Monday, November 24, 2014

A Sunday in Stockholm

I am writing this on Monday at 1:30 PM from Stockholm Sweden. It’s a cloudy/rainy day and it has already begun to get dark. I’m on my own today, as my son is working. I’ve been out and about several times and came home for lunch and to make a cup of tea before I head out again. I’m trying not to overdo it on my knees and so far am doing ok.

I took these photos yesterday to share with you.


DSC_4033 copy 2

I headed out early for coffee.  There is an extremely complicated coffee maker in the apartment and I have read the instructions and have no desire to learn this course in the art of coffee making. I am sure there is a test at the end of the instruction booklet and I’m certain I will fail it miserably. It’s easier to put on my shoes and coat and head down the street to the Espresso Bar. Unfortunately, the coffee shop doesn’t open until 9 on weekends.


DSC_4042 copy 2

I was the first customer. I had read before I came to Stockholm that the Swedes are . . .


DSC_4043 copy 2

I foolishly ordered a large regular coffee and didn’t realize until after I had drunk the delicious concoction how potent it was. I spent an hour chattering to my son and cleaned the surface of everything I could find in the apartment.

(Today I was smarter and only ordered a small.)

After the coffee incident, we hopped on the subway, a block away, and headed to the Sodermalm area which is just south of Gamla stan. I wanted to see Joyce Tenneson’s photographic exhibit at Fotografiska and this was the last day her “Light Warriors” would be on display.


DSC_4118 copy 2

The gallery is along the water and if you look to the right, there is a set of crazy high stairs that we ended up taking afterward. We wanted to walk around in the neighborhood up there.

The stairs weren’t bad at all, really. Going up stairs is easy. Going down is hateful on my knees. We went down another way (thank heavens).


DSC_4082 copy 2DSC_4083 copy 2

These are two pieces from the Light Warriors display, which was absolutely luminous.


DSC_4103 copy 2

And these are the “killer stairs” that we took to get up the hill.


DSC_4117 copy 2

Being up there was totally worth the effort because we could now see Gamla stan quite well and the clouds were beginning to break and the sun began peeking through.


DSC_4125 copy 2

A group of young musicians was setting up as we walked by.


DSC_4098 copy 2

And the light was perfect to get a few shots of Gamla stan.


DSC_4108 copy 2

Pretty colored buildings in Djurgarden.


DSC_4106 copy 2

And Grona lund, an amusement park.


DSC_4138 copy 2

We walked the streets after climbing even more stairs and headed to a fantastic Mexican restaurant for lunch.


DSC_4156 copy 2

And then we walked the streets a bit more before getting back on the subway to head ‘home’. I just noticed that my son is in this shot. He is directly in the center and his back is to me.


DSC_4168 copy 2

I love that so many of the restaurants have decorated their entry ways with wire cages filled with candles. I’m not sure if they do this all winter or if it’s just for the Christmas season which is in full swing here. But it’s very cool.


DSC_4178 copy 2

And the subway trains are spacious and exceptionally clean.


DSC_4185 copy 2

There is an H&M on almost every corner. I exaggerate only a little. This one is outside of the subway station near the apartment and there is another on the next block. A young musician is singing a Bob Dylan tune as two little girls dance to his music. It was absolutely adorable and everyone in the crowd was smiling at their antics.

I love it here.

More to come tomorrow ~

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jo said...

You have absolutely convinced me I want to go to Sweden. Your photos and stories are wonderful. Keep having a great time!

Country Girl said...

I am so glad, Jo. You will love it here!

Susan said...

More photos to love! And strong coffee, too! I am so happy you are enjoying your travels to the full.

Here in Munich our subway trains are spiffy also - only they are called the Ubahn :-)

Can't wait to see your next installment!

Linda Kay said...

We have not been to Sweden, so thanks for the tour. So glad your knees held up on those stairs! Good job! Your pictures are lovely.

Tammy said...

What a gorgeous country and it sounds like you are having so much fun. Love the pictures!!

Hilary said...

Wow.. I think you and Sweden were made for one another. Your photos are so enjoyable.

Sabrina Steyling said...

Sweden is so beautiful! If I ever get there (which I doubt), I'll remember your point about the coffee. I'm not sure what anything bigger than a small might do to me, either! LOL :D

beth said...

love the tour….keep the photos coming!!!

Cindi said...

So very happy that you went and loving the pictures so much. Sweden just moved up on my bucket list!

becky up the hill said...

Yay for you. Many thanks for taking the time and sharing your trip.

Cloudia said...

Absolutely loving every crumb of this delicious blog pastry!

ALOHA from Honolulu

alphabet soup said...

Hate the stairs....
love the trains....

Ms Soup

Daryl said...

subway looks exactly like the Paris Metro .. love the clocks to let you know when the next train will arrive (we have them here in NYC too) Stockholm is not flat .. i dont know why i thought it was .. oh well good exercise walking will let you eat/drink whatever you want with no weight gain a lovely thing after a vacation ... i miss the Times Sq H&M the constantly changing windows were a lovely source of photo ops for me ... maybe they'll open one down in the Brookfield Place 'mall' or in still to be completed Oculus Transit Center/Mall ... speak to your inside man .. ;-)

The Weaver of Grass said...

It looks such a lovely place - the colours and the light are wonderful. Glad you are having such a good time. But go steady on that coffee.

Hilary said...


Rambling said...

I'm enjoying your photos so much. My great-Grandpa came from Sweden and I've always wanted to go but haven't had the chance ... yet. But no coffee until 9?! Canadian Swedes must be earlier risers than Swedish Swedes!

Kerri Farley said...

Is it my imagination or is that one CLEAN looks spotless!!!

monica said...

I discovered your blog today. I have been skipping around and reading here and there.
I've noticed that you take some long breaks from writing. That's a
shame. Your post are very real. You have an easy style about it all.
And I love George! He should meet my Lucy. : )
I hope you will continue to write and write more often that have been.
I was reading along and then I see that you were in Sweden. Nice.
I hope you are doing well and I will be back.
Take care.