Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New favorite

Today was glorious! Parents were coming into the school office all day long and telling us they hoped we could get outside soon.

Some of the classes were held outside.

Windows were open.

Gentle breezes were blowing.

And most people were downright happy.


DSC_4181 copy 2

So I thought I would take some photos of the happy faces of the pansies I bought last weekend.

I wasn’t thrilled with many of the pictures but I’m fine with the ones I’m sharing with you today.


DSC_4177 Nelly Nero Bobby Dazzler copy 2

On another note, the dinner I made tonight was a complete disgrace and showed just how little I care about getting a proper meal on the table by 6 PM.

I’d be happy just eating a sandwich.

If I were still eating wheat, that is.

The losing weight thing on the no wheat way of life is S L O W going. But I’m not discouraged. I love having none of the night time cravings that I used to get. That’s the best.


DSC_4168 Nelly Nero Bobby Dazzler copy 2

My husband has Survivor on. I’ve only been half-watching this season but have decided that I absolutely loathe one of the players. I’ve felt this way about him from the first time I saw him in action. His name is Colton Cumbie and he’s a manipulative little liar.

Ok. Breathe . . .

. . . it’s only a TV show . . . it’s only a TV show.

Speaking of which, I missed The Walking Dead the other night. But there’s a marathon happening on Sunday leading up to the season finale.

I didn’t miss Smash, though. That’s my new favorite.


DSC_4171 Nelly Nero Bobby Dazzler copy 2

As is this photo.

: : :

It sounds like I watch too much TV, doesn’t it?!!

Hope your week is filled with beauty ~

and thanks for coming by today.

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And speaking of new favorites ~

I love this song.




Country Gal said...

Beautiful photos ! The kids over here are on March break for the week ! The weather here has been summer like soo beautiful sunny and warm , very strange for us here in Ontario Canada known as the great white north this time of year ! I am not complaining in the least I love it ! Have a good day !

Low Tide High Style said...

Lovely images, especially that last one! I've been totally wheat free for about 3 1/2 weeks now (thanks to you), and it is slow going but I feel better. Have you tried Udi's Bread?! It's yummy and gluten free. And I love that song too!

Kat :)

JaneK said...

I like all of them, of course, but the first is my fave.... it just POPS out at you with happy yellow color. My child's teacher told her today that if she didn't fail at something, it meant she wasn't trying.... so at least you were trying to make dinner :) better than me most nights!

I have an Alison Krauss/James Taylor station on my Pandora.... it rocks, They've done a couple of songs together.

beth said...

i used to feel guilty for watching too much TV, but i've decided it's just part of who i am and what i like to do.

your flower photos are truly beautiful....but you know that already :)

survivor we passed on this season. i don't like to record anything and we picked american idol for wednesday nights and holy crap, phillip and joshua were amazing tonight.

can you believe this weather. happy is in the air, heavy without an option of inhaling it :)


beth said...

oh and regarding dinners.....thank god that grilling season has started :)

Tiggeriffic said...

Alison Krauss is one of my favorite singers.
I have lost of weight not because I want to, but after having a total knee replacement and being on drugs I don't feel like eating.. I have lost over 30 pounds.. Knee is very painful and am having hard time getting it straight. Yikes. I just know that in time it will get better and I will be pain free. Time and Patience.
Your flower pictures are so beautiful.. Lovely day here in Iowa.. Spring is finally here.. Going out tomorrow and clean out my blue bird houses.. It's time for them to come.
Have a Tiggeriffic Day..ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Barbara Davis said...

I think your photography is fabulous.

Enjoy yourself. If that involves TV, then, well, so it does.

And much luck with the no wheat, weight thing. I've battled myself for years. We have finally reached something of a truce. It's all about learning a new way of looking at things.

Annie said...

Great pics as always. As your season turns to spring, ours is slowly turning to autumn. I am hanging out for some cooler weather :)

Weight - ugghh. I have been chubby all my life, and I don't think that's going to change :( Very slow going indeed.

Beautiful song :)

Reena said...

I love Allison Krauss and your pansies of course!

Cloudia said...

So happy for you all! I well remember the thrill of SPRING after an east coast Winter....We are feeling a taste of same in this week's glorious (normal) weather after last weeks storms :-)

Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

>< } } ( ° >

alphabet soup said...

Love them pansies!!

Does the success of the 'wheat' diet mean I will no longer be allowed address you as Fluffy Kate??

Ms Soup

The Weaver of Grass said...

Last Friday our market had a stall which was completely pansies - they were stunning and I have wished ever since that I had bought some - hope they are there tomorrow.

Ellen said...

I love that pansies look like crepe paper and you captured that so well.

I hear you with Colton on Survivor - can't wait until he gets blindsided and then cries.

Karen said...

Oh, now you've got me thinking pansies. I believe we should wait another few weeks here in CT though. Hmmm....

I am definitely finding I feel better off of wheat. The weight loss stopped after the first month tho. Now I have to be careful not to eat too much of the Gluten Free stuff I've bought at the store, because that can be a trap to weight GAIN too. I need to stop worrying about depriving myself of BROWNIES and

PS. Bobs Red Mill makes a wonderful gluten free brownie mix. Yum.

Daryl said...

too much tv? pshaw .. come look at all the shows your friend Toonman has on the DVR .. sad news this morning, LUCK, a fabulous show on HBO, in the midst of filming its second season has been cancelled by HBO after another horse working on the show (its about a race track) had to be put down and protesters rightfully were vocal about how many (I believe it was 4) horses have been hurt badly enough to be put down since the series began. I am sad about the horses, glad HBO stepped up but will miss the exception acting/writing on this show.

Caroline said...

OMG...these photos are amazing! And I have not watched TV in so long...I kind of miss it! LOL Maybe not. And the weather here is amazing...funny how happy people are because of it!

msdewberry said...

These flowers are gorgeous! I always love the backside of flowers. Most don't look at the beauty in the back!
I am a Walking Dead fanatic. My hubby and I watch it every week and save all the episodes. Last week's episode was so suspenseful and tense I fell off the edge of my chair! Well not literally, but I did hold my breath through a lot of it. I wish they wouldn't end it for the season. Next week's is the finale for the season. What will scare me now??!!

The JR said...

Fantastic photos.

I luv Smash.

Haven't heard this one, she has a great voice.

Donna S. said...

Oh the sunshine does help our attitudes, doesn't it?

Can you believe the people on Survivor are putting up with Colton's crap? That is what I don't understand. He should have been long gone!

Mary said...

Oh, I love that last photo, too. And all the others! Yesterday was beautiful here, but today was cloudy and cool. Like spring is supposed to be. :(. xoxo

Lili said...

Pretty pretty flowers, love that sweet water droplet on the 2nd one. Haven't tuned into Survivor for years, but I can totally envision that Colton character and at least you gave me a chuckle with that description. That's a long time without wheat Kate, way to go. Have you tried quinoa? I give it to Simon since one of his allergies is wheat. I always enjoy anything Alison sings. xo ~Lili

Elizabeth Edwards said...

i love alison krauss & union station. saw them in concert when they were in virginia, couple years ago for my b-day. awesome!! great song!! checking out your blog. great photos. nice to meet ya, i'm Beth. take care. (:

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Absolutely gorgeous. All of it.

forgetmenot said...

Lovely flowers, lovely photos of them, lovely song, lovely week- so glad your world was full of beauty. I'm all for keeping dinner as "simple" as possible anymore. Sorry I haven't visited your blog in a while--my daughter just got married and "the wedding" took precedence over everything (even blogging!) . Have a terrific weekend. Mickie :)

Georgianna said...

Hi Kate, So happy for you having great weather! (we aren't.) Love the sweet pansy photos, too. I have to say, we don't own a TV and don't miss it. I'd be delighted to even have time to read my huge stack of books!

Wishing you a gorgeous weekend! xo – g

Marcie said...

Aaah yes - beautiful spring!

Mental P Mama said...

I was just looking at my pansy prints of yours!! Everybody hates that Colton person. I've never seen Survivor so I can't say. But if you want to talk about Tom Selleck and his Show Blue bloods, I'm all ears;) Love you!!

mrs mediocrity said...

I just love Alison Krauss.

And that last pansy photo, oh my!

I always fill my window boxes with them as soon as they are available here, which hasn't happened yet, but soon...

Tanya said...

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