Monday, December 28, 2009

Winner announced in Blogging Anniversary Giveaway (sorry it’s late)

Congratulations to CAROLYN, number 14 and winner of my 2-Year Blogging Anniversary Giveaway. I’ve e-mailed her asking for her mailing address so that I can mail the framed print to her. (She’s chosen the walnut beaded frame).

Thanks to everyone for playing and here’s how ridiculously forgetful I am. You ready?

For some reason, I thought I was supposed to choose the winner around 9 PM and post it at 10 PM. Why? I have no idea. So this evening, after dinner, I am sitting here reading my post and see that what I wrote was that I would post at 10 AM today. Not 10 PM.

Yes, welcome to my life.

Anyway, we have a winner but I do regret to inform you that another number came up before Carolyn’s. This person had not included the e-mail address and this was one of the stipulations. I tried, in vain, to see if they’d commented before and if I had a copy of their e-mail address in my g-mail account. Nada. I couldn’t link to their blog because it was an Anonymous post. So please, in the future, include your e-mail address so I can contact you.

Winner-Random Winner-Carolyn

For those who didn’t win: I’ve got another Giveaway coming up. I noticed that I’m coming up on rounding another 100 followers and that’s reason enough to hold another Giveaway. So some time this week, or next . . . look for another prize to be offered on this blog.

Thanks to everyone for playing. Thanks also for your congratulatory comments. I wish I could afford to award more winners. Maybe I should get some advertising on this blog to help with the costs of prizes . . . I don’t know.

Until tomorrow, my friends


JacksDad said...

I didn't even win Miss Congeniality! :)

Congratulations Carolynn!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Congratulations to Carolyn, and congratulations on your blogiversary. 400 followers? That is outstanding. I had 35 but now I'm down to 34. Yes, that's right. Going backwards. The story of my life.

Can't wait for the February trip.

Pseudo said...

Congrats to Carolyn!

I'm posting border collie running down the beach tomorrow ; -)

Jill of All Trades said...

Congrats to Carolyn. Thanks Kate.

Jeanne Walker said...

Enjoy your photo, Carolyn!

Pushing 400! Way to go, Kate!

Wishing you and everyone a very
blessed, healthy, prosperous and happy new year! 2010! Can you believe it!!!!

Hugs, Jeanne

RURAL said...

I know that Carolynn is going to be thrilled to have won your print.

Congrats to you Carolynn!


maillady said...

on man, i wanted to win . hahaha.,

Michelle said...

Eek - you have nearly 400 followers! I'm not up to 100 yet - but then I'm not the photographer you are. :-) Was pretty pleased with my waves pictures taken yesterday, though. Come on over and look!

bv said...

heha...for carolyn. and for your wonderful blog. here's a super simple one but says how i feel about losing! can't always get what you want.....

BB said...

Congrats to the winner. Admitting to being slightly disappointed... heh.

I feel very connected to you Kate - that is totally something I would do!

And I say, go with the ads if you want. I did (kinda with Blogher) and I haven't been struck down by lightening. Pays for postage for prizes at my place!

Skogkjerring said...

What a generous soul you are, having giveaway's everytime you want to celebrate something!! This won't be long because I can hear the cats harrassing the guinea pig downstairs and need to go tell them to stop...but just wanted to congratulate the winner and wish you a wonderful day!! Hugs from chilly Norway...-15C today- looks gorgeous- will try and take photos and blog later but getting a house full of company today- we're going to a dog show tomorrow and my pups will be shown and Nanna...wish us luck!!

Hilary said...!!!!!
I think the prize should just be stopping by....that is a win every time for me.

A New England Life said...

Hey it's my blogging friend Carolynn! Congratulations!

I tried a little advertising but didn't have any luck with it. Maybe you would be more successful than I was Kate since you have more followers. Blogher seems to be the best way to go but they haven't been accepting any new blogs for a while.

Mental P Mama said...

Congrats to Carolyn. Maybe;)

LOL My wv: pettylot Pretty much what I am!

Carolynn Anctil said...

Oh my gawd! I can honestly say it was a huge surprise to read THAT this morning. I'm so incredibly thrilled and delighted and excited to receive this incredibly generous and beautiful gift.

Am I gushing...?

Although, I am sorry for Mr. or Ms. Anonymous.

Thank you!!

Daryl said...

Congrats to Carolynn ... having a framed Kate on your wall is a wonderful thing

397 followers .. yowsa