Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gather quickly, out of darkness

What a beautiful weekend it was here in northern Maryland. Our eldest son came into town for our school’s alumni banquet and on Saturday, we went to visit my beautiful niece, her husband, and their new baby girl.

DSC_0185 copy 2

Saturday morning dawned bright and brilliant and I walked in my pajamas around the house with my coffee, thinking of everything I had to accomplish that day.

I had a full day ahead of me.

DSC_0182 copy 2

My husband washed the car in preparation for our trip to Baltimore.

DSC_0191 copy 2

Meredith was here, too. She helped me make the lunch I was planning on bringing with us, while her mom went to visit a client for whom she was doing design work.

Meredith does not like having her photograph taken, and I promised I was only focusing on her hands. We made chicken salad with toasted walnuts, green apples, and celery, and I added a hint of rosemary. It was divine.

Thank you, Meredith!

DSC_0195 b&w copy 2

The lovely mother with new baby.

DSC_0221 b&w copy 2

Pete is the best dad.

DSC_0222 b&w copy 2

And I managed to sneak in this picture of Meredith.

{Here she is} when she first met me years ago.

I think she's used to me now.

DSC_0443 copy 2

Sunday morning coffee in my Fishs Eddy mug.

DSC_0498 copy 2

Sunday afternoon finds George playing fetch with my son.

DSC_0502 copy 3

And the lilacs are in bloom.

* sigh *

:   :   :

I saw a great movie on Netflix this weekend: The Scapegoat (2012) is based on Daphne du Maurier’s 1959 psychological thriller of the same name. A period piece set in 1952 England, it is a brilliantly acted film. Highly recommend.

Until tomorrow, my friends . . .

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Gather quickly
Out of darkness
All the songs you know
And throw them at the sun
Before they melt
Like snow
Langston Hughes, The Bouquet


Willow said...

What a beautiful post ! It does sound like you had a fabulous weekend.

Hilary said...

A beautiful post from beginning to end. Meredith is gorgeous and that baby has the knowing eyes of a wise, old soul.

Beautiful kids. Beautiful parents. Beautiful George. Beautiful flowers and beautiful you. Yes, I know there isn't a photo of you there but nevertheless, you are indeed beautiful.

Told ya.. from beginning to end.

Michelle said...

I love your lilacs, I am still waiting for mine to bloom! It was a gorgeous spring weekend here too!

Nancy said...

This post was just a delight to read from beginning to end....You shared wonderful photographs including the beautiful mom, dad, baby and Meredith....

I really like the way you edit photographs....Being a newbie to photography, I am learning lots from people like you....

Nellie said...

This sounds like a truly wonderful week-end.

Such an important message from Langston Hughes.

Sending along wishes for a good week ahead.

mrs mediocrity said...

Just seeing those lilacs made me smile...I'm so glad you had a lovely weekend, yay for spring!

Snap said...

Lovely weekend. I adore lilacs and I can't grow them here. I miss them. I'll enjoy yours.

Mental P Mama said...

This post makes my mouth water! I love Daphne du Maurier! Gonna check out that movie. Miss you. xoxox

MrsB said...

Thx for movie recommendation - on my NetFlix streaming list.

Mary said...

Love, love, LOVE that quote! I'm glad you had a nice weekend. It was beautiful here in NJ, too. We're still a few weeks away from lilacs, I think... :) xoxo

Daryl said...

such a lovely way to spend the weekend, i saw Matt's pix of George on Instagram

Merisi said...

What a wonderful post, Kate!

I adore how you present the lilacs in the glass pitcher and the way you edited the photograph.

The JR said...

Those are beautiful lilacs. I with they would grown here.

Love me that pic of George.