Saturday, June 18, 2011

While I was sleeping

It’s been quiet here on the hill and I’m sticking close to home this weekend. Without going into too much detail, there’s just been a lot of sadness lately. I’m not one to sink into a depression, but hell – it’s not like you can stand up to one when it comes pounding at your door in the middle of the night.

Not that this is what happened to me, mind you.

There’s just been a chain of events that culminated in an overall sense of melancholy that I’m positive will end by tomorrow. Today I went to the WalMart with no makeup on, and a headband around my unruly hair. I haven’t had a pedicure in I-don’t-know-how-long and I’d just been to the dump where I dropped off a bunch of recyclables and some household trash,  that was - shall we say, a tad ripe.

But still, I was at WalMart. So I fit in perfectly. And I prayed that I wouldn’t run into anyone I knew.

Which, by the grace of God and all the saints, I did not.


DSC_0034 copy 2

I’m sorry because I’m usually much more upbeat here. I’d even bought a beautiful new top to wear to two graduation parties to which I was invited this weekend.

If you came to visit me, I promise I would have all the dishes washed and the floor swept and I would take that plastic sieve off that chair you see there, so you could sit down.

I took the photo above yesterday evening, while I was washing the dinner dishes.

My husband took all of the photos below.


DSC_0017 copy 2


DSC_0012 copy 2

I thought he did a good job with the moon, with the camera being hand-held and all and I have no idea what settings he used.

The photos below were taken early this morning, while I was sleeping . . .


DSC_0044 copy 2



DSC_0046 copy 2

It ended up being the best part of the day, actually. But at least it was beautiful. Unfortunately, I slept through it all.


DSC_0052 copy 2

I wanted to get up and see it. He came up and told me it was pretty outside. But I was so tired. And I’m very thankful for all the pictures.

The festive lights you see around the breakfast nook window have been there since we moved in. They’re part chili pepper and part plain white lights. My husband put them there, and I like them too.

Reading the answers to the questions I posed the other day has been so wonderful. I love reading them and getting to know you all better. Thanks for that ~

Until tomorrow, then . . .

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From the archives – the first time my husband took photos while I was sleeping:

While I was sleeping . . .  (click on the photos to embiggen)


TexWisGirl said...

you're allowed to burrow into your den and hide from the world once in a while. sometimes we all need that cocoon time. your soul will heal, you know it will. :)

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

I'm so thankful that you have a peaceful home to burrow in. The world around us will beat us down sometimes...I think it's only natural to want to stay within our own safety net when that happens.

thecatalanway said...

Sending you lots of love for these sadder days - don't give yourself a hard time - the important thing is to allow yourself to Just Be! I admire your ability to share a little with us - I have been finding it hard to write in the blog recently as I don't know what to put in and what to leave out. But as so often, you show us a way so gracefully. I don't know you except from here but I send you a wave across the ocean. Good night!K x

Gone Country said...

I love the WalMart comment about fitting in! There's a People of WalMart website that is hilarious (and sometimes down right nasty)! I'm sure you came nowhere close to looking like these people *laugh*!

And it's OK to be down-in-the-dumps and feeling melancholy every now and then. You're human! This too shall pass! Don't feel bad for feeling bad!

I do hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!

beth said...

i know that feeling you're having....and i'm sending you a hug...don't we all need one right about now !!

ps..if i had stopped over, i would have picked up the strainer, put in on my head like a hat and then sat in the chair while i tried to have a serious conversation with you while you laughed at my head :)

Caroline said...

LOL...Beth!!!! :)))

((hugs)) Yep...between almost cutting my thumb off on Sunday and losing's been a long week. It's OK to go to Walmart with no make up on. As long as you don't end up on People of Walmart...LOL

JacksDad said...

I get that way right before I get a cold. Hope you're not coming down with something!

thatgirlblogs said...

Hey... We used to have chili pepper lights like that! Thanks for the reminder. Sending a hug.

Deb said...

sometimes the world just gets us down...we hide a little then jump back up and keep moving...hope your back to normal soon...

Anonymous said...

I'm doing a silly dance right now. Hope it makes you giggle a little. Life is just a bowl of cherries you know... NOT. Sometimes it's a peach pit.

tj said...

...Girl, it's okay. We all go thru 'em and you're just in a bit of a funk. I've been in one lately and I'm blamin' menopause. I came here yesterday and read about Char', a woman I've never met or never read, but I remember her commenting here and all I know is after I left here I felt incredibly sad. Char' passing away got me to thinking how we're all in this together and when another soul gets called home it makes you realize just how fleeting life really is. And then I realize how much I don't want to think about it then I feel like devouring an entire package of Oreos and then I do and then I not only feel sad now I'm sick and...ugh! *sigh* :o\

...Anyway, those Moon photos are gorgeous - good job Country Boy! :o)

...And I'm lovin' the string of lights too! I was just sitting on the screen porch earlier thinking I oughta string up some white lights around the porch, you know, gussy it up a bit... Gosh, I sound like a total hoos' don't I? *giggle*snort* ;o)

...Anyway, enjoy your weekend Miss Kate and I hope a brighter day is ahead for you tomorrow!

...Blessings... :o)

Lili said...

Those moon pics your husband took blew me away. So did the ones he took at dawn. And I must say I'm really digging those lobster buoys from that angle. You must have needed the rest for your soul. A trip to Walmart hoping you don't run into anyone never happens around here...what I mean is I always run into someone here and I usually never look halfway decent either. Hoping the rest of the weekend brings some emotional comfort to you. xoxo ~Lili

Gail said...

Every one is down now and then but it does turn around.

Is your husband competing for the title of great photographer in the household?

I was looking at some of those WalMart people pictures...I wondered why that one lady looked so familiar...kidding. Hey, money is just as green no matter how you dress.

Hoping things will improve.

Karen said...

I believe Beth would do just that....and I'd be sitting on the counter (how rude!) marveling at the chili and white lights because I just love a little twinkle draped around a room.

Hilary said...

Yes, we can all find ourselves in sad places.
I hope yours does not last long, and you find reasons to be happy in spite of it.

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

I have an overwhelming feeling of melancholy here as well. Somehow I think if I were to sit there in the chair beyond your kitchen sink and we chatted things would come into better perspective...for me at least.

I miss that unruly hair of yours that I admire so much.

Ellen said...

Now should I be looking for you on "the People of Walmart" or not?

We all need a day to do nothing every once in a while.

Country Gal said...

I have to been there , hiding from the world it's human and it to will get better with time! As for the Walmart people , I dont know what they look like over there but here in our small towns they are all layed back town and country looking people ! When I was younger I never went anywere with out make up but as I got older I now couldnt care and dont wear it anymore I am now a free spirited who cares what I wear or do with my hair country gal ! Hope you feel better soon , photos are great !

Country Gal said...

P.S I am sure you looked great !

JaneK said...

I understand about the melancholy. Sometimes, the general sadness of humanity can get me down in the dumps. And from what you said, this is much closer to home than the general sadness of the human condition..... I'm glad you've got someone to take some beautiful pics that hopefully bring a smile to your soul. If not, we can all pitch in and buy Beth a plane ticket so she can come over and put that sieve on her head and try to hold a serious conversation. You'd have to tape it so I could get a good smile from it, too :)

PS: the closing song of Les Mis has been a good one lately for speaking to my melancholy....turn it up if you have it and have a good cry

Low Tide High Style said...

Sounds like your trip to Maine can't come quickly enough. I'm glad you got some much needed rest and that your husband took such beautiful pictures while you were sleeping. Sending good vibes your way, or chocolate...ok, both!


sharon said...

I hope you feel better about everything tomorrow. Sometimes life brings us thorns on the bed of roses and we just want to sit and sulk about it. ya know's okay. Life is good and we all are entitled to our ups and downs. Hang in their my friend...the sun will come up tomorrow.
Never fails whenever I go to Wal-Mart looking like (I rather not say) I always see someone I know.

k.somerville said...

Wild Geese

You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.
Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.
Meanwhile the world goes on.
Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain
are moving across the landscapes,
over the prairies and the deep trees,
the mountains and the rivers.
Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air,
are heading home again.
Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting--
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.

~ by poet Mary Oliver

Country Girl said...

Thank you all for your touching comments and the personal e-mails you have sent to check up on me. Seriously, I am ok. I promise I am.

The poem above made me cry. But in a very good way. I love it.

~ C.G.

FireLight said...

I love how you share the good and the not so good with all of us. Sending a big hug to you!!!
I wish we could have gotten together...I like living on the edge and going out when I hope no one will see me without make-up or freshly washed hair...LOL. The last 48 hours have been sort of rough: The Colonel (Ret.) went on his first Space A (space available, last priority seats given to retired military) adventure to Germany with my son who was on active duty for summer training. They had a great time, but the Colonel didn't make the cut for the return flight on Thursday! He finally broke down and decided to buy a commercial ticket after hanging out in the airport for two and half days!
He should make it home in the wee hours of Monday morning!
Feel better now? {smiles}

FireLight said...

Kate, I hope your latest Walmart Look didn't warrant what a friend of mine often says,
"Well come on in! I look like Death eating a cracker, but never mind that. How are you?"

Mental P Mama said...

That Mary Oliver poem is one of my favorites. I read those to Emma last weekend when we had our trip to Martha's Vineyard. Hugs and love coming at you.

Reena said...

You are so blessed with such good friends and comments above ... Love the Mary Oliver poem, she's a fave of mine ... Wishing your day is filled with sunshine and laughter and love!

Marcie said...

What beautiful honesty here!

GailO said...

I have been inexplicably down in the dumps for longer that I would have thought possible too...This lovely weekend weather will hopefully turn things around for us:)

The mr is taking some wonderful photos! I won't let mine touch my camera for fear he will take a liking to it:)

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

...stopping by today to visit with you.....and just so you know...i am sitting here on the couch with Teddy keeping my feet warm, the gate bolted shut and no plans other than frying a chicken....

sending love,
kary and teddy

Brenda Pruitt said...

He did a most excellent job with those moon shots! I'm jealous!

Brenda Pruitt said...

I can't seem to get your email to work. I am just speechless. I haven't been over here for awhile, so I scanned some of your other posts. Charlane is gone? I cannot believe it! I am sitting in my favorite room with two of her enlarged shots framed on either side of my couch. They are two of my favorite possessions. I was just thinking I had not seen her post. Please email me. I must commune with a friend of hers.

A Box of Chocolates said...

your husband takes great photographs i love them. Are the coloured objects under the window floats for boating? Love the gorgeous brickwork on your house, you can see it's my first visit. ha ha!!

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way these days and so does my honey. We think it's the world spinning in all its craziness these days. times are changing and affecting us in ways we don't even know how to name. Keep your chin up, don't forget to breathe deeply and smile, it'll catch on. I promise
peace n abundance to you girl,

Country Girl said...

Welcome to Box of Chocolates. Couldn't respond because your e-mail is not enabled. Those colorful floats are buoys that my husband has collected over the years in Maine.

~ C.G.

Unknown said...

I had to chuckle when I read about fitting right in at WalMart. So the Maryland WalMarts are the same as the Minnesota WalMarts huh? There are a very diverse group of people shopping at WalMarts.
Hope you do feel better tomorrow.
I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me when I walked in the door after church son came for a visit from Cincinnati! The same son that I bought a new car to make the drive to visit HIM in Cincinnati at the end of this very week. HA! That's Okay though, it is wonderful to see him, and we went out with a group of his friends (24 yrs younger than us!) and had a wonderful time. They are our having a bonfire at this very moment.

Daryl said...

I think the buoys and the lights work with that reflected sky perfectly.

The JR said...

So hoping things are much brighter for you now.

If you ever came to our house unexpected, there's no telling what you would find on the counters.....

Ya'll's photography is amazing.

mrs mediocrity said...

I hope your spirits are a little better today. Life is sad sometimes. But you always seem to keep your sense of humor, I think that helps.
Gorgeous photos, so nice that you get to see the sunrise that way at least.

Mary said...

Oh Kate, I have not felt like blogging, or doing much of anything either. And reading all these wonderful comments has brought a few tears to my eyes. It is dark and quiet here today -- waiting for a storm -- and that mirrors my mood exactly. As one of your commanders said -- Just Be.

ELK said...

i felt melancholy (mostly tired) until I came here and saw the strainer on the chair ..thanks for the laugh friend sending love your way... off to the grocery, seems i am never to sad to EAT!!