Saturday, November 22, 2008

Prints on sale!

I love the holidays that come at the end of the year, beginning with Thanksgiving and ending with the New Year. And because I love them, I'm offering a holiday sale that begins today, on all of my photography prints. When you buy any two prints, you'll get a third (of equal or lesser value) totally free. And shipping for all of them combined is still only five dollars.

I'm working on getting more photos up to offer and if anyone has a favorite or a suggestion, just let me know and I'll get 'er up there.

I also offer framed prints, and if you buy one of my photographs in a frame, you'll get a free 8x10 or 8x12 of your choice.

To claim your free print, simply send me an e-mail at letting me know which free print you'd like. Then when I place your order with my pro lab, I'll add your free choice to your order.

I've been busy today. We got up early and headed into Amish country to get my husband some flannel-lined Carhart jeans and me some new light hiker shoes I can kick around in. Then we visited a wine store in Delaware called Total Wine. I think they may have every kind of wine known to man. We chose three bottles, all chardonnays from the Russian River Valley in California. This was my husband's idea and he thought it would be fun to do a taste test this afternoon. Unfortunately, with the meds he's on, I'll be the only one doing the tasting. Hey, wait a minute . . . that doesn't sound so unfortunate! (For me, at least).

After we got home, I spent hours outside working in the cold. I put away all the flower pots and raked up all the clippings from when my husband trimmed the hedges off the breakfast nook patio. He came out to visit me once, but said it was too cold. While I worked, it snowed on and off but just flurries. Last night we had some nice big flakes coming down and it was really beautiful watching it fall. But nothing is sticking to the ground just yet.

I've got Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti casserole baking in the oven, and I've got my Balsam & Fir candles burning in the living room. The skies outside are grey, but it's nice and homey in here. And once we get the fireplace working in this room, it will be heavenly.

Today, I'm tasting a chardonnay from River Road Vineyards in California. This is their 2006 River Road Reserve Collection and I'm liking this little number. I'll spare you my ineffectual review, especially since the last one I did was simply ridiculous. I will tell you that I'm not a fan of too much oak. And I appreciate the fact that this wine is not hitting me in the head with oak planks.

The winemaker notes that this particular wine has inviting citrus, kiwi fruit, and custard aromas with bright floral notes. The flavors of ruby grapefruit, cantaloupe, and toffee, end with a pleasing finish of citrus and spice.

It certainly does have a finish of citrus and a hint of spice, but I'm giving this wine a 6.5 on my own personal scale of 10. It's not as smooth as I prefer, but it's certainly a decent glass of chardonnay. Wine lovers are advised to visit my friend, Cathy, over at Noble Pig for some excellent wine reviews and suggestions.

My favorite bottle stopper, Monkey Boy, is also pictured here. I bought him at Bombay Company several years ago and put him in my Christmas stocking. Nobody ever puts anything in my Christmas stocking, so I have to do it myself. And I used to love opening stocking presents. Unfortunately, I don't anymore because I already know what they are.

On another note, photographers who use Photoshop and specifically those who use Photoshop Actions, need to know that TOTALLY RAD is having a one day sale on Black Friday. Every action pack is $25 off for one day only, the Friday after Thanksgiving. I may just get myself my Christmas present early this year.

So remember, my sale begins TODAY on my etsy site. Framed prints make great Christmas presents and inexpensive frames can be found at any number of places.

And on November 30, I'm doing a Giveaway on this blog site.

Well, until tomorrow, my friends . . .


abb said...

Best of everything on your new mahhhvelous adventure, dahling!

Loved this post, BTW.

Deb said...

Well, don't whine about having to drink all the wine yourself...seems like an ideal situation. Just give hubby a little ginger ale in a wine glass and the two of you can toast!

Anonymous said...

Man, I'm ping ponging from topic to topic on this post. Or maybe it's the Blue Moon beer I had at dinner...

All that wine tasting all by yourself. Yes, that is a terrible thing to endure...hope you survived that okay.

I'm with you on the too much oakey thing...though I've never thought of it as an oak plank hitting me over the head...though ding dang diddly I will now *g

Egghead said...

Snow...brrrr. My son who lives in Buffalo said there is snow off and on lately as well. Snuggle up to hubby and enjoy the evening Kate.

Mary said...

We didn't get any flurries, but it was damn cold.

For years I was the only one who put anything in my Christmas stocking, too. One year I even put a box of spaghetti in it because I forgot to get me something.

Then one year, my husband put a garnet necklace in it. Wow.

Sounds like you are really enjoying your new home!

Anonymous said...

What a great sale...EVERYONE...Kate's photos's are gorgeous! I know becuase I have one she sent me and it's a beauty. I am framing it for my office and it will be a beauty. What great gifts! And the wine sounds should try unoaked Chardonnay no?

Thank you again for my beautiful photo.

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

Your photos are spectacular...but I'm happy to see my ultimate favorite A Whiter Shade of Pale on your Etsy site. I can't wait to get mine!

No snow here but it's cold enough for snow to happen. Not enough moisture in our air. Keep warm and enjoy your wine tasting, Kate.

Country Girl said...

Oh, I know I was pinging around from subject to subject on this one. I'd already written another post and was adding to it. Quite the mess, and the wine didn't help!

Mary, I love your garnet necklace story. And Debra, your print is on its way!

Thanks, all!! I know I'm a dorky dork, but I'm good with it.

~ C.G.

Daryl said...

Fabulous looking corker that Monkey boy, I love his jewels

I think you deserve a surprise stocking stuffer ..

Dorky? Hon, dorky is SO cool


Train Wreck said...

Welcome back it has been awhile. I used to comment quite regular, but thought you were too busy, with all that was going on in your life at the time. I am glad to see you are doing well. I read your post about getting advertisement space on PW site. It is her loss, truly. Your photographs are gorgeous. You are very talented. I love that you offer them for sale. I will have to see if I can decide which ones I would like? Happy Holidays to you. Thanks for stopping by.

Woman in a Window said...

Your stocking sounds an awful lot like mine. Not quite the same as the good ole days when Santa filled it!

Hilary said...

Love that little monkey stopper.. very cute. Any time you need someone to test wine with you, I'll try to be there for you. ;) Best of luck with your sale. :)