the bride to be to select invitation supplies!

FireLight said...

!. YES...I use candles! I like AromaNaturals the best!
2. I have button ferns in my kitchen.
3. The Colonel and I have a date every Wednesday night...time just for us!
4. I love hot tea at breakfast and in early afternoon. I used to drink coffee...but it made me ill one morning about nine years ago, and I have not had a drop since.
5. I plan to not make a plan!
Kate, Jiggs was a Welsh pony...he looked like a little Clydesdale! So glad you stopped by.

Anonymous said...

1) Yes: my favorite "flavor" for years was vanilla, then cinnamon, and now PUMPKIN PIE! I burn them when I'm cooking. Another favorite is Tuberose, a scented travel candle by Henri Bendel Home.

2) No, I finally gave up on them. I would overwater or underwater!

3) :) Probably October 7, 1977 our tenth anniversary when I was expecting our 3rd and 4th children. We just do things together without calling it a "date." :)

4) Iced tea plain or Earl Grey hot with sugar.

5) Worked yesterday; church this morning and overdue housework this afternoon!

Would love to visit the Amish country!


Meg McCormick said...

1. Do you use candles at home? I do, though not as often as I wish. I had a great evergreen-scented Yankee Candle that I burned throughout the holiday season.

2. Do you have houseplants? Heavens, no - our house is too dark, owing to all the shade provided by our ancient oak trees. I'm OK with it though.

3. When was the last time you went out on a “date” with someone? I cajoled hubby into dinner on Saturday night and we both left feeling like we should really do that more often. Why don't we? There's really no excuse, now that our oldest is eager and able to watch is younger brothers.

4. Coffee or Tea? Yes.

5. Any plans for the weekend? I had a monster nap on Saturday and we did outdoor chores after church on Sunday. I tried a new pizza cooking technique for Sunday supper, involving a preheated cast iron skillet and some delicious homemade dough. Yummmm.