Saturday, October 2, 2010

I look to the east and then to the west

As much as I love my job, I so look forward to my weekends. Today, upon my arrival home, I was greeted by a very happy dog, which only made things better.

Unfortunately, George must have just rolled in something rank because the scent of him was so off-putting, it made me groan. I watched him skulk away, and then I turned and went into the house, as I heard my husband calling him from the backyard.

After I got changed, I saw that someone was getting a much-needed bath.

DSC_0958 copy 2

George is always good for this minor inconvenience.

DSC_0967 copy 2

He does enjoy the drying bit and has his own towel, too.

I’d forgotten that I told my husband that I’d take over the dinner chores this evening so I did what I do best and ordered a pizza from the gourmet place outside of town.

I bought a roasted red pepper, portabella mushroom and spinach pizza and I had a lovely little pinot grigio with it. At the dinner table, my husband was telling me about the new path that he made through the little woods out front but the pizza tasted so darn good that I barely heard him.

DSC_0971 copy 2

And then later on he asked if I wanted to see the path and I said yes, oh yes! I think he was surprised I was so excited, but I believe it was the fact that it’s the weekend! and it’s October! and I’m feeling better! But I mostly believe it was the wine talking.

 And so I followed him to where his little path begins.

DSC_0975 copy 2

And, as I walked, I thought to myself that I would remember this day. But I have such a lousy memory sometimes, so I was glad I'd thought to bring the camera along.

The house faces south and the path ran through a small wooded area that leads to an empty field a the edge of two developments.

DSC_0977 copy 2

The river is directly ahead but we can only see the bridges that line the horizon. It was nearly sunset.

DSC_0980 copy 2

I looked to the east.

DSC_0988 copy 2

And then to the west.

DSC_0987 copy 2

George is also looking west. (And looking very clean).

DSC_0995 copy 2

And then we turned back and came home.

DSC_1001 copy 2

For those who are new here, we don’t own the manor house where we live. We’re caretaking the place for people we know and moved here in October 2008 after my husband lost his job due to medical reasons.

But home is wherever your heart is. And right now, this is home.

I still haven’t read all your comments from yesterday’s Q&A. Thanks to so many of you for answering my little questions. I love getting to know you better and am saving your answers for dessert.

Until tomorrow, my friends . . .


Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

Gorgeous. I miss you. I need a Country Girl date. Can we meet up one day soon? I miss our chats and Blogfest is way too far off.

Annie said...

Delicious dessert. You are so funny!

That is what your blog is for us! The icing on top of the cake. The best. Well, I suppose that is if you like icing...(which unfortunately I don't rave about)...but I hope you know what I mean, cos I LOVE your blog. Have done so from the very beginning. I love how you enjoy the little moments so much, and how clever you are at bringing them to us. How much you enjoy doing the simple walking things with your husband. I can picture your view cos I had a similar view when I was over there and in that area! Lovely!

ps And I like how we are now getting closer side on views of your husband! He's getting bolder!

Mental P Mama said...

What is it about dogs and their towels?? And, I must say I like the path...but I was a little carried away by the fumes from the pinot grigio....sigh

Sheila said...

I to love Friday nights and October. The leaves seems to be changing overnight, we have beautiful color here in the Finger lake of western NY. Have a great weekend!

Country Girl said...

Tracey, I miss you too. We need to get together soon.
Annie, he's not really getting bolder. He just doesn't know I'm taking pictures of him from behind.
* snort *

Thanks, Sheila.
Hey, Lauren. I sent you an e-mail.

~ C.G.

Alli said...

The photographs of your husband from behind (particularly the one of him on the path) made me tear up.... They're beautiful and make my heart melt.

I'm glad you're enjoying the beginnings of your weekend and that it's been a beautiful evening for you!

Nancy Grossi ~ Churned In Cali ~ The Wife of a Dairyman said...

October is my favorite month of the year. I love the weather, the changing of the colors{what we have of them in CA} and the feeling. Glad you're enjoying the beginning of your weekend:_

Jeanne Walker said...

Fall is my favorite season. Even down here in the Houston area, there's an nip in the air and low's wonderful!

But we don't have the colors like you do, Kate, there in gorgeous Maryland! Over the seasons, you have invited us into your world through your words and pictures. Cannot wait to see the fall unfold through you! Love ya! Jeanne

Tiggeriffic said...

As I'm reading your blog I can imagine the view from where you are because of all your photos. Photos are ~ I think the most important part of my life. The leaves are changing colors here in Iowa.. The harvesting is being done night and day now.. The corn and soybean fields are looking so bare.
I really enjoy George.. Why is it dogs like to rub themselves in something that is dead? P~~~~U~!~!

I laughed out loud when I read that you were in charge of supper and ordered! carry-out pizza.. That really amused me..
I always am disappointed when your blog is at the end. I just want it to go on and on. I do enjoy it so much... Somedays I just go into the archives and read and read.
Thanks for your blog and all the many beautiful pictures that you have taken.. have a great week=end..~!!~!~!

Caroline said...

Fabulous shots Kate! Love the silo off to the West. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

Lili said...

Maybe I'm strange, but I can't help wondering what that George got into to make him stinky. Fall, pizza, wine, a new path and a walk with hubby and sweet smelling George, a perfect memory indeed! ~Lili

Dawn said...

OH what a wonderful way to start a weekend!!!!
I wish for it to continue on for you.

And your hubby!

And George:)

Anonymous said...

Love this post and the fact that the path takes you to a view of the river. I love that your husband finds wonderful things to do while he is home all day. Things that he knows will please you. It makes me smile.

I know the reasons behind why you are care-taking the property you live on and the wonderful house that comes along with it and I wondered to myself where you would choose to live if you could choose any other place where you and your husband and George would be happy and content?

Happy Saturday!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Loved tagging along on the walk.

"Rank" is one of those words that makes me laugh. We don't hear it often, but you know that anyone who uses it has some powerful emotion behind it that comes through even on paper (or the computer screen). It's one of my favorite words, but it is not one of my favorite things to experience, especially when it is paired with a doll who's just rolled in something.

Glad George is smellin' like a daisy now, and thanks for taking us along on your walk.

Marilyn said...

Have a wonderful weekend Kate. Tell George he's never been handsomer than in the photo of his fluffy self...and your husband is amazing at how happy he is with the small things....a new path to show you.....and you with the camera to show us..... thank you!!!
With the passing of the storm, we now have the Autumn we have all been dreaming of! SIGH!!!!

SouthernSass said...

What a beautiful evening you had, and I hope your weekend is equally as wonderful. I cannot stop thinking about that pizza - sounds so YUMMY!

beth said...

this is beautiful....
i love that he is leading you to the path he created and you captured him doing so.....

obviously, he's so proud.

Jayne said...

I'm sitting here with a still rumbling tummy wanting to cry and feel sorry for myself and then click on your blog post and suddenly I am smiling. I love your blog Kate, and I love how you write. You bring such joy to my days my friend.

Lorna said...

What a beautiful way to get to know October, than on that path with your hubby. I really must try wine to dress up pizza :).

altar ego said...

I've been MIA this week while buckling down to a vast workload that included the church newsletter. You can imagine how that little task hung on, and on, and on...

Sounds like you've been feeling low, or punk, and I'm sorry for that. Glad others here cheered you. Sorry I didn't know to be one of them!

I want to make a path at our tree farm in South Carolina. I thought I'd just go "stake it out" one day, but it's a huge job, I discovered. I really need a bob cat, or something, to tear through some overgrown underbrush. Wish your husband could help!

Jo said...

You live in a gorgeous area, and remember, wherever we live, it is only temporary. It's how we live there that is important, and you have a lovely life there.

I laughed out loud at the picture of George's newly-dried coat. Looks like my hair after a shower. :-)

BPOTW said...

Truly, home is where you make it and it looks like you have a wonderful home! The dog makes it just that much better!

Melissa@Little Log House Chronicles said...

I really loved this post. The part about the path was what really moved me.

Donalyn said...

Hiya kate - came by to catch up on your blog. This working at a real job sucks big time - no time for reading blogs anymore!

Gail said...

Following a new path is always an adventure.

Deb said...

what a fun evening....

mrs mediocrity said...

home is where your heart is. and your heart is huge and wonderful and breathtaking. just like that house.

Daryl said...

Its barely lunchtime and I am jonzing pizza ... and some pinot grigio and possibly a walk in the woods ... no, wait, I know ... a mani/pedi in fall colors!

D. Jean Quarles said...

What a lovely post. Pizza and wine and a walk at sunset. Perfect. Lovely images. Really lovely.

RURAL said...

There are moments when time is shifted, and the golden light is there just for us. Those are memories that need to be cherished.

I am so glad that you took your camera. That way we can all experience that moment with you.

October is a glorious month, a hiatus between summer, and the coming winter. I love it too.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Cait O'Connor said...

I loved this post,I was with you all the way from the pizza to the walk down the beautiful path. I also have dogs that roll- it is such a problem but we wouldn't be without our dogs would we? Lovely photos too.
Re. your questions.
1. What is the most interesting sight within your current field of vision right now?
It is dark so I can't see anything out of the window, no moon as it is cloudy. But my white cat Molly is on my lap, chin on the keyboard and mouse-watching.
2. Have you ever had your initials carved into a tree? Sadly No.
3. Do you call or e-mail your friends and/or family?
Email, I have a phone aversion/phobia.
4. What is your favorite mode of travel? (Car, plane, train, etc.)
I liked trains years ago, not so much now. Hate flying. I like to drive but even that love is fading now. Broomstick?
5. Have you ever had a recurring dream? What do you think it meant?
Luckily I haven't though I dream a great deal.

The JR said...

A beautiful place. I live for the weekends!

George looks pretty happy in that last photo.

ELK said...

one of my all time favorites because of the everyday feel to in that you know.