Friday, August 1, 2008

Sugar and spice

And everything nice. I was going to tell you how cranky I was today, but I've decided against that. I wasn't awful, and the only person to suffer my wrath was my son. He's another story unto himself, but he was in the ICU last week, so I'm cutting him some slack here.
Another very productive day and I'm glad at the amount of work I've done. But it wasn't until late this afternoon, when I took George for a walk before dinner, that my cranky mood really began to disappate. On the farm where I live, there is a main house where the owners live, which I'm sure is quite beautiful. On a section of property attached to the main farm, there is a home where the owners' daughter and her family live.
Their 4 children have their ponies in the barn here, and they have lessons in the indoor ring. There are numerous trails to go horseback riding, too. The children are always afoot, and by afoot, I mean that their parents don't drive them back and forth. I think it's wonderful. They hike through the woods to get to the barn, and they travel on their bikes to get to their grandparents home. And this afternoon, during my walk with George, I was smiling the whole way, for I could hear them playing in the pool. "Marco!" "Polo!" The sound really travels here, and the music of children's laughter is infectious. I haven't heard it lately because working at the school in the summer, there are no children!

It instantly made me feel better, that I can say for sure. Tomorrow I have even more to do, but I don't mind. I wish I had another week off, though. I love staying home and George is loving me being here. He got two huge walks today from me.
I realized I haven't been posting many macro shots on this blog, and I seem to have been putting them all on the Picture A Day blog. These are begonias that are growing in a pot on my front porch. I moved them away from the brick of the house to get a better background. I think it worked. The blue bokeh is in the last pic is actually the sky.

Until tomorrow, my friends.


Anonymous said...

That last begonia is a framer! Gorgeous. I love focusing on ordinary things and seeing them turn all extraordinary right before my eyes. Very nice, indeed.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

love the pictures and have a wonderful mental image of the rest !

Pat - Arkansas said...

Beautiful! I've only recently learned about bokeh; this is a wonderful example.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Durante said...

Those begonias are absolutely gorgeous, I really love how you used the blue in the background to highlight their colors.

I'm glad you started feeling better, it's hard to have days where you just have a rough start. I hope tomorrow goes better for you!

david mcmahon said...

Thanks for the generous comment on my blog.

Here in Australia it's WAY too cold to swim now, with frosts and ice every morning.

You're right - the sound of children's laughter is wonderful.

We are blessed.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Marco Polo, I miss those days of listening to my boys play that. Glad your mood lifted. I hate cranky days, they seem to feed themselves, don't they?

Your photos are wonderful. I so need to get a macro!

Russell said...

Beautiful images... I always enjoy seeing the work you do!

I haven't been commenting very often this summer but I have been reading your blog and others on a regular basis. I liked your post from yesterday about your new place. It looks really nice!!

I have never gotten very excited (up or down) about stuff. You know, material things. A house is brick, mortar, wood, etc. It is a place where people gather and sleep and live... but it is the family, the people in the house, that counts.

What you and your husband is not something that you can hold in your hands or take a picture of. It is more than that. And always remember that "love" -- real love - is that long lasting, over the long run sense of caring you develop for each other. It is not what you see in the movies or on TV. That is something else. It is short term. Love is developed over the long term and tempered by the bad times and softened by the good times.

I confess I don't know much about you or your life, but what I pick up is that you DO have something very special and that is much more than any house or car or diamonds could be... You have a life! You have that intangible asset of sharing your life with another person and with a family that is more precious than anything else in the world!

My favorite movie is It's a Wonderful Life. My favorite scene is at the end when George Bailey realizes he is, in fact, the richest man in the world....

Take care.

Anonymous said...

How do you take something so simple and make it look so beautiful?

SandyCarlson said...

Your begonias are beautiful. God bless!

Mental P Mama said...

What a wonderful image I have in my head. And begonias were my mother's favorite summer plant. Thanks for putting a smile on my travel-weary face this afternoon.

Country Girl said...

Russell, so good to see you again. I come to your site, too.

Cathy (Noble Pig), how do you take simple ingredients and turn them into edible works of art?

Mental P (Miss LaLa), I love putting a smile on your face!

Kacey, you totally need to get that macro lens. Totally. Just do it. Forget about how much it costs. Think of all the joy it will bring you. I know. I am evil.

SandyCarlson, love your Skywatch Site! Your daughter's picture was incredible this week!

To everyone else, I hear you. I thank you all!