Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some lessons don’t come easy

 I could never be a professional photographer. Know why? I could never be one because I don’t like having client deadlines looming over me. I tend to procrastinate. I often do the same thing when it comes to cleaning.

So rather than edit the school photos taken in April (for Pete’s sake), and the graduation photos I took in June, I figured I’d procrastinate even more and fool around with a few of my camera apps (for Android). This first one’s called Photo Grid.

view from my chair under the dogwood tree yesterday afternoon

This app will pull up pictures from anywhere on your camera and create a collage with them. There are plenty of grid templates from which to choose as well as the free style grid that I used above. Not many backgrounds but I like the leather one I used in this collage.


The app is available for the iPhone or the Droid. Not a ton of creative control, but fun to play with nonetheless.

: : :

And as far as Instagram is concerned . . . the jury’s still out on it for me. Today I created an account, only to find that I’d already done so a couple of months ago. Then I remembered how confused I was back in March after it asked to link to FB. I ended up figuring I hadn’t really created an account and then never went back. Today it told me that someone with my name had already created an account, so I signed on in, and was surprised to see that I already had followers. I still had no idea what to do, or how to start. So I just googled instructions and went from there.

Shared on Instagram

Taken with Camera 360, edited in Little Photo, then in Be Funky.

Just because I can.

It’s fun playing around in Instagram and as far as sharing goes, I like it fine. But for editing and effect purposes, I find it completely lacking compared to every other free app I have. In my phone I use Be Funky, Little Photo, and Camera 360 for editing, and they were all free downloads. Today I downloaded Magic Hour to see what that’s like.

Update: I am loving Magic Hour almost as much as I love Be Funky.


Shared on Instagram.

Taken with Camera 360, edited in Be Funky.


Shared on Instagram.

Taken & edited with Magic Hour, then Instagram for the tilt/shift.

This is my favorite pillow.

Please try to contain yourselves, people.

: : :

Ok ~ enough of this nonsense. Let’s have something fun to drink.


I really want to make this.

I think it would be worth the effort,
and there’s rosemary in our garden.

(i’ll keep you posted)


This also is something I’d like to try.

Maybe with a little silver tequila . . .
or perhaps not.


Love this song. Girl is a walking miracle.

And with that, I will leave you until next time my friends . . .

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Update: For those who asked, my Instagram name is katydid56


Hilary said...

I love what you do with your phone apps...I always think it would be fun, but never find the time.
The drinks look marvelous....both of them.

Country Girl said...

You can do it while waiting for something, like at a doctor's office. I do it sometimes while my husband is watching TV. Thanks, Hilary!

~ C.G.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I could so go for some Watermelon Agua Fresca right now! Great photos but I just get wrap my head around instagram. I must be old...LOL!

Anonymous said...

I was out pulling a few weeds tonite and was knelt down right next to our rosemary bush... Ahhhh, I couldn't stop breathing in the fragrance of it. Got so high on rosemary that I forgot about the rest of the weeds and just came back into the house. Besides, it's way too hot and humid out to think about pulling weeds.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Kate,

I'd love to see your instagram photos but don't know your username!


Country Girl said...

Hi, Elizabeth.

It's katydid56 although I don't have but a few photos on there so far. Thanks!

Elizabeth said...

thanks...I've been following your blog for a while now and love your photos (you've even inspired me to start photographing birds!), so I'm sure I'll love what you've got on IG, too!

Elizabeth (WeeKitchen)

Reena said...

Oh, that Rosemary-Tangerine Cooler looks scrumptious! Ok, you got me playing around with my droid right now and downloading Instagram ... omg...another thing to keep up on! Btw, I haven't yet been able to get Be Funky to open on my phone ... always just shuts down. Oh well. Not like I don't have other apps to mess with!

beth said...

i just want to come to your house and procrastinate, using our phones as who to blame and then make fun summery drinks with you.....k ?

what time should i be there....oh, and i'll even bring the tequila or maybe a little amaretto...xo

beth said...

oops, almost forgot....

instagram. it's okay....i'm not a lover or a hater. just an occasional user who doesn't really understand all the hype....just saying.

Country Gal said...

Very nice ! I think your photos are fantastic your much more advanced with digital photography then I am . I love your photos I would pay top $ for them ! I find I learn from you when you tell us what Fstop and Shutter speed or mode you photographed some of your photos in . Thanks for sharing with us . Have a great day !

GailO said...

Instagram is definitely more about the social aspect rather than the editing aspect for me anyways...its like flickr:) There are many better editing apps that I have fun with but only instagram for chatting:)

Cloudia said...

yes, let's have us a drink on the porch!

Aloha from Honolulu,
Comfort Spiral
> < } } ( ° >

> < } } (°>


Merisi said...

Amazing, all that fun out there that I enjoy when others are playing, and especially when playing as well as you do! :-)

Kerri Farley said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Instagram!! So I"m going to try to look you up - but if I can't find you I"ll be back to ask for your "name" on Instagram. :)

LOVE your shots!!

thecatalanway said...

You have inspired me! Right now I looked for and found two of the photo apps - I was an app baby before without a clue how to do it:)
Lets see if some interesting images emerge any time soon

Love those cool drinks - we are very hot here today and I would love to share one with you

petons, as they say here in Catalunya

Happy Solstice!

Kate x

Caroline said...

Omg...I cannot believe I just sent you that email about instagram...and here you post about it. And then the beverages...on the same wavelength! Love the photos! No I am off to find you on IG...xo

The JR said...

all this techie stuff is too much for me to keep up with, have a plain phone. you answer it, dial on it and talk...that's all it can do.

abb said...

I'll be right down to join you for some of that delicious looking Rosemary-Tangerine Cooler - it looks like it would be perfect for a 100º day!

Mary Lou said...

What a fun most. I'd like to say that I love the pillow!!!! And all the rest.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

The only gram I know is a telegram so all this instagram talk is Greek to me. However, the photos are spectacular.

mrs mediocrity said...

Lately I find myself Instagramming when I am sitting out in the garden... where I sit sort of stuff.

I need to download the apps you mentioned, you are totally right about the limitations of Instagram.

And, you crack me up.

Karen said...

Funny.. I'm REALLY attracted to those deliciously refreshing and Good For You drinks, but I never get up the gumption to make them.

Lili said...

I think I'm craving that first the background color with it too! xo ~Lili