Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little photographer

Some of the weekend wedding festivities included Sunday brunch at the new home of the bride and groom in Philadelphia. The food was fantastic, as always, and the mimosas were delish.

Of course, I took my camera to capture some family memories, and at one point my 8-year old nephew asked me if he could take some photos with it.

I believe I surprised a couple of people when I said yes.

I thought it was sweet that he wanted to try, so I set it to auto dial for him, put the strap around his neck and showed him how to hold the camera and take a shot. His tiny little hands could hardly reach the shutter button, but he happily (and more importantly, carefully) walked around the living room getting candid shots of family members and seeming quite proud of himself.

DSC_0040 copy 2

This is my nephew, Josh, dressed up for the wedding on Saturday.

He’s my brother, Pete’s boy.

(how cute is he?)

When viewing the photos later, I found it interesting how people sometimes react to a child taking their picture.

DSC_0256 copy 2

Wild woman Dani. She is so much fun.

(She’s Ginny’s girl).

DSC_0260 copy 2

My sister, Ginny, on the left next to my son, Matt. Next to Matt is Judy’s daughter, Mel, and her boyfriend, Alex.

DSC_0272 copy 2

The groom.

(his name is Joe).

DSC_0267 copy 2

Emily (the bride) and her sister, Samantha.

(They’re Charlotte’s girls).

DSC_0251 copy 2

Josh even snapped a photo of his aunts.

Char, me and Judy with Ginny in the front.

DSC_0254 copy 2

I have no idea what this is all about.

It may have had something to do with the mimosas, though.

But all in all, I think Josh did a pretty good job at being photographer for a little while.

DSC_0268 copy 2

Hey, Joshie . . .

DSC_0269 copy 2

“Hey, Aunt Katy!”

: : :

It’s not that often that I get to spend time with my family like we did last weekend and the one before and I thank God and my lucky stars for the people I love.

Can you tell I’m still on a high from it all?

* smiles *

Until the next time, my friends . . .
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Lisa said...

He is a Sweetheart and so cute. Love his eyes. How could you all not smile and have the time of your life. Priceless. Just priceless
Have a wonderful night

Reena said...

What a wonderful post, Kate! The love of your family shines in these pictures. That little Josh is going to give us all a run for our money when it comes to taking pics!

Hilary said...

I let Gabby take pictures with my camera, and I make her put the strap around her neck.....she is 7, and I find that she has quite an eye.......and takes things in a way that I wouldn't imagine doing......
and they are great.
I'm glad you let him take pics, they're great.
And glad you got to enjoy your family.

Karen said...

I love these photos! Especially the one that you have no idea what it was about....

Another Sister said...

I admit to being surprised. So was Dave; we talked about it later and I wondered how the pics would turn out. Really cool shots. Go Joshie! Love the laughing one of the four of us. I/we are still on a "high" as well. Great eye Kate! Luvyalots

Lili said...

This is so precious Kate. Josh is quite a good little photographer too, knows how to capture shots that most adults would just love to get. Mimosa it! xo ~Lili

spindrift,maine said...

Kids can take the best photos! I'm glad you lent Josh your camera. He has photography in his genes, I think. Love your happy expressions, Kate. Being with those we love is The Best!!

Anonymous said...

Great post Kate, and I admit I too am shocked you let him use your camera. He did a great job, especially capturing his favorite aunts....what great smiles! I hope he does take after his Aunt Katy as you take beautiful pictures, especially of my little guy!

Cloudia said...

all those great faces made me HIGH too!

Warm Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


< ° ) } } > <

Mary said...

Oh what a sweet, sweet post, Kate! Your family is beautiful. Little Josh has the most amazing eyelashes (I'm so jealous) and Emily and her sister have such sweet and beautiful smiles. It looks like everyone had a blast. :) Thanks for sharing your joy! xoxo

Caroline said...

Yep...that's pretty flipping wonderful! Great captures!

Deb said...

aww what a nice aunt you are...looks like he might follow in your foot steps..

Carolynn Anctil said...

He did an awesome job!

Ellen said...

How fun to view the gathering through the eyes of a child. I especially love the group shot of the aunts. It looks like you all had lots of fun.

Hilary said...

You have a beautiful family, Kate. And that wee photographer is just adorable.

Dawning Inspiration said...

I can feel the happy sigh from here.... congrats!

Mrs Catch said...

What a lovely family. And great photos to remember your weekend. He did a great job!

The JR said...

That is one seriously cute kid. He did a very good job!

Daryl said...

Awesome .. I too have given my camera to a younger family member ... now she's a married woman. I am so old.

LOVE your nail polish .. and Judy is the only sister who doesnt look like the others! Is she a sister-in-law?

Jeannelle said...

Wow! Great people shots by Josh!

Jeanne Walker said...

How blessed are you to have such a wonderful family...and such a good relationship with them! I think your nephew might just be following in his Aunt Katy's footsteps! Have a great weekend, my friend!

beth said...

i can actually feel your happiness !!

and that's it. i'm done being a photographer. i'm just going to find an 8 year old, give him my camera and tell him to bring it back to me when he's done :)


thotlady said...

Lucky, I am so far away from my hurts sometimes.

mrs mediocrity said...

I have a big ole smile on my face right now. He did a great job, love the one with you and your sisters!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Everyone looks so happy - and you have got a budding photographe there.

Low Tide High Style said...

Josh did a great job, and maybe you've sparked an interest in being a photographer for him...too cool!

Love all the photos!

Kat :)

A New England Life said...

Little Josh did a fantastic job!

Years ago when my next door neighbors daughter graduated they had a big party. One of our other neighbors gave my daughter his camera and told her to take lots of pictures, and she did. They came out so good! He said people are more likely to pose for kids than adults.

Obviously ; )

Kerri Farley said...

He did a great job!!

GailO said...

What a cutie he is! You just may have given him the gift of an interest in photography...a very nice gift if you ask me!

I love seeing the pics of you and your look like a merry, happy group of women:)

Jill of All Trades said...

That was way too cute and he's a pretty good photographer. Oh his eyelashes...boys have great eyelashes don't they!