Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Take it easy

It’s early evening and I’ve just finished dinner. My son brought home a Hawaiian pizza tonight and oh my, was it ever tasty.

I am tossing an old and quite worn toy for a certain border collie who just can’t get enough of his super squirrel. The toy is well over four years old, the slingshot part of it no longer works and it’s missing much of its stuffing, but he still prefers this one item over all the others in his toy box. At least, tonight he does.

I’m also watching the end of a documentary on Netflix that I began last night. It’s called History of the Eagles, a band I’ve always liked and who still performs together. It’s an interesting documentary loaded with photos, videos, and interviews from when the band was just starting out in the 70’s. Totally recommend if you are a fan of the group.


DSC_3848 copy 2

Yesterday I snapped the photos you see in this post. I took the day off to deal with an injury to my knee, had an ortho appointment and got some answers. Last Thursday, I pulled up lame. Sorry – but after having a husband who worked with horses all of his adult life, it’s hard to get away from the horse talk. Just last week, when someone told me their daughter got pregnant again right after having her first baby, I said that it’s common to get pregnant off a foal heat. Good grief.


DSC_3864 copy 2

I am nursing the knee, taking anti-inflammatory meds, doing stretching exercises, and hoping that it all works before I leave for Stockholm late next week. Somebody told me I should just bite the bullet and do a cortisone shot. It may come to that.


DSC_3867 copy 2

We still have a little color on the trees but most of the leaves are down. Today was quite warm here in Maryland but a cold front is coming.


DSC_3868 copy 2

I have been pulling back more and more from my blog and have come to the realization that it may have run its course. Still, it’s good to write from time to time. I know many of my readers have probably given up the ghost, but I write for myself.

And sometimes when I am feeling nostalgic, or missing my husband, it’s kind of nice to go back and read about a good day we had together.


20141111_162554 copy 2

My driveway this afternoon.

It’s kinda purdy ~

(even though it’s a pain in the ass in the wintertime)


DSC_3843 copy 2

Taken from my window seat this past Sunday. We had off Friday from school and I’d planned a quick flight down to Raleigh NC to visit a friend who had moved down there after retiring last June. I probably should have stayed home because of the bum knee, but I really didn’t want to let her down. It was a good visit.

Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit mine.

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Gail said...

Sorry to hear you are still having trouble with your lameness!

You should write for yourself. That's really the only way, I think. With me when I assign a purpose it then becomes a chore.

Your photos are amazing, as always, or at least the ones you allow us to see.

Take care of yourself.

Michelle said...

Love your "horse talk;" I feel right at home. ;-)

A cortisone shot would probably be the quickest route to relief. I resisted that suggestion for both my frozen shoulder and my injured right knee, instead utilizing a GREAT physical therapist who treated them with ultrasound, showed me how to tape them (BIG help), and gave me exercises to strengthen supporting structures. That, and Aleve when necessary. Both are all better now, but it took time you don't have before your trip. I hope it's a WONDERFUL one, and I hope you keep posting here (she selfishly says). Your photos are stunning, and I'd miss your "voice" if you stopped.

Unknown said...

Am so sorry to hear you've come up lame! Hope you heal quickly and completely. It's no fun having to deal with knee injuries.

As I've always been a sporadic reader (life seems determined to limit my time on-line!) it seems only fair to be gracious about you turning into a sporadic poster! Things change and what was once important to us doesn't always remain so. Still, I'm sure we all hope you continue to keep us posted now and again on how you're doing and what you (and George!) are up to. As we used to say back home to friends who were leaving after a nice visit, "Don't be a stranger!"

Best wishes!

Linda Kay said...

Ouch, that knee sounds painful, so sorry you are having troubles with it. The photos are really 'purdy', especially like the one with the road covered in leaves.

Gayle said...

Gorgeous autumn photos. Yep, get the cortisone! I had both of my knees replaced at the same time. Speedy recovery, 3 weeks was off of pain pills and 3 1/2 weeks was driving again. I highly recommend replacement if you need it.

MrsB said...

I would hate to think you would give this up totally. Rather read infrequent posts than no posts at all. Your photography is so lovely - I would miss it.

Write for yourself, but share when you can.

Devon said...

I hope you don't give up blogging completely. I did years ago as my blog stopped allowing me to add pictures and I just lost interest. Now I miss it, but do enjoy reading old posts.

Devon said...
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Devon said...
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June said...

Horse-talk---yes, I understand that language :) So sorry to hear you came up lame Kate. I hope it heals quickly so you can get out of the paddock a little more.
I have been going over your past Autumn posts and all I can say is WOW! It is gorgeous there! Your photos are always so beautiful and I love seeing the beautiful surroundings you live in.

Hedy King said...

Sorry to hear about your bum leg, Kate, I have an appointment with an ortho on Friday to address issues with my knee, too. Lupus has damaged the connective tissue to the point that walking is painful.
As much as I'd miss your blog and photos, I understand, I posted today after weeks of silence on my blog. But I do read back through old posts and relive days when Steve was here with me.
Enjoy your trip, it is so exciting to travel to see new sites with our kids. I spent three months in Australia visiting our daughter this Spring. Take care, Hedy

jinxxxygirl said...

Well write when you wanna write and don't when you don't. LOL! Anyway thats what i try to do....... Its not suppose to be a burden.. :)
We've had cortisone shots work and some not work..so its kinda hit and miss....I hope its all better for your trip. Hugs! deb

The Furry Gnome said...

Well I'm a relatively new reader I think (past year), but I really enjoy it. Just write when and what you want.

JaneK said...

Thanks for the post :-)
Do the shot and be done with it so you can have a pain free trip.
Your blog as it was and as its original purpose may have been may have run its course. But is still a wonderful place to post some pics and share some musings and your blog land friends will always appreciate your posts whether its daily, weekly, or monthly!
Here's to swift healing and loads of fun

JaneK said...

PS: that driveway shot is so dreamy and ditto all that Michelle said :-)

Cloudia said...

Bless your dear knee.

I'd come here if you posted once a year!

Sure do enjoy spending time together.

ALOHA from Honolulu
=^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

Cloudia said...

I'd miss you, George, your photos, your news. . . .

Sabrina Steyling said...

Sorry to hear about your knee. I can't wait to hear about your adventures in Stockholm; I'm betting the photos will be beautiful! Listen to a little ABBA there for me (just kidding!).

Your driveway IS beautiful, but I wouldn't want to have to clear the snow from it either! Wow, that bugger is LONG. :D

I have a few different blogs I write, and I've decided to retire two of them as of the end of this year and concentrate just on the two I am most passionate about - my first blog and my photography blog. Sometimes, you've just got to say enough. And if you decide to retire your blog, at least I can still see your photos on Facebook! I always love reading your posts, and seeing your photos. :)

DesertHen said...

Beautiful photos and your driveway is lovely! (even if it is a pain in the ass in winter...lol)

"Pulling up lame" is no fun! I hope your knee will be better for your trip!

I hope you continue to blog! George is famous you know and we would all miss him! =) Seriously, I love your blog and your photography and George!

I love the Eagles! My son bought tickets for he and I to one of their concerts in Tahoe for my
40th birthday! I highly recommend seeing them in concert! It was amazing!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I think you will know when your blog has run its course Kate. I know it has helped you through a very difficult time in your life and if now is the time to go, then so be it. But I would miss you and your lovely photographs (and a certain dog too). Bite the bullet and have that cortisone - it would help.

Debbie From Illinois said...

So sorry about your knee, hope it feels better for your trip. I would miss your blog A LOT but I understand if you feel it's time to let it go. I have enjoyed you sharing a little peek into your life.

Have a fantastic trip!

Country Gal said...

Sorry to hear about your knee I hope it gets better soon . Lovely photos . I am a former farmer and still find myself talking farm it's in the blood lol I always look for your blog to see if you have done a post always a treat when I see you are able to sneak one in life gets busy and boring so sometimes there isn't much to post about . I am glad you are doing well . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

Anonymous said...

I would miss your blog if you stopped posting all together. But I understand you feeling that your blog had run its course. Blog when you can and your true fans will take what we can get! :)

Lee Owenby said...

When we go through a traumatic event, such as the loss of your husband - everything changes and no matter how hard we try to keep things the same way they were in that little happy world - we start to re-invent ourselves. Things we used to enjoy can actually become sad chores.

I have a little blog I struggle with also. About my neighborhood on a beautiful lake. I started it when my Mother's health started to decline and it was a way to share photos and stories about a beautiful place she loved. She passed away last year, and even though I still love this beautiful place, sometimes it hurts to write about it. So I don't blog as often, but I still want to share.

You've built a following of "friends" whether you meant to or not. We care about "you" and George and we want to see what you do next. I want to see you find your "happy" again, as I'm sure a lot of your other friends do. And I suspect a lot of your friends are in situations similar to yours and look to you for a little inspiration on how to get through it all.

So, please don't give up the blog and all the friends you've made. Take a break if you need to and just write or share photos when you feel like it.

Kerri Farley said...

Hope your knee is better soon!
I LOVE to see posts your posts!

Unknown said...

We all seem to pull up lame at some point....
I totally undersstand the "running it's course" thought, mine did...
HOpe you are well and have a fab time in the EU!

Artful Gathering said...

I enjoy your blog so much. I sure hope you don't leave. 😥
But we will understand if you do. Blessings to you and your family.

Daryl said...

you should do whatever feels right … i am hoping you come visit me between christmas and new year …

Barb T. said...

Be a sporadic blogger, Kate; just please don't give up entirely. So many of the blogs I've read over the past few years have quit. It's like losing a friend.

sue said...

Sorry to hear about your knee. I check 3 blogs daily (yours is one of them to see if anyone has written and would greatly miss your blog. The other two are very far and in between too but when they post it's like a visit from an old friend. Have a fun trip to Stockholm!

Deborah said...

I can so relate to the horse talk, as you well know. So sorry about your knee, and hope you feel better soon. What a shame, you can't pop by, now you (sort of) are in the neighbourhood - anyway have a lovely trip.

Best wishes, Deborah

Kay said...

I hope you will be fine on your trip. I was on crutches from first day in Finland until after I got back home. Bad accident the very first two hours of the first day. I hope you do not quit your blogging, I would miss your photos so much.........I absolutely love where you live and seeing George and all. Have a good trip and let us see photos if you have the time.. Kay from Oregon

Hilary said...

It's nice to see you whenever you feel the mood to post.

I hope your knee is on the mend so that you can enjoy the hell out of your trip.

Lisa Gordon said...

I'm sorry to hear about your knee, Kate, and I sure hope it gets better soon. My son just had cortisone injected into his spine. Right after it was over, he said, "Never, ever again." A day later, he said he'd do it again in a heartbeat. It's been several years since his back has been pain-free, but it is now.

Love these photographs.

Annie said...

I too would miss your beautiful pictures and stories about life in that grand old house. I can understand why you are considering stopping your blog, but just know that there are many of us who love your posts and pictures. Maybe just occasional posts would work when you have something you really want to share. In the meantime, I'll continue to check in. Take care of your knee and enjoy that special trip. How exciting!!

Unknown said...

I hope you will get some relief and feel much better for your trip. I have so enjoyed reading your blog and would miss it greatly if you do decide to stop. Love the photos of your lovely home and of course George, so I'm hoping you won't completely stop. I am always excited to see a new post. Have a wonderful trip!

MAS'LKJP' said...
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MAS'LKJP' said...
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spindrift,maine said...

Hey, Kate--I just dropped by for a visit. So sorry about your knee. I'm excited for you that Stockholm is in your future. I was wondering if you are still blogging. It does kind of fade out after awhile, doesn't it? Things here are going well, four months into my husband's move to assisted living. I see him almost every day, but the time to look after myself is a blessing. Still hoping you'll visit me in Maine one of your trips north. There's lots of room here now! xo

Bluebird49 said...

Yum--Hawaiian Pizza!
I know you should write for yourself, however, I sure would miss hearing what's going on with you if you "leave us." So many bloggers I read have stopped blogging--I did. :( I just simply had nothing to write about anymore. Staying in so much, I just don't seem to have anything interesting to post.

I hope you can get some good fix done to your knee before you leave, (being there and hurting won't be a good things at all!)and that while you're over there, you'll post about it--or at least when you come back. I want to see your beautiful shots of that city!
Oh--The Eagles!!! Wasn't that documentary great? I may even buy it. They have been my favorite band since they came out back in the , what, '70s? My son saved that documentary on his DVR for me, and I've watched it at least 3 times! Their songs carry me back to a good time in my life. They are one band I'd love to have seen in their "prime", but they always seem to "hold in there", nearly as good as they were 40 years ago! I have missed Don Felder, though; he was so versatile in his playing. The two "major players" just didn't like him at all, and they were very mean-spirited about it, even on camera!! It was really interesting to see what went on behind the scenes--I'm glad you saw it, too.
You still have right much color there in your driveway--it was beautiful. Not too shabby, huh! We're a little south of you, but the leaves are failing and fading fast.
I'm glad you did get to go down to Raleigh after all--it must be nice to just pick up and leave sometimes! Your getting away for these little "getaways" has been good for you, I know. I really love to hear you are strong and going forward--even with the nostalgia and the grieving process.
I know this blog/journal has been a good place for you to go back and see things you wrote, say, 4 years ago---and what was going on then. The posts about Andrew's thoughtful, funky Christmas tree, the little things he'd bring in from his walks, your trips to Maine, the pictures he took that you later found, etc--all have been good reads for me. One of my favorites was when the tree had fallen in the drive, and suddenly--you became the bane of his existence for a day! I loved that you've shared it with us. And all the beautiful pictures of all the different seasons there, and of the places you went!
Blessing, Kate--I hope you can get that knee fixed before you leave for a very exciting trip!!

Carolynn Anctil said...

The Eagles, Hell Freezes Over Tour - BEST concert I've ever seen.

I've been having the same thoughts about my blog lately, too, that it may have run its course. The jury's still out on that.

I'll hold good thoughts for you about your knee and trust that all will be well so you can enjoy your fantastic trip pain free.

A Glowing Ember

Donna S. said...

I don't read my blogs like I used to, but occasionally get on to catch up. Do whatever makes you happy but I do like to see that life is going on :). When we drive through Franklin TN I still wonder what happened to Lauren & hope she is doing well. She just stopped blogging.

Get that knee better & have an awesome trip!!!

Em Parkinson said...

So sorry to hear you've been suffering knee pain Kate. I'm feeling so creaky at the moment! I would definitely consider that injection. One shot won't have too detrimental an effect. Sorry I've been a rubbish follower recently. Lots going on and none of it bloggy! Have a great trip next week. xxx

sharon said...

Oh how I love fall pictures. I love to see the leaves changing colors. Love the colors of your drive up to the house. Gorgeous.

Annette Whipple said...

You are so full of adventure!

Glad you had the chance to visit N. :) Have fun in Stockholm!

Annie said...

Good to catch up here Kate. Sorry to hear about your knee. Do hope it is a lot better for you before your trip! As you say, Take it Easy!
Wonderful photos...thanks so much for sharing with us. I know the thing about blogging. I feel the same way. Have only ever done it for myself really but still post occasionally anyway.

beth said...

your driveway is beyond purdy!!!

and shit, i missed a post obviously in regards to your knee. damn. but i do agree that a cortisone shot might be the answer especially with your upcoming travel plans. yes, dr. beth here….LOL

i love that photo of george hiding in all that beautiful blurriness :)

and like you, my blogging has fallen a bit behind in regards to priorities…but don't go. stay. we love you and need you :)