Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stranger in a strange land

I ventured out tonight to take photos of the parched earth. I’ve seen worse, but not this early in the summer.

We’re really hoping for some promised rain tonight. Our grass is a lovely shade of taupe.

I’ve never really liked the shade of taupe on its own. I do like it paired with white or with some rich color.

But back to the earth.

DSC_0242 copy 2

As I walked under the hickory tree, I noticed that it was laden with nuts.

DSC_0238 copy 2

Come autumn, if I was a real hardy country girl, I’d be picking them off the ground and then shelling them to use in a pie. Or to mix with wild rice. Or any of [these recipes]. Can you imagine how much work that would be?

I think I’d have to be really hungry to do all that.

DSC_0255 copy 2

Continuing the walk, I see George, in a Gaussian blur, framed by the branches.

But wait, is that Blackie back there that I see?

What is that cat doing?

DSC_0256 copy 2

Oh, I want to be a Gaussian blur, mom! Take a picture of me. Here, I’ll pose.

DSC_0260 copy 2

*Snort*. You can’t be a Gaussian blur, you silly cat. You have to POSE PROPERLY for the camera.

Yer doin’ it all wrong!

DSC_0259 copy 2

I am bored with this now. Please go away.

(Note: She always does this when the camera comes out.)

DSC_0261 copy 2

Mom, can I show her how it’s done? Can I? Can I please?

Sure, George. Go ahead. But please don’t gloat.

I’m showing you how to pose here, cat. So listen, ok?

DSC_0263 copy 2



I’m a celebrity.

I’ll pose however you want, just say the word.


Either this really happened just now or the extreme heat is giving me the vapors.

Until tomorrow, I hope . . .


Anonymous said...

He is a celebrity!
I love your new photo up top! smiles.

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

George...such a good boy! Never does anything wrong.

Low Tide High Style said...

I think the extreme heat and lack of rain isn't giving us the vapors, but it is making all of our pets talk! hehe

Kat :)

Anonymous said...

WE. HAD. RAIN. FINALLY!!! Will send a bit your way.

Deb said...

our grass was looking like that a few weeks ago...but we've had a lot of rain the last two weeks and everything is so green...but I'm afraid we're all gonna get root rot from too much moisture..

Andi said...

You crack me up!Thanks again for another laugh.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

I love reading your posts. You, George, Blackie...I love the interplay. Have a great weekend, my friend.

Maria said...

This is the first day I can remember where there WAS no rain. My poor plants are so mildewed and sorry looking and the sempervivums (my cute little hens and chicks)...almost all of them have molded away into nothingness...even the ones I brought indoors over a month ago. Over here in the midwest, 'm looking forward to some extra dry times.

As always, George is the most handsome dog ever. :-)

JacksDad said...

If I recall correctly, women in the 'Old South' often used 'the vapors' as an excuse when they had gas.

Just saying :)

Cait O'Connor said...

I love your pics, the dog. the cat and the garden, all gorgeous. I must take some pics of mine this weekend...when the sun shines on us.

A New England Life said...

I tried saving our grass but there just wasn't enough water in our well to help at this point. LOL! No rain yet here though we may get a shower at some point today.

George and Blackie always look good, gaussian blur or not ; )

Hilary said...

I am so relieved to see that your pets talk as well......I was feeling like it was just me.

Marilyn said...

Oh I vote for "thah vapors"'s so much more fun that way....what a wonderful way to wake up....rain....RAIN...R-A-I-N....that wet stuff that falls from the sky.....George, Blackie and your great pics....oh...and rain!!!!
hope you have a wonderful WET day's raining!!!!

deborah said...

Blackie and George are good subjects for your magic camera. My son has taken up photography..I sent him straight to 3 blogs I admire. Yours was the first, so he can see your perfect photos.
It rained here yesterday, and actually cooled down to 78! Hope the rain makes its way to you soon.

Jayne said...

George knows he is THE superstar... uh-huh!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I heart Blackie.

We have a bad case of the vapors around here too, especially in the goose pen next door.

GailO said...

I do wish that my dog Kaja would pose for me but she is much like Blackie...I have lots of pics of her running in another direction...and who wants to see pics of a dogs rear end?

Love you having fun with the camera!

RURAL said...

Yes he is a celebrity. And the cat is just holding out for a bigger payoff.


Mary said...

Love that second to last photo -- what a sweet and funny expression on his face!

We got a little rain here this morning, thank God. The lawn has been absolutely crunchy underfoot. Yuck.

Have a wonderful weekend!

JC said...

So cute !!!
The cat but the dog is too.

Mary Lou said...

George and Blackie,
I think the heat has gaussian blurred your mommy's brain..Then again, the heat has turned my brain into a hickory nut!

Daryl said...

From a distance I could never tell if Gus was facing me or turned away .. black cats are so black when they close their eyes ..

"Duh, Daryl"

cottage farm villa said...

Kate, keep the faith, a week of cooler temps and a little rain makes all the difference in the world....we went through crunchy grass 3 weeks ago and now, as you saw on my post .... loads of lichen !!!! :)

btw: loved the pic of your kitty laying on the stone step in your other post ~ gorgeous photo xo cheryl

Lisa said...

Kate thanks for stopping. I loved all your blogs.
You are very talented. I would love to learn to give my blog a facelift. How beautiful you have yours. Love your banner also.
Have a nice day and thanks for your comment on mine and the boots. :) Have to love the country to wear them.

BB said...

Still looks mighty green to me there? Those sprinklers have been busy I take it??

Wishing you rain (and some more talking cat-dog show!). You've gotta watch those animals lest they take over the whole (blogging) show!

Kerri Farley said...

George is definitely America's Next Top Model!!!

susie said...

Love the description of your grass/lawn. Now I can say that my lawn/grass is a "lovely shade of taupe" when it dries out. Fortunately we've had rain everyday for the last week along with the requisite lightning, thunder and hail!

Love the dog too.

The JR said...

I haven't heard about the Vapors in a while....

Great photos!

Tiggeriffic said...

I enjoyed your pictures,, one has to know that when owning a cat you have to learn,, you don't own the cat~ the cat owns you.. They do as they please.. Now dogs on the other hand are pleasers.. they come running to us to just get a pet or a hug.. George well have a lot of work to train that cat to pose for a picture.. lol