Tuesday, October 30, 2012

After the storm

Although Hurricane Sandy went directly over our heads, we had absolutely no damage where I live in Maryland. I was really surprised that the power stayed on throughout the ordeal – despite some flickering of the lights throughout the evening. The noise from the wind was at times like a train but only if I opened the front door to hear it. These old walls are so thick, and they made me feel safe.

I stayed up late watching what I could of storm coverage, watching as power was cut to millions, and flooding along the coast was at historic proportions. My heart is breaking for the people who have sustained so much damage. I still haven’t heard from our son in NYC and he actually called us yesterday to make sure we were doing alright. I’m sure he’s fine, that his phone probably lost its charge, and I know he’s not in one of the evacuation zones in the city so I am sure he must be fine.


DSC_5215 copy 2

I took a small walk this morning in the rain.


DSC_5218 copy 2

Lots of leaves down but no trees, thank heavens.


DSC_5225 copy 2

I headed down the driveway.


DSC_5228 copy 2

And was surprised to see the big feather still stuck in the old gate there.


DSC_5231 copy 2

I can’t believe the wind didn’t rip this out. I think it was me that put this here back in the early Spring.


DSC_5232 copy 2

I decided to head back up to the house for one more cup of coffee. My husband put on another small pot for us when he heard I was going for a walk.


DSC_5235 copy 2

And then I see something moving from around the house. It’s George who’s coming to greet me.


DSC_5247 copy 2

He’s quite excited because someone is outside and may want to play stick with him. Here he is getting the biggest one he can find.


DSC_5223 copy 2

Hardly any leaves left on the dogwood out back, and the raindrops glitter like diamonds on the bare branches.


Pan 5211-12 copy 2

This is a combination of two photos taken while standing at my back porch.

I can hear traffic below, and things sound like they’re coming back to normal. School is closed today but I expect it will re-open tomorrow. No plans other than maybe doing a little knitting and some reading. And hey, maybe even some stick throwing with George.

My husband is glad to have me home. And there’s still some pie left ~

So how are things in your neck of the woods?

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Hilary said...

I'm glad you got though it mostly unscathed. There were a lot of branches and a few trees down in the wooded area where I walk with Benny. The creek was running swift and high but all seemed well for the most part. I hope that is so for all of our friends.

Mersi (temp.) in Washington said...

So good to hear that the storm did not cause any damage in your neck of the woods! I was worried, seeing how the wind was bearing down yesterday.
I made it up to DC the night before and am staying at a friend's house. A huge falling oak tree struck one neighbor's home at noon yesterday. No one was hurt and when the crew lifted the tree this morning, the house had only minor damage. We were also lucky that the power stayed with us, always a blessing during storms around here!
Stay warm and safe,

Rambling said...

Glad you are OK. We have been thinking of our friends and relatives on the east coast.

Nellie said...

So glad to hear that you are safe! We are having minimal effects from Sandy - just some wind, cooler temperatures (from the cold front), and there is snow in the mountains about 1 1/2 hours away.

George is always up for a game, isn't he?

Enjoy that pie and coffee!

eileeninmd said...

So glad everything is ok, your photos are lovely and George is a cutie. I hope you hear from your son in NYC soon! I am so glad Sandy has left the area. Have a great afternoon!

Country Gal said...

I am so glad you all are ok ! Lovely photos ! I am sure your son is fine , that was sweet of him to call you to see if you are ok yesterday. Our neck of the woods are good we made it ok as well . This old farm house fared up well regardless of all her moaning and groaning in the wind. Some cities and towns around us got hit hard . It is still a bit windy and raining and even have had the sun peek out a bit . Miggy doesn't care what the weather is playing stick or ball is number one for her as well lol Silly dogs . Have a good day !

Michelle said...

It is grey and rainy here; but for the lack of wind, I might be tempted to think Sandy reached the West Coast! But we still have lots of leaves ON the trees. Your photos of leafy carpet sure are pretty, though. Glad you get a day at home to relax and be with your husband!

Beacee said...

Glad you're ok x

mudmaven said...

So glad you made it through safe and sound. Gorgeous pix of the lovely still standing trees - Yay! ~chris

becky up the hill said...

So happy to read your post, see your lovely pix, hear that the old house stayed safe and solid. That you have pie left over. Thankful.

Anonymous said...

I bought us a turtle pie on Saturday and there is one piece left. It tastes rather salty actually... not good, but that's what you get with pre-made pies from the freezer section.

Your photos are wonderful today. Love that old house and how it stands so stately and protects those inside. It's a keeper.

The JR said...

laughing at George and that huge stick

Low Tide High Style said...

So glad you guys fared well! Enjoy your day off.


Debby said...

You've probably answered this a thousand times, but I am new to your blog. How old is your house?

sharon said...

Good to hear you weathered the storm okay. Looks like you fared well. Nice and sunny in Oakie land. Almost 80 degrees, can you believe it! We could use some of your rain if you want to send a little our way.

Liz said...

glad you're safe and sound Kate..

Kerri Farley said...

Lovely as always my friend!
Glad you weathered it nicely!!

Sheila said...

Glad to hear that you are safe and sound.

Here in the Finger Lakes of Western NY, we had lots of wind and rain. A lot of branches down, but we never lost power, we feel blessed!

Mental P Mama said...

Things are great here. My old stomping grounds? Notsomuch. Cannot believe that your trees are ALL still standing. The house doesn't surprise me, but the trees do! xoxoxoxo

spindrift,maine said...

All good news, Kate. I've been thinking of you. Here we are fine. Some blowing and flickering last night here, too, but today in rapid succession we had a downpour with thunder and lightning, and then a rainbow! xo

Devon said...

So very glad to hear you came through the storm unscathed. I love how you said goodbye to fall with pictures of the beautiful foliage, and hello to winter with shots of dew on bare branches.

You seem to always find the best in the present!

Seriously, George must think he is superdog!

Mr. Black said...

Nothing like being inside a strong, solid house when bad things are happening outside.

Great photos.

Hey, George. That's not a stick. That's a small tree.

GailO said...

Unlike many along the RI coast we fared very well. This has to be the only time I ever will say I am glad I don't have a house on the ocean:) The cat finally came in ater the storm was over so all is well here in Arcadia!

Hope you hear from your son soon!

Bluebird49 said...

You have been on my mind ever since I heard it would hit Maryland..so since we've been up at our son's house for the Halloween week (gotta see the little grands trick or treat, you know!
Glad things are still "all together" up at the Manor house. We had a little snow up here yesterday, and since there was more in the higher elevations, the kids were out of school for 2 and 1/2 days! They were thrilled and we got to see more of them.
That's always a good thing! I'm sure your son is fine--but no cell phone means no calls to Mama!

Reena said...

Love your golden carpets!

Unknown said...

Kate! so very glad that your lovely home is intact!
I was in FL with girlfriends when the storm passed us this past weekend.....lots of wind, no rain or damage.
Did you hear from your son? we always wonder.....smiles!

JC said...

Good to hear that you did ok during the storm. My D in the Toronto area just had winds and rain. We've had our own storm but nothing like the East coast.

Dawn Gross said...

Glad the storm didn't do damage ... we were lucky too and actually kept power and had no water in the basement. Very lucky!

mrs mediocrity said...

So glad to hear you and doing okay, and hopefully by now you have heard from your son. That was some scary stuff. We were lucky, only heavy rain and some wind but nothing horrible.

I love that your feather is still there. Love.

Daryl said...

things for us are so much better than for most .. never lost power, no trees fell on us, and thankfully the basement didnt flood ... Jack was nervous and went from window to window but Harry was oblivious all he wanted was for Jack to play chase me/run insanely from one room to the other ...

Sabrina Steyling said...

Where I am in northern NJ, we lost our power at 11 Monday night and are still out but still have water. My co-worker who lives about 2 hours from me wasn't so lucky; she doesn't have any water or power. :( And our Jersey shore is pretty much gone...watching the footage of boardwalk planks floating down flooded roads was pretty depressing

Sandy said...

Glad to hear you are doing well and still have power. Just found your blog today. Very interesting since my son in law left Monday morning to go to Maryland. He works for an electrical company from Texas (Dallas). They arrived today and I am sure are working hard to restore power to the sweet people in Maryland.
I am enjoying your blog. I have a blog but am very new to this and haven't gotten all the kinks worked out nor do I really know what I am doing.

Hilary said...

ah, what a relief, eh?

Georgianna said...

So grateful you are safe, Kate. The property looks beautiful, despite the storm. And that stick! It's more like a log!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful series of images, and your home is lovely! So thankful that you were unscathed..

Cloudia said...

perfect restorative post!

You know we were worrying about you. . . so this lovely post is a sweet break from breaking hearts and election jitters.

Oh George! I love you.

Aloha from Waikiki, my Friend
Comfort Spiral

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> < } } (°>


Dawson Cattle Company said...

your photos are wonderful! and its the simplest things as a phone call, a walk, a feather not affected and the love of pet. take care!

Carolynn Anctil said...

So glad to hear you're okay and got through the storm unscathed. I'm sure your son is fine and will be calling you with an update very soon.

George with his stick made me laugh. My Willow is exactly the same, silly dog.

Did someone mentions pie...?

Annie said...

Hi Kate. So pleased to hear that you are OK. Do hope you hear fro your son soon, just for your peace of mind. It reminds me so much of the damage and devastation we had over here two summers ago with all the floods etc. We had power out for a couple of days because the houses at the end of the road down by the river were flooded. I was amazed to find that the rest of the suburb had power, so off I went to charge my phone, and keep some food in the fridge at the church!! It was a strange time, but it brings out the best in people. One lovely man from down the road, came around delivering ice to us all! Little things like that mean so much at a time like this. May God be with those who have suffered such great losses, and may they discover his peace within.

Annie said...

Also meant to say Kate, that your photos are wonderful. makes me homesick for fall in the States. (Without the hurricanes).

Lili said...

It is especially beautiful there after that storm. And oh just seeing the feather still there is somehow very comforting. And George with that huge stick...so sweet! xo