Monday, July 5, 2010

My Fourth

I never did make it to my friend Adrienne’s house, but here’s how I spent my day on Saturday. It was great to see my family.

DSC_0023 copy 2

My nieces (Em & Sam) made this dessert and it’s one of my favorite Pampered Chef recipes. It’s got a cookie bottom and a cream cheese & Cool Whip top.

Sort of like me, come to think of it.

DSC_0133 copy 2

Sam’s nails. Fun!

DSC_0052 copy 2

Snails and pails and puppy dog tails.

DSC_0054 copy 2

Sugar and spice and everything nice.

DSC_0060 copy 2

Aunt Katy, are you coming in the pool?

As soon as I get hot, Joshie.

When will that be? Aunt Katy?

Soon, honey.

Aunt Katy, I’m in the pool and I have my swimmies on. Are you coming in yet?

Soon, Josh. I’ll be in real soon.

Aunt Katy, are you coming in the pool?

Aunt Katy, are you coming in the pool?

(repeat sixteen times)

DSC_0065 copy 2

Aunt Katy, I think Josh wants you to go in the pool.

DSC_0097 copy 2

Aunt Katy, we all want you to go in the pool. Please make Josh stop asking.

(Just so’s you know, I did go in the pool. I was in there for over two hours and played almost the whole time. I was exhausted and needed a nap afterwards.)

DSC_0146 copy 2

Ok. Now a question for you, and my brother is going to kill me for posting this. But it’s not as if he reads my blog. Or ever checks his e-mail. So here goes:

This was sitting on a table on the back porch. It’s a little backpack that you can see is made of denim. It belongs to my brother, Steve. We could tell it was Steve’s because of the hat. But the bag? We began questioning him as to why he would still carry such a thing, with it being such a long time since middle school and all. I don’t know, maybe it was the mojito’s talking, but suddenly it was like an episode of ‘What Not to Wear’. And this bag, as well as Steve’s freshly cut-off shorty-shorts were at the top of the list.

Because he’s been sick and has been in and out of the hospital for the past several months, we thought maybe we should take it easy on him.

But, nah.

Steve attempted to defend the bag. “But it’s DURABLE", he said loudly.

“Wait a minute. Did you say ADORABLE?” we asked.

“It’s SOFT”, he said. “I like my backpack.”

“Steve,” we said. “It’s gotta go.”

So what do you think? Is it time for another duffle bag for Steve?

Until tomorrow, my friends . . .


Low Tide High Style said...

Hehe, tell Steve that the 80's called and they want their acid washed denim bag back! ;-) Glad you had a wonderful 4th and I'll be VERY careful what type of bag I carry if we ever meet! lol

Kat :)

Andi said...

Um - Steve, honey - Um....first that is an ACID wash denim Low Tide said, the 80's want their bag back. And Steve, honey, bless your heart, it is a girl's bag! Not even a woman's bag, girl's. Sweetie...time to pack it away. Check at Dick's sporting goods, there are a lot of very nice durable manly hiking back packs there.
But honestly and with no teasing at all, I was just glad to read that he was well enough to be at the family gathering! :)

altar ego said...

Guys don't think about these things. They just don't. He doesn't care if it's acid wash, 80's, or army surplus. It's functional and it was available. I suspect the only way he'll get a new one is if someone gets one for him!

Thanks for the Pampered Chef shout-out. Did you know I sell the stuff? You probably have a local source, but I just thought I'd mention it. It wouldn't be conscientious of me to let that moment go by...

Happy 5th!

Teri said...

New bag... definitely!!!!!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Kate,
What a collection of great faces! Glad you enjoyed your day. We were wet all day, too...but because of rain. We had a great time with friends. Some times you just have to improvise.
Have a great week, my friend.

Gail said...

I am gonna side with Steve, this could be his security blanket.

Dare we strip him of his confidence in the name of fashion rules?

Happy Fourth, Fifth and Sixth. Sounds like you had a swimmingly great time.

Carolynn Anctil said...

Mmmmm...that cake looks colourful & yummy. Looks like a fabulous day.

About the duffle bag. Absolutely not. He should keep it and use it proudly. It sets apart from everyone else. Who cares if it's out of style. Anything goes these days and who wants to blend in, anyway? If he's been sick, all the more reason to stand out and be noticed. It's got my vote, Steve! (Besides, I like durable. *grin*)

Jayne said...

REAL men can carry a denim bag like that and probably use AXE body wash too... uh-huh! Go Steve! ;c)

That dessert looks sooooo yummy!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

love the bag... keep it steve real men .... lol joshy is adorable looks like a bunch of fun was had by all! cake looks great got a recipe to share with me :)

Leenie said...

Yay for making it to the pool and enjoying the swim. Gotta be much better than your simulated pool in an earlier post. Condolences to Steve for having to endure the family hassle. (but tell him get a new bag)

Anonymous said...

Puh leeez... will someone buy the poor man a new bag?? This little denim thing is just not right... it's just not right. I don't care if it's not Christmas yet... GET THE MAN A MAN BAG! LOL


Daryl said...

Hell, no, we wont go .. oh wait ... wrong chant .. anyway he should keep it, its cool, its a genuine antique AND it looks comfy to carry ..

Anonymous said...

Haha, too funny! The bag actually was as hilarious as his cut offs! I think I know what I'm getting him for his 50th birthday, new bag and new shorts!

Great pics Kate! Kids love seeing themselves on here!

It was great seeing you and I'm so glad you actually went in the pool cause the kids loved playing with Aunt Kate!

Pat :)

Kerri Farley said...

I LOVE the backpack!! In fact, I want one!! I LOVE the festive dessert too - how yummy!
What a lovely family you have :)

Skeletalmess said...

I'm with "altar ego" we don't think about these things, and actually, wait a few years, it will be back in fashion.

The dessert looks mighty good right now,seems my eyes are big and my belly is rumbling,save me a slice!

Char said...

my advice is buy him a new hip one... :)

Cait O'Connor said...

I like the bag.
Lovely happy photos.

Caroline said...

Such lovely photos Kate...looks like you had the perfect weekend. As for the bag...I donno...if it makes him that happy, so be it. But I wouldn't stand next to him ;)

JacksDad said...

Well as The World's Greatest Dad, I think he should be able to wear anything he wants! :)

BB said...


I love that he likes that it's soft. Men are such tactile creatures sometimes, aren't they? I caught my hubby-to-be (at the time) running his fingers through the sleeves of some fine-knit tops at a department store one day as we were walking through. He sheepishly admitted, he 'just liked the feel of them'.

Your July 4 pics are gorgeous - esp the mad keen swimmer!! Cute.

emily said...

I still think if we bedazzle the bag it will be even PRETTIER!

Anonymous said...

I say...whatever makes him happy! :0)

The JR said...

My thoughts are whatever makes him happy. Cause that's how I am.

Cute kids. Great looking dessert. Sounds like a great 4th of July.

Unknown said...

I think I have to side with Steve as well. If he likes it, and it's practical for him, I don't see any reason he shouldn't use it.

Love your 4th pictures, it looks like a great time!

mrs mediocrity said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Fourth!
Tell Steve to step it up and get a man purse. :)

Deb said...

i'm with steve...if it aint broke..don't fix it...or replace it...